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Finance Department, Chidambaram - Tamil Nadu
June, 12th 2018

 GRAMS : PORT TRUST                                                   Finance Department

 PHONE : 2352290 (50 Lines)                                           Administrative Office,

 FAX      :   0461 ­ 2352301                                          TUTICORIN -628004.

 E-Mail   :    CERTIFIED UNDER ISO 9002
                                      ISO14001:200          Fax: 0461-2352201
                                   ISPS COMPLIANT PORT

    Tender No.                          : FIN-OFFIA-ADT-INTER-V1-18
    Name of work                         : Internal Audit of Financial Transactions of    V.O.C.Port
                                           Trust, Tuticorin by outsourcing the services for a period
                                           of two years through firms          of   CAG empanelled
                                           Chartered Accountants      having Established Office at
                                           Tuticorin in their own name only.
Probable amount of contract              : Rs. 17,80,000/- (for a period of two years + GST as
Cost of Tender Form                       : Rs.500/- + CGST 9% & SGST 9% as applicable from time to
Date of commencement of tender           : 29.05.2018 to 07.06.2018
Date & Time of receipt of tender         : 12.06.2018 Upto 15.00 hours
Date & Time of opening of tender         :12.06.2018 at 15:30 hours
Period of completion of work             : Two years.
Validity of Tender                      : 90 days from the date of opening of Price bid

Name of office issuing and receiving
                            Tender       : Financial Adviser &
                                           Chief Accounts Officer,
                                           Finance Department,
                                           V.O.Chidambaranar Port Trust
                                           Tuticorin - 628 004.

For further details visit the Port website before applying for tender schedule.



      1. General

      V. O. Chidambaranar Port Trust, Tuticorin is an autonomous body under the Major Port Trust
      Act and functioning under Ministry of Shipping. The accounts of the Port are subject to
      statutory audit by the Comptroller & Auditor General of India through the Principal Director,
      Commercial Audit and Ex-Officio member, Chennai. The Port is assessed as Local Authority
      under the Income Tax Act since assessment year 2009-10 as per Income Tax, Act 1961(prior to is
      applicable to this Port since 2002-2003 and is subject to tax audit by Chartered Accountants
      also. It is proposed to outsource the internal audit work to a registered firm of CAG empanelled
      Chartered Accountant to get the work done in a professional manner. Apart from accounting
      standards     applicable, the port is following Works Account and Material Accounts as per
      PWD/CPWD procedures in the matter of execution of works carried out through contractors
      and Port operations under PPP model with Revenue sharing. The information about the Port is
      available in the website of the Port at www.vocport gov.
      1.Requirement & Eligibility

      The work is quite huge in terms of volume of transactions. The working offices and work sites
      are also spread over much larger area. In view of the above, the work is proposed to be
      given to a reputed firm having the following criteria:
      a) Experience in similar works in bigger organization like the Port with a turnover of more
           than Rs.150.00 crores. (25% of Port's turnover of around Rs.600.00 crores)
      b) The firm should also have at least 4 partners with professional qualification in the field of
           work. This is considered necessary to ensure the continuity of operations and for getting
           better inputs out of the proposed Audit .
      c) The Auditor's firm should be approved by the C.A.G/R.B.I as eligible for internal Audit work.
      d)    The firm should have at least one system Audit qualified Chartered Accountant /Cost

e) The firm should have adequate manpower in the category of Chartered Accountant( Final
    and Intermediate ) and Audit Assistants for internal audit work to carry out the Audit as per
    the scope and terms and conditions of Internal Audit of subject tender.
e)f) Further the firm shall deploy one class IV assistant on all working days of the Port and shall   Formatted: Complex Script Font: Calibri

    ensure minimum wages rate as per Minimum Wages Act 1948 as amended from time to                   Formatted: Complex Script Font: Calibri

    time to be ensured and proof of minimum wages paid to be furnished.
2.Scope of work:
The scope of work covered in this is given in detail in Annexure- 1.
3.General instructions for Tendering:
(A) Tenders are invited in two covers. These covers should contain the following:
    I. In cover I:
    a)Cost of Tender and information for Technical evaluation. The cost of tender is to be
    remitted through NEFT /RTGS transfer to the Port Account No.1 with Harbour Branch, Indian
    Overseas Bank, Tuticorin -628 004 and the document in support of the remittance is to be
    included in Cover I in PDF scanned copy-Annexure I.
    b)   The evidence in support of information about the Audit firm submitting the tender
                                                                                                      Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri, 11 pt,
    stipulated in (a) to (e) of Sl.1 above, duly attested by Notary as Annexure II(attachment         Complex Script Font: Calibri, 11 pt
                                                                                                      Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri, 11 pt,
    serially numbered as (A) to (E) . The following are essentially required:                         Complex Script Font: Calibri, 11 pt
                                                                                                      Formatted: List Paragraph, Justified, Indent:
                                                                                                      Left: 0.75", Line spacing: 1.5 lines, Adjust
    i)i.IIFRS Certificate issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountant of India                    space between Latin and Asian text, Adjust
                                                                                                      space between Asian text and numbers
    (ICAI) in the name of the partner.                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri, 11 pt,
                                                                                                      Complex Script Font: Calibri, 11 pt
                                                                                                      Formatted: List Paragraph, Justified, Indent:
    iiii). Letter of C & AG & R.B.I. empanelling the auditing firm for auditing PSUs for the year     Left: 0.75", Line spacing: 1.5 lines, Adjust
                                                                                                      space between Latin and Asian text, Adjust
    2016-17-2017-18..                                                                                 space between Asian text and numbers
                                                                                                      Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri, 11 pt,
    iii) Brief Profile of the auditing firm indicating atleast 43 number of partners and giving       Complex Script Font: Calibri, 11 pt

