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Bihar Medical Service And Infrastructure Corporation Ltd, Bihar
September, 10th 2019
    Empanelment of chartered accountants firms/cost
accountants' firms for Internal Audit of BMSICL for financial
                 year 2018-19 & 2019-20.

             Bihar Medical Services and Infrastructure Development Corporation limited
                4th Floor, BSBCCL, Shastri Nagar Hospital,Rajbanshi Nagar, Patna-800023
                                        Phone: +91 612 2219634; Fax: +91 612 2219635
               4th Floor, BSBCCL, Shastri Nagar Hospital, Rajbanshi Nagar, Patna-800023
               RFP No. - BMSIC/30045/1-2013/2813               Date:   21/08/2019


 1. Bihar Medical Services and Infrastructure Corporation Limited (BMSICL) is a Bihar Government
 company constituted under the Companies Act,1956 on 26/07/2010 and is mandated with the
 procurement of various drugs & equipment and development of infrastructure related work of Medical

 2. BMSICL hereby invites proposal from interested Chartered Accountants firms empaneled with the
 C&AG /Cost Accountants firms of India meeting all the minimum eligibility criteria given in Request for
 Proposal (RFP) for providing their services for carrying out the Internal Audit of BMSICL of Financial Year
 2018-19 and 2019-20.

 3. The details about background of the Auditee, scope of work, Terms of Reference (ToR), eligibility
 criteria for selection of the Chartered/Cost Accountant firms and Guidelines for submitting the Proposal
 can be downloaded from the website from 30th August, 2019 onwards.

 4. All bidder must submit a sum of Rs.10,000/- (Rupees ten thousand only) as bid security and Rs.1,180/-
 inclusive of GST (Rupees one thousand and one hundred eighty) as tender processing fee, in form of
 demand draft in favor of Managing Director, BMSICL, Patna payable at Patna.


S.No.    Event Description
1.       Issuance and uploading of Request for              30th August, 2019
         proposal (RFP) document
2.       Date for pre-bid meeting at BMSICL                 5th September,2019 at 3.00pm
3.       Last date for submission of Proposal to            20th September,2019 till 05.00pm
4.       Opening of part ­I (Technical offer)               23rd September, 2019 at 3.00pm
5.       Opening of part-II (Financial offer)               To be announced later

 Venue for Pre-bid meeting: BMSICL Conference Hall,4th Floor, Shastri Nagar Hospital, Rajbanshi Nagar,

                                                                                       CGM (Supply Chain)


    1. The intent of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit proposals from Chartered Accountants firm
       empaneled with C&AG/Cost Accountants firms meeting the minimum eligibility criteria for providing
       their services for Internal Audit of BMSICL for the Financial Year 2018-19 & 2019-20.

    2. The details about the background of the auditee, scope of work, terms of reference, and the eligibility
       criteria for selection of the C. A. firms are given in the following paragraphs.

    3. This RFP is not an agreement and is neither an offer nor invitation by BMSICL to the prospective Bidders
       or any other person. The issue of this RFP does not imply that the BMSICL is bound to select a Bidder
       or to appoint the Preferred Bidder, as the case may be, for the said Project. BMSICL reserves the right
       to reject all or any of the Bidders or Proposals without assigning any reason whatsoever.

    4. Whilst the information in this RFP has been prepared in good faith, it is not and does not purport to be
       comprehensive or to have been independently verified. The information contained in this RFP is
       selective and BMSICL may in its absolute discretion, but without being under any obligation to do so,
       update, amend or supplement the information, assessment or assumptions contained in this RFP.

    5. Information provided in this RFP to the Bidder(s) is on a wide range of matters, some of which depends
       upon interpretation of law. The information given is not an exhaustive account of statutory
       requirements and should not be regarded as a complete or authoritative statement of law. BMSICL
       accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or otherwise for any interpretation or opinion on law
       expressed herein.

    6. The Bidder shall bear all its costs associated with or relating to the preparation and submission of its
       Proposal including but not limited to preparation, copying, postage, delivery fees, expenses associated
       with any demonstrations or presentations which may be required by BMSICL or any other costs
       incurred in connection with or relating to its Proposal. All such costs and expenses will remain with the
       Bidder and BMSICL shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever for the same or for any other costs or
       other expenses incurred by a Bidder in preparation or submission of the Proposal, regardless of the
       conduct or outcome of the bidding process.


