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Hindustan Copper Limited, Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan
September, 23rd 2021

HINDUSTAN COPPER LIMITED Email:abhishek_p@hindustancopper.com
Govt. of India Enterprise) Fax No: 01593-220038 / 220002
Tel. No: 01593-222603
Khetri Copper Complex,
P.O. Khetri Nagar-333504
Distt: Jhunjhunu (Raj.) INDIA

Notice Inviting Tender

RFQ No.: 9372A Dated: 20/09/2021

Sub: - Appointment of Chartered / Cost Firm for physical verification of Stores & Spares as on
31.12.2021 & other associated works related to the verifications.

Dear Sir,
The Asstt. General Manager (M&C), Khetri Copper Complex, Khetri Nagar, Distt. Jhunjhunu
invites sealed offers with covering letter on your letter head in Single Part Bid as per the scope
of work and terms & conditions given below:

Last date & time of acceptance of on line tender: -- Date 30/09/2021 at 2.30 PM

Date & time of tender opening on line – Date on 01/10/2021 at 3.00PM

Bid Security Declaration: As per Appendix-I (Completely filled & signed)

Scope of work, Special terms & Conditions : As per Annexure I.

General terms & Conditions : As per Annexure II

Bidder’s pre qualification Criteria (PQC) : As per Annexure III

Price bid quotation: In the Performa : On line through CPP, Annexure IV

Yours faithfully,




1. i) Physical verification of 90% of total value of stores & spares as on 31.12.2021.

The physical balance has to be verified at Main Stores & site stores with the Price
Stores Ledger (PSL). The PSL balance as on 31.12.2020 has to be considered for this
purpose. List of items will be provided from KCC. Discrepancies, if any, to be
reconciled and necessary details of rectification entries to be passed by the unit has
to be made out separately and given along with your report. The format of report
will be as follows:

As per main stores As per site stores Total as per As per PSL Excess (+) /Shortage (-)
Nos. Value


Nos. Value Nos. Value Nos. Value Nos. Value

Value of Stores & Spares as on 31.12.2021 – Rs crore
90% of Value of Stores & Spares - Rs crore

Value of ‘X’ & ‘Y’ items physically verified - Rs

ii) Unit/Office to be covered by the successful bidder is as under: Khetri Copper
Complex (KCC) in Rajasthan

Quantum of Work – Items- Approx 2800 Nos. + / - 10%

iii) The entire assignment including submission of report to be completed within One
Month from the date of the acceptance of the work order.

For above work one audit team will consist of minimum one senior qualified
Accountant (either Chartered or Cost), one semi-qualified (either Inter Chartered or
Inter Cost) Accountant and Graduate Assistants. However, the maximum number of the
audit team will be restricted to 5 (Five).

Partner will also visit the unit to plan, supervise the work, and to discuss the draft report
with the Project Head/Finance Head of the KCC unit only once for the report to be

The detailed Programme is to be worked out based on the scope of work.

The successful bidders are required to submit 3 (three) copies of the final report at KCC
Office including separate list as mentioned in Point No. (i) and (ii) under the “Scope of
work” within 30 Days from the date of acceptance of work order. It may please be
noted that the draft report should be discussed and finally accepted by the unit before
submission of final report.

i) Bidders are requested to quote consolidated fees in rupees. This remuneration
includes all the charges for supervision by the Partner/Consultant, their discussion with
our officers at Unit Office at Khetrinagar, and also for writing of reports, typing etc.
Evaluation will be made on the basis of fees quoted in this clause excluding GST. GST, if
any, shall be reimbursed by HCL.

ii) For outstation journey AC 1st Class/Air for Partners (maximum 2 Nos.) and AC
II tier/1st Class for others are reimbursable (maximum 3 Nos.).

iii) Guest House facilities along with Fooding at the KCC unit will be made available
to you on Free of Cost basis.

iv) In case hotel accommodation is essential, the same will be allowed at actual in
reasonably good hotels/ Guest House for Boarding, Lodging and Fooding on
Free of Cost basis.

v) The company will provide local conveyance in the unit.

vi) For local movement to our unit office where your firm is situated, no traveling
expenses/reimbursement of expenses is payable.

vii) TA will be paid from actual place of journey to KCC for the shortest route &


Payment of fees and reimbursement of expenses will be made from KCC Office,
Khetrinagar as per the HCL standard payment term, i.e. 30 days credit period after
receipt and acceptance of the final report.

