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Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation, West Bengal
October, 03rd 2019
                              POURA BHAVAN, FD-415A, Sector-III,
                                     Kolkata - 700 106.

                                      INVITATION FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST

                                    EOI NO.520/PHE(C )/BMC                   Dt. 01.10.2019

The Executive Engineer PHE, on behalf of Commissioner, Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation invites e-bid Expression of
Interest (EOI) from reliable and resourceful Companies/Firms having experience and in similar nature of works as noted

                                                                                    Earnest Money           Date of
Sl. No.                                   Name of work
                                                                                        (Rs.)             Completion

          Engagement of Chartered Accountant Firm for Internal Audit of
   1.                                                                                    1000.00            One year
          various units of the Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation.

          Engagement of Chartered Accountant Firm for Compilation of
   2.                                                                                    1000.00            One year
          Accounts of Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation.

  1.      Location of Work:                          Poura Bhawan, Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation
          Eligibility to participate in              A.(i) Bonafide resourceful Agencies having experience in similar /
                                                     equivalent nature of works within last 10 (ten) years in any
          the Tender
                                                     Govt./Board/Semi Govt./Corporation/Statutory Authority/ Undertaking
                                                     (ii) GST, P. Tax clearance Certificates, PAN Card, Trade Licence
                                                     and other statutory papers as required.
                                                     a) Similar nature of works completed successfully will be
                                                         treated as credential.
                                                   B.(i)Firm's standing should be at least 10 years.
                                                   (ii)The firm should have minimum Statutory Audit experience of 5 years
                                                   in public sector undertakings/Local Bodies.
                                                   (iii)Head of Office of firm should be located in Kolkata or in its vicinity.
                                                   (iv)The firm must have GST Registration Number and should submit the
                                                   copy thereof along with the audit fee bill.
                                                   (v)Have Income Tax Permanent Account Number (PAN).
                                                   vi))The firm must have Credential Certificate for working in any
                                                   PSU/Local Bodies and should submit copy thereof showing experience
                                                   of carrying out internal audit work in local bodies.
 3.       Disqualifications: The                          1. The Chartered Accountants Firm who has been declared
          Chartered Accountants Firm                         guilty of any professional and/or other misconduct under the
          shall not be apply if:                             provisions of the Chartered Accountant Act, 1949 during the
                                                             current year and immediate past five years.
                                                          2. The audit firm is having association with foreign audit firms.

 4.          A. Scope of Work:                            The auditor shall review the existence and effectiveness of
                                                          control system(s) and report on the adequacy of those controls,
                                                          as well as, deficiencies, if any. The primary focus shall be on
                                                          propriety aspect in addition to authorization, internal control,
                                                          reconciliation, recording, safeguarding and valuation aspects.

 5.       The key objectives of the                       1. Orderly and efficient conduct of Corporation's working.
          internal audit shall be to                      2. The transactions and decisions taken by the authorized
          ensure the following at                            persons reflect the highest sense of propriety and
                                                          3. Adherence to Corporation's policies.
                                                          4. The safeguarding of its assets.
                                                          5. The prevention and detection of frauds and errors.
                                                          6. The accuracy and completeness of the accounting records
                                                             and statutory compliances.
                                                          7. The timely preparation of reliable financial information.

 6.       Arbitration clause:-                    Within the jurisdiction of Kolkata High Court only

 7.       Extension clause:-                      Successful agency will have to execute an agreement with BMC. The
                                                  tenure of agreement may be extended for suitable periods considering
                                                  successful performance of the agency.
 8.         Declaration:-                         The Chartered Accountants Firm while expressing their interest shall
                                                  require to submit a declaration that they do not suffer from any of the
                                                  above disqualifications and the details furnished in this regard are true
                                                  and correct. Any incorrect information furnished shall automatically lead
                                                  to rejection of the application.

                                                  A successful performance and completion certificate supplemented with
                                                  work order along with payment certificate issued by the competent
           Documents to be produced
                                                  authority shall have to be furnished in support of credibility in terms
           in support of Credential for
                                                  with   eligibility   criteria depicted in this Notice (Ref: Sl. No. 2:
                                                  Eligibility to participate in the Tender). Besides this, following
                                                  documents shall have to be furnished:
                                            a.    Particulars of ownership/partnership or Board of Directors pertaining to
                                                  the Organization/Company/Firm.
                                            c.     Corresponding address, fax & telephone no., contact mobile
                                                   no. & E-mail ID of the Organization.