    evidence from Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) for the existence of the firm    Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri, 11 pt,
                                                                                                      Complex Script Font: Calibri, 11 pt
    for a period of atleast 10 seven years and having one partner       with not less than 10 years   Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri, 11 pt,
                                                                                                      Complex Script Font: Calibri, 11 pt
                                                                                                      Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri, 11 pt,
    iv) Work order, Completion Certificate, Balance Sheet and P&L Account of minimum five             Complex Script Font: Calibri, 11 pt
                                                                                                      Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri, 11 pt,
    different Public/Private Limited companies with an Annual Turnover of Rs.150 crores or            Complex Script Font: Calibri, 11 pt

    more for which the Internal audit have been conducted during the last five years (i.e) from       Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri, 11 pt,
                                                                                                      Complex Script Font: Calibri, 11 pt
    2013-14 to 2016-17. The Completion Certificates shall clearly specify the year of audit, work     Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri, 11 pt,
                                                                                                      Complex Script Font: Calibri, 11 pt

    order reference number and date and self attested by Registered Associate/Fellow Member
    and Partner of the Institute.
    v) Self attested copy of the audited Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account certified by
    the Chartered Accountant for the last three years ended 31.03.2017
    vi)                                                                                                Formatted: Font color: Green, Complex Script
                                                                                                       Font: Calibri
    c) This tender document duly signed (including the Format prescribed as Annexure II to the
    Tender Document duly filled in corresponding to information furnished vide Annexure I to
    Cover I specified in (b) above) as Annexure III in Cover I
    .( in scanned form to be attached to e-tender)
    d) The Fax/E-Mail offers will be treated as defective, invalid and rejected.
    e) Only detailed complete offers received through online prior to closing time and date of         Formatted: Normal, Line spacing: single,
    the tenders will be taken as valid.                                                                Don't adjust space between Latin and Asian
                                                                                                       text, Don't adjust space between Asian text and

II. In Cover II: Price bid'.                                                                           Formatted: Line spacing: 1.5 lines

      a) The price bid for undertaking this work shall be furnished in the prescribed form             Formatted: Indent: Left: 0.5"

      `Annexure III' to the tender .
      b) No conditionality is to be attached in the Price Bid other than furnishing the Price Quote
      of the tenderer for the Bill of Quantities prescribed in the Price Bid format and Notes
      furnished below Schedule of Price Bid . as per tender.
      c) Tenders with conditionalities to the the Price Bid shall be withdrawn if found available in
      the Price Bid attached by the Bidder ; otherwise, if not withdrawn , shall be summarily
      rejected .
(B) Both these two covers will be sealed independently and enveloped in the main cover.
      The main cover will also be sealed and submitted. All covers shall be superscribed to identify
      the covers viz. Cover-I, Cover-II, and Main Cover indicating the name of work as "INTERNAL
      Scanned copy is to be furnished for the above as part of e-tender.
(C) Price quoted shall be valid for a period of 90 days from the date of submission of Cover II.

4. Evaluation Method:
  a) Since the tender involves selection based on pre-qualification criteria, the F.A. & C.A.O.,       Formatted: Justified, Indent: Left: 0.63"
  V.O. Chidambaranar Port Trust will examine and seek clarification if any and list out the firms,
  which are found technically suitable and Cover-II Price Bid of such tenderers only will be
  b) The date and time will be intimated to bidders whose offers are found technically suitable
  and Cover ­ II of such bidders only will be opened on the specified date and time.
  c). The successful Bidder shall execute an undertaking (Section 5) on a Rs.100/- non-judicial        Formatted: Indent: Left: 0.63", Line spacing:
  stamp paper for undertaking the services as per the scope of work and complying with the             single, Don't adjust space between Latin and
                                                                                                       Asian text, Don't adjust space between Asian
  terms and conditions.                                                                                text and numbers

(D) The following conditionalities shall apply:
   1. All pages of the tender document should be signed by a person authorized for the
   purpose by the firm submitting the tender.