5.0 All working papers created in the course of job will be the property of the company and
handed over to the Finance Head, KCC at the time of submission of the Final Report.

6.0 Unsatisfactory performance may terminate this appointment any time during period of
physical verification for Stores & Spares.

7.0 Any dispute shall be mutually settled and the decision of CMD of our company will be
final and binding,

8.0 Please submit the copy of the tender document duly signed and stamped on each page
as a token of your acceptances of all the Terms & Conditions.

9.0 Offer received by FAX, Open Mail shall not be considered.
10.0 Read the tender document carefully before responding to our enquiry.

11.0 In case of any doubt the party may contact AGM (Fin.) for more details.

12.0 Nodal Officer will be Shri Designation or any other officer

nominated in his place shall be Nodal Officer.

On-line Tenders are invited from bidders of tendered items mentioned in the NIT for supply
to our Khetri Copper Complex Unit, Khetrinagar, Dist. Jhunjhunu, (Rajasthan.)

You are requested to submit your quotation through, Central Public Procurement Portal (Govt
E- Procurement) (CPP) of Govt. of India who is the service provider to HCL, under two part bid
The quotation must be quoted On-line at URL https://etenders.gov.in/eprocure/app

The following may please be noted by the bidders:

1) Bidders already having DSC or already registered in CPP for e procurement for tendering in
any other

organisation, can use the same for HCL.

2) No Techno-Commercial document is to be submitted offline.

3) EMD to be submitted in RTGS/NEFT form only. No DD to be submitted as EMD.

In case of high value tenders, EMD BG to be submitted in hard copy.

5 ) Bidder has to check Corrigendum uploaded against the TE from time to time on cpp portal

resubmit their bids in case of any change in their offer due to the corrigendum, before the
final bid

submission date/time.

6) For bidders registration or Bid submission Procedure is also available “Bidder Manual Kit”


Registration procedure:
1. Please visit the Link https://etenders.gov.in/eprocure/app
2. Click on ‘Online Bidder Enrollment’.
3. Put your Login ID (Enter email address for login id. eg: abc@nic.com. Care may be taken to

enter valid e-mail ID. This information will be kept confidential. The login ID cannot be
modified once registered.)
4. Put your correspondence Id. (Correspondence Email ID can be same as your Login ID.)
5. Put your Mobile Number (Note: As Mobile and Email are the modes of correspondence,
ensure that mobile no and email id provided is correct.)
6. Fill rest of the form containing firm’s details like name, address, PAN etc. to register as
enrolment, the bidders will be required to register their valid Digital Signature Certificate
(Class II/ Class III Certificates with signing key usage) issued by any Certifying Authority
recognized by CCA India (e.g.Sify / nCode / eMudhra etc.), with their profile.

Bid Submission Procedure:(Only by bidders having valid Digital Signature
Certificate –DSC)
1. Please visit the Link https://etenders.gov.in/eprocure/app
2. Enter your login ID & Captcha
3. Enter password & Captcha

4. Click to DSC Login & enter PIN.
5. Click at ‘Search Active Tenders’.
6. Enter Tender ID & other search criteria & then Click ‘Search’ to search the Tender.
7. Upon finding the desired Tender, click the checkbox to mark the Tender as ‘favorite’.
8. Click on ‘My Tenders’ on left hand side menu panel to find out the favorite Tender list.
9. View the desired Tender by clicking logo under ‘View’ column. Tender details will

10. Scroll down the page containing Tender details.
11. Download the NIT & Bid-of-Quotation (BOQ) from ‘Tender Documents’ section.
12. Click ‘Proceed for Bid Submission’ to proceed ahead.
13. Tick ‘I Agree’ & ‘Next’ to proceed further.
14. Update personal details & click ‘Next’ to proceed ahead.
15. Select EMD Exemption status (Yes OR No) & proceed ahead by clicking ‘Next’.
16. If No, Click ‘Pay Offline’.
17. Click ‘Confirm to Pay’.
18. Enter EMD details in ‘Specify Instruments for EMD Offline Payment’ & save.Click