                                                   All documents in original to be produced in due course of time
                                                   as & when asked by the Tender Inviting Authority

 10. Date and Time Schedule :-

Sl. No.                                   Particulars                                           Date and Time
            Date of uploading of N.I.T. and Tender Documents (online).                    01/10/2019 after 18.00 Hrs.
            (Publishing Date)
       Documents download start date.                                                  01/10/2019 after 18.00 Hrs.
       Date of Pre Bid Meeting with the intending tenderers in the office of                      -NA -
       the Executive Engineer, Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation.
       Bid submission start date (online)                                              01/10/2019 after 18.00 Hrs.
       Bid Submission closing (online)                                                 18/10/2019 up to 15.00 Hrs.
       Bid opening date for Technical Proposals (online)                               21/10/2019 after 10.30 Hrs.
 h)    Date of uploading list for Technically Qualified Tenderers
       (online)                                                                           To be notified later on

11.    Time of completion                    As specified.
       Tender documents                      A full set of Tender documents consists of 2 Parts. These are;
                                     I)      Part I containing all documents in relation to the name of the firm
                                             applied for and credentials possessed by them along with EMD and all
                                             relevant documents as depicted in Sl. No. 2.

                                     II)     Part II containing following documents;

                                     a.      Bid Price / Price Schedule.(.xls sheet)
13.    Validity of Bid                      A Bid submitted shall remain valid for a period of 365 calendar days
                                            from the date of publication of Bids. Any extension of this validity period
                                            if required will be subject to concurrence of the Bidders.
14.    Withdrawal of Bid                    A Bid once submitted shall not be withdrawn within the validity period.
                                            If any Bidder/Bidders withdraw his/their Bid(s) within the      validity
                                            period then Earnest Money as deposited by him/them will be
15.    Acceptance of Bid                    Executive Engineer,of Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation will accept
                                            the Bid. He does not bind himself to accept otherwise the lowest Bid
                                            and reserves to herself the right to reject any or all of the Bids received
                                            without assigning any reason thereof.

16.    Intimation                           The successful Bidder will be notified of the acceptance of his
                                            Bid and necessary documents must be submitted within 3 (three) days
                                            from the date of opening of Financial Bid. The Bidder then becomes the
                                            "Contractor" and he shall forthwith take steps to execute Formal
                                            Contract Agreement in appropriate Municipal Form with the Executive
                                            Engineer, Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation and fulfill all his
                                            obligations as required by the Contract. The Contractor will have to
                                            purchase 2 (two) sets of agreement paper in this regard fromSection of
                                            this office.

17.    Escalation of Cost                   There will be no escalation in cost of contract price mentioned in the
                                            contract stands valid till completion of the of the contract.

18.    Name & address of                    Executive Engineer, PHE (C), Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation.
       Engineer-In-Charge (EIC)
       of the Work

19.    Execution of Work                    The Contractor is liable to execute the whole work as per
                                            direction and instruction of the Executive Engineer, Bidhannagar
                                            Municipal Corporation, who is the Engineer in Charge of the work.
20.    Payment                              Payment will be made to the Contractor/Agency by the
                                            appropriate Authority of Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation
21.    Influence                            Any attempt to exercise undue influence in the matter of
                                            acceptance of Bid is strictly prohibited and any Bidder who resorts
                                            to this will render his Bid liable to rejection.

Following clauses are to be adhering to by the concerned Bidder during the process of Bidding.
22.   In case office faces sudden closure owing to reason beyond the scope and control of the
      Executive Engineer any of last date/dates as schedule in Sl. No 5 may be extended up-to/to next and
      following working day without issuing further and separate notice the Administrator feels it to be necessary
      and exigent.
18.   Imposition of any duty/tax/rule etc. owing to change /application in legislations/enactment shall be
      considered as a part of the contract and to be adhering to by the Bidder/Contractor strictly.

19.   Bid Acceptance Authority is the Executive Engineer, Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation.
20.   In case of any dispute arising from any clauses of similar nature between bid documents and Municipal
      tender form, the decision of Executive Engineer, Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation, will be final and
21.   All usual deductions for taxes i.e. ST, IT, and     Labour welfare Cess etc. as applicable will be made from
      the bills from time to time.
22.   No conditional/ incomplete Bid shall be entertained.

