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Ujjain Sahakari Dugdha Sangh,Ujjain,Madhya Pradesh
July, 03rd 2019
      foRr@mnql@2019 @                                                                 28-06-2019

                                  NOTICE INVITING E- TENDER (II)

                   Online tenders are invited for APPOINTMENT OF CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS FOR INTERNAL AUDIT
FOR THE FINANCIAL YEAR 2019-20 The tender notice , tender document , containing the terms and conditions can be
purchased online & downloaded through following website https:/ from 29-06-2019 , 01:00
PM onwards upto 18-07-2019 at 02:30 pm. The tender will be opened on 19-07-2019 at 02:30 pm the detailed
tender form can be seen (only for reference) at our H.O. website:
   Corrigendum/ amendment if any to this publication would appear only on the above mentioned website and will
   not be publisher else where.

                                                                               CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER


                    MAXI ROAD, P.O.BOX 106, UJJAIN (M.P.)-456010

                      An ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Organization Plant
                         Phone: 0734 ­ 2527061 Fax : 2527063
Ref No: USDS/FIN/                                                                     Date: 28/06/2019

The tender notice, tender documents, containing the terms and conditions can be purchased
online & downloaded through following website

                                      TENDER DOCUMENT
Schedule- I                            :           General Terms & Conditions.

Schedule- II                                 :             Scope of work

Schedule- III                                :             Form A

Schedule- IV                                 :             Price Schedule

Tender Cost                                  :             Rs. 500/-(Rupees Five Hundred only)

Tender Document Download/Sale Start Date            : 29-06-2019 Time 01:00 PM
Tender Document Download/Sale End Date              : 18-07-2019 Time 02:30 PM
Bid Submission Start Date                           : 29/06/2019 Time 02:00 PM
Bid Submission End Date                             : 18-07-2019 Time 02:30 PM
Bid Opening Date                                    : 19-07-2019 Time 02:30 PM
Place of opening of Tender                           : Office of the Ujjain Sahakari Dugdh
                                                      Sangh Maryadit, Ujjain.

Address for Communication                           : The CEO, Ujjain Sahakari
                                                      Dugdh Sangh Maryadit,
                                                      Maxi Road, P.O.Box 106
                                                      Ujjain 456010.

                                                           CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER

                                         SCHEDULE - I
      General Terms & Conditions for tender submission & Chartered Accountant services

Ujjain Sahakari Dugdh Sangh Mydt, Ujjain (USDSM), an ISO certified cooperative
organization, invites e-tender from bonafide Chartered Accountants for the services of
Chartered Accountant for the two financial years 2019-20 ,strictly in adherence to the
detailed specifications given in the schedule-II of the tender documents.
The CEO Ujjain Sahakari Dugdh Sangh Mydt., Ujjain, reserves the right to accept or reject any
or all tenders, which in their opinion justify such actions, without further explanation to the

        The submission of a tender by a tenderer implies that he/she has read the notice and
        conditions of the tender and the terms and conditions of contract and has made
        himself/herself aware of scope and specifications of the work to be made and the
        destination where the work have to be done and satisfied himself/herself regarding
        the quality and specifications of the articles.
2.1     Tenders received by e-mail will not be considered. However, amendments by e-mail to
        a tender sent will be considered, provided the same are received before the opening
        of the tender and confirmed by post.
2.2     Individuals signing on the tender and other related documents must specify in which
        capacity of the firm he/ she has signed the documents. (Copy to be uploaded ­
2.3     The tenderer(s) should clearly state in their offer the address, telephone, fax, e-mail,
        PAN and GST. Any change in the address should immediately be communicated to the
        Chief Executive Officer, Ujjain Sahakari Dugdh Sangh Mydt, Ujjain and correspondence
        thereafter will be made at the changed address.
2.4     Negligence on the part of tenderer in filling the tender form offers him/her no right
        to withdraw the tender after it has been opened.
2.5     The acceptance of the tender and award of the work order will be the sole right of the
        Chief Executive Officer, Ujjain Sahakari Dugdh Sangh Mydt. Ujjain who does not bind
        himself to accept a tender in whole or in part or reject any or all the tenders received
        without assigning any reasons and no explanation can be demanded of the cause of
        rejection of the tender by any tenderer.
2.6     The Chief Executive Officer, USDSM reserves the right to place order for whole
        requirement with any tenderer or split the orders among one or more tenderers or
        not to consider any firm even after rate approval.
2.7     Each tender should be accompanied with copy of PAN, Income Tax Return of the Last
        five financial year, GSTIN, Registration certificate and partnership deed (if any) without
        which the tender may not be entertained. (Copy to be uploaded ­ mandatory)

