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India Trade Promotion Organisation, New Delhi
June, 15th 2018
               India Trade Promotion Organization
                          Store Division
                Prantik Building, Near Gate No.1,
                         Pragati Maidan,
                       New Delhi ­ 110001
                    Telephone No. 011-23378645,
                         Fax No. 23371492

           Notice Inviting Expression of Interest (EOI)

                 EOI N o.: 245-ITPO (2)/ST/2018

                     TENDER Document



                   India Trade Promotion Organization
                              Store Division
                     Prantik Building, Near Gate No.1,
                              Pragati Maidan,
                            New Delhi ­ 110001
                       Telephone No. 011-23378645,
                             Fax No. 23371492

No. : 245-ITPO (2)/ST/2018                                   Dated : 06/06/2018

Sub: Notice Inviting Expression of Interest (EOI) for empanelment/appointment of
Auditors for Physical Verification and reconciliation with accounting records towards
fixed assets located/installed at various locations, of ITPO at its Head Quarter,
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi-110001.

ITPO invites Expression of Interest (EOI) invites sealed quotations under ONE bid
system (i.e. Techno-Commercial) from experienced, eligible firms of Chartered
Accountants (CA) / Cost Accountants (CMA) for Empanelment/ Appointment of
Auditors for Physical Verification and reconciliation with accounting records /fixed
asset register towards fixed assets located/installed at various locations, of ITPO at
its Head Quarter, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi-110001. The detailed document for
EOI consisting Scope of work, Selection Criteria, General Terms & Conditions etc.
together with Annexure ­ I to VIII and Appendixes - A, B & C are available at the
ITPOs corporate websites as i.e.,

Document Control Sheet:

  i. Notice Enquiry No.: 245-ITPO (2)/ST/2018


  iii. Last Date and time for submission of EOI document:

         2.30 p.m., 15/06/2018

  iv. Date & Time of opening of Bid: 3.00 p.m. and 15/06/2018

  v. Name of Division: Central Ware House Store Division

  vi. Contact Person: Sr. Manager (Stores) /Dy. Manager (Stores)

  vii.     Website:

   viii.       Address for Communication:

               Sr. Manager (Stores),
               Store Division, Prantik building,
               Near Gate No. - 1, Pragati
               Maidan, New Delhi-110001

   ix. Contact Phone Number(s)--011 23378645/23371506

   x. E.M.D.: Rs. 5,000 /- (Rupees five thousand only)

   xi. Cost of Bid Document/Bid Submission Fees: Rs. 500 + 18% GST =
       Rs. 590/- (Non-refundable)

   xii.     Availability of Bid Documents:

          For further details and getting the copy of EOI documents, kindly
          visit    the     tender     section    of    corporate   website

Date: 06/06/2018
Place: New Delhi                                  Sr. MANAGER (STORE)

        1. Introduction:

India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO), headquartered at Pragati Maidan is the
nodal agency of Government of India under aegis of Ministry of Commerce & Industry
(India) for promoting countrys external trade. ITPO is a Mini-Ratna Category-1 Central
Public Sector Enterprise (CPSE) with 100 percent shareholding of Government of India.
Even it holds 123 acres of prime venue in the heart of Delhi, known as Pragati Maidan.
It is the hub of exhibition activities throughout the year. Around 100 exhibitions/trade
fairs and other events are organized at Pragati Maidan every year with wide national
and international participations.

At present, the exhibition complex at Pragati Maidan comprises of 8 halls with a total
covered exhibition space of over 35,000 sq.mts. approx. A number of conventions,
seminars, symposia and conferences are also organized at these places during the
currency of different fairs/exhibitions.

India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) has planned to transform Pragati Maidan
into a World-Class Convention Centre in two phases. The proposal entails a total
development of built-up area, including exhibition space, a convention centre with
seating capacity of around 7,000 persons with a number of different-sized meeting
rooms, space for public circulation in phase-I. The redevelopment of the Pragati Maidan
complex entails a comprehensive and integrated approach to set up the much-needed
world-class state-of-the-art and iconic integrated exhibition-cum-convention centre.

Pragati Maidan attracts nearly 3 million visitors every year and their number is growing
constantly. A significant number of these visitors are foreign and domestic business


The expressions of Interest comprises for the following (Techno-commercial bid):

   i.        Analysis of Professional Achievements        and    Experience/Technical
             Competence and Financial involvement.

The selected firm(s) shall be engaged for this specific purpose in the form of physical
verification auditors.

A fixed asset register is an accounting system which lists all the Fixed Assets of an
organization. The financial values of the assets are recorded and depreciation is
calculated to get the latest picture of all fixed assets.

The objective of the current assignment is to seek a professional assistance in
developing and maintain in Fixed Assets of ITPO. The firm has to ensure that all the
assets owned by and assets in operation for the purpose and activities of ITPO are
recorded, documented in the Stock Book of the organization as on the given date. In
addition to that, it must ensure that the values are derived by applying Generally
Accepted Accounting Principles, Accounting Standards and other statutory
parameters. Also depreciation is charged as per guidelines given by Government of
India Guidelines.

Total value of fixed assets shown in the Balance Sheet has to be justified with the
physical existence of the individual items or with necessary documentary existence.
The firm should physically verify the asset in association with central ware store
official or accounting official, put unique identification number, if necessary and
prepare the conciliation report of lists of assets.

