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National Jute Board, Kolkata, West Bengal
August, 31st 2018

                                   NATIONAL JUTE BOARD
                                 A Statutory Body, Ministry of Textiles
                                             Govt. of India
                                         3A & 3B, Park Plaza
                                            71, Park Street
                                          Kolkata ­ 700 016
                       Phone : 2217-2107 / 2540 2226-3438, Fax : 33-2217-2456
                          E-mail : , Website :

                                        INVITATION FOR BIDS

NIT No. 01/NJB/BID/IA/2018-19
Due date & time for submission of Bid: Within 17 September, 2018 [at 3.30 p.m.]


                                            IMPORTANT NOTE
Applicants are requested to submit their Bid in a sealed cover with BID reference and should reach
Secretary, NJB, 3A & 3B, Park Plaza, 71, Park Street, Kolkata-700 016.

Total pages : 11
Invitation for BID : Covering letter
Terms & Conditions - Annexure-1
Scope of work for Internal Auditors -
Format for submission of BID - Annexure 3A & 3B (Technical Bid) and Annexure-4 (Financial Bid)
Evaluation table for Technical Bid- Annexure-5
Bid submission format and all Annexure are available at NJB's website http//
                              Sub: Request for submission of BID

National Jute Board (NJB) is an autonomous statutory body under the Administrative control of the
Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India and have their head office at Kolkata and 3 (three) branches at New
Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad. NJB is a promotional body for promotion of Indian Jute in India and
abroad. It prepares Receipts and Payments A/c., Income and Expenditure A/c. and Balance Sheet, since
it is a non-profit seeking organization. It is fully funded by the Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India.
2. NJB invites Bid in the enclosed format from Kolkata base Chartered Accountant (CA) firms for
appointment as Internal Auditors for its HO and 3 (three) branch offices for carrying out the Internal Audit
function for each HO and Branch offices separately for the period from 1st April 2018 to 31st March, 2019.
3. Interested Chartered Accountant (CA) firms may please fill in the enclosed formats (please note that
only the enclosed formats must only be used) and send us the same so as to reach latest on or
before17 September, 2018 [3.30 p.m.] to the following address :
                                                The Secretary,
                                          National Jute Board
                                          3A & 3B, Park Plaza,
                                               71, Park Street,
                                            Kolkata - 700 016.
4. Bid proposal as per the format enclosed duly      : in and signed should reach us on or before due
   date and time in a sealed cover duly super scribed with our Bid No. and date and "Appointment of
   Internal Auditors". The offers received in any other mode E Mail/Fax will not be considered as valid
   offers for evaluation and summarily rejected. Responses received after due date and time shall not be
   considered and no further correspondence on such responses shall be entertained. NJB will not be
   responsible for any loss or delay in respect of Bid response. LATE RESPONSES SHALL NOT BE

5. Bid response should be free from correction, over writing, erasures etc. Each page should be
   numbered. This should be ink signed by authorized signatory indicating name and designation with
   Office seal.
6. The offers received in time are considered as valid and shall be opened on 17 September, 2018 [at
   4.00 p.m.] in NJB, Kolkata. The interested applicants who desire to witness the opening of responses
   may attend the session along with their identity and signed authorization letter.

7. Canvassing by respondents in any form, including unsolicited letters on Bid submitted or post
   corrections shall render their Bid response liable for summarily rejection.

8. The cost or charges incurred in preparation and submission of Bid response shall not be entitled by
   any respondent.

9. Conditional offers will be summarily rejected.

10. NJB is not bound to accept any response or part of the response and the decision of NJB is final in
    this regard.

11. Disregard of any instruction may result in offer being ignored.

This Bid is governed by TERMS AND CONDITIONS (Annexure-1) as attached in theNJB's website.

No Agent / Agents or third party / parties are engaged by NJB in this process.
NJB is also not responsible for any person / firm expression or representing to express
himself / herself / themselves to be the agent or third party representing NJB in this process.
It is advised to deal directly with NJB representative who is the signatory to this document.

For general correspondence, kindly make use of e-mail ID :
and 2217-2107 / 2540, 2226-3438 and Fax : 33-2217-2456

                                                                                 Yours truly,

                                                                           National Jute Board
                                                                                    Annexure - 1

                                    TERMS AND CONDITIONS

These terms and conditions are applicable to Bids and Scope of Work.
In the interest of equity of treatment, Bid will be processed strictly as per standard prescribed format
enclosed atAnnexure - 3A & 3B (Technical Bid) & Annexure - 4 (Financial Bid).