   (2) The Port reserves the right to ask for clarifications from any tenderer on the details given
       in the tender.
   (3) Tender price will not be allowed to be changed after opening the Main Cover.
   (4) The tender documents downloaded from the Port's web site should be used as such
       without making any alterations.
   (5) Any alterations /additions made shall not be considered and shall have no effect.
   (6) The tenderer shall not specify any additional conditions. Any additional condition shall
       be ignored and shall have no legal sanctity.
   (7) Curriculum vitae of personnel to be deployed for the work shall be enclosed.
   (8) The Port reserves the right to modify the whole or any part of the tender by issuing an
       amendment in writing and this will be sent to all bidders by registered post / uploaded in
       website also. Such amendments will be numbered and the same shall form part of
       this "Tender Document".
   (9) A)The tender should be sent to the Financial Adviser & Chief Accounts Officer, so as to
       reach him before the due date/time in case of tender submission through hard copy is
       chosen by the tenderer. The address is given below:

                The Financial Adviser & Chief Accounts Officer,                                       Formatted: Line spacing: single
                V.O.Chidambaranar Port Trust,
                Administrative Office,
                Tuticorin ­ 628 004.                                                                  Formatted: Indent: Left: 1", First line: 0.5",
                                                                                                      Line spacing: single

                        Telephone No: (0461) 2352254    Fax N0(0461) 2352201
                E-mail:       Website: www.vocport                          Formatted: Line spacing: single
(OR)                                                                                                  Formatted: Justified
       (B) E-tender will be accepted as per E-tender clause and terms and conditions with
       vide Annexure VII .
(B) E-payment procedure with epayment format for making payments to the successful
tenderer is to be furnished with information and duly signed by the tenderer.

                                                                                                      Formatted: Indent: Left: 0.94"
4.Tender Prices:
(1) Tenders will be received only upto the date and time specified in the Notice inviting
tender. Tenders received after that date and time will not be considered and will be treated as
(2)All tenders received by the due date/time will be opened at the date/time prescribed for
opening. i.e. the main cover containing Cover-I and Cover II will be first opened. Thereafter the

   Cover-I containing the technical bid or the information about the tenderer will be opened.
   Cover ­II will be kept unopened.
   (3)Tenders received without the cost of tender document (if not already paid) will be rejected.
   (4)Tender for which the cost are received will be considered for further process to analyze the
   capability of the firm to take up the work. Those found to satisfy the pre-determined criteria
   will be treated as qualified. The qualified tenderers will be informed of their selection by
   Registered Post/Mail. They will be allowed for witnessing the opening of Cover-II which will be
   sufficiently informed in advance, tenderers who wish to attend may attend at their own cost.
   (5)On the appointed day Cover-II of the qualified tenders will be opened.
   (6) The work will be awarded to the lowest offer. In case of a tie, the tenderers who have
   quoted identical rates will be asked to quote again to decide the lowest among them.
   (7)Upon final selection the successful tenderer shall be issued with a written work order to
   commence the work.

   5.Issue of work order and commencement of work:
   The firm to whom the work is awarded shall acknowledge the receipt of work order, pay
   the performance security and sign a formal agreement as per Annexure -V within 15 days
   from the date of work order. Upon signing the contract agreement, the contractor shall
   commence the work within a week. If the work is not commenced within the stipulated date,
   the Port shall proceed to cancel the work order.

   6. Performance Security:

The successful tenderer to whom the work order has been issued with shall pay a
performance security equal to 5% of the tendered value to the Port before signing the
contract agreement and commencing the work. The deposit will be with the Port till the
work is completed and will be returned immediately thereafter. The deposit will not carry
any interest. If the work is abandoned, or if the contract is terminated by the Port or serious
violation of the contractual terms , the deposit will be forfeited. The tender has the option to
furnish the performance guarantee in the form of a Bank Guarantee from a Nationalized/
Scheduled bank payable at Tuticorin. The form of Bank Guarantee is enclosed as Annexure

7. Performance of work:

 (a)The work shall be carried out as set out in the scope of work covered in the contract. The
Chartered Accountant firm on award of the work shall commence the work by deploy the required
and adequate manpower with required qualification for executing the scope of work. Further
compliance of ESI Act 1948 & EPFand MP Act 1952 shall be ensured..

    (b) All requirement of stationery shall be provided by the contractor himself and they should bear
    the firm's name for identification of reports/documents generated by them.

    (c) The place of work shall be the Administrative Office of V.O.Chidambaranar Port Trust. However,
    in case of necessity they may visit the work site/divisional offices with prior intimation/appointment
    of the officer in charge.

    (d)The normal office working hours will be from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm.

    (e)Access to computer terminals connected to the Integrated Computer System of the Port will be

    (f) Place of work and furniture will be provided by the Port free of cost at the Administrative
    (g) The tenderer and his employees shall maintain strict confidence of all information received by
    them in the course of performance of their duties. Any violation in this regard will be viewed
    seriously and will be liable for appropriate action. They shall not take any document/materials
    outside the Port premises without the written permission of the designated officers of the Port.
    (h) The work shall be carried out as per the scope and procedure indicated in the tender. On
    completion of audit of each quarter a detailed report in the prescribed form is to be submitted
    indicating the volume of work done in the form of statistics as well as in the form of running note
    highlighting the observations, proposed rectification alongwith details of the opening and closing
    meeting held by the Internal Auditor with concerned Heads of Department. The Internal Audit
    Report for a particular quarter shall be submitted within the calendar month following the
    completion of each quarter(calendar period).