3. Physical Verification Auditors are to be empanelled for Head Quarter,
Pragati Miadan, New Delhi.

ITPO intends to empanel/appoint firms of Chartered Accountants / Cost Accountants as
Physical Verification Auditors for its Projects/Head Office located in the states of Delhi-

Firms having corporate office /branch office located in Delhi or NCR shall be considered
for empanelment of undertaking of Physical Verification of fixed assets of ITPO at its
Head Quarter, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

4. Single Bid System:

   (i.)     Bidder should take due care to submit tender in accordance with requirement
            in sealed covers
   (ii.)    All the supporting documents should be certified/attested by the bidder with
            office seal.
   (iii.)   Bid evaluation Criteria shall be the basis for evaluation of tenders. ITPO will
            not entertain any modification subsequent to opening of bids and bids not
            confirming to tender conditions shall be to be rejected
   (iv.)    In case any bidder fails to submit the documents in support of qualifying
            requirement (QR), the offer of the bidder shall be rejected
   (v.)     The bids shall be opened at the stipulated date and time in presence of
            bidder(s) or his/her authorized representative with identity card, who may
            wish to be present.
   iv)      The fees (price) for above work shall be quoted in price bid as prescribed
            format (Annexure -VIII) in EOI.

d) Submission of Bid:

Interested parties may send their the application completed in all respect addressed to
Sr. Manager (Stores), Stores Division, Prantik Building, Near Gate No.- o1, Pragati
Maidan, New Delhi-110001 with all relevant enclosures/attachments in sealed envelope
earmarked with "EOI for hiring for empanelment/appointment of auditors for Physical
Verification of fixed assets and Reconciliation with accounting records towards fixed
assets located/installed at various locations, of ITPO at its Head Quarter, Pragati
Maidan, New Delhi-110001" forwarded by post/hand-delivered in the tender box, kept in
the above address, must reach this office latest by at 2.30 pm. on or before 15/06/2018.


   i)       Any amendment/Corrigendum/Addendum shall be published on
           Each               such
            Amendment/Corrigendum/Addendum shall become part of the

          original tender document. Change in date of submission and
          opening of bids, if any, shall be placed only on the ITPO website.
          However, if there is a substantial change in the specification of
          service, fresh publication of original bid inquiry may be issued.
          ITPO reserves right to extend the deadlines for submission of bids.

   ii)    All the bids received after the notification due date and time of closing of Bid
          will not be considered. ITPO will not be responsible for loss of EOI
          Documents in transit or delayed delivery for any reason whatsoever.

5. Scope of Work:

The selected firm has to cover all the Divisions, Sections, units, for the purpose of
verification of assets, at Khelgaon, New Delhi, and assets at Pragati Maidan. The
selected firm HAS to ensure that all the assets existing physically and supported by
entries in Fixed Asset Register, as well as concerned finance record.

5.1 This office is working in a computerized environment and maintains all its records
in computerized system viz. ERP packages.

5.2 Type/Category of Assets:

The assignment of physical verification should cover physical verification of Stores /
Fixed assets and its reconciliation with PSL (Price Store Ledger) / Fixed Assets
Register, respectively. Following areas of physical verification of stores & fixed assets
shall be covered by selected firm of Chartered Accountants / Cost Accountants: -
         Plant & Machinery
         Store Equipment and Office Equipment
         Furniture, Fixture
         Air Conditioners and other electrical and electronic items, electric
         Computer and different allied IT facilities/products
         Internal Telephones, EPPABX Systems
         Miscellaneous assets/ equipments
         Stores and spares/ inventories (including Central Ware House Store/ Sub
             Store), Obsolete Stores, Inventory and Assets

The Physical Verification of Fixed Assets and Stores shall be done with PSL/ Fixed
Assets Register having being maintained in Central Ware House Unit, Stores Division.

5.3 Following Points shall be covered by the appointed firm in its final report in respect
of Physical Verification of Fixed Assets and Store / Inventory items.
In respect of Fixed Assets items:

