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Indian Institute Of Technology, Guwahati, Assam
December, 12th 2019


Tender Number & Date                IITG/F&A/Int. Audit/2019-20, Date: 14.11.2019

Issue of Tender Forms               Tender Documents / forms is to be Downloaded from
                                    the Institute's website: From 07-12-
Cost of Tender Documents            1,000.00 (Rupees One Thousand only ) by way of
                                    Demand draft in the name of Interim Registrar , IIT
                                    Guwahati, payable at Guwahati which is to be
                                    submitted along with the tender.
Earnest Money Deposit (EMD)         Earnest money of 10,000.00 (Rupees Ten Thousand
                                    only)   to   be   submitted   along   with   the   Tender
                                    Documents in the form of Demand Draft favouring
                                    Interim Registrar, IIT Guwahati payable at Guwahati
                                    issued by any Nationalized & Scheduled Bank. Earnest
                                    money is refundable.
Last Date of Submission of Tender   23-12-2019 upto 14.00 hrs.
Opening of Tender                   23-12-2019 upto 15.00 hrs
Contact Person                      1. Asstt. Registrar,
                                       Finance & Accounts Section
                                       IIT Guwahati
                                    2. Sr. Accounts Officer,
                                       Finance & Accounts Section
                                       IIT Guwahati
Contact Address                     Finance & Accounts Section,
                                    Indian Institute Technology Guwahati
                                    IIT Guwahati,
                                    Guwahati ­ 781 039
Contact Phone Number (s)            +91-0361-2582023
E-mail Address            


2.1   Background

      Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IIT Guwahati) was established in 1994 by the

      Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India and has been recognized

      as an Institute of National Importance by an Act of Parliament. The academic programme of

      IIT Guwahati commenced in 1995. At present the Institute has eleven departments and five

      inter-disciplinary academic centres covering all the major engineering, science and

      humanities disciplines, offering B. Tech, B. Des, MA, M. Des, M. Tech, MSc and PhD

      programmes. The Institute is currently having more than 6500 students, 400 plus Faculty

      Members and around 450 Non-teaching Staff Members.

      IIT Guwahati is maintaining its accounts on Accrual Basis following the applicable Indian

      Accounting Standard. The expenditure of the Institute is attributed to two major heads -

      Capital and Revenue. Mainly the expenditure related to construction works, purchase of

      equipments, furniture and books & Journals etc. are booked under Capital head and

      expenditure of recurring nature like salary, maintenance etc. are booked under Revenue

      heads. The Revenue expenditure are further subdivided into different sub-heads as per the

      nature of the expenditure. All receipt/payment/settlement related data (On an average

      about 2000 voucher entry per month) are entered into the tally software (Tally ERP.9) /

      PFMS, which is being used for keeping records.

      Further, for the sponsored research work a separate account named R&D account along

      with individual accounts for different projects are operated. Moreover, accounts for Pension

      Funds (GPF, CPF & NPS), Examination (JEE & GATE-JAM), Earmarked and Endowment Funs

      etc. are also maintained separately. The transactions done through all these accounts get

      reflected in the Annual Accounts.

      Most of the payments like salary, reimbursements, scholarships etc. made to the

      employees/ students of the Institute are made by directly transferring the money to

      respective bank accounts. Payments to vendors and contractors are made by electronic

      transfer / PFMS. Receipts on account of student admission are directly received in banks.

      The accounts of the Institute are prepared as per the prescribed format given by the

      Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India which will be made available to

      the selected firm.

2.2   Data entry procedure in the Accounts section

      Presently Tally ERP.9 / PFMS software is in use in the Finance & Accounts section.

      Expenditure heads both under Capital and Non-Plan heads are distinctly classified (i.e.

      traveling, salary, consumables etc. under Non-Plan and Works and Buildings, equipments

      etc. under Plan head). This heads are further subdivided according to the departments /

      sections. Individual ledgers as per the expenditure heads are maintained in the computer


      During process of payments, every payment voucher with corresponding Journal vouchers if

      any, are entered into the computer database by the staff concerned. At the time of writing

      the cheque / release of payments these entries are re-checked by the cashier. Similarly, data

      related to receipts and bank transactions are entered by the cashier himself.       The tally

      software / PFMS automatically gives the fund position at the end of the day. Cash book

      and Bank book are maintained as per the software format.