2.8  The Tenderers should submit the tender rates in the Schedule IV only. The
     conditional tenders are liable to be rejected.
2.9 No person or firm is permitted to submit more than one tender under different
2.10 The tenderer shall not sublet the contract or assign to any other party or parties, the
     whole or any portion of the contract without prior written permission of Chief
     Executive Officer, USDSM during the service.
2.11 Tenderer shall fill all the details of the unit in the enclosed form- A in schedule-III.
     (copy to be uploaded ­ mandatory).
3.1      All the tenderers are required to deposit Earnest Money Rs. 20000/-(Rs. Twenty
     thousand only), through online before the tender opening time & schedule.
     Submissions of earnest money by any other mode than specified above shall not be
     acceptable and the related tender shall not be eligible for consideration.
     Security Deposit :- After the appointment the firm will have to deposit the
     security amount of Rs. 2,00,000/- (Rs. Two lakh only),which will refundable
     without any interest after the successful completion of tenure.
3.2   Any tender which is not accompanied by Earnest Money deposit are liable to be
     rejected. Earnest money deposit of all tenderers will be returned within
     45 days from the date of opening of the tender. The Security deposit of the
     Successful tenderer/s will be released on completion of work
     without any interest amount.
     No Exemptions will be considered for MSME or any other Registration for Earnest
3.3 money Deposit.

4.0   PRICES:
4.1   Rate should be quoted for the services as per the specifications given in the schedule
      II of the tender document. In case of any doubt as to the meaning of any of the
      terms & conditions or the specifications , the tendering firm may set forth the
      particulars thereof and submit them to the Ujjain Sahakari Dugdh Sangh Mydt, in
      writing that such doubts may be cleared before submitting the tender.
4.2   Prices offered by the tenderers should be firm and free from all escalations and shall
      be valid at least for a period of 24 months from the date of approval of rates. We
      would communicate our rate approval within 30 days of opening of tender.
4.3   If needed, negotiations will be done for prices and as well as terms & conditions of
      services only with the party which offers the lowest rate.
4.4   The prices charged for the services under the contract by the firm in no event shall
      exceed the lowest price at which the firm provides the services of identical tender

      description to any other persons/ firms during the period and until the execution of all
      services during contract period.
4.5   The lowest rate shall not be the only criteria for approve the tender.

4.6   If the tenderer fails to give services as per work order without any valid reason, the
      order would be treated as cancelled and the firm may be blacklisted for future
      dealings and EMD also would be forfeited by the management.

5.0   PAYMENT:
      Payment will be done on quarterly basis after submission of audit reports.

      If any firm under the contract commits breach of any of the conditions, it shall be
      lawful for the Chief Executive Officer, Ujjain Sahakari Dugdh Sangh Mydt. To cancel the
      contract and to give it to other firm from any other alternate sources on the risk and
      cost of the defaulting unit.

7.1   It should be clearly understood that in the event of a successful tenderer failing to
      accept and execute the work order, then decision of the Chief Executive Officer, Ujjain
      Sahakari Dugdh Sangh Mydt., in this respect will be final and binding on the successful

7.2   For all matters of dispute, the decision of the Honorable Chairman, Ujjain Sah. Dugdh
      Sangh Mydt. Under Arbitration and Conciliation Act. 1996 shall be final and binding on
      all the concerned.

7.3   For all disputes, the venue for legal course shall be at Ujjain.

7.4   If the tender opening date become any govt. holiday then the next day may
      considered for tender opening.
7.5   Minimum fees for internal Audit will be same as paid for last financial year i. e. Rs
      2,90,000=00 + out of pocket expanses Rs. 59,500=00 Per Year.