19. Click ‘Submit OID’ then click ‘Submit Other Important Documents’.
20. Click ‘Encrypt & Upload’ to upload cover documents.
21. Click folder logo in ‘Fee/PreQual/Technical’ box to upload technical cover documents.
22. As new window opens, click ‘Browse’ to select & attach the documents.
23. After selecting the documents, sign & upload them digitally by clicking “Sign &

24. Click ‘Ok’ in the message pop-up box to proceed ahead.
25. As window again goes back, click folder logo in ‘Finance’ box to upload Financial docs.
26. As new window opens, click ‘Browse’ to select & attach the documents (Bid-of-

Quotation/ BOQ)
27. After selecting the documents, sign & upload them digitally by clicking “Sign &

28. Click ‘Ok’ in the message pop-up box to proceed ahead.
29. Click ‘Next’ in Bid Submission -> Packet Details window to proceed ahead.
30. View Bid details and scroll down to check the same.
31. If all correct, click ‘Freeze Bid’ to lock/freeze your offer.
32. Click ‘Print Acknowledgement’ & ‘Print Bid Details’ to print the same & keep it for


 You do not require registering again for different tender enquiries of HCL. Registration
on the website is free of cost.
 As per OM vide No. F.9/4/2020-PPD Dated: 12th. November,2020 issued by GOI, EMD
is not applicable, In place of EMD, filled copy of Bid Security Declaration Form need to
be submitted online.

GePNIC Contact Person:
Important 1: For Registration related issues, all tenderers are requested to contact: Mr. SK
Imran, Mobile Number: 91 8777791736 or Support e-mail : support-eproc@nic.in
Important 2: For Bidding related issues, please call NIC Help Desk Number:
0120-4200 462, 4001 002, 4001 005, 6277 787

Don’t forget to attach the required documents scanned copy at the time of bidding on line
through CPP portal as under :
Techno Commercial Bid :
i) Bid Security supporting document as per clause no. 11 of Annexure-II and given in

ii) PQC supporting documents. work orders with completion certificates, Audited balance
sheet/Turnover certificate certified by CA.
iii) The bidder should submit the Self Declaration in their Letterhead regarding filing of Income
Tax Return as per Appendix-II
iv) Your offer letter on your letter head.
v) Signed copy of our tender document as an acceptance of all NIT terms and conditions.
vi) GST Certificate and Copy of PAN Card

Financial Bid:
i) Bid of Quotation (BOQ) Price bid in the given format. Data to be filled up only in the colour


The following is predefined Auto Extension of tender due date function in CPP Portal,

which would be binding for the tender:

Iteration No. Bid Opening Date If total numbers of Bids received is 2 or less
2 On Bid Submission End due date extended by 03 days
3 Date due date extended by another 05
On First Extended Due
Date Tender will be opened

On Second Extended
Due Date

Please Note:

1) If no bid is received till third iteration, tender will be scrapped automatically.

2) If 3 bids or more are received at any iteration, tender will be opened.

3) For Single tender, system will execute auto extension only if no bid is received

4) For Limited tender, system will execute auto extension if the minimum number of

required bids is not received.

3. BIDS:

PRICE BID: Price Bid shall be submitted through GePNIC through Internet. Price bid of
Techno-commercially acceptable tenderers ONLY as assessed by HCL shall only be
evaluated. The schedule and details of e-procurement event shall be communicated by
HCL/Service Provider (GePNIC) to the techno-commercially accepted bidders. During
the online bidding, Price to be submitted in the Price Bid format On-line only.

Rating of L1 bidder shall be considered on lowest total quoted value of the work.
The interested parties should go through Terms and Conditions of the tender before
submitting their offer on-line.

The bidders who strictly fulfill the Pre-qualification criteria should only submit their offer on-line
in two parts. The interested Bidders are encouraged to visit the site of work to get
themselves acquainted with the site local conditions, nature & extent of the jobs to be
executed etc, before submitting their offers

4. All documents, as required in NIT, to be uploaded at CPPP only. All shortfall documents
also shall have to be submitted on line through CPPP/E-Mail only.

