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National Fertilizers Limited, Delhi
August, 29th 2019

                        CIN No. U24100DL2015PLC276753

                      REGISTERED & CORPORATE OFFICE
                         PLACE, NEW DELHI - 110066

 TENDER NO: -A/RFCL/INTERNAL AUDIT /2019-20/1 DATED 13th August'2019

                               Tender Document for

                     Appointment as Internal Auditors of RFCL.

                       Last Date & Time of Receipt of Tender

                                Corporate Office,
                               NEW DELHI-110066

Bid submission Date and Time        :                     5th Sept,.2019 at 03:00 PM
Date and Time of opening of Bid Documents :               5th Sept.,2019 at 03:30 PM

                             Phone: 011 ­ 26701400
                             Fax No. 011 ­ 26180730

As mandated by Government of India, a Joint Venture company of National Fertilizers
Limited (2nd largest producer of fertilizers in India), Engineers India Limited (EIL) a
Navratna premier engineering consultancy PSU and the Fertilizer Corporation of India Ltd.
has been incorporated on 17th Feb'2015 for setting up a new Gas based Ammonia -Urea
complex with production capacity of 2200 MTPD of Ammonia and 3850 MTPD of Urea (1.27
Current Shareholding of RFCL is as under:
            S.No.                      Particulars                  % Shareholding
              1.       National Fertilizers Limited                       26
              2.       Engineers India Limited                            26
              3.       Fertilizer Corporation of India Limited            11
              4.        State Govt. of Telangana                          11
              5.       Gail India Limited                                14.3
              6.       HTAS Consortium                                   11.7

Project for setting up of a new gas based Ammonia Urea Complex has taken off in right
earnest.   Engineers India Limited is also the EPCM consultant for the Project.     After
entering into contract with Licensors, Zero date of Project has been declared as 25th
Sept'2015 and the Project is anticipated to be completed by 31 st December 2019. Project
is in advance stage and has achieved physical progress of 97.6% as on July '2019.

The total project cost envisaged is Rs.5920.55 Crores with Debt, equity ratio of 75:25.
Project financial closure has been completed with tie up equity and debt. Loan Agreement
for debt has been entered into with Consortium of 6 Banks lead by State Bank of India.
Disbursement of debt commenced w.e.f. 4th Jul'2017.
                                    NOTICE INVITING BID

1. Sealed bids are invited from Firms of Chartered Accountants/ Cost Accountants for
   Appointment as Internal Auditors for Financial Year 2019-20 for RFCL.

2. General Terms & Conditions/clauses that are material to the process of award of
   Assignment and its execution are mentioned in Annexure-A.

    Bid Evaluation Methodology is given in Annexure- B.

3. Detailed scope of work, extent and periodicity of checking for each area of audit,
   Reporting Format etc. are mentioned in Annexure-C enclosed. It may please be noted
   that the scope as given in enclosure is only inclusive and not exhaustive. The
   successful bidder may be asked to look into any other activity as may come to the
   notice during the course of audit and/or render any advice/opinion in the area of audit.

4. Assignment shall be given to one firm for both location i.e. Delhi Office & Ramagundam
   Telangana site.

5. Time schedule: The Internal Audit for the FY 2019-20 has to be conducted as per Internal Audit
   programme in the following 3 phases:

     Phase      Period of Audit     Draft Audit Report by    Reply     by   the   Final Report to be
                                     Auditors                offices              Submitted by
     1st       April to September         25-10-2019             02-11-2019           09-11-2019

     2nd       October to                 25-01-2020             02-02-2020            09-02-2020
     3rd       January to March*          10-04-2020             13-04-2020            17-04-2020

        *Internal auditor shall complete audit for period upto February'2020 by 15th March,2020.
6. Deployment of Minimum Staff & Period of Working Days for conducting Internal Audit and Annual
   Audit Fees

      S.    Units/ Offices          Minimum number of staff to be deployed &           Annual Audit
      No.                           No. of working days in each phase for each         Fees for FY
                                    Unit/Office                                        2019-20
                                                              Ist Phase IInd & IIIrd   (excluding
                                                                 Total     Phase       GST)
                                                              Mandays      Total
       1.     Ramagundam          i) One Chartered/Cost            3         2
              Site                   Accountant
                                  ii) Two semi qualified           6          4
                                      persons/ article
                                     assistants                                        Rs. 1,50,000/-*
       2.     Corporate Office, i) One Chartered/ Cost               6         4
              Delhi                   Accountant
                                  ii) Two        semi-
                                      qualified persons             12         8
                                      /article assistants
* For travel / out of pocket expenses refer Note-2 of Annexure C