23.   In the event of e-Filing intending bidder may download the tender document from the website
      https://wbtenders.gov.in directly by the help of Digital Signature Certificate & necessary earnest money
      shall be remitted through demand draft/ pay order issued from any nationalized bank/Scheduled
      bank in favour of "Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation" payable at Kolkata & same may be
24.   Technical Bid & Financial Bid both will be submitted concurrently duly digitally signed in the website
      https://wbtenders.gov.in. Tender document may be downloaded from website & submission of Technical
      Bid/Financial Bid as per Tender Schedule.
      The requisite Earnest Money, as specified in this N.I.T. shall be paid by drawing a Demand Draft/Pay order
      on any Nationalized Bank/Scheduled Bank in favour of the Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation payable
      at Kolkata. Every such Demand Draft /pay order shall be drawn on or after the date of publish of N.I.T. At
      the time of uploading the tender, the intending tenderer shall upload a scanned copy of such
      Demand Draft/pay order along with his/her tender. Any tender without Demand Draft/Pay order
      (Excepting exemption as per G.O.) shall be treated as informal and shall automatically cancelled.

25.   The Bidder, at the Bidder's own responsibility and risk is encouraged to visit and examine the site of
      works and its Surroundings and obtain all information that may be necessary for preparing the Bid
      and entering into a contract for the work as mentioned in the Notice inviting Tender, the cost of visiting the
      site shall be at the Bidder's own expense. Traffic management and execution shall be the responsibility of
      the Agency at his/her/their risk and cost.

26.   The intending Bidders shall clearly understand that whatever may be the outcome of the present
      invitation of Bids, no cost of Bidding shall be reimbursable by the ULB. The Executive Engineer,
      PHE(C ), Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation reserves the right to reject any application for
      purchasing Bid documents and to accept or reject any or all the offered bid /bids without
      assigning any reason whatsoever and is not liable for any cost that might have incurred by any Bidder at
      any stage of Bidding.

27.   Prospective applicants are advised to note carefully the minimum qualification criteria as mentioned
      in `Instructions to Bidders' before bidding.
28.   During scrutiny, if it is come to the notice to tender inviting authority that the credential or any other papers
      found incorrect/manufactured/fabricated, that tenderer will not be allowed to participate in the tender
      and that application will be out rightly rejected without any prejudice.
29.   Before issuance of the work order, the tender inviting authority may verify the credential & other documents
      with the original of the lowest bidder if found necessary. After verification, if it is found that such documents
      submitted by the lowest bidder is either manufacture or false, in that case, L.O.A. / work order will not
      If anyissued  in favour
               discrepancy     of the
                           arises     bidder
                                  between  twounder    any
                                                 similar    circumstances.
                                                         clauses  on different notifications, the clause as stated in later
      notification will supersede former one in following sequence:
      i) Municipal Form
      ii) NIQ
      iii) Special terms & Condition.
      iv) Technical bid
      v) Financial bid
  32.     Where an individual person holds a digital certificate in his own name duly issued to him against the
          company or the firm of which he happens to be a director or partner, such individual person shall, while
          uploading any tender for and on behalf of such company or firm, invariably upload a copy of registered
          power of attorney showing clear authorization in his favour, by the rest of the directors of such company
          or the partners of such firm, to upload such tender. The power of attorney shall have to be registered
          in accordance with the provisions of the Registration Act, 1908.

                                                                               Executive Engineer PHE(C)
                                                                            Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation.
 Memo N0. ................../PHE(C)/BMC. Date........

Copy forwarded for necessary information to:-
    1.   P.A. to Hon'ble Mayor, Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation.
    2.   P.A. to Hon'ble Deputy Mayor, Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation.
    3.   P.A. to MMIC,Health, Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation.
    4.   P.A. to Commissioner, Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation.
    5.   P.A. to Joint Commissioner, Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation.
    6.   Finance Officer, Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation.
    7.   Office Notice Board.
    8.   Official Website.
    9.   Publication to the News Papers.