          To compile a comprehensive Fixed Assets Register, as per defined
          format so that the assets can be indentified from register itself at any
          point of time.
          To prepare a Reconciliation of physical quantities with Fixed Assets
          Register maintained by Central Ware House Cell, Stores Division as well
            as Organisation Asset Register and recommend the action
            shortage/excess of items.
            To prepare Report on slow moving, non-moving, surplus, unserviceable,
            obsolete items of Fixed Assets.
            Marking of Asset Identification/Codification Number on related items, if
            Valid Registration Certificates of vehicles.
            Maintenance of Office Asset Register by respective authorities.
            Insurance validity of movable assets including vehicles.
            Assets not supported by record.
            Wrong classification of Assets.
            All posting in respect of receipts, issues, adjustments etc. have been
            carried out in stock register.
         Proper arrangements exist for locking the stores and keeping the keys in
         safe custody.
Adequate arrangements exist for fire protection. Safety and Security Equipments stores are stocked in accordance with the instructions of storage. Statutory regulations regarding storage of explosives are observed. Calibration of scales and measurements are carried out at periodical intervals. Unauthorized stock of Stores. Comments on Action taken on previous years Physical Verification Report. Discrepancy resolution and to suggest the final rectification in the accounting records, if any. Whether entry has regularly been made for Inventory Stock in ERP module 5.4 Location of the Assets: The assets are mostly located in premises of Pragati Maidan and at Khel Gaon, Asiad Village, New Delhi. 5.5 Procedure/Steps of Work: i) List of physical stock taking has to be carried out in a pre-planned manner from Fixed Assets Register, lying with Centralware House, Stores Division. ii) These data collected have to be checked and reconciled in soft copy and/or hard copy with the available records. iii) The selected firm should verify physically assets of all divisions/sections etc. iv) These final reconciliation report is to be prepared in discussion with Stores Officers and Finance Officers of this Office. v) The selected firm must ensure that the assets which are condemned or retired from active use are excluded from the Fixed Asset Register. vi) The job is to be collected within ninety days (90 days) from the date of issue of work orders/award of letter. vii) For the items, where the individual costs are not available, total costs as per the books of asset register/books of account will be taken as base, allocating on individual items utilizing standard acceptable practice. 7 viii) The final reconciliation report is to be prepared as per the prescribed format admissible in Government of India. ix) Depreciation will be calculated at the rates approved by Competent Authority of ITPO/GoI. x) Any other suggesting works depending as per requirement. xi) This list is not exhaustive but only indicative in nature. 5.6 Deliverable: i) Division-wise list of usable & unusable (obsolete/unserviceable/surplus) items to be found from Fixed Assets Register. ii) Consolidated list of items to be recorded in Final Reconciliation Report. iii) Valuation of each item, if necessary. iv) To train to Store Keeper how to prepare, maintain and modify Fixed Asset Register and other Stock v) To provide free and un-conditional use of soft-ware used, if any. vi) The Application or software, if used, should seamlessly integrate with the existing ERP of ITPO. vii) Fixing Unique Identification Number enabled sticker, if necessary. viii) Prepare Fixed Asset Register as per prescribed format, being admissible in ITPO in both Hard copy and soft copy. ix) To Submit this Report to ITPO at its Corporate Office (Headquarter), Pragati Bhawan, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi-110001. x) The firm shall directly submit its reports covering the points as mentioned above in three sets duly spiral bounded and Pen Drive / CD written in MS Word/ MS Excel compatible with Windows 2007 & above as follows:- xi) As per Prevailing Procedure, Physical Verification must be conducted by the selected firm, within prescribed time period and after conclusion of Physical verification, the discrepancies i.e. shortage/excess and status i.e. surplus/obsolete/slow moving is to be reported to central ware house, Stores Division, for proper action respectively. b) The firms shall submit report inter alia covering the matters as mentioned above. In addition to this, a Management Report covering the following points in particular is also to be prepared and submitted to Corporate Office - o Whether proper records showing full particulars of fixed assets including location of fixed assets are being maintained as per statutory requirement. o Whether Assets Identification Number (AIN) has been recorded in the Fixed Asset Register as well as on the Assets. o The firm should offer comments/ suggestions, if any on shortcoming in the controls and procedures presently being followed by this Organisation in the assigned area. 6. Time Period: a) The cut-off date for physical verification shall be the Closing Balance as per Books of Accounts as on 31/03/2018 the relevant year in case of Fixed Assets. However for verification of Inventory, balances as on date of Physical Verification shall be considered. 8 b) The assignment shall be time bound and time shall be the essence of the assignment by which physical verification report shall be completed within scheduled period (90 days) as defined in award letter. It is also expected that such assignment has to commence with effect from the date of receipt of the award of work. 7. Physical Verification Audit Team: a) Physical Verification audit team should consist of adequate numbers of qualified/semi-qualified assistants (CA/CMA) led by a partner of the Firm for the physical verification audit work of each Project assigned. b) Physical Verification Audit Fees: i. Fees for the assignment of physical verification of Fixed Assets each shall be governed as per EOI guidelines. ii. No TA/DA/Conveyance allowance shall be paid to the firms appointed for assignment of Corporate Office, Pragati Bhawan, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. 8. Requisite Eligibility Criteria, Qualification and Experience for selection (Check-list): a. Only registered firm/agency with Institute of Chartered Accountant / Cost Accountants of India would be eligible to apply. b. Established Audit Farms experience in practicing for at least 05 years or more in various Govt. departments/PSUs/Abs , as on the last date of submission of EOI/Tender is eligible to submit their offer with valid documentary evidence in support of their experience. c. The business/corporate office of applicant firm with adequate staff strength plus the right office set up is situated in the vicinity of Delhi / Delhi-NCR and will be preferred for better communication and in the best interest of work. Self- Certificate on firms own letter head are declaring their office in Delhi or NCR. d. The firm/agency shall free from any disqualification as mentioned in the Companies Act, 1956. e. The firm registered must have Income Tax Permanent Account Number (PAN) and Goods and Service Tax Registration, Unique Code Number and CAG, if any. f. The firm/agency should have been in operation or in existence for at least 05 years or more after its registration, as on the last date of submission of EOI/Tender. g. Average Annual receipt/turn-over of the audit firm in the last three (03) financial years ending on March 31st, 2017 must be at least Rs. 25, 00,000 /- (Twenty five lakhs). Audited balance sheet and Profit-loss account statements for last three years (2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-17) should be attached. 