8. Payment for work done:

 The bill for each quarter shall be claimed enclosing the relevant Quarterly Report . Payment for the
work done will be made on a quarterly basis within 15 days of submission of the Quarterly Report to the
Financial Adviser & Chief Accounts Officer alongwith the prescribed documents to be enclosed as per

9. Taxes:

 Income tax and all statutory taxes, surcharges, etc. shall be deducted from the payments and TDS
will be made by the Port at the time of each payment.


 GST payable by the Port, if applicable will be paid as per the actual on production of documentary
evidence (i.e) with GST registration Number and in the GST Invoice .

11.Security Deposit:

  Deduction @ 10% of each bill shall be made towards Security Deposit subject to a maximum of 5% of
the contract value subject to such additions / deductions thereto will be made. The security deposit
shall be held by the Port and shall be refunded after 6 months of completion based on receipt of no
due certificate to the Port from concerned offices of the Port. This deposit will not carry any interest.
If the work is abandoned, or if the contract is terminated by the Port for serious violation of the
contractual terms, the deposit stands forfeited.

12.Termination of contract:

 The Port reserves the right to terminate the contract for any violation of the contractual terms
and non- performance of work to be carried out under the contract. The Port shall however
proceed to terminate the contract only after giving an opportunity to the contractor in the form of
a notice to be given in writing to explain the reasons for the violations and slippages. If the
contractor fails to rectify the violation / slippages, the Port may proceed further to terminate the
contract. All deposits relating to this contract will be forfeited.

         Similarly the contractor may also terminate the contract by giving one month notice in
writing explaining the reasons for seeking termination. If the reasons for termination is due to
his inability to continue the work, all deposits relating to this contract will be forfeited. If the
contract is terminated by the Port for its own administrative reasons, the deposits shall be
refunded to the contractor. In that event, payments to the contractor will be made to the extend of
satisfactory completion of the scope of work upto the period of termination.

13. Penalty for delays :

The Quarterly Report on Internal Audit for each Quarter shall be submitted within one calendar month
following the completion of each Quarter as specified in Clause 7(h). For delayed submission of
Quarterly Report, Penalty of 1% of Audit Fee quoted in Sl.No.1&2 of each quarter will be levied for
each week or part thereof of delay subject to a maximum of 10% of total value of contract
throughout the contract period.

14. Period of contract:

 The term of the firm of Chartered Accountants will be initially for a period of two years and the
same may be extended for a further period of one year on mutual consent.


 The Port reserves the right to reject the tenders and without any liability for administrative

16. Note:

The last date & time for receipt of tender: 12.06.2018 at 15.00 hours
Date & time of opening the tender         : 12.06.2018 at 15.30 hours

                                                                                       ANNEXURE ­ 1

1.Scope of Work

   (1) The Internal Audit is to be conducted with a view to see whether:

       (a) All the transactions involving financial implications are properly accounted for;
       (b) The initial accounts records are maintained correctly and accurately;
       (c) There are no delays and /or irregularities in maintaining the Accounts and reports,
       statutory regulation ;
       (d) The provisions of the accounting standards, accounting procedure, rules and regulations,
       orders and procedure in force and instructions issued by the Chairman /F.A.&CAO from time
       to time are followed; and
       (e) Reports submitted are supported by basic records.

     (2) It is also within the purview of audit to bring to light any other points of interest which
may lead to reduction in costs and increase in efficiency. It may even suggest modifications in
the existing procedure for achieving the above objectives.
    (3)The role of internal audit should be such that it will be envisaged as a service input in an
organization and should be a valuable focal point for management planning and control.
      (4) For this purpose, the approach should be on a selective basis. rather than a searching
examination of debits and credits.
     (5)The coverage will be relating to Port and all transactions of Cargo handling Division.

2. Periodicity and Methodology

          The period of this contract is to cover all transactions relating to two three years starting
from the year 1st June, 2018. However, the continuance for the 2nd year , will be given in writing
by the Port after completion of the assignment for the previous year. The audit will be
conducted as per scope of work specified in the tender on a continuous basis throughout the year.
Internal Audit will cover all the departments at least once in a year and a programme for the same
is as follows:

I/II/III year :
    a) I Quarter- Finance Department (Revenue I Section and Works Section) and Medical
          Department and EDP Department.
    b) II Quarter-Finance Department (Revenue II Section and Mech and Electrical Works Section)
          and Civil Department.
    c) III Quarter-Finance Department (Paybills Section , Pension Section and Advances Section) and
          Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Department.
    d) IV Quarter- Finance Department (Tax Section and Admn, Medical ,Marine and Estt Section)
          and Traffic Department and General Administration Department.


(i) The report shall be submitted in two parts. The first part will contain a summary of
significant irregularities and second part will contain all the other irregularities, deficiencies etc.
noticed requiring rectification recoveries or adjustments. Annexure `A' to the Report as enclosed
should be attached to each report.
(ii)The report should be submitted with 1 CD and 2 hard copies and bymail to FA mail.