 2.3         Scope of work

      Sl.             Scope Area                                            Detailed Scope
 1.          Revenue (Academic,           ·    Fees charging and collection, issue of fees receipt and deposition in
             Research sponsorship,             bank
             Contributions and Grants.
                                          ·    Control over revenue accounting, deferment and its accuracy
                                               Review of Grants and Contribution receipt and utilization

                                          ·    Fees waivers and deferrals

                                          ·    Review of income from research sponsorships

                                          ·    Review of interest and other income (if any)

                                          ·    Follow up for pending fees and late payment charges thereof
 2.          Procurement and Inventory       · Procurement planning and savings
                                             · Authority Matrix
                                               Vendor selection and appraisal process
                                             · Vendor Master management
                                             · PO regularization
                                             · Receipt management of stock assets
                                             · Physical verification of stock
                                             · Review of process for control over            assets   and   stock       by   the
3.          Statutory Compliances        · Review of computation of dues and filling of returns and remittance for
                                              statutory dues such as:

                                         · GST
                                         · Income Tax
                                         · Professional tax
                                         · Contract Labour Laws
                                         · Any other applicable laws
4.          Finance and Accounts         · Review of Accounts payable and receivable
                                         · Cash and bank management
                                         · Book closure procedures
                                              Review of Capital Expenditure

                                         ·    Expense scrutiny

                                         ·    Verification of all accounting entries of the Financial Year 2019-20
5.          Payroll                      ·    Employees Payroll, disbursement and deductions and ensure they are
                                              authorized by competent authority
                                              Review of policies and guidelines

                                         ·    Review of Loans, Travel advances and Full & Final settlement

                                         ·    Roles & Responsibility matrix

6.        Operational Activities            ·   Repairs and Maintenance expenses

                                            ·   Facility administration: Canteen, Library and Guest house
                                                Hostel facility management
                                                Safety and security process and controls

                                            ·   Outsourcing Contracts
7.        IT Controls                       ·   Review of Information Technology general controls

                                            ·   Logical access procedures

                                            ·   Antivirus and Backups. Asset Management
 Firm shall ensure below mentioned points in terms of above review areas:

                 Identify internal control deficiencies of above activities and provide recommendation
                   for improving these operations.
           ii.     Report risk management issue and provide recommendation
           iii. Suggestion of improvement of the existing system of accounting/internal control
                   and management information system from time to time.
           iv.    Review of compliance on the previous Internal Audit observations.
     1.    Assist the Institute in preparation of Final Accounts

     2.    Identify internal control deficiencies of operational activities of the Institute like Outsourcing

           Service and Maintenance Contracts, Guest House Management, Hospital Management,

           Hostel Affairs, etc. and provide recommendation for improving these operations.

     3.    Report risk management issue and provide recommendation

     4.    Suggestion of improvement of the existing system of accounting/internal control and

           management information system from time to time.

     5.    Review the record/system of bill payment to various contractors and also to review the

           compliance on them with term of contract with IIT Guwahati

     6.    Review of all statutory obligation compliances such as GST, Income Tax, NPS etc.

     7.    Review compliance of Labour Laws, wherever applicable

     8.    Evaluation and assess the procurement files

     9.    Evaluation and assess the works contract files

     10. Attending Audit queries raised by the C&AG, Statutory Auditor of the Institute

2.4    Time Period

       The Chartered / Cost Accountant firm will be required to provide the desired services

       initially for a period of One year i.e. FY 2019-20 which can be renewed for another year at

       the same terms and conditions on satisfactory performance upto a maximum of two years.

       Notwithstanding anything contained herein above, the Institute reserves the right to

       discontinue the services of Chartered / Cost Accountant firm in the event their services are

       evaluated as unsatisfactory at any time during the period.

2.5    Schedule of Audit

       Internal Audit is to be conducted on a quarterly basis. Prior to commencement of Audit for

       any quarter, a detailed audit programme must be prepared in consultation with the

       Management. The observation of audit shall be discussed with concerned officials of the

       Institute before issuance of draft report. A draft quarterly report of the Internal Audit shall

       be submitted to the management for discussion within seven days from the date of

       completion of quarterly audit. After discussion, a final report shall be submitted to the

       Institute within seven days. The Auditor shall present the final audit report before the

       Finance Committee as and when communicated by the Institute.