5. Offers of bidders submitting irrelevant documents in CPPP against Required Documents in
Techno Commercial Bid are likely to be rejected.

6. If found, at any stage, that any document/s submitted by a bidder is false or forged, their
bid or awarded work order may be cancelled/discontinued at the discretion of HCL.


a) Micro and Small Enterprises [MSEs] shall be eligible for availing all the benefits as laid

down under the Public Procurement Policy for MSEs [Order 2012 & Order 2018]

b) The condition of prior turnover and prior experience shall not be relaxed for Startup

Medium Enterprises [whether MSEs or otherwise] subject to meeting of quality and

technical specifications of the tender.

c) Declaration of UAM number by MSME bidders on CPP portal is mandatory, failing

which such bidders will not be able to enjoy the benefits as per the Public Procurement

Policy for MSME order, 2012 & 2018.

8. Registration of Udyog Aadhar Memorandum (UAM) Number: Bidders who have their

UAM number by Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), should declare

their UAM Number on Central Public Procurement Portal (CPPP), failing which such

bidders will not be able to enjoy the benefits as per Public Procurement Policy for MSEs

Order,2012 for the tenders invited electronically through CPPP.

MSME bidders, who have registered their UAM number with CPPP, should submit proof of

the same along with their offer for availing the benefits available to MSEs as contained in

Public Procurement Policy for MSEs Order 2012, issued by MSME.

MSEs owned by Scheduled Cast (SC) / Scheduled Tribe (ST) Entrepreneurs should also

submit proof of the same along with their offer for procurement earmarked for MSEs owned

by SC/ST.


The START-UP entities have to qualify PQC. Quantities cannot be splitted.


The tender should remain valid for a period of 120 days from the date of tender opening.


Bid security declaration form as per Appendix-I must be submitted with tender.

Submission of offer without filled and signed bid security declaration form will be

rejected out rightly.


No Security Deposit applicable.


No sub-contract is allowed either in part or in whole.

15. Quantity Variation

The quantity as mentioned under the scope of work can be increased or decreased

(Maximum by 25%) at the discretion of the company HCL/KCC. No claim for less work will

be entertained.


Rates given in the contract are firm & fixed. No price escalation will be allowed for any

reasons whatsoever during the execution of the work.


Losses & damages caused to the company’s assets & goods due to contractor’s negligence

shall be recoverable from the contractor’s accounts bills or any other amount lying with the

company, HCL/KCC.


No claim for idle labour under any circumstances shall be entertained by the company,



The jurisdiction shall be with the courts of Khetri (Raj.) only.


If the contractor fails to complete the work or commits default in complying with any of

the terms & conditions of the contract, the company HCL/KCC may without prejudice

to any other right or remedy by written notice of 7(seven) days, cancel the contract as a
whole or part of the contract.
Any dispute(s) of difference(s) of any kind whatsoever arising between the parties out of, or
relating to the construction, meaning, scope, operation or effect of the contract or its validity or
its breach thereof, if not settled mutually, shall be referred by the parties to this contract for
Arbitration under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 2015 and the provisions there under,
and the award made in pursuance thereof shall be binding on the parties.
The Arbitrator will be appointed within 30 days of reference to arbitration. A sole Arbitrator
will be nominated by the Chairman-cum-Managing Director of Hindustan Copper Limited
(HCL), who, according to the 2015 Act, will not stand in conflict of interest with any of the
organizations. A declaration to the effect shall be submitted by the Arbitrator, to guarantee
impartiality in the proceedings. In case of a dispute of very high value, the dispute may be
referred to an arbitral tribunal, consisting of an Arbitrator nominated by both the parties each
and one arbitrator appointed by both the above arbitrators.
In the event of such an arbitrator to whom the matter is originally referred, being transferred or
has vacated his office because of retirement, or resignation or otherwise or refuses to act or is
incapable of acting for any reason whatsoever, the Chairman-cum-Managing Director of HCL
shall appoint another person to act as arbitrator in his place, who again would not stand in any
conflict of interest with both the parties. Such person(s) shall be entitled to proceed from the
stage at which his predecessor left it.