 The Senior Partner/Partner of the firm has to visit corporate office for 1 day during each phase audit
 for discussion of significant observations with the Finance Head and once in a year at Site.
 The payment would be released on Phase basis, as under:

       S. N.            Phase/ Period                      % of Total Fee Payable
        1      1st Phase.                                           50 %
        2      2nd Phase                                           25%
        3      3rd Phase                                           25%

7. Period of Contract: The period of contract will be from date of issuance of work order
   till 31.05.2020. Date can be further extended at the sole discretion of RFCL.

8. Method of Collection of Bid Documents & Submission of Bid:

       8.1     Collection of Bid Documents

   The tender is available at following website and prospective bidder(s) can down load
   the same directly from this website:


Prospective bidders can collect hard copy of the bid document from the following address:


                                NEW DELHI-110 066

       8.2     Method of submission of bid

    Sealed Envelope:         This shall contain duly signed & stamped Annexure-A to E.
                             Bidder to ensure that all the said documents have been placed
                             in this envelop.

   The envelop shall be super scribed with:

   Tender Ref. No. : A/RFCL/INTERNAL AUDIT /2019-20/1 dated 13.08.2019

   The sealed envelopes must be sent /delivered on or before 5th Sept.,2019 till 03:00
   PM by hand/regd. Post/speed post at the following address:

                                 Sr. Manager (F&A)
                     Ramagundam Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited

                       Corporate Office:3rd - 4th Floor, Mohta Building,
                                   4-Bhikaji Cama Place,
                                    NEW DELHI-110066.
                                 Phone No. 011-26701000

  9.   The bids should be valid up to 15th October'2019.

   In case you require any other information, please feel free to contact the undersigned
   on any working day.

                                                                (Rajat Kwatra)
                                                               Sr. Manager (F&A)
1. General Terms & Conditions (Annexure-A)
2. Evaluation Criteria (Annexure-B)
3. Scope of Internal Audit (Annexure-C)
4. Undertaking for acceptance of all terms & conditions of Tender Documents
   without any deviation (s). (Annexure-D)
5. Firm/Company Details (Annexure-E1 & E2)

                        GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS

 1     Requirements for Bid to be considered Valid.

1.1     Firm shall include LLP.

1.2     Incomplete offers would be summarily rejected.

1.3     Offers submitted against Tender documents only will be considered and the
        offer shall be in the name of the firm.

1.3     No extension of time shall be permitted for the collection of Tender
        Documents and/or Tender opening date.

1.4     Cutting or overwriting should be avoided in Financial Bid. However, in case
        of any cutting or overwriting, the same shall be duly signed & stamped by
        the Authorised Signatory of the bidder.

1.5     While submitting the bid, tenderers are requested to ensure that bids are in
        compliance with the regulations applicable under various statutes. Any fine,
        penalty or expenses due to breach arising thereon will be borne by the
        tenderer; RFCL will bear no financial implication on this account.

1.6     RFCL takes no responsibility for delays, loss or non-receipt of tender
        documents or any letters sent by post/courier either way and also reserve
        the right to reject any offer in part or full without assigning any reasons

1.7     RFCL shall always be at liberty to reject or accept any offer or offers or part
        thereof at its sole discretion. The submission of offer shall have no cause of
        action or claim against RFCL for rejection of offer. The bidder shall not be
        entitled to claim any costs, charges and expenses incidental to or incurred
        in connection with submission of offer or its consideration by RFCL, even
        though RFCL may opt to modify/withdraw the Invitation to Tender or does
        not accept the offer or cancel the tender as a whole.

1.8     No Firm engaged for Internal Audit work will be allowed to sub-contract the
        job awarded to it.

 2. Bid Evaluation Process

 2.1    Bids shall be evaluated as per Bid Evaluation Criteria given in Annexure-B.

 2.1.1. The contract shall be awarded to bidder securing maximum point as per Bid
        evaluation criteria given in Annexure-B.