    A. Background:
   Bihar Medical Services and Infrastructure Corporation Limited (BMSICL) was constituted under Section 617
   of Companies Act,1956 on 26th July 2010. The authorized Share Capital is Rs.10,00,00,000 (Rupees ten crore

   The main objective of BMSICL includes procurement of Quality drugs & Equipment and development of
   infrastructure related work of Medical institution/hospitals and is also mandated to ensure that above
   mentioned services are being procured at minimum prescribed rate.

   BMSICL has been declared as `State Purchase Organization' under Rule 129 of Bihar Finance Rule.

 B. Standards
 The audit will be carried out in accordance with the Standards of Internal Audit (Internal Auditing Standards
 Board) issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India in this regard. The auditor should
 accordingly plan and perform the audit to reduce the risk to an acceptable level that is consistent with the
 objective of the audit.

  Section II-Objective & Scope of Audit

1. Objective of Audit:
          The objectives of the audit are: ­
       i. To ensure that the Financial and operating information is accurate and reliable.
      ii. To review the efficacy, adequacy and application of accounting, financial and operating controls
          and thereby ensuring the accuracy of the books.
    iii.  To ensure that financial statements give a true and fair view of the financial position of the
     iv.  To ensure that the funds were utilized for the purposes for which they were provided.
      v.  To identify areas of significant inefficiencies in existing systems and to suggest necessary remedial
     vi.  To verify that the policies, procedures, plan, laws and regulations which are applicable to the
          company are complied with.
    vii.  To ensure that the assets are safeguarded against loss and theft and
   viii.  To ensure that the resources are used economically and efficiently
     ix.  To ensure that all necessary supporting documents, records and accounts have been kept in
          respect of all financial and non-financial transactions.
      x.  To ensure that Bank Reconciliation Statements have been prepared timely.
     xi.  To ensure that prior period items and old outstanding items have been booked and adjusted

2. Scope of Audit:
   i.  The responsibilities of the Internal auditors should include reporting on the adequacy of internal
       controls, the accuracy and propriety of transactions, the extent to which assets are accounted for
       and safeguarded, and the level of compliance with financial norms and procedures of the operational
  ii.  Funds have been spent in accordance with the conditions laid down by fund provider from time to
       time with due attention to economy and efficiency, and only for the purpose for which the financing
       was provided.
 iii.  A partner/representative of the firm must visit concerned BMSICL, Finance & Accounts wing atleast
       once in a fortnight.

3. Contents of Audit Report:
(A)        Internal Audit Report of the "BMSICL" should contain the following financial statements and
 Financial Statements as prescribed
o Audited Trial Balance
o Audited Receipts & Payments A/c
o Audited Income & Expenditure A/c
o Audited Balance Sheet
o Audited SOE (Statement of Expenditure)
o Bank Reconciliation Statement
o List of outstanding advances ­ Activity-wise & Age-wise
o Statement of reimbursable expenditure
o Programme-wise statement of expenditure
o Scheme-wise certified utilization certificates
o Loan & Advances (Age-wise analysis)
o Unspent grant of individual programmes
 Observations and Recommendations of Auditor ­ particularly covering the following aspects:
o Deficiencies noticed in internal control
o Suggestions to improve the internal control
o Extent of non-compliance with guidelines issued by GoI

     Section III-Minimum Eligibility Criteria

1 Eligibility Criteria: -
The firms must be-
o Empaneled with Controller and Auditor General of India in case of Chartered Accountant firm's only (Proof
must be attached with technical bid).
o having Branch office at Patna.
o registered with Institute of Chartered Accountants of India/ Institute of Cost Accountant of India and have
at least 2 fellow members of the Institute of Chartered/Cost Accountants of India;
o having experience of more than five years in Internal audit of Central Govt. undertaking/State Govt.
undertaking/ PSU.
o the firm or any partners of the firm should not be black listed by any PSUs or Govt. Co. or any other agency
in respect of any issues including assignment or behaviour and firm should submit an affidavit in this respect.
o CA firms will also provide their latest Certificate of Firm Constitution as on 1st April, 2019 of the current
year issued by Institute of Chartered/Cost Accountants of India and their latest Income Tax Return i.e. for the
financial year 2018-19 duly acknowledge by IT Department.