              Special Terms & Conditions for Chartered Accountant services

The following Qualification, Experience and Status is required from Chartered Accountant
Firms for eligibility to assign the Audit for the year 2019-20

   1. The Chartered Accountant firm must be registered with the Institute of Chartered
      Accountants of India for at least 10 Years.
   2. The Head Office of the Chartered Accountant firm must be at Indore/Ujjain and at
      least 3 skilled and experienced CA must be posted at the office.
   3. The Chartered Accountant firm must be Registered with Co-Operative panel
      Government of MP with at least grade `B'.
   4. The Chartered Accountant firm must have the experience of at least 3 years of
      Internal Audit & Pre Audit of concern(s) Registered under Co-Operative Societies Act
      /company act with an annual Turnover of Rs. 200 Crores and above. The turnover of
      CA firm must be 50 lakhs or above for the last 3 years.
   5. The Firm of Chartered Accountant who fulfills the above criteria and found suitable,
      then our appointed Committee will visit their office for inspection of their set up and
      verification of information submitted, before taking decision for appointment of
   6. The offers of firms of Chartered Accountant who fulfils the above conditions will be
      eligible for participating in the Tender and for considering their Offers for
      appointment as Auditor on Merits.
   7. For the pre audit sales and all other related works, at least 2 full time Senior
      Article Clerks or Senior Staff should be posted in our office (10:30am to 5:30pm)
      regularly .
   8. At least 2 visits per month in Mini dairy plants and by monthly visits to other
      Chilling Centers must be paid by auditor.
     (T.A. Bills of all the visits will be reimbursed by the USDSM as per norms.)

   9. The appointment of firm will be for 2 financial years (2019-20 ) .If the USDSM is
      satisfied with the work of Chartered Accountant firm then the management
      of USDSM may extend the work further which may be for a period of 1 year up to 2
   10. After assigning the audit Work, the Chartered Accountant firm will be required to
      commence the work immediately.
   11. The Offers of eligible firms of Chartered Accountants will be opened by the Tender
      Committee in presence of the Representatives of Chartered Accountant firms on the
      date and time specified.
   12. The Chief Executive Officer reserves the Right to accept or reject the offer of Rates
     And/or criteria of allotment of work to any chartered Accountant firm, without
     assigning reasons whatsoever.

13. Financial and legal obligations will be imposed on the C.A. firm in case of any kind of
   damage caused to USDSM due to negligence in its duties and the USDSM shall be
   competent to debar/blacklist the unit from further business.
14. The firm should not be involved / guilty in any kind of embezzlement .In relation to
   this; the firm should produce an affidavit on stamp of Rs. 100.
15. The scope of Audit work as broadly as per schedule-II

                                                 Chief Executive Officer
                                          Ujjain Sahakari Dugdh Sangh Mydt. Ujjain

               MAXI ROAD, P.O.BOX 106, UJJAIN (M.P.)-456010
                An ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Organization Plant
                   Phone: 0734 ­ 2527061         Fax : 2527063

                                       SCHEDULE - I I
                                      -Scope of Work-

This function executed in following division under control chief Executive
      1.    Finance Section
      2.    Administration Section
      3.    marketing Section
      4.    Purchase Section
      5.    Field-operation Section
      6.    Production Section
      7.    Engineering Section
      8.    Quality Control Section
      9.    General Store, DCS Store, Engineering & Finished Product Store
      10. Transport Section
      11. Security