                                                                               Executive Engineer PHE(C)
                                                                            Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation.
                                 INSTRUCTION TO TENDERERS/BIDDERS
                                            SECTION ­ A

       1. General guidance for e-tendering
Instructions/ Guidelines for tenderers for electronic submission of the tenders have
been annexed for assisting them to participate in e-tendering.

      2. Registration of Tenderer
Any tenderer willing to take part in the process of e-tendering will have to be enrolled and registered
with the Government e-procurement system, through logging on to http://wbtenders.gov.in. The
tenderer is to click on the link for etendering site as given on the web portal.

       3. Digital Signature certificate (DSC)
Each tenderer is required to obtain a class-II or Class-III Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) for
submission of tenders, from the service provider of the National Information's Centre (NIC) or any other
bonafide service provider on payment of requisite amount. Details are available at the Web Site stated in
Clause 2 of Guideline to Tenderer. DSC is given as a USB e-Token.

        4. The contractor can search and download NIB and Tender Documents electronically from
computer once he logs on to the website mentioned in Clause 2 using the Digital Signature Certificate.
This is the only mode of collection of Tender Documents.

       5. Submission of Tenders.
General process of submission, Tenders are to be submitted through online to the website stated in Cl. 2
in two folders at a time for each work, one in Technical Proposal and the other is Financial Proposal
before the prescribed date and time using the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) the documents are to be
uploaded virus scanned copy duly Digitally Signed. The documents will get encrypted (transformed into
non readable formats).

       A. Technical proposal
The Technical proposal should contain scanned copies of the following further two
covers (folders).

       A-1. Statutory Cover Containing
   i. Prequalification Application (Sec-B, Form ­ I)
   ii. Scanned Copy of Demand Draft for EMD as prescribed in the NIT, against each serial of work in
favour of The Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation., payable at Kolkata.
   iii. Financial Statement (Section ­ B, Form ­ II).
   iv. Affidavits (Ref:- format for general affidavit shown in "Y" Part "B". )

   v. Printed Tender Form and NIT (Sl. 10; Part I) with all addenda and corrigendum (download and
upload the same Digitally Signed, quoting rate will only encrypted in the Price Schedule under Financial
Bid. In case quoting any rate in Printed Tender Form the tender will be summarily rejected).
   vi. Special Terms, condition and specification of works.
   vii. Certificate of Bank Guarantee by any Nationalized Bank (if required).
   viii. Bank Solvency Certificate.
A-2. Non statutory Cover Containing
   i. Professional Tax (PT) deposit receipt challan (up to date), PAN Card, IT, IT Return for the Current
Assessment year, VAT Registration Certificate(up to date).
   ii. Registration Certificate under Company Act. (If any).
   iii. Registered Deed of partnership Firm/ Article of Association and Memorandum
   iv. Power of Attorney (For Partnership Firm/ Private Limited Company, if any)
   v. Tax Audit Report along with Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss A/c for the Last five years (year just
preceding the current Financial Year will be considered as year ­ I)
   vi. Clearance Certificate for the Current Year issued by the Assistant Register of Co Op(S) (ARCS) bye
laws are to be submitted by the Registered labour Co-Op(S) Engineers' Co.-Opt.(S)
   vii. List of machineries possessed by own/arranged through lease deed along with authenticated
documents of lease / sub-lease / hire basis etc.
   viii. List of laboratory Instrument.
   ix. List of technical staff along with structure and organization (Section ­ B, Form ­ III).
   x. Credential: Scanned copy of Original Credential Certificate as stated in NIB (under sl. no -3).
   xi. Electrical Supervisory competency certificate (as required in NIB, Sl-3) from Directorate of
Electricity, Govt. of W.B. / competent authority of other Govt. as applicable.