Financial qualifications
The Average Annual turnover of the Audit Firm shall be at least Rs.50 lacs based on the turnover of last three
years ending on FY 2017-18. For this, audited financial statement of last three years ending on FY 2017-18
will be required to be submitted.

Any firm not qualifying these minimum criteria need not apply as their proposal shall be summarily
Section IV- Guidelines for Submitting the Proposal

1. The Bidder should submit the Proposal in accordance with the guidelines prescribed in this RFP and
ensure that the Proposal is complete in all aspects. BMSICL reserves the right to reject Proposals that do not
conform to the guidelines prescribed.

2. The Proposal shall be submitted in two parts in two sealed envelopes, viz., a) Part I - Technical Offer
and b) Part II ­ Financial Offer as described below. The Financial Offer should be contained in Part II only.
Inclusion of any Financial Offer in other parts would lead to disqualification of the Proposal and bidder
should put these 2(two) sealed envelope in a big envelope duly sealed.

3. All envelopes, both outer and inner, should be addressed to: Managing Director, BIHAR MEDICAL
Shastri Nagar, Patna-800023.
4. All envelopes must also be super scribed with the following information:

a.            Name and Address of Bidder

b.            Authorized Contact person and Designation,

c.            Phone number, Fax number and Email id.

5. Proposal must be in Hard Copies. Bids submitted by fax, telex, telegram or e-mail shall not be
entertained and shall be rejected.

6. Submission of Proposals ­ Content and Formats

A. Part I ­ Technical Offer

Part I ­ Technical Offer should be submitted in line with the formats prescribed (Form no -1B)
B. Part II ­ Financial Offer

Part II ­ Financial Offer should be submitted in line with the formats prescribed (Form no -1D)

C. Proposal Due Date

1. Proposals addressed to Managing Director, BMSICL should be submitted through registered post / speed
post/ By Hand delivery on or before 20th Sep 2019 till 05.00 pm at the following address:

Bihar Medical Services and Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd, #4th Floor, BSBCCL, Hospital
Road, Shastri Nagar, Patna-800023, adhering to the terms and conditions outlined in this RFP. BMSICL may,
in its sole discretion, extend the Proposal Due Date by issuing an Addendum to this RFP to all Bidders and
BMSICL will not accept any Proposal received by it after the Proposal Due Date for any reason whatsoever.

7. Overview of the Bidding Process

A. Bidders are called upon to submit their Proposals in respect of the Project, in accordance with the formats,
terms and conditions of the RFP for Hiring services of chartered accountants firms/cost accountants' firms
for Internal Audit of BMSICL for financial year 2018-19 & 2019-20.

B. The selection of the Preferred Bidder for this project is envisaged through a single-stage process involving
evaluation of two-part Proposals received from Bidders covering:

             Part I ­ Technical Offer

             Part II ­ Financial Offer

C. The first step involves opening and evaluation of Part I - Technical Offers of the Proposals of Bidders.
Financial Offers of Bidders who do not qualify at this step will not be opened.

D. The second step involves opening and evaluation of Part II - Financial Offers of the Proposals of those
Bidders whose Technical Offers have been qualified and who have submitted the Financial Offer in
accordance with criteria laid down in this RFP document.

8. Amendment of RFP
At any time prior to the deadline for submission of Proposal, BMSICL may, for any reason, whether at its
own initiative or in response to queries requested by a Bidder, modify the RFP by the issuance of Addendum
to the RFP. BMSICL may also on its own initiative, issue interpretations and clarifications to all Bidders.
(i) Any Addendum thus issued will be uploaded on All clarifications and interpretations
issued by BMSICL thus shall be deemed to be part of the RFP.
(ii) Verbal clarifications and information given by BMSICL or its employees or representatives shall not in
any way or manner be binding on BMSICL.
(iii) In order to afford the Bidders a reasonable time for taking an Addendum into account, or for any other
reason, BMSICL may, at its own discretion, extend the Proposal Due Date.

