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National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited, New Delhi, Delhi
September, 11th 2019
Tender No: NHSRCL/CO/FIN/INT.AUD/2019/16                                      Notice Inviting Tender (NIT)

National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited
(A Joint Sector Company of Govt. of India and Participating State Governments)

NHSRCL/CO/FIN/INT.AUD/2019/16                                                           30/08/2019

                                    NOTICE INVITING TENDER

Sub: Tender for Appointment of Internal Auditors of NHSRCL for Financial Year 2019-20
1.       National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited (NHSRCL), Asia Bhawan, Second
         Floor, Road No 205, Sector-9, Dwarka, New Delhi-110077, invites open tender under
         single stage two packet system for the following works:
  S.           Name of Work                Time & Date       Earnest        Completion Period
  No                                            of           Money
                                           submission     Deposit (Rs.)
          Appointment of Internal              Upto         Rs.5,000/-    Twelve (12) months
     1    Auditors of NHSRCL for           15.00 Hrs on   (Rupees Five
          Financial Year 2019-20            20.09.2019      Thousand

2.       Tender documents can be obtained from 10.30 hrs. to 16.00hrs. on all working days from
         02.09.2019 to 19.09.2019 from the address mentioned in Para 1 above. The tender
         documents will also be available for download on &
3.       Cost of tender document shall be Rs. 3,540.00 (Rupees Three Thousand Five Hundred
         and Forty only) inclusive of GST @18%. This should be submitted in the form of Pay
         Order/Demand Draft payable at New Delhi in favour of National High Speed Rail
         Corporation Limited. The GSTIN Certificate of the bidder purchasing the tender shall be
         submitted at the time of purchase of tender. In case, the tender document downloaded
         from above mentioned websites, Tender cost shall be submitted along with bid
         submission. Tender received without Tender Cost shall be summarily rejected.
4.       No pre-bid meeting is planned for this tender.
5. NHSRCL may issue addendum(s)/corrigendum(s) to the tender documents. In such case, the addendum(s)/corrigendum(s) shall be issued and placed on website & at any time before the closing time of tender. This shall be the responsibility of the prospective bidders to check the website for any such corrigendum/addendum at the time of closing time of tender and ensure that bid submitted by them are in accordance with all the corrigendum/addendums. Suitable time extension (not less than 3 days beyond the date of last amendment) for submission of bids will be granted. 6. Completed tender documents sealed in an envelope super-scribing the name of work; name and address of the Bidder, shall be submitted at NHSRCL's office at address in Para 1 above before 15.00 hrs. on 10.09.2019. Tender duly sealed in the prescribed manner above can also be sent through Registered Post/Courier so as to reach at the office address given in para 1 not later than 15.00 hrs. on 10.09.2019. Any tender received late shall be rejected and returned to the bidder unopened. Earnest Money Deposit of should be submitted in the form of Pay Order/Demand Draft payable at New Delhi in favour of National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited payable at New Delhi. Tender received without Earnest Money Deposit shall be summarily rejected. The Technical bids will be opened on the same day at 15.30 hrs. Page 3 of 41 Tender No: NHSRCL/CO/FIN/INT.AUD/2019/16 Notice Inviting Tender (NIT) 7. NHSRCL reserves the right to cancel the tender before submission / opening of tender, postpone the tender submission / opening date and to accept / reject any or all tenders without assigning any reasons therefor. 8. Bidder may note that they are liable to be disqualified at any time during the tendering process in case any of the information furnished by them is not found to be true. The decision of NHSRCL in this regard shall be final and binding.
9. Only Micro and Small Enterprises under MSEs registered firms shall be exempted from payment of Earnest Money deposit (Bid Security) and Cost of Tender Document vide Public Procurement Policy for Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) Order, 2012. Medium Enterprises under MSME who intend to participate in this Tender need to pay cost of Tender document and deposit Earnest Money (Bid Security) as per Terms and Condition of the Tender. 10. The validity of the offer shall be 90 days from the date of opening of the tender. AGM (Finance) National High Speed Rail Corporation Ltd. 2nd Floor, Asia Bhawan, Road No. 205 Sector-9, Dwarka, New Delhi-110077 Page 4 of 41
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