The duration of proceedings and the fee structure will be governed by the 2015 Act. The venue
of the Arbitration Shall be Khetri only. The award of the arbitrator shall be final and binding on
the parties. Any dispute, which arises at any point of time out of arbitration, shall have the
jurisdiction of the Court of Khetri, Rajasthan.
Subject to the above, the provision of Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 and the rules there
under and the statutory modifications thereof shall govern such arbitration proceedings and
shall be deemed to apply and be incorporated in this contract.
The Contractor shall abide by all the Acts and Regulations relevant to this work, of Central
and State Govt. and Rules framed there under from time to time and also be responsible for
any compensation / claim/ penalty payable as a consequence due to any accident / default
or any other reasons whatsoever.

a) You shall have observed all the State & Central Govt. Rules, Regulations & Acts
wherever applicable.

b) The work during its progress can also be inspected by the Chief Technical examiner
/ Technical Examiner of Central Vigilance Commission or by an officer of Vigilance
Cell of HCL independently ab initio / on behalf of the Engineer-in-charge.

If at any time during the continuance of this contract, the performance in whole or in
part by either party of any obligation under this contract shall be prevented or delayed
by reason of war, act of hostility of public enemy, civil disruption or sabotage, fires,
floods, explosions, epidemics, quarantine restriction, strikes, lock-outs or acts of God
(here-in-after referred to as events), provided notice of the happening of any such
eventuality is given by the either party to the other within 21 days from the date of
occurrence thereof, neither party shall by reasons of such event be entitled to terminate
this contract nor shall either party have any claim for damages against the other in
respect of such non-performance or delay in performance/execution under the
contract. Provided also that such performance/execution under the contract should
commence as soon as practicable, after such event has come to an end or ceased to
exist, and the decision of HCL as to whether the performance has been so resumed or
not shall be final and conclusive. Provided further thatif the performance in whole or in
part or any execution under this contract is prevented or delayed by reasons of any

such event for a period exceeding 60 days, either party may opt

to terminate the contract. If the contract is terminated under this clause, HCL shall have
liberty to take over from the contractor at a reasonable price, all unused, undamaged and
acceptable materials, machinery, equipments, etc. at the site, being used for the performance
of the contract and in the possession of the contractor at the time of such termination of such
portion thereof as HCL may deem it fit, except such materials, equipments, etc that the
contractor may with the concurrence of HCL elect to retain. It is also understood in addition
that this force Majeure clause will cover parties’ inability to perform on account of change in
law or imposition of rules or restrictions by the Government.

Termination due to Events of Default
(a) If HCL decided to terminate this contract, it shall in the first instance issue Preliminary

Notice to the Contractor. Within 15 days of receipt of the Preliminary Notice, the Contractor
shall submit to HCL in sufficient detail, the manner in which it proposes to cure the
underlying Event of Default (the “Contractor’s Proposal to Rectify”). In case of non
submission of Contractor’s Proposal to Rectify within the said period of fifteen (15) days,
HCL shall be entitled to terminate this contract by issuing Termination Notice, and to
appropriate the Performance Security, if subsisting.
(b) If the Contractor’s Proposal to Rectify is submitted within the period of stipulated thereof,
the Contractor shall have to its disposal a further period of fifteen (15) days to remedy /
cure the underlying Event of Default. If, however the Contractor fails to remedy / cure the
underlying Event of Default within the stated period, HCL shall be entitled to terminate this
contract, and to appropriate the Performance Security, if subsisting.

Foreclosure of Contract Full or in Part
If at any time after acceptance of the TENDER, HCL shall decide to foreclose or reduce the
scope of the Works and hence not require the whole or any part of the Work to be carried
out, the Person in Charge shall give 10 days notice in writing to that effect to the Contractor,
provided that, in the event, any such action is taken by HCL, the Contractor shall be paid
full amount for the up to date quantum of work executed at work site as per billing
schedule under the relevant items of Work under the Contract and in addition, a reasonable
amount as certified by the Person in charge or any other agency appointed by HCL for
those supplied items which could not be utilized for execution of the Work to the full extent
because of the foreclosure.