Non-adherence to the formats shall lead to rejection of such bids. Further correspondence in respect of
nonstandard bids will not be entertained.

    1. CA firms, appointed, will have to do the Audit themselves and not resort to any kind of
       outsourcing whatsoever. In case, it is subsequently revealed at any stage of the appointment
       process / post appointment that outsourcing has been resorted to, the appointment is liable to be
       summarily cancelled with immediate effect.

    2. The appointment, for internal audit, is for a period of two years, on the quality and cost based
       selection (QCBS) subject to satisfactory performance in the first year.

        The selection of firm shall be on a Quality and Cost Based Selection (QCBS) system i.e. 70:30
        (Technical Score: Financial Score) and procedure as prescribed below:

        In final evaluation, the weightage of the Technical Bid would be 70% and weightage of the
        financial Bid would be 30%. The Financial Marks would be determined by the formula:

        Financial Marks (F) = 100 x {Financial Index given by the Lowest Bidder}
                                         Financial Index Given by the Bidder the Bids would be finally
        evaluated on Total Marks determined by following formula

        Total Marks (M) = (0.7xT) + (0.3xF)
        Where T = Technical Marks (out of 100) awarded against guidelines described in
        Annexure-1 and F = Financial Marks
        The bidder obtaining highest Total Marks would be selected.

    3. Procedure for submission of Bids

The sealed tender may be submitted in one big envelope superscripting "InternalAuditor for NJB"
containing two separately sealed small envelopes, one for "TechnicalBid" and another for "Financial Bid"
superscripting as such and addressed to Secretary, National Jute Board, 3A & 3B, Park Plaza, 71 Park
Street, Kolkata ­ 700016.only, on or before 17thSeptember, 2018 at 3.30 P.M.

The technical bid envelope must contain the technical bid format in prescribed ProformaAs per Annexure
3A & 3B along with Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) of Rs.10,000/- (non-interest bearing)favoring NJB and
payable at KOLKATA with all relevant documents in support ofeligibility and experience criteria. The
financial bid envelope must contain only thefinancial bid format as per Annexure-4.The financial bid shall
include professionalfee / charges for both Head Offices & Regional Offices. In addition to that TA/DA
willbe re-imbursible as per company norms for visit to Regional Offices. NJB will notaccept any claim
other than professional fee / charges etc. specified in financial bid.The technical bid will be opened at
NJB, Kolkata Accounts Department on 17th September,2018 at 15.30 Hrs. in presence of the bidders
who wish to be present. TheFinancial bid will be opened on the date which will be communicated to only
                                                  4 : evaluation of eligible technical bid asper selection
thosebidders who are found technically qualified: after
criteria provided.

Any further clarifications can be sought from ShriSujit Pal Chief Finance Officer., NJB
4. CA firm quoting the financial bid should follow the following instructions while submitting their
    financial bid.

     I.     Internal Audit Fees (including applicable taxes) should be quoted per annum and payment
              would be on annual basis.

     II.    Taxes on the Audit Fees will be treated as follows :

             a. TDS on Income Tax at applicable rates will be deducted from the Quoted Fees invoiced.

             b. Service Tax will be paid additionally upfront, as invoiced, at the applicable rates.

             c.   Levy of taxes not existing in the legislation so far will be reimbursed / paid additionally
                  from the date they come into effect.

     III.   Payment of Audit Fees will be against submission of the Half yearly and Annual Audit report
             and invoice pertaining to the same.

     IV.    Audit fees per annum should be quoted at consolidated rate for HO and 3 branch offices.

5. The scope of the Internal Audit is as indicated at Annexure - 2.

6. The internal Audit is expected to be based on sufficient verification of the aspects covered in the
   scope of audit and not be on mere confirmations obtained from the Finance and other related

7.   It is expected that the Audit will be undertaken in accordance with the Internal Audit Standards
      issued by the ICAI to the extent they are applicable to the given scope.

8. The Internal Audit report is to be submitted with stipulated period following the close of each half
   year. The Internal Auditor is expected to draw up the Audit Program in consultation with the Chief
   Finance Officer and for any officer as informed by NJB for this purpose in order to stick to the
   prescribed date for the submission of the report.

9. The report is to be submitted in three hard copies. Additionally, soft copy of the report would be
   required. The distribution will be indicated later. Soft copy may be either in Word or PDF files and
   may have tables in Excel on a CD.