9 h. The Bidder should submit the Bids Profile, Tender Acceptance Letter, Power of Attorney for authorized signatory and Declarations, a complete resume of audit firm, etc. along with price bid profroma in the respective Annexure- I to Annexure-VIII in one big sealed envelope. i. The bidder should submit partnership deed, if any, the last three financial years ITR return, requisite EMD and Tender Cost along with Bid application. j. The bidder should note that number of partners in the audit firm/ agency for not less than 03 years as on the last date of submission of EOI. The minimum number of partner Chartered/Cost Accounts is 02 or more. The partners must be holding certificate of Practice issued by Institute of Chartered / Cost Accounts of India and should be in whole time practice. k. The bidder should note that number of Physical verification assignments completed in various government (central or state or union territories) department/PSUs/Autonomous Bodies from F.Y. 2012-2013 to 2016-17. Further PSUS concerned should have at minimum net fixed asset (tangible & intangible) and inventory of Rs. 30 cores or above in the relevant year. Note: Requisite documentary evidences duly attested by the applicant firm with its official in support of criteria given at Para 8 (a) to (k) are required to be submitted with Bid application. Proposals without the requisite documentary evidences shall not be considered for evaluation. 9. Technical Evaluation Process: The tender(s) will be evaluated by Tender Evaluation Committee set up by Competent Authority, ITPO. The physical audit firm, who will met the technical eligibility criteria (eligibility criteria, experience and qualification) tabulated above in Technical Evaluation Process shall be considered for empanelment and then, the selection will be on the lowest price quote basis. In case of tie, in Price quote, a) Firm of Chartered/Cost Accounts with having longer experience shall be given preference based on the year of registration. b) Firm with a higher number of fellow or Associate Members of the Institute of Chartered/Cost Accounts as partners shall be given preference. 10. Technical Evaluation Rejection Criteria: The Chartered Accounts firms shall not be eligible to apply if: i. The Chartered Accounts Firms or any of its partners has been declared guilty of any professional and/or other misconduct under the provisions of the Chartered Accounts Act, 1949 during the current year and immediate past five year. ii. The firm or any of its partners have any pecuniary or other interest in ITPO such as any holding post, observer etc. iii. That the word relative will have the same meaning as defined in Income Tax Act, 1961. iv. Telex/Telegraphic/Fax/e-mail/Xerox offers and bids with scanned signature. v. Offers where prices are not firm and competitive during the selection of the contract and/or with any pre-qualification. 10 vi. In case, on the part of non-fulfillment of above pre-qualification criteria, the bid may not be considered for evaluation. 11. General Terms and Conditions: i. Empanelment of Firm of Chartered Accountants/Cost Accountants on rate contract for appointment as Physical Verification auditor shall remain valid for 3 financial years starting from F.Y. 2017-18. ii. The Physical Verification work/assignment shall be awarded at the address of Head/Business Corporate Office of the selected firm based in Delhi/Delhi-NCR. iii. The tenure of appointment shall be at the sole discretion of the ITPO. The appointment for said assignment shall be made for each year separately and for a maximum of three years. The renewal of appointment each year shall be at the sole discretion of the ITPO subject to satisfactory performance of selected firm. However, it is expressly stated here that empanelment of the firm is not to be construed as assured appointment and the ITPO reserves the right not to appoint/reappoint at its sole discretion without assigning any reason thereof and without giving any more compensation thereof. iv. Liquidated damage: The liquidated damages shall be levied for delay from the above timelines which shall be 0.5 every week or a part thereof subject to a maximum of 10%. v. All entries in the offer shall be either typed or neatly hand written . Overwriting/correction/erase and/or use of white ink should be avoided in the offer. However, if any over-writing/correction/erase is inevitable, the same should be authenticated with the signature & seal of authorized person of applicant firm. vi. All the pages of the proposal document and documents submitted along-with the offer shall have to be authenticated by the authorized signatory of the applicant firm(s) with the firm's seal. vii) Bid documents consisting all the documents placed on website duly sealed and signed are to be submitted as a token of acceptance of all terms and conditions. viii) Incomplete or conditional/hypothetical tender shall be summarily rejected. ix) It will not be obligatory for ITPO to accept the lowest quotation and no explanation shall be given for the cause of rejection of quotation of any firm. No such obligation on the part of ITPO is also to inform the unsuccessful firms of the outcome of the tender process. x) The contractor shall not employ any person who has not completed eighteen years of age. The firm shall comply with all the statutory provisions as laid down under various labour laws/acts/rules. In case of non-violation of any such statutory rules/laws /acts, there will not be any liability upon ITPO. xi) ITPO will be under no legal obligation to provide employment to any of the personnel of the firm during / expiry of agreement period and ITPO recognizes no employer-employee relationship between ITPO and the personnel deployed by the firm/agency. xii) The successful contractors staffs, so deputed, shall not divulge/disclose to any person, regarding any details of office, operational process, technical know-how, security arrangements, and administrative/organizational matters. xiii) The contractor shall ensure punctuality, cleanliness, obedience, promptness, proper conduct and integrity of the personnel in the office premises, and enforce prohibition of consumption of alcoholic, drinks, smoking, loitering without work. Failing 11 to do so, the security deposit will be forfeited and contract will be cancelled forthwith by serving notice by the Competent Authority and will also be barred to participate in the future tender. xiv) All instructions, notices and communications etc. under the contract issued in writing and if sent to the last known place of business, shall be deemed to be served on the date, even in ordinary course of post, these would have been delivered to the contractor. xv) A firm blacklisted by any Govt. /State Government office will not be eligible to participate in this tender. In case any such firm obtained contract by hiding the facts and it comes to the notice of Office later, contract will be cancelled immediately and security forfeited. xvi) "Applicable Law" - means all relevant laws in force and effect as of date hereof and which may be promulgated or brought into force and effect hereinafter in India, including judgments, decrees, injunctions, writs or orders of court, as may be in force and effect during the subsistence of this Tender Document. xvii) General: The selected firm will be given access to all legal documents, books of accounts, procurement documents, correspondence, and any other information associated with the assignment and deemed necessary. xviii) "Bid Document" - shall mean the document submitted by the bidder, pursuant to understanding and agreeing with the terms and conditions set out in this Tender Document. xix) DUE DILIGENCE: The Bidder is expected to and shall be deemed to have examined all instructions, forms, terms and