 2.1.2 Blank

 2.2   The bids should be unconditional. Conditional bids would be summarily

 2.3 Evaluation of bids shall be done on the basis of Firm information along with supporting
       documents provided in the financial bid.
2.4 The acceptance of tender will rest with RFCL and reserves itself full right to
    reject any or all tenders, without assigning any reason whatsoever.

2.5 The tenderer shall not be entitled to any compensation for the expenses
    incurred in connection with the preparation and submission of tenders.

2.6 Currency for payment shall be in Indian Rupees only.

3. Action against the Tenderer/ Successful bidder

3.1   In case selected bidder refuses to take up the assignment after award of work, in
      addition to taking other appropriate action against the Firm as may be
      applicable, bidder shall be debarred from bidding in the Company for 2
      years and next bidder(s) who secured maximum points shall be
      awarded the assignment.

3.2   Failure to act according to tender conditions, non-fulfillment of any or whole
      of the contract may entail debarring of the firm from bidding for 2 years, in
      addition to taking other appropriate action against the Firm.

3.3   If a tenderer resorts to any frivolous, malicious or baseless complaints/
      allegations with intent to hamper or delay the tendering process or resorts
      to canvassing / rigging/ influencing the tendering process, RFCL reserves
      the right to debar such tenderer from participation in the present / future
      tenders up to a period of 2 years.

4. Arbitration:
   Except where otherwise provided in the contract, all matters, questions,
   disputes or difference whatsoever, which shall at any time arise between the
   parties hereto, touching the construction, meaning, operation or effect of the
   contract, or out of the matters relating to the contract or breach thereof, or the
   respective rights or liabilities of the parties, whether during or after completion
   of works or whether before or after termination shall after written notice by
   either party to the contract be referred to the arbitration of Chief Financial
   Officer, Ramagundam Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited or his/her nominee.

  The Arbitration proceedings shall be governed by the Arbitration and Conciliation
  Act, 1996 or any statutory modification or re-enactment there-of and the rules
  made there under.

  The firm hereby agrees that it shall have no objection if the arbitrator so
  appointed is an employee of RFCL and had to deal with the matter to which the
  contract relates and that in the course of his duties as such he has expressed
  his views on all or any of the matter in dispute or differences.

  Further, it is agreed by and between the parties that in case a reference is made
  to the Arbitrator or the Arbitral Tribunal for the purpose of resolving the
  disputes/differences arising out of the contract by and between the parties
  hereto, the Arbitrator or the Arbitral Tribunal shall not award interest on the
  awarded amount more than the rate SBI MCLR Rate applicable to RFCL on the
  date of award of contract.

 5. Jurisdiction
  In respect of all tender conditions, the decision of RFCL shall be final and
  binding. The venue of the Arbitration shall be Delhi & Delhi courts will have
  exclusive Jurisdiction.
6. General

    Bidder/Tenderer shall mean the firm who submits the tender and enters into
    contract with RFCL and shall include their executors, administrators and
    successors and permitted assignees.
                                                                                      Annexure - B

                                       Internal Audit 2019-20


  Criteria Notification - Selection Criteria, which is proposed to be used in the tender
  evaluation process, to be included in the Conditions of Tender, together with the
  weightage to be assigned to each criterion is given below.
  Weightage - When assigning weights, the Company will ensure that:
           all selection criterion to be used are assigned a weight;
           criteria weightage is outlined below; and
           the sum of all weights totals 100%.
  The proposed Selection Criteria is as under:
  1. Technical Criteria ­ 75% Weightage (Based on marks scored out of 100 in below given
     criteria for evaluation)
  2. Presentation before Audit Committee ­ 25% Weightage (For 15-20 minutes'
     presentation before audit committee)
  3. Top 10 firms scoring highest marks, out of below mentioned selection criteria for
     evaluation will be informed the day & time of meeting at their given mail IDs for
     presentation before Audit Committee. In the event, firm ranking at 10th based on
     selection criterial given below and other firms are also securing equal marks to firm
     having 10th ranking, in such case all such firms having marks equal to firm ranking at
     10th shall also be called for giving presentation before Audit Committee. However,
     RFCL reserves right to call more than top 10 firms.

The firm which has scored the maximum marks in Composite Score which is the sum
of Weighted Technical criteria & Presentation Evaluation will be awarded the tender.
The audit fee is fixed at Rs. 1,50,000 plus applicable GST.
No variation in fees is allowed. In case of any variation in fees by bidder, the bid shall
be rejected out rightly.