       The Internal Audit for the first half year for the Financial Year 2019-20 may be conducted

       December 2019 and for the subsequent quarter audit shall be started immediately at the

       end of each quarter. The final Audited Accounts as well as the report shall have to be

       submitted by 10th May 2020.

 2.6   Support and Inputs to the Firm

       The Institute shall provide adequate office space to the Firm to perform its services. In

       terms of hardware the Institute will provide computers and printers to the Firm. The

           Institute will provide all primary data to the firm for carrying out the jobs listed in the

           nature of work.

2.7        Pre-qualification Criteria

           The firm eligible for the bidding process must satisfy the following eligibility criteria:

      1.   The Chartered / Cost Accountant Firm should have at least two partners;

      2.    The Chartered / Cost Accountant Firm should be registered with the Institute of Chartered

            / Cost Accountants of India (ICAI) and have Income Tax Permanent Account Number

            (PAN) and Goods and Services Tax (GST) Number.

      3.   The Firm should be empanelled with Comptroller and Auditor General of India (C&AG);

      4.   The Firm should have been in operation for at least 5 years after its registration;

      5.   The Firm should have at least 5 full time paid staff;

      6.   Average Annual Income (i.e. Average Gross Professional Fees earned during the 3 years)

           of the Firm in the last 3 financial years ending on March 31st 2019 must be equal to or

           more than  20.00 (Twenty) lakhs;

      7.   The Firm should have experience in handling Internal Audit of at least 3 Public Sector

           Undertakings or Government Organization, during last five years.

      8.   The Firm should have experience in handling Internal Audit of at least 1 (One) Educational

           Institution of Higher Learning during last three financial years.

2.8        Payment Terms

           The payment shall be made against the services provided by firm as per the nature of

           work, subject to the following terms and conditions:

1.         The payment during the entire contract period shall be made in accordance with the

           financial bid submitted by the selected bidder and accepted by the Institute. No price

           variation would be allowed during the contract period.

2.         Any increase in GST rates during the contract period will be borne by the Institute;

3.     TDS under Income tax & GST will be deducted at applicable rates;

4.     The Institute reserves the right to deduct amount from the bill as may be considered

       reasonable for unsatisfactory services or delay in providing of services. The decision of

       the Institute will be the final in this regard.

5.     The Service Provider will raise the quarterly bills in duplicate on submission of the

       quarterly audit report to the Institute.

2.9    Performance Security

      The successful bidder will be required to deposit 10% of the bid amount towards

      Performance Security in the form of BG/DD from Scheduled Bank before execution of

      the agreement. In case of BG, the validity cover 60 days beyond the contract period.


3.1    Submission of Tender

       The interested firms meeting the pre-qualification criteria are required to submit their

       Tender in sealed envelopes. The Tender should contain the following documents:

       i)      Prequalification-cum-technical bid in Annexure-A along with all supporting


       ii)     Financial Bid in Annexure ­B;

       iii)    Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) of 10,000.00 in the form of Demand Draft;

       iv)     Tender Fee for 1,000.00 in the form of Demand draft.

      All the pages of the Tender document including the annexure and copy of certificates

      should be signed by the authorized person of the Firm, along with seal of the firm. The

      envelope should be super scribed:


      Submitted by: (Name, Address, E-mail and Telephone Number of the Firm)

      Submitted to:           The Interim Registrar, IIT Guwahati, Guwahati - 781039

      The Applicant can submit the Tender by registered post /courier/Speed post or submit the

      same in person, so as to reach the designated address by the time and date stipulated. No

      delay in the submission of the Tender for any reason will be entertained. Any Tender

      received by the Institute after the deadline shall not be opened.

3.2   Tender Fees and Earnest Money Deposit

      Cost of the Tender document is 1,000.00. The Tender document is to be downloaded

      from the website of the Institute (please visit: The tender fee should be

      paid by way of demand draft in the name of the Registrar, IIT Guwahati, payable at

      Guwahati. The Demand Draft should be submitted along with the technical bid.