10. The Audit Reports would be addressed to the Secretary, NJB.

11. Bid should be submitted in relevant formats for technical bid (Annexure 3A & 3B) enclosed only. No
    other format will be accepted. Financial bid to be submitted as per (Annexure-4) enclosed only.
    Other supporting documents are to be enclosed along with the formats.

                                                                                             Annexure - 2
(1) The Internal Audit will be carried out of the following offices / branches of NJB as per agreed audit

 Offices / Units            Nos.         Locations          Frequency of audit           Submission of
                                                                  / visit                   report
   Head Office                1          Kolkata                Half Yearly               30.11.2018
                                                                & Annually                15.05.2019
 Branch Offices               3          New Delhi, Chennai     Half Yearly               30.11.2018
                                         and Hyderabad          & Annually                15.05.2019

The illustrative (but not exhaustive) list of tasks to be performed for Internal Audit by Practicing
Chartered Accountants (CA) Firm Partnership / Proprietorship / Individual is given as under:

(2) Statutory Audit of PF fund of 22 employees

Following would be the scope covered for Head Office and Branch Offices.

   Functions                  Areas                              Review of Sub-Processes
 Marketing         Market Promotion Activities-            Fairs (Domestic & International)
                                              -            Schemes of Marketing
                                              -            Promotion of Indian Jute
                                              -            Other activities of marketing
 Agriculture       Promotion & Development of -            Promotion of Raw Jute
                   Raw Jute                   -            Schemes related to Raw Jute
 Technical         Technical activities       -            Technical studies
                                              -            All Schemes of NJB
                                              -            Research & Development activities
 Operational       Fixed Assets               -            Procurement of Assets
                                              -            Capitalization of Assets
                                              -            Updating and Maintaining Fixed Assets
                                                       -   Calculation and Accounting of Depreciation
                                                       -   Sale/Disposal/Transfer/Write-off of Assets
                                                       -   Obtaining and Monitoring Asset Insurance
                                                       -   Physical verification process
                                                       -   Repairs & Maintenance of Assets
                                                       -   Process of Identification of idle assets, if any
             HR & Payroll       : 6: Updation and maintenance of Employee
                                     personnel Files & Service Books
                                    Recruitment & Selection
                                    Attendance & Leave Records
                                    Preparation and adhering to Training activities
                                    Payroll Processing Process
                                    Process of Fixation and calculation of arrears as
                                     per revision of pay scale, if any

             Cash & Bank             Cash Payments & Receipts
                                     Bank Payments & Receipt
                                     Custody of Physical Cash &Cheque Books
                                     Physical Verification & Reconciliation Process
                                     Obtaining and Monitoring Cash Insurance &
                                     Preparation of Bank Reconciliation Statement
                                     Defining and adhering to Cash Levels & Holding
                                     Short Term and Long Term Deposits and related
                                     interest review
                                     Test checking of transactions, vouchers etc.
                                     Maintenance of Accounts and Statements as per
                                     statutory body guidelines
                                     Maintenance of books of accounts as per
                                     statutory body guidelines

             Administration        Review of following expenses :
                                   Car Hire
                                   Repair & Maintenance
                                   Guest House
                                   Travel & Tours
                                   Office Rent
                                   Security Service
                                   Printing & Stationery
                                   Courier Service
                                   Communication Charges
Regulatory   Law Department        Review of status of legal pending cases
                                   Empanelment of Lawyers and their payments
                                   Review of IT General Controls around data
                                   access, data and physical security, back up, help
             EDP Department        desk
                                   Compliance to Regulatory requirements of
                                   Annual program for transacting the official work of
             Hindi Department      the union in Hindi issued by the Department of
                                   Official Language
                                           : 7 : - Timely deposit of dues and returns i.e. TDS,
                  Statutory Compliances            Service Tax etc.
                                                 - Review of the following :
                  Secretarial Department         - Despatch of Annual Reports within the
                                                   specified period
                                                 - Maintenance of registers, records etc.
Others            Advertisements & Tenders       - Advertisements release process and their
                                                 - Tender release process and their payment

Audit of JMDC     Audit of Individual Fund Account - Review and examination of entire accounts,
Staff Provident   along with interest calculation,   including individual account balances and
Fund Accounts     Investment of funds of JMDC        investment of the available funds.
                  staff provident Fund.            - To comment of the effectiveness and
                                                     adequacy of Internal Control place for the

                                                                                                 Annexure - 3(A)

                                             (On letter head of the Firm)

                                     Format for submission of Technical Bid
     (A) Name of the firm :

     (B) Number of Partners :

Sl. No.        Name         Qualification      Associate /       Membership         Certificate of     Supporting
                                               Fellowship           No.             practice No.       Documents

(Enclose copy of constitution certificate issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India).