(iii) The report should not be a repetition of C&AG'S audit remarks or it should not be just
generated report available in the System either fully or partially. Report should concentrate/give
more attention to improvement in System Controls / Office procedures etc. Qualitative information
to management on cost /benefit analysis various operation /investments etc.

(iv) The report should state the Name, Qualification etc of all the persons who understood Internal Audit
of that quarter.

 (4)Special report should be submitted for each quarter (July to Sep...etc) on any functional area
within the next quarter Payment for the same is subject to acceptance of the report (Report will
be accepted if it is of a reasonable quality bringing out scope for revenue increase, reduction in
expenditure, system improvements etc).(v) The opening & closing meeting of Internal Auditor with
the HOD shall be enclosed with the quarterly report.


        A. GENERAL
         It should be verified whether all charges due to the Port Trust are correctly raised /
        realized as per the approved tariff, demands raised promptly and collections realized and
        credited to the Port account immediately. All instances of undue retention of authorized
        collections by other departments without remitting to the Port account should be brought
        to notice. Unauthorized collections made by other departments, if any, should be

       brought to notice. It should also be verified whether adequate steps have been taken to
       realize the arrears, if any. The raising of demand and collection of revenues from PPP
       operators are also to be covered.

             I) Rent:     It should be checked whether demand for rent, charges for supply of
             water and energy are raised promptly in all cases as per approved tariff and with
             reference to Building and Land allotments in force. Also it should be verified whether
             all demands have been realized as per demand and credited to Port account
             II)Electricity charges: In the case of electricity charges the first verification to
             be carried out is whether the total energy drawn / consumed is properly allocated
             among the Port, Port users contractors and employees. Then it should be ensured
             whether the demands have been generated and issued to all cases which should tally
             with the allocation done earlier. Then it is         to ensure realization of charges
             demanded and remittance to Port account as the same.
             III)Water charges: As in the case of electricity charges, water charges recoverable
             from various users should be first assessed out of the total charges paid to TWAD
             Board. Demand and collection of charges to be verified in the similar way as in the
             case of electricity charges.
             The basis for assessment of charges for miscellaneous services, charges for hire of
             machineries, equipments, centage charges for deposit works/works done for outside
             parties, raising of demands, collection of dues and crediting the dues collected in Port
             account should be verified.

 5. Vouching contract Payment & Tenders of high value:

              The important activities like finalization of Tenders for supply of Machinery, award of
              contract for Dredging and payment to Contractors/Suppliers and high value Contractors
              are to be audited by Internal Auditors in addition to other works listed above.


   The following are some of the checks of general nature to be exercised while conducting
audit of cash and stock transactions. These, however, should not be taken as exhaustive. Other
checks suitable to the occasion should be adopted wherever necessary.
       (i) It should be verified that all transactions (either cash or stock) are promptly and
       properly recorded in the relevant records and there is no delay or omission on this

       (ii) It should be verified that amounts received to the account of FA& CAO or other source
       have been taken to account on the same day.
       (iii) It should be verified that amounts received from the FA&CAO account on account of
       permanent and temporary advances etc. for disbursement are not retained in hand
       beyond the permissible time limit and the undisbursed amount, if any, promptly deposited
       with FA&CAO account. The permanent and temporary advance as shown in the accounts
       should be checked to see that these are correctly maintained and accounts there of have
       been rendered to the FA&CAO account within the prescribed time. Irregularity or delay in
       adjustment should be brought to notice of FA&CAO.
       (iv) The correctness of stock entry certificates recorded on the vouchers in support of
       purchases should be checked in respect of any one month being selected by the
       Accounts Officer/FA&CAO.
       (v) It should be verified that issues from the stock are made on proper requisitions, duly
       acknowledged by the recipients and correctly entered in the Stock Registers.
       (vi) Accuracy of the balances shown in the cash and stock books should be checked in all
       (vii)The correctness of the amounts drawn in pay bills and T.A. Bills should be checked
       with the attendance Register, tour particulars, vehicle log books etc.
       (viii) The amount of deductions made in salary bills towards leave or absence to be checked
       with reference to attendance.
       (ix) Physical verification of stores of general nature, tools & plants and other general stores
       in all departments including guest houses and other offices of the Port Trust should be
       (x)Apart from stores of general nature, stock of medicines, spares, wherever maintained
       shall also be verified.
       (xi)Stock of postage stamps, bank guarantees wherever held are to be checked.
       (xii) Register of reference books should be checked to see that books purchased during
       the year have been taken to stock and proper record is maintained as to issues and
       (xiii)It should be verified whether the cash balance available in the cash chest are verified


      The service books including the leave accounts of all the employees should be checked to
      verify whether they are maintained properly as per instructions contained in Rules 196 to
      Rule 203 of the Supplementary Rules.