                            THE SCOPE OF AUDIT IS GIVEN BELOW

   1. Pre-audit of all payments, receipt and accounting adjustments. This includes
      verification of bank guarantees and other documents of security.
   2. Ensure that provision of various statutes as co- operative societies act; PF act, income
      tax, Goods & Service Tax, Motor vehicles act; professional tax act, as well as any
      regulation sales notification etc, formal under the aforementioned statutes are
      adequately complied with.
   3. While ensuring compliance of various laws, it may please be seen that concession, if
      any, are fully availed.
   4. Ensure that amounts recoverable from employees are properly billed and collected;
      also ensure proper recoveries of dues from other agencies.
   5. The following types of Reconciliation are to be checked.
      a) Bank Reconciliation statement
      b) Reconciliation of accounts with different USDSM, M.P Dairy federation and NDDB.
      c) Reconciliation of assets as per accounts and records kept by the concerned holding
   6. The following events/occurrences should be reparsed specifically :-
      a) If you came across losses due to theft, negligence, fraud, breach of trust, adverse
          legal decision etc.
      b) Large idle balances with banks in current & other account.
      c) Delay in processing of payment, if found, 30 days from date of receipt of bill.
      d) Bank guarantees expired before settlement/ not honored on presentation.
      e) Delay in recovery of dues from debtors
      f) Improper/ inadequate utilization of funds by units.
      g) Rejection of claims due to delay in lodging claim/USDSM compliance of procedural
   7. Regular Scrutiny of cash book, Bank book, Journal Book, sale/purchase Register,
      Ledgers, Trial balance, periodical account etc. Should be carried out with particulars
      reference to large outstanding recoveries from suppliers/ contractors/ debtors
      /transporters, for security refunds etc.
8.    Checking of interest including penal interest.
9.    Checking of item-wise expenditure statements received from the project
      implementing agencies.
10. Certification of fund utilization report as per norms.
11. The internal control systems including working method may be constantly reviewed
      and practical suggestions for improvement may be given from time to time.
12. A quarterly /half yearly reviews of compliance with regard to post facto approvals and
      assurance contained in the audit relied should be sent.

13.   Any other work pertaining to internal audit and investigation of any matter as may be
      desired by the management from time to time.
14.   To audit all payment voucher & receipt of payment.

15.   To help in preparation of Final Accounts and balance sheet and To audit Final
      Accounts and balance sheet on Quarter basis
16.   To audit salary & wages, advances, medical bills, T.A bills, conveyance and any other
      personnel's claims etc.
17.   Informing the USDSM about the any latest amendments about The Act and any other
      law in which the USDSM falls.
18.   All the payment will be made after pre audit except advance payment on behalf of
      party and miscellaneous. Advances to staff for USDSM work.

19.   Monthly observations on Financial Status.

 1.   Pre- Audit of data in respect of Employees with regard to leave attendance, LTC,
      Transfer from one place to other place, salary increments, Sanction of Loan etc. once
      as well as twice in an year.
 2.   To Audit medical bill as per MPCDF/USDSM rules.

 3.   To Audit labour contract bill/security contractor bill as per rate approved by the
 4.   To Audit the security/Bank guaranty deposit by contractor as per terms & conditions.
 5.   To Audit gratuity as per Gratuity act.
 6.   To Audit Bonus as per Bonus Act.

 7.   Ensure that E.P.F. and ESI deduction of labour and security contractor be deposited to
      concerning departments properly before payment of contractor bills.


1.     To Audit the receipt of finished goods and reconcile with production division to check
       the receipt of demands and reconcile with the supply.
2.    To Audit the record of receipt with production division report, issue with demand and
3.    To Audit the Bill/challan as per approved rates of product.

4.    Sale of milk & milk product for dairy plant (As per quantity issued from store) & all milk
      chilling centers of Ujjain Sahakari Dugdh sangh maryadit, Ujjain to be reconciled with
      the actual cash book/ bank receipt as per financial book of accounts.

5.    Amount of milk & milk product sale (local) to be reconciled with tally software as per
      D.M. issued by marketing section (Distribution Section) on Daily basis.

6     Reconciliation of interstate sale (milk and milk product) with related party ledger

7.    The supply of milk & milk product from plant to dealers reconciled with marketing
      division & MIS report.

8.    All the payment pertaining to this division will be made after pre-audit, the sales of
      milk & milk product against receipt of cash/DD/Cheque.
9.    The Auditor has to check the realization of payment of credit sale in due period.

10.    The audit will also point out the receivable amount from USDSM and institution.
      (Month wise)
11.   Checking of all invoice/Debit Note/ Prepared by marketing division.

12.   Checking of dishonored Cheque amount to be deposited with penalty by parties and
      to reconcile with finance section.

13. To maintain record of Bank guarantee issued/received and intimate timely regarding


1.    To Audit all the purchase of packing material, Engineering, DCS, Stationery,
      Equipment, Milk can, Stationery & Misc etc. made through tenders or as per approved
      purchase rule of MPCDF Bhopal.
2.    To Audit purchase orders with approved rates.