      Earnest Money Deposit of 10,000.00 by way of Demand draft in the name of

      Registrar, IIT Guwahati, payable at Guwahati should be submitted along with the bid.

      The EMD amount will be returned to unsuccessful firms after finalization of the bid. In

      respect of the successful bidder the EMD will be returned after execution of


3.3   Tender Queries

      The interested Firms may seek clarification on Tender document from the Asstt.

      Registrar / Sr. Accounts Officer, Finance and Accounts. The firms can also go through

      the Annual Accounts of the Institute and Common Format of Accounts which will be

      made available to them on receipt of request. The Firms may visit the Finance &

      Accounts Section between 10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. on any working day before 23-12-


3.4   Last Date of Submission of Tender:

        Last date of submission of the Tender is 23-12-2019 up to 2.00 p.m..

3.5     Date of opening of Tender

        The Tender will be opened for technical and financial evaluation on 23-12-2019 at

        15:30 hours     in   the   Administrative   building   of the Institute. The   authorized

        representatives of the firms (Applicants) may choose to attend the Tender opening.

        The authorized representatives must carry authorization letter, if they wish to attend

        the bid opening.

3.6     Evaluation of Tender

        The Tender will be evaluated by Tender evaluation committee constituted by the

        Director, IIT Guwahati. The detailed evaluation method for Prequalification-cum-

        Technical and Financial bids is specified below. The technical and financial bid is given

        weightage of 70 and 30 respectively. The combined score of technical and financial

        bids will be taken into consideration for finalizing the firm for award of contract. The

        firm scoring maximum marks will be declared successful. However mere scoring of

        maximum marks does not entitle the firm for award of contract.

3.6.1   Evaluation of Technical and Financial Proposal

        Technical and financial bids of all the firms, which meet the prequalification criteria,

        would be taken up for detailed evaluation as per the technical and financial bid

        evaluation criteria. Each firm meeting the pre-qualification criteria would be evaluated

        and given technical score out of 60 marks and only those firms obtaining 50% marks

        out of 60 marks would qualify for final evaluation. Those firms, who do not meet the

        pre-qualification criteria, shall not be evaluated. Further, those firms who do not secure

        30 marks in technical evaluation will not qualify for final evaluation.

Technical bid Evaluation Criteria

    01.      Firm's Experience                                                     40

             Firm's Existence in years after its registration

             5 Years ­ 7 years                                               1     5

             > 7 Years ­ 10 years                                            3

             > 10 Years                                                      5

             Average Annual Income of the Firm (in the last 3
             financial years) ended on March 31 st 2019                            10
             20 Lakhs ­ 50 Lakhs                                             3

             > 50 Lakhs ­ 100 Lakhs                                          6

             Above 100 Lakhs                                                10

             Experience of handling accounting and financial services
             involving Internal Audit of at least 3 (three) PSU/Govt.              15
             Organization during last Five Financial Years
             3 ­ 5 Organizations                                             5

             > 5­ 10 Organizations                                          10

             > 10 Organizations                                             15

             Experience     of   handling   similar   work      in   Educational
             Institution of Higher Learning during last three financial            10
             Only Accounts Audit                                             5

             Both Accounts and Transaction Audit                             10

    02.      Key Experts and Manpower                                              20

             Number of Partners' in the Firm

             2 Partners                                                      2     10

             3-5 Partners                                                    5

             > 5 Partners                                                   10

             Number of paid staff (Full Time) on the roll of
             establishment                                                         10
             5- 10 Staff                                                     5

             >10-20 Staff                                                    7

             >20 Staff                                                       10

    03.     Total Technical Score (01+02)                                          60

    04.     Qualifying Marks in Technical Bid (50% of 60)                          30

 Financial bid Evaluation Criteria

 Final Price to be used for Financial Bid evaluation of the technically qualified bidder will be for the
 Financial Year 2019-20 and all applicable Taxes.


 Bids will be evaluated using past credentials and cost based selection method.

 Technical bid will get 70% of the weightage and Financial bid will get 30% of the weightage as per
 following formula.