  Technical Selection Criteria for Audit firm for evaluation will be as follows

   Sl.     Particulars                    Points per criteria                Points   Supporting documents

   1.      No. of years of firm           5-10 years - 5 points                       Copy of certificate of
           experience                     10-15 years - 10 points                     firm's information issued
           (minimum 5 years)              More than 15 Years - 15                     by respective Institution
                                          points                                      i.e. ICAI / ICMAI
   2.      No. of Full Time Partners      2 point for FCA/FCMA partner and            Copy of certificate of
                                          1 point for ACA/ACMA partner                firm's information issued
                                                                              12      by respective Institution
                                                                                      i.e. ICAI / ICMAI
3.    No.        of      Qualified     2 point per qualified full time                Copy of certificate of
      Information System Auditor       partner or 1 point per                         firm's information issued
      (ISA) / Diploma in               employee                                       by respective Institution
      Information System Auditor                                                      i.e. ICAI / ICMAI
      (DISA) / Certified
      Information System Auditor
      (CISA) / Certified Internal
      Auditor (CIA) partner or
4.    Experience of Statutory          3 points per assignment (any five   p          Appointment         Letter
      (financial or cost audit) /      years shall be considered)          e          issued        by    CPSE
      Internal Audit assignment in                                         r          (including JVs of CPSEs)
      CPSEs (including JVs of                                                         for Internal/ Cost Audit or
      CPSEs) in preceding 10                                                          C&AG for financial audit
      years till FY 2017-18.                                                          as applicable
      (No. of Assignments)
5.    Experience of Statutory          3 points per assignment (any five   p          Appointment         Letter
      (financial or cost audit) /      years shall be considered)          e          issued for Internal Audit
      Internal Audit assignment of                                         r          or statutory audit or cost
      Companies having minimum                                                        audit as applicable &
      annual turn-over of Rs.500                                                15    Audited statement of
      crores in preceding 10                                                          Profit & Loss
      years till FY 2017-18.
      ( No. of assignments)
6.    Experience of Statutory          3 points per assignment (any five   p 15       Appointment letter issued
      (financial or cost audit) /      years shall be considered)          e          by concerned company/
      Internal Audit assignment of                                         r          Organization/Cooperative
      Urea manufacturing                                                              Sector
      company or in cooperative
      sector / oil & gas sector, in
      preceding 10 years till FY
      (No. of Assignments)
7.    Professional Receipt of          Rs. 25-50 lakh ­ 6 points                      Audited Profit & Loss
      the firm (Minimum Rs.                                                           signed by the Member
      25 lakhs) for F.Y. 2017-18                                                      stating Membership no.
                                       Rs. 50 -100   lakh --9 points            12    of such firm.

                                      Above Rs.100 lakh ­ 12 points
 8.   Offices      Situated  in       Per Location ­ 6 point                    12   Copy of certificate of firm's
      following locations:                                                           information issued by
      1. Delhi including NCR                                                         respective Institution i.e.
      2. Telangana                                                                   ICAI / ICMAI.

      Total Points                                                             100

                            FY 2019-20
Sl. Particulars of activities                    Audit Plan
     1. Internal Financial Control Systems                               Every
        Internal Auditor is required to report on Internal Financial     Quarter
        Control Systems. The broad scope of work is defined as

           1) To check effectiveness of existing internal checks and
              financial control system for various activities of the
              Company and monitoring thereof.
           2) To check the adequacy of the existing Internal Financial
              Control System and update the same based on business
              requirement of the Company.