specifications in this Tender Document. The Bid should be precise, complete and in the prescribed format as per the requirement of the Tender Document. Failure to furnish all information required by the Tender Document or submission of a bid non-responsive to the Tender Document in every respect will be at the Bidders risk and may result in rejection of the bid. ITPO shall at its sole discretion be entitled to determine the adequacy / sufficiency of the information provided by the Bidder. xx) COST OF BIDDING: The Bidder shall bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of its bid and ITPO shall under no event or circumstance be held responsible or liable for these costs, regardless of the conduct or outcome of the bidding process. xxi) DGS&D, MSME, SC/ST ENTREPRENEUR: Bidders registered under DGS&D, Micro Small Medium Enterprise (MSME) and SC/ST Entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply for the tender. If the bidder is a Micro, Small, Medium Enterprise (MSME) or a SC/ST Entrepreneur, Start-up India Entrepreneur, than this should be declared while filling the company details in the online bidding process. Supporting documents should also be submitted along with other documents claiming for relaxation of tender cost and EMD etc. 12 xxii) UNDERTAKING: An un-conditional undertaking from the Bidder stating the compliance with all the terms and conditions of the Contract/Tender will be required, since no deviation will be acceptable to ITPO xxiii) Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) and Tender Costs: The Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) of Rs. 5, 000 /- (Rupees five thousand only) as well as Tender Cost of Rs. 590.00 should necessarily accompany with the Bid in the form of Demand Draft drawn in favour of ,,INDIA TRADE PROMOTION ORGANISATION' payable at New Delhi. Bid received without EMD or EMD for lesser amount will be summarily rejected. EMD in any other form, i.e., in Cash, or cheque etc., shall not be accepted. xxiv) PROCESSING FEE/ TENDER COST and EMD: i. The processing fee/tender cost is non-refundable. ii. The EMD is non-interest bearing. iii. Processing fee and EMD should be part of Envelope -1. iv. The date of the demand draft will be after the publication of this tender, but on or before the last date of submission of technical bid. v. No request for transfer of any previous deposit of earnest money or security deposit or adjustment against any pending bill held by this Office in respect of any previous work shall be entertained vi. RETURN OF EMDs: The EMD in respect of the unsuccessful bidders shall be returned within 45 days, without bearing any interest, after placing the award of work. However, EMD in respect of successful Bidder will be released after receipt of prescribed Performance Security Deposit. vii. The EMD will be forfeited: If a bidder withdraws or amends the quotation / tender, or impairs or derogates from the tender in any respect during the period of bid validity Or in case of a successful bidder, if the bidder fails to sign the contract in accordance with terms and conditions Or In case the appointed party fails to deposit the Performance Guarantee in fixed time or The EMD shall be forfeited in case the firm does not fulfill/ produce the documents / promises made before this office or any committee constituted by this Organization for this purpose / in the event of premature withdrawal of the tender / quotation by any of the tenderers. xxv) Performance Security Deposit: The successful firm shall has to furnish Performance Guarantee or Performance Security Deposit @ 5% of contract cost (value of award work) in the form of Bank Guarantee (BG) or account payee demand draft, drawn on any nationalized or scheduled commercial bank, in favour of the India Trade Promotion Organization, payable at New Delhi within ten days after placing award of work. This receipt is only for successful performance during the period of contract. The performance guarantee will be returned after successful completion of the contract period and after adjusting dues, if any. Also No further interest will be paid by ITPO to the 13 successful bidder on the part of the performance guarantee. The Security Deposit in any other form such as cheque or by cash will not be accepted under any circumstances. xxvi) Forfeiture of Performance Deposit Guarantee: In case of any breach or lapse on the part of the Agency, ITPO will be entitled to invoke the Performance Security without any objection from the Agency in any manner. The Performance Security shall stand forfeited, if a bidder withdraws or amends the bid /tender or fails to sign t h e a g r e e m e n t or accept the contract within the stipulated period. xxvii) TENDER EVALUATION COMMITTEE: ITPO will constitute the Tender Evaluation Committee. This committee will evaluate the EOI Documents submitted by the Bidders. i. The Tender Evaluation Committee may choose to conduct negotiation or discussion with any or all the Bidders. The decision of the Evaluation Committee in the evaluation of the Technical and Commercial bids shall be final and binding on all the parties. ii. The prospective bidders may note that only on fulfillment of above technical eligibility criteria, qualification and experience, the bid may be considered for evaluation. In-case of non-fulfillment of any pre-qualification criteria, bids of respective bidder shall be rejected. iii. Any effort by a Bidder to influence the Tender Evaluation Committees processing of Bids or award decisions may result in the rejection of the Bid. xxviii) MODIFICATION/ SUBSTITUTION/ WITHDRAWAL OF PROPOSALS: The Applicant may modify, substitute, or withdraw its proposal after submission, provided that written notice of the modification, substitution, or withdrawal is received by the ITPO prior to Proposal Due Date. No Proposal shall be modified, substituted, or withdrawn by the Applicant on or after the Proposal Due Date. The modification, substitution, or withdrawal notice shall be prepared, sealed, marked, and delivered with the envelopes being additionally marked "MODIFICATION", "SUBSTITUTION" or "WITHDRAWAL", as appropriate. Any alteration / modification in the proposal or additional information or material supplied subsequent to the Proposal Due Date, unless the same has been expressly sought for by the Authority, shall be disregarded. xxix) TRANSFER AND SUBLETTING: The firm shall not sublet, transfer, assign or otherwise part with the acceptance to the tender or any part thereof, either directly or indirectly, without the prior written permission of ITPO. xxx) FORCE MAJEURE: Force Majeure will be accepted on adequate proof thereof. xxxi) Payment Terms: The payment shall be made against the services provided by firm as per the nature of work, subject to the following terms and conditions: i) The term ,,payment mentioned in this para includes all types of payment due to the service provider arising on account of this Contract excluding Earnest Money and 14 Security Deposit governed by the separate clauses of the Contract. ii) The payment during the entire contract period shall be made in accordance with the financial bid submitted by the selected bidder and finally accepted by ITPO. No upward price variation would be allowed during the contract period. iii) Any increase on the part of statutory tax rates during the contract period will be borne by ITPO. iv) TDS under Income Tax will be deducted at applicable rates. v) ITPO reserves the right to deduct any amount from the Bill/Invoice as may be considered, reasonable for unsatisfactory services or delay in providing of services. The decision of ITPO will be the final and binding in this regard. vi) The selected audit firm will raise the bill in duplicate indicating with ITPOs GST Number 07AAATI2955C1ZX on fully satisfactory completion of assignment/work. Payment will be made within sixty days after rendering