                          Es = [0.70 X (TSB/TSH) + 0.30 X (FSL/FSB))] X 100

                          TSH = Highest Technical Score
                          TSB = Bidder's Technical Score
                          FSL = Lowest Qualified Financial Bid
                          FSB = Bidder's Quote Financial

 The evaluation will be performed assuming that the Contract will be awarded to the Bidder whose
 Evaluated score (ES) stands highest and is eligible for Contract award, and found to be qualified to
 perform the Contract. In the event of Es being same for two or more firms, the firm who quoted the
 lowest amongst them will be eligible for the Contract. In case, the financial bid being same, the
 decision of the Director, IIT Guwahati will prevail.

4.      Signing of the Contract

        The successful bidder shall be required to execute an agreement within 10 days from the
        date of issue of the Award Letter. In the event of failure on the part of the successful bidder
        to sign the agreement within the above-stipulated period, the earnest money shall be
        forfeited and the acceptance of the tender shall be considered as cancelled

 5.      Jurisdiction

        The contract shall be governed by and construed according to the laws in force in INDIA.
        The bidder hereby submits to the jurisdiction of the courts situated at Guwahati for the
        purposes of actions and proceedings arising out of the contract and the courts at Guwahati
        only will have the jurisdiction to hear and decide such actions and proceedings.

                                                ANNEXURE A

                                PRE-QUALIFICATION-CUM-TECHNICAL BID

Sl.            Criterion                                    Firm's Strength & Capacity
      The Chartered / Cost           -   Registered with
1.    Accountant Firm should              ICAI / ICMAI,
      be registered with the               If yes, then
      Institute of Chartered /               mention
      Cost Accountants of                  Registration
      India and must possess                 Number
      permanent account
      number (PAN) under                   PAN of the
      Income Tax and
                                         Chartered / Cost
      registration under GST
                                         Accountant Firm
      (Provide all registration
                                         GST Registration

      The Chartered / Cost       -
2.    Accountant Firm should             Empanelled with    Yes/ No.: _________________________________
      be empaneled with                       C&AG
      Comptroller & Auditor
      General of India (C&AG)

      (Provide registration
      The Chartered / Cost                   Year of
      Accountant Firm should              Registration/
3.    be in operation for at               Starting of
      least 5 years after its               operation
                                         Nos. of years in
      (Provide necessary                 operation after
      evidence)                            registration
                                            (in years)

     Average Annual Income         Average Annual Income (i.e. Average Gross Professional Fees received
4.   of the Chartered / Cost       / earned) of the Chartered / Cost Accountant in last 3 (three) years
     Accountant Firm for the       ending on 31st March, 2019)
     last 3 (three) years
     ending on 31st March,          ...................................................................... ... (in figure)
     2019 [Must be equal to
     or greater than {20            (in words) ....................................................................................................
     (Twenty) Lakhs]
     [Provide copies of the
     Audited Financial             ................................................................................................
     Statements for all the 3
     (Three) years upto 31st
     March, 2019 along with
     a Certificate in A-5
     proforma as per
     The Chartered / Cost
5.   Accountant Firm should        Nos. of Govt. Organizations/ PSUs where similar Service was provided
     have experience in            in the last 5 (Five) years
     Internal Audit, of at least
     3 PSUs/ Govt.                 Nos (in words) : ........................................................................
     Organizations, in the last
     5 years                       Nos. (in figure) ........................................................................
     (Details to be provided
     in proforma A-6. Attach
     copies of works Order/
     works completion as
     Whether similar services      Nos. of Educational Institutes of Higher Learning where similar Service
6.   as mentioned in       was provided in the last 3 (Three) years
     provided to the
     Educational Institutes of     Nos (in words)...........................................................................
     Higher Learning in the
     last 3 years                  Nos. (in figure) ........................................................................
     (Details to be provided
     in proforma A-7. Attach
     copies of works order/
     works completion as

        Chartered / Cost                Nos. of Partners
7.      Accountant should have
        minimum 2 (Two)                 Nos (in words)...........................................................................
                                        Nos. (in figure) ........................................................................
        (Submit the proof of
        the Ownership pattern
        & registration
        certificates along with
        details of the Chief
        Functionary (s) of the
        Chartered / Cost
        Accountant Firm
        provided in Performa
        Nos. of Payroll staff (Full     i)         No. of Payroll Staff (Full Time) : __________________________
8.      Time)/ Article ship
        incumbent/ Apprentices          ii)        Nos. of Article-ship Incumbent: __________________________
        (if any)
                                        iii)       Nos. of Apprentice: _____________________________________
Certified that the above particulars are correct. In the event of any information found to be
incorrect the Institute is at liberty to reject the proposal of the Chartered / Cost Accountant Firm.