 i.While auditing the workshop accounts, the job cards and out turn register should be
 checked in detail. The correctness of the allocation of expenditure on repair and maintenance
 of workshop to various works should be checked. The use of new parts should be entered into
 the log books and other connected registers. The account and manner of disposal of old and
 replaced parts should be particularly checked. In the case of jobs under-taken on behalf of
 private parties it should be seen whether the cost thereof has been calculated according to
 rules, recovered and credited to the Port Trust accounts.

          ii. The log books of vehicles, including buses, lorries, light vehicles. two wheelers etc.
 cranes, machines should be checked regarding mileage run, working hours, consumption of fuel,
 lubricants, furl, etc. It should be seen whether the log books have been properly maintained
 and entries thereon have been duly attested by proper authorities where the log books exhibits
 use of vehicle, machine etc. by private parties, it should be seen whether full and correct hire
 charges have been recovered. If the log book reveals misuse the reason there for should be
 investigated and brought to notice.

 iii.The accounts of Tools and Plants should be checked.
 iv.In case of purchases it should be verified whether purchase have been made as per the
           prescribed procedure.

 v. Internal audit is expected to test check entry of items from the goods received statement
     and indents to the bin cards. The balancing of the bin cards should also be checked in order
     to ensure the correctness of the quantitative balances. Special attention should be given to
     the review of ABC analysis, list of missing items, non moving items and excessive balances.

 vi.Where Material At Site (MAS) Accounts are maintained, it should be seen whether the
    accounts are maintained as per provisions of CPWD "A" Code and ground balances are
    verified at least once a year.

 vii.The accounts of the out patient treatment charges collected at Port Trust Hospital should
     be verified and to see whether amount was properly accounted for.

viii.The records maintained at Estate section towards rentals collected for hiring `Community Hall'
      for private functions should be verified based on the occupation. The demand, collection and
      remittances shall be verified.

 ix.The records relating to Port Guest House on occupation collection and remittance of rent
     and other charges shall be verified.

 x.The Internal Audit should carry out mandatory scrutiny of the bills and records listed out in
   Annexure- IV.

   9. ERP related implementation

           The Port has implemented the ERP by adopting SAP for all operations of Port. The Internal
           Audit is to ensure continuously the control system is in the place for raising demand,
           collection of revenues, TDS and other deductions in the payments and interfaces points
           between POS, HR , etc. with FI and also like PPP operations and highlight all receipts and
           payments are as per authorized transactions and no duplicate or triplicate triggering of
           receipts and payments take place.

     10. COMPLIANCE:

               The firm should furnish a compliance report as per Annexure ­B in respect of pending
               reports/remarks till completion of action/closure status.

The Audit Team should be headed by a partner who shall be a Chartered Accountant with office
inTuticorin and the Audit team may comprise of atleast 3 groups with atleast 2 staff in each group and
they shall carryout the Audit simultaneously in various departments / different areas.

i) The fees shall be quoted on financial year basis.

ii) The payment will only be made on quarterly basis after completion of audit /submission of report for
each quarter and also after considering the Compliance Report submitted by respective Departments
for the Action Taken on the queries of the concerned departments. The tax invoice of bill shall be raised
as per GST provision and the payment shall be made after deducting applicable TDS and other

(iii)The payment for the fourth quarter of the respective financial year will be made after completion of   Formatted: Normal, Indent: Left: 0.06", Don't
                                                                                                            adjust space between Latin and Asian text,
Internal Audit of all Departments. Further, the payment for the fourth quarter of the financial year will   Don't adjust space between Asian text and
be subject to submission of final report consolidating all the quarterly reports and covering the entire    numbers

scope for every financial year after considering the compliance report submitted by respective
Departments for action taken on the Audit queries / observations of the concerned Department.

The Chartered Accountant firm shall nominate a partner exclusively to dealwith the Internal Audit and
coordinate with VOC Port Trust at all times.The partner shall be in a position to visit the Port at any
time on any number of occasions for the purpose of carrying out the Internal Audit work. Apart from
that the Partner of the firm shall also be in a position to come for anydiscussion/meeting convened to      Formatted: Normal, Indent: Left: 0.06", Don't
                                                                                                            adjust space between Latin and Asian text,
deliberate on the Internal Audit Report on any number of occasions at any point of time. Any non            Don't adjust space between Asian text and
response/default in this regard will be considered as deficiency in service. The Chartered Accountant       numbers, Tab stops: 0.88", Left + 1.13", Left

firm shall give the details of the partner so nominated along with the address, telephone no., mobile
no., fax no., email ID, etc. Any change in the partner's nomination shall be made only after getting
prior written consent from V.O.Chidambaranar Port Trust.

                                                                                      Annexure ­ II
Information to be furnished along with the tender
For evaluating the status of firms participating in the tender for the work
1. Name of the firm                              :
2. Registration no. and date                     :
3. Agency whom registered/C.A.G/R.B.I
            With details                         :
4. Validity of the registration                  :
5. Address of the firm                           :
6. Telephone no.                                 :
7. E-mail address                               :                             FAX no:
8. No. of years in the business                :                              PAN No.:
9. Statistical information about the firm for the past three years:
No.      Particulars                                                 2014-15 2015-16    2016-17
1        Total man power in the firm ­ all inclusive

2.      a) Total number of licensed professionals
        ( Chartered Accountants and Cost Accountant)
        b) System Audit certified Personnel (with proof to be

3       Total number of clerical assistants
4       Total number of assignments of similar nature done
        so far.
        Copies of the works orders and Completion reports in
        respect of assignments already completed to be


         5        Total number of assignments on hand.
                  Copies of work orders on hand to be given
                  Enclose the details of assignments done sofar/on hand
                  in the annexure.

