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 Andhra Pradesh Capital Region Development Authority, Vijayawada, A.P.
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Airports Authority Of India, Delhi
May, 06th 2019
                      INTERNAL AUDIT DEPARTMENT

                       Tender id:- 2019_AAI_25766_1

Notice inviting Technical & Financial bids from Empanelled
CA/CMA firms of E/R for conducting Internal Audit of NSCBI
Airport , Airports Authority of India, Kolkata Airport, Kolkatta for
the Financial Year 2018-19 (01.04.2018 to 31.03.2019).

AAI invites Technical & financial bids from empanelled CA/CMA firms for
conducting Internal Audit of NSCBI Airport ,Kolkata, AAI, for the Financial Year
2018-19 (01.04.2018 to 31.03.2019).
 The Estimated Cost is mentioned in Annexure-IV. Self elp files/FAQ &
System Settings (Annexure-V) is also available at E-tender portal with URL

It is further informed that during the empanelment of CA/CMA firms the bids were
received through AAI e-tender portal, which has now become obsolete and the new
portal is in vogue. The unconditional acceptance letter is a prerequisite document of
Technical bid and for call of financial bids. In case of any deficiency it should be
fulfilled by the firms before the opening of financial bids (Envelope - II) otherwise
financial bids will not be opened to that firm(s).

                                                                     (Lala Ram)
                                                            AGM - FINANCE (IA)
                                                AIRPORT AUTHORITY OF INDIA
                                                       NEW OFFICE COMPLEX
                                                      SAP, NEW DELHI-110003
                                     PH. NO. 01124629346, 01124632950 Ext.3324

                                       Page 1 
E-bids shall be submitted in two bid system as follows :

                    TECHNICAL BID ENVELOPE - I
The technical bids shall contain Unconditional acceptance letter as per Annexure- VI
which is required to be duly signed and stamped by the Authorized signatory of the
firm and submit under the technical bid folder in the form of scanned copy for
Qualifying the technical bid and opening the financial bid of the firm.

                    FINANCIAL BID ENVELOPE - II
This Financial Bid is called through the electronic process and can be downloaded
from       the     e-tender     portal    of      AAI      with   URL     address The Financial Bid is also available on AAI
website Please note that the submission of the Financial Bid is
essential      and    can    only    be    uploaded      through   the   E-tender

The last date of submission of financial bid is 13.05.2019 by 1500 hrs. And the same
shall be opened on 14.05.2019 at 1530 hrs.

                                                                         (Lala Ram)
                                                AGM - FINANCE (IA) / BID MANAGER
                                                   AIRPORT AUTHORITY OF INDIA
                                                           NEW OFFICE COMPLEX
                                                          SAP, NEW DELHI-110003
                                                             PH. NO. 01124629346

                                      Page 2 
                     General Information and Guidelines
    1. AAI reserves to itself the right to reject the conditional tenders without
       assigning any reason thereto. Further AAI reserves to itself the right to
       reject any or all the tenders without assigning any reason thereof and to
       call for any other detail or information from any of the tender(s).
    2. CA/CMA firms shall be awarded the Internal Audit work for maximum 2 (two) Audit
       work of this Region.

    3. In case, any firm found to be the lowest in 2 (two) stations, the same will not be
       considered eligible for the remaining Region/Airports.

    4. The above bid amount is inclusive of professional fees, TA/DA, local conveyance,
       lodging & boarding etc. except GST/applicable taxes. No other payment shall be made
       except quoted above. The payment shall be released after acceptance of the report by
       the Competent Authority.
    5. Period  of  Assignment:  The  internal  audit  work  assigned  is  required  to  be 
         completed  within  a  period  of  21(Twenty  one)  working  days  from  the  date  of 
         commencement of Audit. 
         6.  Terms  of  Payment:  The  payment  will  be  released  after  approval  of  the  Internal 
         Audit  report  by  the  competent  Authority  and  you  must  quote  your  GST  number  in 
         the bill / invoice. 
    7.    Others: 
         I.  In  case  of  any  disputes  arising  out  of  the  assignment,  the  decision  of  Member 
         (Finance), Airports Authority of India shall be final and binding on both the parties.  
         II.  For  clarifications,  if  any,  the  matter  may  be  addressed  to  the  Executive  Director 
         (F&A)IA,  Airports  Authority  of  India,  New  Office  Complex,  Safdarjung  Airport,  New 

    8. Cover-I , Bidder should quote the rates in Downloaded BOQ-sheet from the portal.

    9. Other terms & conditions as mentioned in the EOI dated 18/01/2017 / Technical bid shall
    remain same.

                                                                                    (Lala Ram)
                                                           AGM - FINANCE (IA) / BID MANAGER
                                                              AIRPORT AUTHORITY OF INDIA
                                                                      NEW OFFICE COMPLEX
                                                                     SAP, NEW DELHI-110003
                                                                        PH. NO. 01124629346

                                                 Page 3 


S.NO. NAME OF THE                                   ESTIMATED COST
      AIRPORT/STATION/REGIONAL OFFICE                    (Rs.)