B. Tender Evaluation
    i. Opening and evaluation of tender: - If any tenderer is exempted from payment of EMD, copy of
relevant Government order needs to be furnished (applicable in case of Registered Labour Co-Operative
    ii. Opening of Technical proposal: - Technical proposals will be opened by the Bid Inviting Authority
electronically from the website using his/ her Digital Signature Certificate.
    iii. Cover (folder) of statutory documents (vide Cl. No. 5.A-1) should be opened first and if found in
order, cover (Folder) for non statutory documents (vide Cl. No. ­ 5.A-2) will be opened. If there is any
deficiency in the statutory documents the tender will summarily be rejected.
    iv. Decrypted (transformed in to readable formats) documents of the non statutory cover will be
downloaded and handed over to the Tender Evolution Committee. Scrutiny of technical proposal and
recommendation thereafter and processing of comparative statement for acceptance etc. will be made by
the Executive Engineer, PWD, Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation..
   v. Uploading of summary list of technically qualified tenderers.
   vi. Pursuant to scrutiny and decision of the screening committee the summary list of eligible tenderer
and for which their proposal will be considered and uploaded in the web portals.
        vii. While evaluation, the committee may summon the tenderers and seek clarification /
information or additional documents or original hard copy of any of the documents already submitted
and if these are not produced within the stipulated time frame, their proposals will be liable for rejection.
       C. Financial proposal
As per Sl. 10, Part II. To be uploaded digitally signed by the Bidder.
        6. Financial capacity of a tenderer will be judged on the basis of working capital and available bid
capacity as mentioned in the N.I.T. to be derived from the information furnished in FORM-I and II
(Section-B) i.e., Application (for Prequalification) and Financial Statement. If an applicant feels that
his/their Working Capital beyond own resource may be insufficient, he/they may include with the
application a letter of guarantee issued by a first class Bank to supplement the applicant. This letter of
guarantee should be addressed to the Tender Inviting/ Accepting Authority and should guarantee duly
specifying the name of the project that in case of contract is awarded to the Tenderer, the Tenderer will be
provided with a revolving line of credit. Such revolving line of credit should be maintained until the works
are taken over by the Authority. The audited Balance sheet for the last five years, net worth bid capacity
etc. are to be submitted which must demonstrate the soundness of Tenderer's financial position, showing
long term profitability including an estimated financial projection of the next two years.

       7. Penalty for suppression / distortion of facts
Submission of false document by tenderer is strictly prohibited and in case of such act by the tenderer
the same may be referred to the appropriate authority for prosecution as per relevant IT Act with
forfeiture of earnest money forthwith.

The tender accepting authority) reserves the right to accept or reject any Bid and to cancel the Bidding
processes and reject all Bids at any time prior to the award of Contract without thereby incurring any
liability to the affected Tenderer or Tenderers or any obligation to inform the affected Tenderer or
Tenderers of the ground for tender accepting authority action.

   The Tenderer who's Bid has been accepted will be notified by the Tender Inviting and Accepting
Authority through acceptance letter/ Letter of Acceptance The Letter of Acceptance will constitute the
formation of the Contract. The Agreement in Printed Tender Form will incorporate all necessary
documents e.g. N.I.B., all addenda-corrigendum, special terms and condition (Section ­C), different filled-
up forms (Section ­B), Price Schedule and the same will be executed between the Tender Accepting
Authority and the successful Tenderer.

                                                                      Executive Engineer, PHE(C)
                                                               Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation.
                                                     SECTION ­ B
                                                     FORM ­I
                                         PRE-QUALIFICATION APPLICATION

The Executive Engineer, PHE
Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation

Ref: - Tender
for ________________________________________________________________________________________________
___________________________________________ (Name of work) _________________________________________

N.I. T. No.:

Dear Sir,
Having examined the Statutory, Non statutory and NIT documents, I /we hereby submit all the necessary information and
relevant documents for evaluation. The application is made by me / we on behalf of_______________________________
____________________________________in the capacity ______________________________________________ duly
authorized to submit the order.

The necessary evidence admissible by law in respect of authority assigned to us on behalf of the group of firms for
Application and for completion of the contract documents is attached herewith.

We are interested in bidding for the work(s) given in Enclosure to this letter. We understand that:

(a) Tender Inviting and Accepting Authority/Engineer-in-Charge can amend the scope and value of
the contract bid under this project.

(b) Tender Inviting and Accepting Authority/Engineer-in-Charge reserves the right to reject any application without assigning
any reason.