     Enclose copies of:
1.   Copies of latest Income -tax return filed.
2.   Copies of Certified Statement of Accounts of the firm for the past 3 years
3.   Xerox copy of income tax PAN card.
4.   Power of attorney to establish the authenticity.
5.   Copy of the Registration Number under Goods and Services Tax Rules.
6.   Evidence for Qualification for Chartered Accountants/System Audit Certified personnel.

                                                                                      ANNEXURE ­III


             I.   REVENUE SIDE
             Sl.No.      Area                                                         No. of files/bills to be
                                                                                     Checked      on random
                                                                                     basis p.m.
             1             Vessel Related Charges                                    10%
             2.            Cargo Related charges                                     10%
             3             Miscellaneous charges                                     20%
             4             Lease of Lands- rental charges (Long term Lease)          100%
             5             Lease of Lands- Rental charges ( Short term Lease)        10%
             6             Water charges                                             10%
             7             Electric charges                                          10%
             8             Temporary Power supply                                    10%
             9             Guest House charges (Collection & Remittance)             5
             10            Cash collections including Bus Pass Collection( Staff)    5

     II     Payment Side"
     Sl.No.     Area                                                                No. of files/bills to be
                                                                                    Checked on random basis
     1                Refund of Revenue Bills                                       20%
     2                Work bills more than Rs.crore each                            10%
     3                Purchase Bills less than Rs.1 crore                           10%
     4                E.M.D.Refunds                                                 10%

5                 Medical Bills(Firm Bills)                                    5%
6                 Pay bill recovery refund                                     5%
                  A. No.of Officials           Previous Month                  Current Month
                  B.Pay bill drawn
                  C.No. of contract employees
                  D. Bill drawn on (c)
7                 Pay bill /Pension drawn
8                 Sanction of Increments , withholding of pay, Tax calculation
                  with respect to Pensioners , Senior Citizens for automatic
                  implementation in System

      Sl.No. Area                                                          No. of bills to be
             a. Cash Section                                              Once in a month
             b. Green gate Check post/Zone A/Truck Park/Toll Gate 1       Pass issue once in a month
             a. Stores                                                    Once in a month at least
                                                                          25%of items on rotation basis.
             b. Petrol Bunk                                               Once in a month
             c. Sub division Stores                                       5 Sub divisions once in a
             d. Hospital/Dispensary                                       Medical Stores once in a
             e. Fixed Assets                                              Once in a year in the month of
      3       ACCOUNTING SIDE                                             No. of records to be checked.
             a. Suspense Register Review                                  10 Suspense Register every
             b. Cash book Rev./Fund/Other Fund Cash Books                 Every month

             c. TDS Recovery/Payment                                      Once in a month

             d. Remittance including ITC Credit adjustment                Once in a month

             e. VAT Recovery/Payment                                      Once in a month

             f.     Monthly Accounts Review                               Once in a month

                                                                                                                                                           Annexure ­IV
   Form of agreement
   This agreement made this                             ......................... Day of .................................2018 between the Board of
   Trustees of the V.O.Chidambaranar Port Trust, a body corporated under the Major Port Trust's Act
   1963(hereinafter called the `Board')which expression shall, unless excluded by, repugnant to the
   context,             be          deemed               to         include             their           successors               in         office)on              one           part
   ........................................................(hereinafter called the `Contractor' which expressed shall, unless
   excluded by, or repugnant to the context be deemed to include his heirs,executors,administrators,
   representatives and assigns or successors in office)on the other part.
  WHERE AS the Board is desirous of executing the work, WHERE AS the Contractor has offered to
execute and complete such work and WHERE AS THE BOARD has accepted the tender and WHERE AS
the                       Contractor                              has                        furnishe                            a                      sum                         of
....................................................................................)as Performance Security as per terms of contract for the
due performance of this Contract.
Now this agreement witnesseth as follows:
      1. In this agreement words and expressions shall have the same meaning as are respectively
             assigned to them in the tender document hereinafter referred to.

2. The following documents shall be deemed to form and be read and construed a part of this
     Agreement, namely,
     (f) Tender document with all Annexures.
     (g) All amendments to tender document;
     (h) Work order;
     (i) Letter of acceptance/acknowledgement; and
     (j) Agreement deed.
3.   The contractor hereby convenants with the Board to execute and complete the work in
     conformity and in all respects with the provisions of the Contract.

4. The Board hereby convenants to pay the Contractor in consideration of the execution and
     completion of the works, the contract price at the time and in the manner prescribed by the
     IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereunto have set their hands and seals the day and year
     first written.