9. Conflict of Interest: Neither the Bidder nor any of its officer/ employees should have any association
with BMSICL or its officials or consultants in any way.
10. Validity Period:
Proposal shall remain valid for a period not less than 180 days from the Proposal Due Date. BMSICL reserves
the right to reject any Proposal, which does not meet the requirement.
Section V -Others:

Reporting and Timing
The audit of Financial Year 2017-18 & 2018-19 shall be conducted in following way:
(a) For the financial year 2018-19, audit will be conducted for the whole year in totality.
(b) For the financial year 2019-20, audit will be conducted on quarterly basis.

The draft internal audit report for the financial year 2018-19 should be submitted to BMSICL & addressed to
Managing Director within 60 days of execution of agreement.

The payment terms shall be as under:
(i)      60% payment on submission of final report
(ii)     40% payment on finalization of Statutory Audit

   a) The auditor would be given access to any information relevant for the purpose of conducting the
      audit. This will normally include (other than all financial and procurement records) the contracts and
      agreements signed, instructions issued by BMSICL regarding scheme guidelines, administrative
      orders and respective state department.
   b) The appointment of Internal Auditor is specifically for the period of 2 financial year i.e 2018-19 &
      2019-20 and the same may be extended for one or more years subject to mutual consent. However,
      BMSICL reserve the right to terminate the contract at any point of time for what so ever reasons the
      BMSICL may deem fit.

 Dispute Resolution
In Case of any dispute arising out of this RFP/Contract between the parties, the same shall be decided by
Managing Director, BMSICL and his decision in this respect shall be final and binding upon both the parties.
The Courts of Patna shall have exclusive jurisdiction with respect to this RFP/ Contract Agreement.


   Form 1A - Covering Letter for Proposal

   [On Letterhead of the Bidder]

   Date / Location


   Managing Director

   Bihar Medical Services and Infrastructure Development Corporation

   Government of Bihar

   Sub: with reference to RFP no._________dated_____of BMSICL for appointment of Firms for Internal
   Audit of BMSICL for financial year 2018-19 & 2019-20.

   Dear Sir,

          We, the undersigned, offer to provide the services for [Insert title of assignment] in accordance with
   your Request for Proposal dated [Insert Date] and our Proposal. We are hereby submitting our Proposal for
   the same.

           We are submitting our Proposal in our own individual capacity without entering into any
   association / as a Joint Venture. We hereby declare that all the information and statements made in this
   Proposal are true and accept that any misinterpretation contained in it may lead to our disqualification.

          Our Proposal is binding upon us and subject to the modifications resulting from project specific
   contract and contract negotiations.

          We understand that you may cancel the Selection Process at any time and that you are neither
   bound to accept any Proposal you receive nor to select the firm, without incurring any liability to the
   Applicants. We acknowledge the right of BMSICL to reject our application without assigning any reason or
   otherwise and hereby waive our right to challenge the same on any account whatsoever.

         We shall make available to BMSICL any additional information it may find necessary or require to
   supplement or authenticate the Proposal.

          We certify that in the last three years, we/ any of the members have neither failed to perform on
   any contract, as evidenced by imposition of a penalty or a judicial pronouncement or arbitration award,
   nor been expelled from any project or contract nor have had any contract terminated for breach on our

   We declare that:

a. We have examined and have no reservations to the RFP Documents issued by BMSICL;

 b. We have not directly or indirectly or through an agent engaged or indulged in any corrupt practice,
    fraudulent practice, coercive practice, undesirable practice or restrictive practice in respect of any tender
    or request for proposal issued by or any agreement entered into with any public sector enterprise or any
    government, Central or State; and

 c.   We hereby certify that we have taken steps to ensure that no person acting for us or on our behalf will
      engage in any corrupt practice, fraudulent practice, coercive practice, undesirable practice or restrictive

d.    We declare that We/any member of the firm, are/is not a Member of a/any other firm applying for

e.    We certify that we have not been convicted by a Court of Law or indicted or adverse orders passed by a
      regulatory authority which would cast a doubt on our ability to undertake the services for the assignment
      or which relates to a grave offence that outrages the moral sense of the community.