complete satisfactory services and receipt of Bill/Invoice with making all necessary deductions of dues & penalties, if any, as contemplated under the contract. vii) No Advance payment or any interim payment nor any loan from any bank or financial institution recommended will be paid against such award of work. viii) ITPO shall be at liberty to withhold any of the payments in full or in part subject to recovery of penalties. ix) Payments will be made through RTGS / NEFT after deducting TDS, as per the rules of the Government and as applicable from time to time. The Successful firm should provide his/her bank details duly signed by authorized signatories (Bank Authority & the bidder) along with the copy of cancelled Cheque. x) Bidder should note that that the GST Number of ITPO, along with GST Number of vendor, state code and HSN Code etc. should be mentioned in the printed bill/invoice, otherwise payment will not be possible. xxxii) PERIOD OF VALIDITY OF BID: i. Validity Period: Bids shall remain valid for 180 days after the date of bid opening prescribed by ITPO; ITPO holds the right to reject a bid valid for a period shorter than 180 days as non-responsive, without any correspondence. ii. Extension of Period of Validity : For another six months, in exceptional circumstances, ITPO may solicit the Bidders consent to an extension of the period of validity. The request and the response thereto shall be made in writing. Extension of validity period by the Bidder shall be un- conditional. The EMD provided shall also be suitably extended. If a Bidder may refuse the request without forfeiting the EMD. A Bidder granting extension of validity will not be permitted to modify his technical or commercial bid. xxxiii) ACCEPTANCE & WITHDRAWALS: The right of final acceptance of the tender is entirely vested with ITPO, who reserves the right to accept or reject any or all of the tenders in full or in parts without assigning any reason whatsoever. There is no obligation on the part of ITPO to communicate with rejected bidders. After acceptance of the tender by ITPO, the Bidder shall have no right to withdraw his tender, or claim higher price. xxxiv) NOTIFICATION OF AWARD: The Bidder, whose Bid has been accepted shall be notified of the award by the ITPO, by registered letter, fax or by official mail. The Bidder shall acknowledge in writing, the 15 receipt of the Letter of Acceptance and shall send his acceptance to enter into the Contract within 3 days from the receipt of the Letter of Acceptance (LoA). xxxv) AUTHENTICATION OF BID: The original copies of the EOI Document shall be signed by a person or persons duly authorized to bind the Bidder to the Contract. The person or persons signing the Bid Document shall initial all pages of the Bid Document, including pages where entries or amendments have been made along with Company Seal. These documents at large will be scanned and attached with bid application before close of date and time. xxxvi) VALIDATION OF INTERLINEATIONS IN BID: Any interlineations, erasers, alterations, additions or overwriting shall be valid only if the person or persons counter-signing the bid have authenticated the same with signature. xxxvii) PERIOD OF CONRACT: The Contract will be initially for a period of one year from the date of award which is further extendable up to another two more years with solely discretion of ITPO subject to continuous & satisfactory performance of the Contractor. However, in case of failure or breach of any/ all terms and conditions of the Contract by the Agency/Party, ITPO shall have the right to terminate the Contract forthwith in addition to forfeiting the security amount deposited by the Contractor and initiating administrative actions for black listing etc. solely at the discretion of the competent authority of ITPO. However, in case of extension of Contract to any subsequent periods (or for such period(s) less than that as it may deem necessary to be decided by ITPO, a written mutual consent will be necessary in the line of accepting the same rate and terms and conditions of the said bid. xxxviii) Non-Disclosure Agreement: All bidders shall be required to submit a Non- Disclosure Agreement of non-judicial stamp paper of Rs. 100 /- as per prescribed format duly signed and sealed. xxxix) Compliances / Declarations /Certificates by firm(s) on appointment: i. The Chartered Accountant/Cost Accountant Firm shall not sub-contract the assigned audit work. ii. The Chartered Accountant/Cost Accountant firm shall work in strict confidence and shall ensure that the related data or information in respect of the operation/activities of the ITPO/Project/Company is dealt with strict confidentiality and secrecy. iii. Assigned Physical Verification audit work of Physical Verification shall be completed within time frame specified by the Organisation. iv. No partner of the Chartered Accountant/Cost Accountant firm should be related to either C. M. D. or any Whole Time Directors or Part Time Directors of the Company within the meaning of the Companies Act, 2013. 16 v. Neither the Chartered Accountant/Cost Accountant firm nor its partner(s) or associates should have any interest in the business of this ITPO. vi. The Chartered Accountant/Cost Accountant firm(s) shall be free from any disqualification under The Companies Act, 2013. In addition to this, the Chartered/Cost Accountant firm(s) must not be holding any assignment of Internal/ Statutory/ Cost Audit of ITPO. vii. The partners holding Certificate of Practice issued by Institute of Chartered/Cost Accountants of India are in whole time practice. viii. The Chartered Accountant/Cost Accountant firm shall ensure that data given to them by the Organisation and any information generated from the data provided shall not be used by the Auditor for any other purpose. xxxx) Debarring Provisions: The Audit Firm will be debarred from getting, the Physical Verification audit or any other assignments of ITPO: i. If the Firm obtains the appointment on the basis of false information/mis- statement. ii. If the Firm does not take up audit in terms of appointment letter. iii. If the Firm fails to maintain/honour confidentiality and secrecy of the Organisations data. iv. If the firm does not complete the assignment within the assigned time frame as specified in the award letter. xxxxi) The rates of successful bidder should be valid for at most three year from the date of signing of the rate contract. Tender rates valid for a shorter period shall be rejected as non- responsive. No claim for compensation or loss due to fluctuations or any other reasons/ causes will be entertained. xxxxii) Settlement of Disputes: In case of any dispute or difference arising out of or in connection with any of the terms and conditions to this Notice/Engagement, in the first instance, the parties shall try to resolve the same by mutual discussion, failing which the same shall be referred to the sole arbitrator to be appointed mutually by the parties. The Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 and any statutory modifications or re- enactment thereof, shall apply to these arbitration proceedings. Arbitration proceedings shall be held at Delhi and the language of the arbitration proceedings shall be in English. The arbitral ward shall be in writing and shall state the reason therefore. Subject to the arbitration clause as mentioned above, the courts at Delhi/New Delhi shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to try any suit in the matter. 