1.     Contract / Procurement payments                                    Every
       Principally, Auditor is to check that all payments have been Quarter
       made as per contract, verified, approved / authorised by
       Competent Authority and journalized properly in the books of
       account. To list some of the activities are:
       1) To check that claim of work is as per purchase/work order.
       2) To verify that advance payments, Running Bills and Final Bill
             payments to contractors/consultants/ engineer firms and
             architects are as per work order.
       3) To check Bank Guarantees have been kept valid and validity
             of Bank Guarantees has been monitored. Confirmation of
             issue of Bank Guarantees has been obtained directly from
             the Bank.
       4) To verify the deduction of security deposit, various statutory
             dues and other deduction under Price Reduction clause,
             non-conforming work etc.
       5) To check whether deviation statement has been prepared
             for each item of contract/work order. To verify proper
             account of expenditure.
       6) To check that the particulars of the bill agree with the
             purchase order with reference to the rates, specifications,
             date of supply, mode of transport, quantity ordered and
             where there are deviations these are supported by proper
       7) Check that GST has been paid on GST compliant invoices.
       8) To check the statutory deduction and its timely deposit.
       9) Check that advances to the suppliers has been allowed
             strictly in accordance with the terms stipulated in the
             Purchase Orders and advances are adjusted before bills for
             payment are passed.
       10) In case of Price Variation provisions of the contract, check
           i)       Price variation has been paid as per formula provided
                    in the contract;
        ii)     Supporting documents to be furnished by the
                contractor, duly verified by the verifying authority in
                support of the Price variation claim(s).
2.   Contract capitalization upon completion                              Half yearly
     1) Checking contract value, value considered for capitalization.
         Verification of proper approvals for any deviation.
     2) Checking of documents required to be submitted on closure
         of contracts / compliances.
     3) Checking of capitalization of contract value, allocation of
         EDC, allocation of interest cost.
     4) Checking of classification of assets, arising on completion of
         contract is in compliance of relevant Ind AS and depreciation
         is applied to such assets as per accounting policies of
3.   Cash & Bank                                                          Every
     1) Check that Bank books are prepared daily and signed by            Quarter      ­
         Incharge (Cash Section)                                          with
      2) Review of Cash Office Operations for evaluating controls in      verification
         bank receipts and disbursements, maintenance of records          of    monthly
         in the Department, no un-authorized corrections.                 bank
     3) Checking of Bank Reconciliation Statement, dishonored/            reconciliation
         stale cheques, if any.                                           and
     4) Check the payments are as per the bank book with the              investments.
         relevant vouchers and verify that proper identification of the
         payees' Bank Account has been obtained for all payments.
     5) All bank charges, interest received on Company's
         Investment have been accounted for promptly in the bank
         book and have been verified/checked and a suitable record
         of same is kept.
     6) Bank Guarantees / FDRs and similar documents are kept in
         Safe Custody.
     7) The cash payments/receipts, if any, do not exceed the limit
         as provided under Income Tax Act 1961. As a matter of
         practice all payments to suppliers, contractors should be
         made through "Accounts Payee" cheques/Drafts or through
         Electronic Clearing Systems.
     8) Check that confirmation of issue of Bank Guarantee is
         obtained directly and reviewed regularly to ensure
     9) Check that available funds if any have been invested as per
         company's Investment Policy in fixed deposits or mutual
         funds etc.
4.   Central Accounts                                                     Every
     1) Review of Assets ledger, Reconciliation of assets with            Quarter      ­
         reference to balances in asset ledger based on physical          with
         verification reports.                                            verification
     2) Review of accounts schedules and observations. Comment            of      timely
         in particular on old out standings.                              submission
     3) Review of depreciation rates and check the depreciation           of         tax
         charged in accounts.                                             compliances.
     4) Check that TDS, Goods and Service Tax Returns are
         submitted in time. Check pending cases of dispute if any at      Half yearly ­
         different stages there under.                                    Other   than
     5)   Compliance with relevant Accounting Standards applicable tax
          to the company accounts.                                    compliances
     6)   Check that change in accounting policy, which has a
          material effect has been disclosed to reflect the effect of
          such change in financial statement.
     7)   Check that the nature and amount of extra ordinary
          items/Exceptional Items if any are disclosed in the
          Statement of Profit & Loss Account as per the requirements
          of Companies Act.