3.    To check commodity & quantity with stores Good Receipts and records as well as
      Purchase Orders, its calculation with approved rates reconciled with finance and store
      section records and ledgers;

       To check commodity wise, P.O. wise and party wise list and records

       To check with "Quality Control" analysis reports and as per tenders terms &

1.    To check milk collection transportation bill with approved rate by CEO.

2.    Sour milk & curdle milk deduction as per quality control report (Sour /curdle milk
      deduction prepare by finance section)

3.    To Audit milk collection route KM distance are approved by committee and approval
      of CEO.
4.    All expenditure payment of field operation after pre-audit.

5.    Purchase of liquid nitrogen & semen bills amount reconcile with DCS deduction
6.    Purchase of medicine bill to be audit as per rate approved by CEO.
7.    To Audit deduction list of liquid nitrogen & semen veterinary medicine etc


1.    To audit quantity, fat & SNF from DCS/chilling centre/other USDSM as per milk
      collection sheet & delivery Challan.

2.    To Audit the receipt of the packing material from stores. To audit the consumption of
      packing material, electricity, coal, other stores material and spares .The audit of
      production as per capacity and norms of machine.
3.    To Audit the staff overtime and justification.
4.    To Audit the engagement of daily wages labour and its justification.
5.    To audit the receipt of production & compare with the consumptions of raw material.
6.    To audit the handling losses as per norms of NDDB.

7.    To audit the supply of milk and milk product for sale to reconcile with the records of
      marketing divisions.
8.    To check the monthly/yearly statements and MIS reports.

9.    To Audit milk receipts & disposals registers.

10.   To audit production of milk & milk product record keeping.

11.   Monthly Product wise Profit/Loss Analysis.


1.     To Audit the purchase of spare parts, engineering goods as per approved purchase (as
       per rule of MPCDF) Rule.
2.     To check receipts of goods as per PO and issues as per indent
3.     To Audit the repairs and maintenance of Bills and its justification.

4.     To audit sale of scrap as per scrap stock register and proper procedure (As per MPCDF
       purchase rule)
5.     To audit the maintenance bill of plant & machinery.

6.     To audit the consumption of diesel, oil and grease and its receipts, markets and entry
       in log Book and stock book.

7.    To audit the civil work, construction tender as per approved purchase procedures and
       policies (As per MPCDF & PWD rule) and its record keeping, other maintenance work
       of civil and plant.
8.     To audit the gardening expenditure and its records keeping.
9.     The payment of all the bills will be made after pre audits.
10.    The bill of emergency expenditures will be put up for audit as early as possible.

11.    Ensure that fixed assets as appearing in USDSM book are registered in name of Ujjain
       Sahakari Dugdh Sangh Maryadit Ujjain proper as records are maintained by the
       engineering division/ finance division.

12.    Proper and timely accounting of material/assets shifted from one location to another
       location should be ensured.

13.    Ensure the unusable stores/commodities and discarded assets are disposed off only
       after approval of the competent authority.
14.    Verification of coal, spare parts, grease, etc as per stock register.

1.     To Audit the lab analysis report of milk & milk product, finished good & packing
       material as per approved norms.
2.    To audit the purchase of lab chemical, glasses, wearables and equipment as per
      purchase procedures and policies.
3.    To check the quality of purchase material as per tenders terms & Conditions.
4.    To audit the lab analysis expenditure.

5.   To audit the BIS expenditure.
6.   To audit any other expenditure pertaining to this division.
7.   To reconcile the expenditure with finance division records.

1.   To Audit sale of ghee/cattle feed/DCS equipments & stationary etc. to DCS to be
     reconciled with the deduction statement/books of finance division.

2.   To audit all receipt of packing material/sugar/spare parts/stationary/miscellaneous
     articles etc and its consumption.

3.   To check the material as purchase order/challans/transport billties outside weigh slip
     as well as with security records and its calculation and book keeping.
4.   To audit material issues to production as per indent.
5.   To check the methods of stock valuation and its record keeping.
6.   To audit the monthly and yearly physical verification reports of committee and book.
7.   To check the monthly stock statement (MIS) of raw materials and other goods.

8.   To reconcile receipt of packing material/spare parts/sugar/stationary /DCS equipment
     etc with finance division records.
9.   Verification of all stock register.