17 xxxxiii) Jurisdiction: All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of courts in the National Capital Territory of Delhi and decide any legal matters or disputes what-so-ever arising out f this contract. Sr. Manager (Stores) 18 Annexure-I Format of Covering Letter (To be submitted on Firm's/Proprietorship/Individual letter Head) xxx To Sr. Manager (Stores), INDIA TRADE PROMOTION RGANISATION Store Division, Prantik building, Near Gate No. - 1, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi-110001 Sub: Empanelment / Appointment of Auditors for Physical Verification of Fixed Assets of ITPO at its head quarter, Pragati Bhawan, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi-110001 Dear Sir, We enclose herewith the particulars and details of the firms, in connection with above assignment. We also state as follows: a. We hereby declare that all the information and statements made in this Proposal are true and accept that any misinterpretation contained in it may lead to our disqualification. b. The prices quoted by us in the Financial Proposal are still valid till six months from the date of opening of bid. We confirm that this proposal will remain binding upon us. c. Prices have been arrived independently without consultation, communication, agreement or understanding (for the purpose of restricting competition) with any competitor. d. We agree to bear all costs incurred by us in connection with preparation and submission of the proposal and to bear any further pre-contract costs. e. We understand that ITPO is not bound to accept the lowest or any proposal or to give any reason for award or for the rejection of any proposal. Date: Place: (Signature of the authorized person Name along with seal of the firm: 19 Annexure-II Technical Bid Form (To be submitted on Firm's letter Head) xxx Enquiry No. : 245-ITPO (2)/ST/2018 Dated: 06/06/2018 Sr. Criterion Particulars of Farm's strength and capacity Information to be No. shared/certified documents to be attached 01 The firm/ Name of the Firm/Agency 02 Agency should Name and address of the Chartered Accounts/Cost Be based at Accounts of the Firm/Agency employed with the firm 03 Delhi and/or Name of the Authorized Person, who may sign on the EOI Delhi-NCR or documents 04 Have a branch Name of proposed overall In-charge for the at Delhi and/ Assignment (Partner/Prop.) (FCA/ACA) or Delhi-NCR 05 (Submit Corresponding Postal Address (main corporate Supporting business or branch at Delhi/Delhi-NCR) of firm/agency 06 Document Telephone No. 07 regarding Mobile No. 08 address) Fax No. 09 and (Certificate E-mail id of practice 10 from the ICAI) Website 11 Whether Agency has its business/corporate office is Yes/No based at Delhi or Delhi- NCR region. (Submit supporting document regarding address) 12 Accepted the terms and conditions of the said Yes/No Expression of Interest Notice as token of acceptance. 13 Brief Resume of the firm Attached/Not 14 The firm should Year & Month of establishment of firm/agency/starting be in operation of operation (attach a self-attested copy thereof) 15 for at least 05 Compulsory Conditions: years after its State for existence/operation for a minimum period of registration five years or more before the date of submission of (attach a EOI. 16 self-attested Legal Status: copy thereof) Please specify as to whether Agency is a sole proprietorship or partnership firm or company (Pvt. Or Public) or any other form etc. 17 Whether A g e n c y o r a n y o t h e r e n t i t y with which Yes/No any of its Director / Partner or proprietor etc. are/have been associated or any Director/Partner etc had ever been convicted for any offence by any court of Law at any point of time. Give details, if any. 18 Whether Agency and or its Directors/partners etc. Yes/No are black listed/debarred/delisted by any Government Department/ Organization as on date. 19 Registration with Valid Registration Certificates issued by ICAI/CAI valid Authority Registration Number--- 20 (Submit Permanent Account No. (PAN) of Firm/Agency Proof of (attach a self-attested copy thereof) 21 supporting GST Registration No. document) 22 Last three years of ITR Return form Attached or Not 20 23 Average Annual Compulsory Conditions: Attached or Not Income of the Average Annual Income/Turn-Over (i.e. Average Gross firm for the last Professional Fees received/earned) in last three years 3(three) years at least 25 lakhs or more. For the purpose of st ending on 31 ascertaining parameter of Turnover of the bidder, March, 2017, average annual turnover for last three financial years must be equal or (2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-17) shall be considered. to greater than (Refer to Appendix-C) 25 lakhs. 24 Details Bank Details of Cost of EOI Application (Rs. 590/-) Draft No.: Instrument to (i.e. Rs. 500+ 18% of Rs. 500 /-) Date : be attached (Enclose hard copy of Demand Draft) Issuing Bank : with Technical Branch: Bid Amount: 25 Details of Earnest Money Deposit of Rs. 5, Draft No.: 000 /- (Enclose Hard copy of Demand Draft) Date : Issuing Bank : Branch: Amount: 26 Experience Details of minimum five years of past Attached or Not Certificate Experience/exposures of the Applicant Agency/Firm as Physical Verification Auditor. (Attach Experience Certificate/supporting documents issued by various government/PSUS/ABs). (Attach the copies) ( Appendix-B) This is to certify that I/We before signing this bid have carefully read the contents of the EOI Document and fully understood all the terms and conditions contained therein and undertake myself/ourselves to abide by the same. I/We hereby declare that the information/facts provided is true, correct and to best of my/our knowledge and belief. In case any information/facts found to be incorrect, misleading or factually wrong, ITPO is empowered to take any decision/action, as deemed fit. Note: Please strike out Not Applicable (N/A), against those particulars does not relate, while filling up the above column. Date: Place: Signature of Bidder Name of Bidder Designation: Seal of Bidder 21 Information required to be filled up by the Firms for evaluation Criteria (To be submitted in Firm's own letter head) Annexure-III EOI No.: 245-ITPO (2)/ST/2018 Dated: 06/06/2018 Sr. Selection Criteria Indicate Experience/ No. other measures 01 Number of partners in the firm for not less As per Appendix `A' than 03 year as on the last date of submitting EOI. (The partners must be holding Certificate of Practice issued by Institute of Chartered / Cost Accounts of India and should be in whole time practice.) 03 Details of Firms experience of As per Appendix `B' practice/service (number of physical verification assignments/form of physical verification auditor) completed in various Department/Offices of Central Government/State Government,/PSUs/, ABs from F.Y. 2012-13 to 2016-17. (PSUS concern should have minimum net fixed asset (tangible and intangible) & Inventory of Rs. 30 crore or above in the relevant year. (Exposure/Experience) 05 Firms Annual Income/Turn-over As per Appendix `C' Note:- 1) Documentary evidences of all the information as stated above are to be furnished along with the offer. 2) All the pages of offers and documents to be attached are to be signed by the partner/owner of the firm along with seal of the firm. Declaration:- I, __________________ Partner / owner of the Firm______________, hereby declare that the above information furnished is true & correct to the best of my knowledge and I will abide by the Terms & Conditions set by the company for the appointment of Physical Verification Auditors. Date: Place: Signature and seal of the firm 22 Appendix A Details of the Partner(Member) of the Firm/Agency: Sr. Name of Designation Date of Membership Status Date of Remark No. Partner joining as a No. (FCA/ACA) Issue of s Partner Certificate of Practice 01 02 03 04 05 Note: Furnish the self-attested copy of the documentary evidence in support of the information provided above, if required; add/append an extra page in this format. Date: Place: (Signature of the authorized person Name along with seal of the firm: Appendix B Details of Firms experience of Services (Number of Physical Verification Assignment/Physical Verification Auditor/) in Central/State Govt. Agencies/PSUs/ABs during last 3 (three) years ending the financial year 2016-17. Name of Govt. Name of Duration F.Y. for which Net Fixed Rem Organization the of the Physical Assets arks, along with Assignment Assignment Verification Audit (Tangible) & if Address /Work (Start & End Conducted and Inventory base any (Central/State/ date) Nature of the of concerned PSUs/ABs) Assignment/Work organizations Sr. (Rs. in crore) No. 01 02 03 04 Note: Furnish the self-attested copy of the documentary evidence in support of the information provided above, if required, add/append an extra page in this format. Date: Place: (Signature of the authorized person Name along with seal of the firm: 23 Appendix C: Details of Firm's Professional Income (Gross Professional Fees earned) xxx Sr. Particular Financial Year Financial Year Financial Year Average Annual No. 