     (C) Date of formation :
                (As per constitution certificate issued by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India).

     (D) Full Postal Address of Head Offices / Branch Offices :

          (This may be given on a separate sheet of paper attached)

     (E) Name of contact person along with landline and mobile numbers :

     (F) Permanent Accountant Number (PAN) of the firm :
          (For information only)

     (G) GST Registration No. :

          (For information only)

 I ........................................ authorized partner of the firm certify that the above information is true
 &genuine. If appointed as internal auditor and JMDC staff provident fund auditor, my firm will abide by the
 rules of the company in respect of maintaining secrecy of data/information.

                                                        Signature of Authorized Signatory of the Firm

 Seal of the Firm

 Date :

 Time :
                                                                                              Annexure - 3(B)

                                       (On letter head of the Firm)

                               Format for submission of Technical Bid

   Sl.                    Heading                           Details to be written    Supporting
   No.                                                                               documents for the
                                                                                     same along with
                                                                                     enclosure Srl. No.
    1.      Compulsory conditions :
            i. Existences of the firm for a minimum
               period of 5 years
           ii. Annual average turnover for last 3
               years of the firm should be at least
               Rs.30 lakhs
          iii. Internal audit minimum experience of 3
               years of statutory body/Govt.
          iv. HO/Branch office of the firm should be
               in Kolkata (Those firms not fulfilling the
               compulsory conditions will be

    2.     Age of CA Firm

    3.     Experience of CA Firm in conducting
           internal audit of statutory autonomous
           organization / Govt. Organization / PSU

    4.     Empanelment with CAG of the CA Firm

    5.     Number of partners of the CA Firm
    6.     Numbers of partners who are FCA
    7.     Head Office of the CA Firm
    8.     Places of Branch Offices of the CA Firm

    9.     Annual average turnover for last 3 years
           of the CA Firm

Seal of the Firm                                        (Signature of Authorized Signatory of the firm)

 Date :

 Time :

                                                                                            Annexure - 4

                 (On letter head of the Firm) Format for submission of Financial Bid
Proforma for Financial/Price Bid (for conducting Internal Audit and JMDC Provident Fund of NJB for the
Financial Year 2018-19).

  Sl.                              Particulars                              Rate      Amount in words
   1.      Fees for audit work for the period......................
               (a) Head Office - (i) Kolkata including JMDC Staff PF
               (b) Branch Office - (ii) New Delhi
                                     (iii) Chennai
                                     (iv) Hyderabad
           (Firms need to quote for individual offices of NJB)

    2.     Out of pocket expenses payable at actual subject to NJB                 Not to quote
           travelling rules

    3.     GST as applicable

    4.     Total amount

Seal of the Firm :                                     (Signature of Authorized Signatory of the firm)


                                                                                   Annexure - 5

                               Technical Evaluation Criteria
                                    [Total Marks = 100]

Sl.        Heading           Description            Criteria for point allotment       Maximum
No.                                                                                      points
 1.   Age of CA Firm       Age of CA Firm             All      >15 years = 15            20
                           should be given        Categories   >10-15 years = 10
                                                               5-10 years = 5
 2    Experience of CA     Internal Audit             All      >15 years = 15              20
      Firm in              experience in          Categories   >10-15 years = 10
      internal audit of    Statutory                           >5-10 years = 5
      Statutory            Autonomous Body                     3-5 years = 3
      Autonomous Body /    / Govt.
      Govt.                Organization /
      Organization / PSU   PSU
 3    Empanelment of       Empanelment with           All      Empanelled = 15             20
      CAG of the CA Firm   CAG                    Categories   Not
                                                               Empanelled = 0
 4    Number of partners   Number of                  All      11-20 = 15                  20
      of the CA Firm       partners               Categories   6-10 = 10
                                                               1- 5 = 5
 5    Partners who are     Number of FCA as           All      11-20 = 10                  10
      FCA of the CA firm   partners               Categories   6-10 = 8
                                                               1- 5 = 5
 6    Head Office of the   Place of the HO of         All      Kolkata, HO = 10            10
      CA Firm              the CA Firm at         Categories
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