f.    We further certify that in regard to matters relating to security and integrity of the country, we have not
      been charge-sheeted by any agency of the Government or convicted by a Court of Law for any offence
      committed by us or by any of our member.

g.    We further certify that no investigation by a regulatory authority is pending against us or against any of
      our Partners/ employees.

h.    We hereby irrevocably waives any right which we may have at any stage at law or howsoever otherwise
      arising to challenge or question any decision taken by BMSICL in connection with the Selection of Firm or
      in connection with the Selection Process itself in respect of the above-mentioned Project.

i.    We agree and understand that the proposal is subject to the provisions of the RFP document. In no case,
      I/We shall have any claim or right of whatsoever nature if the Assignment is not awarded to me/us or our
      proposal is not opened.

j.    We agree to keep this offer valid for 180 days from the Proposal Due Date specified in RFP.

      In the event of my/our Firm being selected, I/We agree to enter into an Agreement for the assignment
      awarded to us by the BMSICL.

      We agree and undertake to abide by all the terms and conditions of the RFP Document. In witness thereof,
      I/we submit this Proposal under and in accordance with the terms of the RFP Document.

                                                                               Yours sincerely,

                                                                               Authorized Signature [In full and

                                                                               Name and Title of Signatory:

                                                                               Name of Firm:

                                               Technical Bid

Provide here a brief description of the background of your firm for this Assignment/job. The brief description
should include both functional and sectoral experiences of the applicants. It should not exceed more than 6

        1.    Status of the Firm                                    Partnership firm/Sole Proprietorship
        2.    Name of the Firm
        3.    Addresses of the Firm:
              Head Office                                            Phone No:
                                                                     Fax No:
                                                                     Mobile of Head Office In-charge:
        4.    Branch Office 1, 2, 3......                            Phone No:
              (Particulars of each branch to be given)               Fax No:
                                                                     Mobile of Head Office In- charge:
        5.    Firm Income Tax PAN No.                               Attach copy of PAN card
        6.    Empanelment with C&AG (In case of Chartered           Attach copy of empanelment certificate
              Accountant firm)
        7.    No. of Years of Firm Existence &                      Attach copy of registration certificate
              Date of establishment of Firm
        8.    Audit Experience of the Firm:                         A list of audit assignments of last five
                                                                    years must be submitted (except bank
              No. of audit assignments of Internal                  Audit) along with Copies of the Offer
              /Statutory Audit of Corporate/PSUs                    Letters.
              Entities except Bank Branch Audit for the years for
              which the audit has been done in the last 5 years.
        9.    No. of part-time partners if any, as on
       10.    Number of Full time Chartered Accountant/Cost
              accountant as on 1st July, 2019
       11.    Number of audit staff employed full-time with the
                 (a) Articles/Audit Clerks
                 (b) Other Audit Staff (with knowledge
                      of book keeping and accountancy)
                 (c) Other Professional Staff (Please specify)
       12.    Whether there are any court/arbitration/any other     If yes, give a brief note of the case
              legal case against the firm                           indicating its present status

       I/We do hereby declare that the above-mentioned information are true & correct and I/We also undertake
       to abide the terms & condition of the contract and would make compliance of terms laid-down in the
       contract if executed by us with the State.
                                                                      Signature of Sole Proprietor/Partner

                                              Form 1 C
Details of Full Time Partners / Semi-qualified Staffs of the firm

(A) Details of Full time Partners (Chartered Accountants/Cost Accountants)

  S.No.     Name of the        Length      of     Educational        Area of key    Membership No.
            Partner/Sole       Association        qualification      expertise
            proprietor         with the firm
                               (in years)

 [Documentary proof, please attach a copy of the certificate]

(B) Details of Semi-qualified Staff (including Article, Clerks etc.)