Amicable Resolution
(a) Save where expressly stated to the contrary in this Contract, any dispute, difference or

controversy of whatever nature between the Parties, howsoever arising under, out of or in
relation to this Contract including disputes, if any, with regard to any acts, decision or
opinion of the Engineer-in-Charge and so notified in writing by either Party to the other (the
“Dispute”) shall in the first instance be attempted to be resolved amicably in accordance
with the procedure set forth in Article (b) below.
(b) Either Party may require such Dispute to be referred to the work in charge of HCL and the
Contractor for amicable settlement. Upon such reference, the two shall meet at the earliest as
per their mutual convenience and in any event within fifteen (15) days of such reference to
discuss and attempt to amicably resolve the Dispute. If the Dispute is not amicably settled
within fifteen (15) days of such meeting, either Party may refer the Dispute in accordance
with the provisions of Article (c) below.
(c) In the event that any Dispute has not been resolved as per the provisions of Article 21.4(b)
above, the same shall be referred to the director or a person of equivalent designation, of
HCL and the Contractor for amicable settlement. Upon such reference, the two shall meet at
the earliest as per their mutual convenience and in any event within fifteen (15) days of such
reference to discuss and attempt to amicably resolve the Dispute. If the Dispute is not
amicably settled within fifteen (15) days of such meeting between the two, either Party may
refer the Dispute to arbitration in accordance with the provisions of Article of Arbritation
Clause 23.

Bill should be submitted by the contractor after completion of work on monthly basis.
Payment shall be made within 30 (Thirty) days after submission of the bill completed in all
respects by the contractor to the Engineer-in-Charge. However, no claim shall be admissible
in case of delay in payment.
The company shall release the payment due to the supplier electronically. The e-payment
facility is available under INTERNET mode through State Bank of India (SBI) and RTGS
presently. The RTGS charges are to be borne by the supplier. The supplier shall submit duly
filled bank mandate form in duplicate with due authentication from their banker to avail e-
payment facility. The prescribed Mandate form is appended /already sent.
The payment facility through A TReDS Ltd is also available for MSME’s firms. Those
are interested to exercise the option; they may confirm the same at the time of bidding

FOR E-PAYMENT & post tender communication.
Contractor and their representatives shall abide by all the rules and regulations of Security
available at KCC in all phases of the work emanating from this contract.
Contract Labour engaged on the job shall be entered in the company premises subject to
security check by Security officials on duty. The Contractor will arrange necessary Entry
Passes from concerned officials of Security Unit sufficiently in advance. HCL shall not be
responsible for any delay caused in issue of such passes.
The contractor shall have to comply all rules and regulation under Mines Act, Mines
Rules and Metalliferous Mines Regulation such as provisions related to Leave with
wages, Health & Safety etc and various States/Central Govt. Acts etc. Applicable from
time to time while working in mining areas/surface areas. The said provisions are
illustrative only and not exhaustive. The contractor will ensure all safety measures during
the operations. The contractor will be solely responsible for all consequences arising out of
and during operation of the contract including payments/ compensation etc to be made
under the various statutes / acts of State or Central Govt. etc. issued there under.
28. INCOME TAX etc.
The taxes at source shall be deducted from the payment made to the contractor as
required under relevant statutes.
The taxes at source shall be deducted from the payment made to the contractor as
required under relevant statutes.

i) As per Section Section 51 of the CGST Act 2017 provides for deduction of tax by the
Government Agencies including PSUs (Deductor) , from the payment made or
credited to the supplier (Deductee) of taxable goods or services or both, where the
total value of such supply, under a contract, exceeds two lakh and fifty thousand

ii) The subject section which provides for tax deduction at source was not notified to
come into force with effect from 1st July, 2017, the date from which GST was
introduced. Government has recently notified that these provisions shall come into
force with effect from 1st October, 2018, vide Notification No. 50/2018 – Central Tax
dated 13th September, 2018.

iii) The amount deducted as tax under this section shall be paid to the Government by
deductor within ten days after the end of the month in which such deduction. The
TDS deducted will be made available in Deductees Electronic Cash Ledger, which
they may use to pay their future tax liabilities.

As evident from above, It is hereby communicated to all contractors that GST TDS would be
deducted from their bills as per GST Law notified by Govt. of India.