Date:                                 Signature                            :

SEAL                                  Name & Designation : __________________________________

                                        Proforma to Annexure-A

                                                                                          PROFORMA: A5

                  Details of Chartered / Cost Accountant Firm's Professional Income
                                     [Gross Professional Fees earned]

     Particular          Financial Year       Financial Year        Financial Year       Average Annual
                            2016-17              2017-18               2018-19                Income
Annual Income* (
in Lakhs)

* Furnish the Audited Accounts of the Firm along with copy of the acknowledgement of Income Tax
return for the all 3 (three) years

SEAL:                            Signature                 : ______________________________________

Date:                            Name & Designation : ______________________________________

                                                                                        PROFORMA: A6

          Details of Chartered / Cost Accountant Firm's Experience of Similar Services
                                       [During last 5(five) years]

Sl.        Name of the          Duration of the         Name of the           Nature of the         Nature of
No         Assignment             Assignment               Client            Assignments &             the
                                  [Start date /                             services provided       Supporting
                                      End date]                              (Please specify        Documents
                                                                           whether the work          provided
                                                                            involved Internal
                                                                                  Audit )





* Furnish the copy of the documentary evidence in support of the information provided above.
Attach separate sheet if necessary.

SEAL:                           Signature                : ______________________________________

Date:                           Name & Designation : ______________________________________

                                             PROFORMA: A7

  Details of Chartered / Cost Accountant Firm's Experience of Similar Services in Educational
                                  Institutions of Higher Learning
                                      [During last 3(three) years]

  Sl.     Name of the        Duration of       Name of the             Nature of the               Nature of
 No        Assignment             the          Educational     Assignments ( Pl specify               the
                             Assignment        Institutions     whether work involved          Supporting
                             [Start date /                             Internal Audit)         Documents
                              End date]                              Only         Both             provided
                                                               Accounts        Accounts &
                                                                 Audit         Transaction





* Furnish the copy of the documentary evidence in support of the information provided above.
Attach separate sheet if necessary.

SEAL:                           Signature               : ______________________________________

Date:                           Name & Designation : ______________________________________

                                            PROFORMA: A8

        Details of Chartered / Cost Accountant Firm's Partners, Name and Registration Nos.

  Sl.     Name of the Member          Designation   Membership No.             Status             Remarks
 No                                                                         (FCA/ACA)





* Furnish the copy of the documentary evidence in support of the information provided above.
Attach separate sheet if necessary.

SEAL:                           Signature              : ______________________________________

Date:                           Name & Designation : ______________________________________

                                               ANNEXURE B

                                               FINANCIAL BID

     Sl.           Description of Fees                                 Fees                               Payment
     No.                                          Rupees in              Rupees in words                  Schedule
     A.    Fees for the Financial Year 2019-                                                             The service
           20 **                                                                                        Provider will
                                                                                                          raise the
     B.    Add: GST as per applicable rate
                                                                                                        quarterly bills
           on the services provided
                                                                                                    in duplicate on
     C.    Total Fees to be paid                                                                    submission of
           [including GST (A+B)]                                                                        the quarterly
                                                                                                        Audit Report
                                                                                                    to the Institute

**         The quoted fee should be included of Professional Fee, Travelling, Accomodation, Food
and Other Expenses.

N.B.:      Statutory Changes in Income Tax / GST rate shall be borne by the Institute. Deductions
shall be made by the Institute as per statutory rates & norms wherever applicable

We undertake that the rates quoted above by us will not change during the Contract period and
accept the payment schedule as described in the appropriate column.

SEAL:                              Signature                 : ______________________________________

Date:                              Name & Designation : ______________________________________
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