5.   Borrowings from Consortium of Banks and IDC                     Every
     1) Review of drawal from Facility (Loan) agreement.             Quarter       ­
     2) Checking of interest paid to Lenders and LC charges as per   with
        agreed terms.                                                verification
     3) Verification of any delay / default in payment of interest / of     interest
        charges to Lenders.                                          payment
     4) Reconciliation of disbursement under Term Loan as per        Half yearly ­
        books of accounts with Bank Statement.                       Other     than
6.   Review of Ledgers and Trial Balances                            Every
        1) Review of all sub-ledgers of vendors / contractors / Quarter            ­
            service   providers   /   employees    on    deputation- with
            secondment.                                              verification
        2) Review of main ledgers and trial balances for any
            abnormal transactions and reconciliation of main ledger
            balances with sub-ledger balances.
        3) Review of old balances in sub-ledgers for appropriate
            presentation / adjustments
7.   Establishment Accounts                                          Half yearly
     RFCL is having around 200 employees on its payroll and about
     200 employees shall be recruited in remaining period of current
     FY. In addition to it, some employees are on secondment /
     deputation     basis   from    NFL/EIL    respectively.  Some
     Professionals/Support Staff have also been taken as Advisor /
     Consultant on contract with individual basis and some support
     staff from Agencies on contract basis.

     1) Payroll of the employees working in RFCL shall be prepared
        by RFCL. Internal Audit scope shall include checking of
        payroll, payroll related activities and other payment to
        employees viz medical bills, TA bill, Loans etc. on quarterly
     2) Check the invoices of the salary bill with respect to
        secondment/deputation terms the controls and checks in
        force to prevent double/wrong payments.
     3) Tests check the absentee reports with the attendance
     4) Check that all statutory deductions such as, income tax and
        other recoveries i.e. leaves / securities, if any, are made
        regularly from the bills of parent companies.
     5) Review of TA bills and other payments made.
     6) Presently, salary of employees working in RFCL are on
        deputation / secondment from EIL / NFL, therefore scope of
          checking of payroll is limited, as their salary is prepared by
          respective parent company ad RFCL reimburse the expenses
          on actual basis.

8.    Insurance                                                     Half yearly
      To check that required Insurance Policies have been
      undertaken and are being maintained.
      1) To verify premium against Marine cum Erection All Risk
          policy obtained for the Project is paid in time.
      2) To check that Insurance Cover has been taken for all the
          other assets.
      3) To check that claims along with supporting documents are
          lodged as becoming due against the policies undertaken by
          the Company. Quarterly ageing of claims is also done.

9.    HR Department                                                         Every
      1) Check that proper records relating to payments of telephone        Quarter ­
          bills, electricity & water charges are maintained.                Random
      2) Verify that appropriate registers are maintained for all           checking for
          assets under its charge.                                          major
      3) Verify that appropriate stock and issue registers are              expense
          maintained for consumable items like toner, paper, etc.           heads
      4) Scrutiny of files for award of various contracts of Personnel,
          Administration & Public Relations Department and checking
          execution thereof.
      5) Check Maintenance of Time Office Records. Also check
          whether leave account of each employee is maintained
          properly as per rules of the Company.
      6) Check that the work orders of various contracts such as
          miscellaneous contracts, hiring of vehicles, canteen,
          sanitation horticulture etc. are awarded as per tendering
          procure laid down by the Company.
10.   Contracts & Purchase Department ­ Project activities                  Every
         1) To check randomly that work has been awarded as per             Quarter      ­
             procedure. To review that the tendering procedures and         with
             directives are properly followed. Check that subsequent        verification
             amendments, if any, were imperative due to technical
             considerations and additional financial implication, if any,
             has the financial concurrence and approval of the
             competent authority.
         2) To check whether administrative, technical & financial
             sanction had been obtained as per delegation of powers.
         3) To verify that the work has been awarded to the lowest
             tenderer. If not justification for awarding the work other
             than the lowest has been recorded, and financial
             concurrence/approval of Competent Authority obtained.
             The agreement on non-judicial stamp paper is executed
             wherever required.
         4) Check if limited tender enquiry in lieu of press tender has
             the approval of Competent Authority.
         5) Check whether the approved tender procedure / purchase
             manual for award of tender/ procurement of materials
             was followed.
         6) Review materials procurement contracts.
         7) Review Compliance of delegation of power with regard to
            procurement procedure and report deviations, if any.
         8) Review adherence with authorisation procedures. Report
            deviations, if any.
         9) Review the comparative statements prepared for arriving
            at the L-1 vendor and report deviations, if any.
         10) Review of system followed for procurement, rate
            comparison and vendor selection.
         11) To check records of Earnest Money Deposit from
            bidders and its review on quarterly basis.