 S.N      Name of Staff    Length      of       Educational         Area of key    Relevant      Remarks
 o.                        Association          qualification       expertise      Experience
                           with the firm
                           (in years)

 [Documentary proof, as previously indicated, to be submitted]

                 Experience of audit in PSUs/Govt. company/Any other organization

 Sl    Name of the          Turnover of         Type/Nature of       Scope    &     Duration     Proof of the
 .     Auditee              the Auditee         Assignment           coverage of    of           letter    of
 N     organisation         organization                             the            completio    work      or
 o                                                                   Assignment     n      of    assignment
                                                                                    Assignme     awarded
                                                                                    nt           by       the

 [Documentary proof, as previously indicated, to be submitted]

Name of the Member                                                                        Signature with date

 10 | P a g e
                           Financial Proposal Covering Letter (Form - 1D)

(To be placed in the sealed cover containing financial bid)

[Location, Date]


Managing Director

Bihar Medical Services and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited
4th Floor,BSBCCL,
Hospital Road, Shastri Nagar

Dear Sir,

        We, the undersigned, offer to conduct "Internal Audit of Bihar Medical Services and
Infrastructure Corporation Limited for Financial Year 2018-19 and 2019-20" in accordance with your
Request for Proposal [Insert Date] and our Technical Proposal. Our attached Financial Proposal is for the
sum of [Insert amount(s) in words and figures1] is fee for the services to be provided. This amount is
inclusive of GST.

       Our Financial Proposal shall be binding upon us subject to the modifications resulting from
Contract negotiations, up to expiration of the validity period of the Proposal.

           We understand that you are not bound to accept any Proposal you receive.

                                                                                      Thanking you,


                                                                            Authorised Signature [In full]:

                                                                              Name and Title of Signatory:

                                                                              Name of Applicant:

 Fin 2- Summary of Professional Fees
   Sr.             Description of Services                                     Fees
                                                                Rs. (in          Rs.( in words )


      A.     Fees for Conducting Internal Audit

      B.     Add GST as per prevailing rates

      C.     Total Fees including GST

 11 | P a g e
   Sl. No.     Particulars*                          Minimum Criteria      Max       Evaluation
                                                                           Marks     Criterion
   1.          Number of Full Time Fellow
               members associated with the firm
               for not less than three years (As                                     Mandatory
                                                     2 FCAs
               per certificate of Institute of                                       Criteria
               Chartered/Cost Accountants of
               India as on 01.04.2019)
   2.          Experience of the Firm                                                Mandatory
                                                     5 years
               (More than 5 years)                                                   Criteria
   3.          Turnover of the firm
                                                     Minimum                         Mandatory
               (Average annual in last three
                                                     Rs. 50 Lakhs                    Criteria
               financial years.)
   4.          Nature of Experience

               (i) Govt. Sector Audit                                      25        5 marks per audit
               (ii) Number of Internal      Audit
               assignments of State         Govt.
               undertaking/Central          Govt.                          25        5 marks per audit
               undertaking/PSUs entities   except
               Bank Branch Audit
               TOTAL                                                       50

               Name of Member                        Signature/

*Supporting Documents for Eligibility Criteria: Following supporting documents must be submitted by
the firm along with the technical proposal:
(i) For S. No. 1 & 2, the firm must submit an attested copy of Certificate of Institute of Chartered/Cost
Accountants of India as on 01.04.2019
(ii) For S. No. 3, the firm must submit a copy of the Audit Report along with Income & Expenditure/Receipt
& Payment Account & Balance Sheet for the last three years.
(iii) For S. No.4, the firm must submit a copy of the appointment letters along with the completion
certificate (if any) from the auditee organizations in support of assignments.
Selection Process of the Auditor:
First Stage:
i. Only Technical Proposals shall be opened first for all the firms.
ii. Thereafter, a technical evaluation shall be carried as per the evaluation parameters provided in the
    "Eligibility Criteria & Technical Evaluation" section.
iii. The technical proposal scoring at least 60% of the marks shall be considered as "Qualified on Technical
Second Stage:
i. Financial Proposals shall be opened only for those firms who have Qualified on Technical Parameters
   (i.e. secured at least 60% of maximum marks on evaluation criteria).
Award of Contract: On completion of selection process, the firm selected shall be eligible for award of the
contract of audit of BMSICL. The firm should execute a Contract with BMSICL within one week of the award.
The firm shall enter in to an agreement with BMSICL.
12 | P a g e
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