    1.   NSCBI Airport, Kolkata                  347000/- + GST (as

                                                                 (Lala Ram)
                                        AGM - FINANCE (IA) / BID MANAGER
                                           AIRPORT AUTHORITY OF INDIA
                                                   NEW OFFICE COMPLEX
                                                  SAP, NEW DELHI-110003
                                                     PH. NO. 01124629346

                              Page 4 
                          (Help Desk Services)

     a. In order to facilitate the Vendors / Bidders as well as internal users from AAI, Help
       Desk        services       are     available      for       the    e-tender     portal The Help desk services shall be available on all
        working days (except Sunday) between 0800-1900 hours and shall assist users on
        technical issues related to the use of the e-tender portal.

     b. For any technical assistance with regard to the functioning of the portal the bidders
        as well as AAI users may contact according to the escalation matrix as mentioned
        below :

    SL      Support       Escalation                                    Contact
    No      Persons         Matrix             E-Mail Address           Numbers           Timings*
    1.   Help Desk Team                                              011-24632950,      0800-2000
                          Instant         Ext-3512           Hrs.
                          Support                                    (Six Lines)        (MON - SAT)

    2.   Mr. Sanjeev                                   0930-1800
         Kumar            After 4 Hours   or                         011-24632950,      Hrs.
         Mgr.(IT)         of Issue      Ext-3523,3505      (MON-FRI)
    3.   Mrs. S. Nita                                                                   0930-1800
         AGM(IT)          After 12             011-24632950,      Hrs.
                          Hours                                      Ext-3523           (MON-FRI)
    4.   General                                                                        0930-1800
         Manager(IT)      After 03           011-24657900       Hrs.
                          Days                                                          (MON-FRI)

     c. The above mentioned help desk numbers are intended only for queries related to the
        issues on e-tendering portal and help needed on the operation of the portal. For
        queries related to the tenders published on the portal, bidders are advised to contact
        concerned Bid Manager from AAI.

All the CA/CMA firms are requested to submit their Technical & Financial Bid through AAI e-
tender portal by using digital signature of Class III that includes (a) signing and     (b)
encryption within.
In case of any assistance please contact above mentioned person/personnel along with the
undersigned bid manager
Bid Manager : Mr. Lala Ram, AGM (Fin.) Phone No. 011-24645344/ 011-24632950 Ext.
3324/ 9650161222 and email id : 

                                                                                (Lala Ram)
                                                       AGM - FINANCE (IA) / BID MANAGER
                                                          AIRPORT AUTHORITY OF INDIA
                                                                  NEW OFFICE COMPLEX
                                                                 SAP, NEW DELHI-110003
                                                                    PH. NO. 01124629346

                                             Page 5 
                            TO BE SUBMITTED IN ETECHNICAL BID 
                                    ACCEPTANCE LETTER 
                               (Scanned copy for technical bids) 
                             (Refer Clause for technical bidof NIT) 
PH. NO. 01124629346

E-tender documents for the Notice Inviting Technical & Financial bids from
the Empanelled CA/CMA Firms of E/R for conducting Internal Audit Work of
NSCBI Airport, Kolkata, AAI for the Financial Year 2018-19 (01.04.2018 to

    1. Has  been  downloaded by  me.  I/we  hereby  certify  that  I/we  have  inspected  and  read 
       the entire terms and conditions of the etender documents made available to me/us. 
       Which  shall  form  part  of  the  contract  agreement  and  I  /  we  shall  abide  by  the 
       conditions / Clauses contained therein. 

    2. I/We  hereby  unconditionally  accept  the  etender  conditions  of  AAI's  etender 
       documents in its entirety for the above services.  

    3. The contents of Clause 1 of General information & guidelines of the Notice Inviting E
       Tender  of  the  ETender  Documents  has  been  noted  wherein  it  is  clarified  that  AAI 
       reserves the right to reject the etenders without assigning any reason thereto.  

    4. I/We declare that I/We have not paid and will not pay any bribe to any officer of AAI 
       for awarding this contract at any stage during its execution or at the time of payment 
       of  bills  and  further  if  any  officer  of  AAI  asks  for  bribe/gratification,  I/We  will 
       immediately report it to the appropriate authority in AAI.  
                                                                                     Yours faithfully,  
                                                                       (Signature of the etenderer)  
                                                                                 With rubber stamp 
                                                                     Signature Not Verified            
                                                                    Digitally signed by LALA RAM
                                                                    Date: 2019.05.02 11:42:08 IST
                                                                    Location: eProcurement System for Central
                                               Page 6 
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