11.   Verification of procurement of services / goods by Site Office and Quarterly
      HO are in accordance with approved norms / procedures. These
      contracts consist of security agencies, manpower agencies,
      maintenance contracts, vehicle hiring contracts, printing,
      advertisement etc.
12.   Verification of store inventory management by RFCL at Site Quarterly
      (apart from direct procurement orders issued under EIL
      procedure, for which store is maintained by EPCM)

Note :
  1. In performance of above scope of work, Internal Audit Team shall
     also be required to be deputed at Ramagundam Site, once during
     each phase for audit of similar activities being performed at site also.
  2. For the purpose audit team deputed by IA Firm shall be entitled to
     travel by Rail-AC (Second) class travel upto Ramagundam. Local
     conveyance and arrangement for stay shall be made by RFCL for visit
     at Site by RFCL. However, Senior Partner of IA firm shall visit site
     once in a year for which Air Travel/Conveyance/Stay shall be
     arranged by RFCL.
  3. The Senior Partner shall be required to present Internal Audit Report
     in Power Point Presentation with each Internal Audit Report to the
     Audit Committee of the Company during Audit Committee Meeting of
     the Company.
                           (ON LETTER HEAD OF THE BIDDER)



                          Name & Signature of Authorised Signatory of Bidder
                                                           Seal of the bidder
                        (ON LETTER HEAD OF THE BIDDER)

                                                               Annexure-E (1)

Subject: Tender for "Engagement of Internal Auditor in RFCL.

Reference : Tender Enquiry No. A/RFCL/Internal Audit/2019-20/1

                     FIRM/COMPANY DETAILS

         Name of the Firm/Company


        Name of Authorised Partner
        / Proprietor / Associate /
        Others ( Specify)

        Date of Establishment

        Web Site Address, if any

        GST Registration No.


        Tel / Mobile Nos.of
        authorized Signatory

        E-mail ID of firm

                                Name & Signature of Authorised Signatory of Bidder
                                                                 Seal of the bidder
                                                                                          Annexure-E (2)

    Subject: Tender for "Engagement of Internal Auditor in RFCL.

    Reference: Tender Enquiry No. A/RFCL/Internal Audit/2019-20/1


1. Date of Registration of the Firm (Attach copy of Registration of the Firm duly certified
   by Authorised person)

2. Address of the firm (Attach copy of Registration of the Firm duly certified by Authorized person)

     Delhi including NCR Office

3. Experience of Statutory (financial or cost audit) / Internal Audit assignment in CPSEs (including JVs
   of CPSEs) in preceding 10 years till FY 2017-18. (Attach copy of award duly certified by
   authorized person)

       Sl      Name of Company           Status of firm      Statutory      Year of Audit -
       No                                Central/State       / Internal     Award letter No
                                         PSU, JV of          Audit          and Date
                                         Central /State

4. Relevant Experience of Statutory/ Internal Audit (financial or cost audit) assignment of Urea
   manufacturing company or in cooperative sector / oil & gas sector, in preceding 10 years till FY 2017-
   18 (Attach copy of award duly certified by authorized person)

       Sl      Name of Company           Statutory /         Year of        Award letter No
       No                                Internal Audit      Audit          and Date
5. Experience of Statutory/ Internal Audit (financial or cost audit) assignment of Companies having
   minimum annual turn-over of Rs. 500 crores in preceding 10 years till FY 2017-18.

    Sl    Name of Company                  Statutory /          Year of        Award letter No
    No                                     Internal Audit       Audit          and Date

6. Professional Receipt of the firm (Minimum Rs.25 lakhs) for F.Y. 2017-18 (Attach copy of Full Annual
   Accounts ­ Printed or copy duly certified by Authorized person

               Sl.No.         Financial Year        Annual Turnover(INR)
                  1            2017-18

7. No. of Full Time Partners (Copy of certificate of firm's information issued by respective Institution i.e. ICAI
   / ICMAI)

 Sl.No    Name of                Membership         Date from             Professional          Date of
          Partners               Number             which partner         Qualification         Qualification
                                                    associted             (ACA/FCA/ACM

8. No. of Qualified ISA/DISA/CISA/CIA partner or employee (Copy of certificate of firm's information issued
   by respective Institution i.e. ICAI / ICMAI)

 Sl.No    Name of                Membership         Date from           Professional            Date of
          Partners               Number             which               Qualification           Qualification
                                                    partner/Empl        (ISA/DISA/CISA/CIA)

                                        Signature of Authorised Signatory with seal
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