The Contractor and his persons shall maintain absolute integrity in carrying out the work,
and in case of any act detrimental to the interest of Company(HCL/KCC) including
theft of Company’s property by the contractor or any of his persons, the contract shall
be suspended/terminated without any notice and the balance work shall be executed
through alternate sources at the risk & cost of the contractor. In the event of
suspension/termination of the work, the contractor shall not raise any claim for the period
of suspension/termination nor shall the company be liable to pay for it.

30. The contractor is required to submit copy of the PAN & GST Registration number along
with the offer.

31. GST will be paid extra by HCL to be claimed in the bills so that HCL can avail Input Credit
Tax for the same. No subsequent claim on this account will be entertained by HCL. The GST
shall be deposited with the Government by the contractor in accordance with the statutory
provisions of the GST Law. Further, the contractor agrees that he shall maintain high GST
compliance rating track record at any given point of time and consents to the following:

a) The details of outward supplies made by the contractor to HCL will be uploaded in Form
GSTR-1 by 11thof the month following the month/quarter for which the return is to be

b) Once contractor has uploaded the details of outward supplies in Form GSTR- 1,
contractor agrees to file the return in Form GSTR-3B by 20th of the month succeeding the
month/quarter for which return is to be filed without any delay.

c) Wherever contractor is required to issue e-invoice containing all the particulars as
specified in Form GST INV-01 in terms of Rule 48(4) of the CGST Rules, it is agreed that
contractor will comply with such e-invoicing requirements.

d) In case the Input Tax Credit of GST is denied or demand is recovered from HCL on
account of any non-compliance by HCL, including non-compliance with e-invoicing
provisions, delay or non-filing of Form GSTR-1 and Form GSTR- 3B, non-payment of GST
charged and recovered, contractor shall indemnify HCL in respect of all claims of tax,
penalty and/or interest, input tax credit, loss, damages, costs, expenses and liability that
may arise due to such non-compliance

e) Notwithstanding any other clause of the tender document the payment to the contractor
shall be made only upon invoices being reflected in FOMR GSTR-2A/2B of the relevant

Inspection will be carried out by Engineer-in-Charge or his authorized representative who
shall act as Engineer-in-Charge who shall reserve the right to inspect the work of the
contractor and check the quality & workmanship during the execution of the work and shall
have the right to stop the work, in case of defective process or poor workmanship is noticed
& his decision will be final and binding on the contractor.

The contractor shall be fully responsible for the welfare and regular payment of his
manpower/ employees for this work. The contractor will apprise and show the relevant
records maintained by him to Engineer-in-Charge regularly and also to HCL/KCC
Industrial Relations department to get IR clearance certificate.

The contractor shall himself supervise the execution of the work or shall appoint a
competent authorized representative with the approval of the Engineer-in-Charge to act in
his place. The whole responsibility for supervision of the works and the workers employed
on the works by the contractor shall rest with the contractor only.

Whenever any claim arises against the contractor for payment of any sum of money out of
or under the order, HCL/KCC Khetri Nagar shall be entitled to recover such sums any
time from the contractor under this or any other order of the contractor with HCL.
In case the amount of existing bill is not sufficient for recovery of pending dues, the
contractor shall pay to HCL/KCC Khetri Nagar the balance remaining dues immediately.

Demurrage / detention charges or any other claims paid by the company for reasons
attributed to the contractor shall be recoverable from the contractor’s account. The decision
of the Engineer-in-Charge in this regards shall be final and legally binding on the contractor.

37. The company does not accept any responsibility for delay in work, for any loss to the
contractor due to non supply of water, electricity or any other material/service provided by
the HCL/KCC.

38. HCL reserves the right to reject any or all the offers and award in part or in whole, the
contract, at its sole discretion without assigning any reasons thereof.

‘NIL’ charges / consideration in price bid shall be treated as unresponsive and will not be

Drawings if any supplied to the contractor, are the property of HCL/KCC and shall be
returned to the company after completion of the contract.

Reconciliation of attendance of the contractor’s persons shall be jointly conducted and
signed by the Contractor and Engineer-in – Charge. Engineer-in-Charge must ensure the
same. Report of the same will be sent to IR department on monthly basis.