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 Income 01 Annual Income* (Rs. in lakh) Note: * Furnish of the Audited Accounts (certified balance sheet plus profit loss accounts) along with the acknowledgement of Income Tax Return for all 3(three) years. Date: Place: (Signature of the authorized person Name along with seal of the firm: 24 Annexure: IV TENDER ACCEPTANCE LETTER (To be given on Company Letter Head) To, The Sr. Manager(Stores) Store Division India Trade Promotion Organisation Prantik Building, Near Gate No.-1 Pragati Maidan,New Delhi-110001 Sub: Acceptance of Terms & Conditions of Tender. Tender Reference No: 245-ITPO (2)/ST/2018 Empanelment / Appointment of Auditors for Physical Verification of fixed Name of Tender / Work: assets of ITPO at its head quarter, Pragati Bhawan, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi-110001 Dear Sir, 1. I/ We have downloaded / obtained the tender document(s) for the above mentioned ,,Tender/Work from the web site(s) namely: ___________________________________________________________________________ as per your advertisement, given in the above mentioned website(s). 2. I / We hereby certify that I / we have read the entire terms and conditions of the tender documents from Page No. 1 01 to 29 (including all documents like annexure(s), schedule(s), etc .,), which form part of the contract agreement and I / we shall abide hereby by the terms / conditions / clauses contained therein. 3. The corrigendum(s) issued from time to time by your department/ organisation to have also been taken into consideration, while submitting this acceptance letter. 4. I / We hereby unconditionally accept the tender conditions of above mentioned tender document(s) / corrigendum(s) in its totality / entirety. 5. I / We do hereby declare that our Firm has not been blacklisted/ debarred by any Govt. Department/Public sector undertaking. 6. I / We certify that all information furnished by the our Firm is true & correct and in the event that the information is found to be incorrect/untrue or found violated, then your department/ organisation shall without giving any notice or reason therefore or summarily reject the bid or terminate the contract, without prejudice to any other rights or remedy including the forfeiture of the full said earnest money deposit absolutely. Yours Faithfully, Date: (Signature of the Bidder, with Official Seal) Place: 25 Annexure- V FORMAT FOR POWER OF ATTORNEY FOR THE AUTHORISED SIGNATORY (To be submitted in Firm's own letter head) EOI No.: 245-ITPO (2)/ST/2018 Dated: 06/06/2018 To The Sr. Manager(Stores) Store Division India Trade Promotion Organisation Prantik Building Pragati Bhawan, Gate No.1 Pragati Maidan,New Delhi-110001 Sub: Empanelment / Appointment of auditors for Physical Verification of fixed assets of ITPO at its head quarter, Pragati Bhawan, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi-110001 Dear Sir, With reference to EOI Notice No. 245-ITPO (2)/ST/2018 dated 06/06/2018 we hereby, authorize the following person as authorized signatory to carry out necessary bid formalities with ITPO with reference to this EOI and authorize to sign the bid documents and contract / agreement with ITPO. Name of Contact Person Specimen Signature Thanking you, Yours faithfully Place: Date: (Signature with companys seal) Name: Designation: Contact No: 26 ANNEXURE-VI U N D E R T A K I NG (To be submitted in Firm's own letter) It is certified that my firm/agency/company has never been black listed/de-listed/de- barred from business by any of the Departments/Autonomous Institutions/Universities/Public Sector Undertakings of the Government of India or Government of NCT of Delhi or any other State Government or Public Sector Banks or Local Bodies/Municipalities and no criminal case is pending against the said firm/agency as on date. Signature of the Bidder Place: Name of the Signatory _______________ Date: / / Name of the Firm/agency Seal of the Firm/Agency 27 ANNEXURE-VII UNDERTAKING (To be submitted in Firm's own letter head) I, the undersigned certify that I have gone through the terms and conditions mentioned in the EOI document and undertake to comply with them. The rates quoted by me are valid and binding upon me for the entire period of contract.. I/We give the rights to the Competent Authority of ITPO to forfeit the EMD/Bid Security Money deposited by me/us, if any, delay on my/agents part or fail to render the service. I hereby undertake to render the services, as per directions given in the EOI notice/award letter within stipulated period. Prices have been arrived independently without consultation, communication, agreement or understanding (for the purpose of restricting competition) with any competitor. We agree to bear all costs incurred by us in connection with preparation and submission of the proposal and to bear any further pre-contract costs. I/WE further undertake to affirm to certify and own personal responsibility that the person(s)/team deployed for "empanelment/appointment of physical verification auditors for Physical Verification and reconciliation with accounting records towards fixed assets (movable and non-movable) located/installed at various locations, of ITPO at its Head Quarter, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi-110001" will complete the assignment and they will not be removed from the desk till its completion and submission of final report. (Signature of the Bidder) Place: Name of the Signatory: Date: Name of the Firm/agency: Seal of the Firm/Agency: 28 Annexure-VIII Financial Bid/Price Bid (To submitted in Firms own letter head) EOI No.: 245-ITPO (2)/ST/2018 Dated: 06/06/2018 Sub: For empanelment/appointment of auditors for Physical Verification and reconciliation with accounting records towards fixed assets located/installed at various locations, of ITPO at its Head Quarter, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi-110001. Dear Sir I/WE submit the PRICE BID for appointment of Auditor for undertaking Physical Verification of Fixed Assets and reconcile with store registers as well as accounts record in ITPO, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. I/WE thoroughly read and understood all the terms and conditions as contained in the EOI Documents, and agree to abide by them. I/WE offer to undertake the Job at the following consolidated rates exclusively applicable GST. Sr. Particulars of work/assignment Total Consolidated fees excluding applicable No. taxes in Rs. 01 For Physical Verification and In Words In Figure reconciliation with accounting/store In Rs. In Rs. records towards fixed assets located/installed at various locations, of ITPO at its Head Quarter, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi-110001. 02 Percentage of Applicable Statutory Tax 03 Total fees to be paid(Rs.) Note: The quoted fees should be inclusive of professional fees, travelling, food and other incidental expenses. Applicable statutory GST will be paid extra. Date: Place: (Signature of the Authorized Person) (Name of the Authorized Person) (Designation with firms own seal) 29
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