1.    To Audit Fuel consumption in each vehicle as per norms & K.M. running and reconcile
      with log book.
2.    All maintenance bill of transport section will be made after pre audit.
3.    To audit purchase of Tyre & Tubes as per purchase rule of MPCDF.
4.    To audit the maintenance bill of ghee, butter van and other vans
5.    To audit vehicles Tyre & Tubes replacement as per norms.

6.   To check after replacement (spares in vehicles) that the old parts have been deposited
     back to transport section.

7.    T.A. Bills of drivers verified by vehicles log book .To audit all log books of USDSM's
      vehicles, proper entry of log book and daily signature in log book by drivers/Users and
      in-charge transport.


  1. To audit security records of Raw material in General store, Engineering stores, DCS
     store & Finished Product store with returnable challan and any other incoming
  2. To audit outgoing records with sale of milk & milk product delivery memo/bill and any
     outgoing function with security personnel records.
  3. To audit incoming milk from DCS (Quantity, Fat & SNF) reconcile with quality control
     records & finance division milk bill payment records.


   CHILLING CENTRES Shajapur, Agar, Shamgarh, Manasa, Alot

To Audit all activities of dairy plant & chilling center as: - marketing, Production store &
security section etc.

1. Audit of each Mini Dairy plant unit be carried out once in a month and by monthly
   in each Chilling Center.
2. To audit all material receipt from main dairy plant as stationary, milk product with
   issue of main dairy plant records. (Stores, production, engineering section etc.)
3. To audit the receipt of milk from DCS (Quantity, fat & SNF) with receipt & disposal
4. To audit the receipt of demands for milk & milk product supply & reconcile with
   supply records.
5. To audit the bills/challans as per approved sale rate of CEO.
6. TO reconcile the sale of milk & milk product passbook.(daily/monthly basis)
7. To sale of stationary, DCS equipment, cattle feed, fodder seed, medical, mineral
   mixer, milk can etc, to our DCS to be reconciled with deduction register.
8. Sales milk & milk product for dairy plant/chilling center (as per quantity issued from
   store/production section) to be reconcile with the cash/bank receipt as per financial
   books off account.
   Any Other activities of any decision of instructed by management

                          MAXI ROAD, P.O.BOX 106, UJJAIN (M.P.)-456010
                          An ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Organization Plant
                          Phone: 0734 ­ 2527061         Fax : 2527063

                                                  SCHEDULE ­ III
                                        (To be submitted along with the offer)
                                                     Form ­ A
Chief Executive Officer                                                               Date:

Dear Sir,
I/We hereby furnish below some particulars about our company which will form a part of our offer submission:

1.       Name of the Company :__________________________________

 2.      Address of the Company:        __________________________________

3.       Telephone Nos. (With STD Code):__________________________________
         FAX No.                :     __________________________________
         Email ID               :     __________________________________

 4.      Name of the CEO/Proprietor/ :__________________________________

5.       Name and designation of other__________________________________
         authorized signatory of the Company.

 6.      Particulars of Regn. Certificate :__________________________________
         Issued by the competent authority
         (Regn. No. & Date)
      7. GST NO. ______________________________________Dated ________

      8. Details of PAN CARD (Enclosed Copy):_________________________________

      9. Income Tax return (Enclose Copy):____________________________________
         Last three financial year

      10. Name of Bank & DD No.:        ____________________________________
         Enclose cancelled cheque:     __________________________________________

      11. Have your Company or its sister concern ever been black listed/debarred by USDSM or its sister Milk
          USDSMs or GOI /GOMP & its undertaking?
                                                                YES / NO


DATE:                                               SEAL AND SIGNATURE OF TENDERER

                                                    NAME OF SIGNATORY


                                                    Seal & Signature of the
                                              Authorised Signatory of the Company

                Maski Road UJJAIN 456010

                                Chedule ­ IV
                      Format For Quoting item wise rates

S.N.    Particulars                            Rate (annual )offered by Company / CA
                                               Firm/ Tenderer (Rs.)
                                               (Exclusive GST)
   01         Pre Audit & Audit of all
         transactions at Dairy Plant Ujjain

   02    Internal Audit of Transaction of
           Dairy Plant At Ratlam And

   03   Internal Audit of Transaction at all
        Milk Chiling Centers At Shajapur,
           Agar, Shamgarh, Mansa And

                                                                     (Signature of Tendere)

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