The contractor may be provided Company’s (HCL/KCC) quarter on chargeable basis (Rent,
Electricity & Water etc.) as per availability and policy of the Company as in force during the
tenure of the contract, if no any other accommodation has been provided to the contractor
under any other contract by the Company.

43. HCL management shall immediately be informed in case of any change in the members
of the firm/company or its address or in case of any merger.

44. No persons below 18 years of age shall be allowed to work.

45. GeM Registration:
All the bidders are requested to get themselves registered in the GeM Platform for
future compliance.

Proof, if any may be submitted along with the bids by the bidders."
46. The Special Terms & Conditions mentioned shall supercede the General Terms &

Conditions of the NIT.
47. All changes in the NIT including the extension of date of opening etc., if any, would

be posted on the website of the company " www.hindustancopper.com" and on CPP
Portal , the prospective bidders should keep in touch with the CPP Portal for updates
before submitting their bids
The Corrigendum, if any shall be given only at our website “www.hindustancopper.com"



Party should full fill following conditions:

Bidder is to submit membership certificate of ICAI/ICWAI/ICMAI as a proof of
their qualification being suitable for the tendered job


Bidding Rate & Quantity Schedule

Name of the Work: Appointment of Chartered / Cost Firm for Physical verification of Stores

& Spares as on 31.12.2021 & other associated works related to the verifications

Sl.No. Description Unit Qty. Rate (Rs.) Amount (Rs.)

1 Physical verification of Stores & Spares as Lumpsum 1
per Scope of Work point 1 (i) & 1 (ii)

Total (in Rs.):


Bid Security Declaration Form Date: _

Tender No …………………..

DGM ( M & C )
Khetri Copper Complex,
Khetrinagar – 333504.
Distt. Jhunjhunu ( Rajasthan).

I/We. The undersigned, declare that:

I/We understand that, according to your conditions, bids must be supported by a Bid Securing

I/We accept that I/We may be disqualified from bidding for any HCL Tender for a period of
one year (1 year) from the date of notification of this Tender if I am /We are in a breach of any
obligation under the bid conditions, because I/We

a) have withdrawn/modified/amended, impairs or derogates from the tender, my/our
Bid during the period of bid validity specified in the form of Bid; or

b) having been notified of the acceptance of our Bid by the HCL during the period of bid
validity (i) fail or refuse to execute the contract, if required, or (ii) fail or refuse to furnish
the Performance Security, in accordance with the Instructions to Bidders.

I/We understand this Bid Securing Declaration shall cease to be valid if I am/we are not the
successful Bidder, upon the earlier of (i) the receipt of your notification of the name of the
successful Bidder; or (ii) thirty days after the expiration of the validity of my/our Bid.

(insert signature of person whose name and capacity are shown)

in the capacity of (insert legal capacity of person signing the Bid Securing Declaration)

(insert complete name of person signing the Bid Securing Declaration)

Duly authorized to sign the bid for an on behalf of

(insert complete name of Bidder)

Dated on day of

(insert date of signing)

Corporate Seal (where appropriate)


>>To be printed on your letter head and to be signed with seal<<
Annexure: -Declaration under Section 206AB of Income Tax Act, 1961

M/s ……………………

Subject – Declaration with respect of filling on of Income tax return as provided under Section 206AB
of Income Tax Act, 1961


Following is the Declaration with respect to filing of Income tax return

1. Name of the Assesse:

2. PAN of the Assesse:

3. Following income Tax return filing information for last two years.

S. NoParticulars Previous Year 2019-20 Previous Year 2018-19
(A.Y. 2020-21) (A.Y. 2019-20)

1 Filling of Income tax return as per the time
limit prescribed under sub-section (1) of
section 139 of Income Tax Act,1961(Yes /

2 Date of Filling Return

3 Acknowledgement Number

4 Aggregate of TDS and TCS is INR 50,000 or
more in each year.

Enclosure: Copies of ITR of last 2 years

I/ we hereby certify that the declaration made above is true and correct.

Thanking You,


Signature Not Verified

Digitally signed by ABHISHEK PAREEK
Date: 2021.09.21 10:19:17 IST
Location: eProcurement System for Central


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