Enclose: - e-Filling:-
1. Statutory Documents
2. Non Statutory Documents

Date: -                                                                     Signature of applicant including title
                                                                           and capacity in which application is made.
                                                      SECTION ­ B
                                                        Form ­ II
                                                 FINANCIAL STATEMENT

B.1 Name of Applicant:
B.2 Summary of assets and liabilities on the basis of the audited financial statement of the last five financial years.
(Attach copies of the audited financial statement of the last five financial years)

                                                             1st Year      2nd Year      3rd Year      4th Year      5th Year
                                                           (Rs. In lakh) (Rs. In lakh) (Rs. In lakh) (Rs. In lakh) (Rs. In lakh)

 a) Current Assets :
 (It should not include investment in any other firm)
 b) Current liabilities :
 (It should include bank over draft)
 c) Working capital :
 (a) ­ (b)
 d) Net worth :
 (Proprietors Capital or Partners Capital or Paid up
 Capital + Reserve and surplus )
  Bank loan/ Guarantee :
 (As per clause G.2. with all sub clauses)

 B.3 Annual value of construction works undertaken :
 Work in hand i.e. Work               As on           As on           As on           As on          As on          As on
 order issued                       31.03.2018      31.03.2017      31.03.2016      31.03.2015     31.3.2014      31.03.2013

                                                                              Signed by an authorized officer of the firm

                                                                              Title of the officer

                                                                              Name of the Firm with Seal

                                                                              Date : __________________
                                                            Declarationofthe Bidder

     (Affidavit to be affirmed on a Non Judicial Stamp Paper of Appropriate Value and Duly Notarized)

I, .................................................................................., son of ..........................................................
...................................................................................., aged................................ years by occupation
................................................. do hereby solemnly affirm and confirm as follow:

1. That, I am the ...................................................... of ......................................................... have
   duly authorized by and competent to affirm this affidavit on behalf of the said Bidder.

2. That, I have inspected the site of work covered under NIQ (NIQ No.) circulated through Office memo bearing No.
     --------------------------------dated ---------------- and       have made myself fully acquainted with the site conditions
     existing level/proposed level and local conditions in and around the site of work. I have also carefully and
     meticulously gone through the Bid documents. Bid of the above named Bidder is offered and submitted upon due
     consideration of all factors and if the same is accepted, I on and for behalf of the aforesaid Bidder, being
     lawfully and duly authorized, promise to abide by all the covenants, conditions                                 and     stipulations     of   the
     Contractual documents and to carry out, complete the works to the satisfaction of the Bid accepting Authority
     of the Work and abide by all instructions as may given by the Engineer in Charge of the work time to time. I
     also hereby undertake to abide by the provisions of Law including the provisions of Contract Labour
     (Regulation & Abolition) Act, Apprentice Act 1961, West Bengal Sales Tax Act, VAT Act, Income Tax Act as
     would be applicable to the Contractor upon entering into formal Contract/ agreement with the Bid
     Inviting/Accepting authority.

3. That I declare that, no relevant information as required to be furnished by the Bidder has been suppressed in the
   Bid documents.

4. That the statement above made by me is true to my knowledge.

Solemnly affirmed by the said

Before me.
(1st class Judicial Magistrate / Notary Public)
                                              SECTION - B
                                               FORM- III
                                      STRUCTURE AND ORGANISATION

A.1 Name of Applicant:
A.2 Office Address:

Telephone No. and Cell Phone No. :

Fax No. : E mail ID:

A.3 Attach an organization chart showing the structure of the company with names of Key personnel and technical staff with
Bio-data. :

Note: Application covers Proprietary Firm, Partnership, Limited Company or Corporation,

                                                                         Signature of applicant including title

                                                                        and capacity in which application is made.
                                           FORM ­ IV
                       C. DEPLOYMENT OF MACHINERIES (in favour of owner / lessee):-

(Original document of own possession arranged through lease deed to be annexed)
(If engaged before Certificate from E.I.C. to be annexed in respect of anticipated dated of release of Machineries.)

   Name of Machine/      Make     Type    Capacity      Motor /      Machine     Possession Status     Date of release
      Instrument                                        Engine        No.                               If Engaged
                                                                                  Idle    Engaged

For each item of equipment the application should attach copies of
(i) Document showing proof of full payment, (ii) Receipt of Delivery, (iii) Road Challan from Factory to
delivery spot, is to be furnished.

                                                              Signature of applicant including title

                                                            and capacity in which application is made.

                                                                               Signature Not Verified
                                                                               Digitally signed by ATANU HALDER
                                                                               Date: 2019.10.01 15:29:59 IST
                                                                               Location: West Bengal-WB
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