     The Common Seal of the Trustees of V.O.Chidambaranar Port was hereunto affixed and

     The Chairman/other authorized officer thereof has set his hand

     in the presence of:

     Signed and sealed by the Contractor

     in the presence of:

                                                                                                                                                            Annexure V
Form of Bank Guarantee for Performance Security

In consideration of the Chairman representing the Board of Trustees of V.O.Chidambaranar Port
Trust(Herein after called the "Board") having agreed to extend. . . . . . . .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. . . . . . . .(hereinafter called the
`said agreement') of Performance security for the due fulfillment by the said contractor of the terms
and conditions contained in the said agreement on production                                                                           of Bank Guarantee                           for
1. We . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (hereinafter ref erred to as `The
Bank') at the request of . ..................................................................... contractor do hereby undertake to
pay to the Port on amount not exceeding Rs.. . . . . . . . . . . . . against any loss or damage caused to
or suffered or would be caused to                                     or suffered              by the Port by reason of any breach by the said
contractor of any of the terms or conditions contained in the said agreement.
2.We . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . .. . . do hereby undertake to pay the amount
due and payable under this guarantee without any demur, merely on a demand from the Port stating
that the amount claimed is due by way of loss or damage caused to or would be caused to or
suffered by the Port by reason of any breach by the said contractor of any of the terms and
conditions contained in the said agreement or by reason of the contractor failure to perform the
said agreement . Any such demand made on the bank shall be conclusive as regards the amount

due and payable by the bank under this guarantee. However, our liability under this guarantee shall
be restricted to an amount not exceeding Rs.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
3. We undertake to pay to the Port any money so demanded not withstanding and dispute of the
disputes raised by the contractor in any suit or proceedings before any court or tribunal relating
thereto our liability under this present being absolute and unequivocal.
4.The payment so made by us under this bond shall be valid discharge of liability for payment
there under and the contractors shall have no claim against us for making such payment.

5.We . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . further agree that the guarantee
herein contained shall remain in full force and effect during the period that would be taken for the
performance of the said agreement and that it shall continue to be enforced till all the dues of
the Port under or by virtue of the said agreement have been fully paid and its claims satisfied or
discharged or till the Finance department , V.O.Chidambaranar Port Trust certifies that the terms
and conditions of the said agreement have been fully and properly carried out by the said
contractor and accordingly discharges this guarantee. Unless a demand or claim under this guarantee
is made on us in writing within three months from the date of expiry of the validity of the guarantee
period we shall be discharged from all liability under this guarantee thereafter provided further that the
bank shall at the request of the Port but at the cost of contractor renew or extend this guarantee for
such further period or periods as the Port may require.
6.We ............................................................................................................................... further agree with the
Port, that the Port shall have the fullest liberty without our consent and without affecting in any manner
our obligations hereunder to vary any of the terms and conditions of the said agreement or to extend
time of performance by the said contractor and to forbear or enforce any of the terms and conditions
relating to the said agreement and we shall not be relieved from our liability by the reason of any such
variations or extension being granted to the said contractor or for any forbearance, act or omission on
the part of the Port or any indulgence by the Port to the said Contractor or by any such matter or thing
whatsoever which under the law relating to securities would but for this provision have effect of so
relieving us.
7.This guarantee will not be discharged due to the change in the constitution of the bank or the

8.We........................................................................................................ lastly undertake not to revoke this
guarantee during its currency except with the previous consent of the Port in writing.
9.This guarantee is valid upto .............................(Period)
Dated the of.............................

                                                                                                                     Seal of Bank.

                                                                                                                         ANNEXURE ­ A
(Should be a annex to each audit report vide Annexure ­ l ­ Rules3(1) )
Sl.No. Month       Para No.        Amount indicated in the report Amount                                                  Details            of
                                   ­ Lower      income realization recovered                                              Recovery
                                   (or)over payment

                                                                                      ANNEXURE - B
(Should cover reports which are submitted 2 months earlier)with reference to Annexure l ­ Para(7)

Sl.No. Month        Para No.    Brief remarks        Reply accepted/ or not   Present status

                                                                         Rate in rupees
Description of work          Stage      of Percentage of Rate     in Amount       Amount
                             Payment       total amount lumpsum for p.a           For    2
                                           quoted         every                   years


Conducting Internal Audit of    1)    Fees for
all financial transactions of   conduct       of 70%
V.O.C.    Port    Trust,   in   Internal Audit
accordance       with     the
Accounting Standards, Income    2) Submission
Tax Act and other accounting    of report every 30%
procedures of the Port as set   quarter
out in the tender document
under the `Scope of work' for   3) Total quote
a period of two years.

                                4) GST on (3)
                                5) Grand Total
   1. The rate indicated above is valid for First year and escalation is payable at 5% per annum on the
      above quote for second year.
   2. Payment will be made on or after submission of quarterly report within 30 days of completion
      of each quarter .
   3. Rate shall be indicated in figures as well as in words. In case of differences, the amount stated
      in words will prevail.
   4. The rate should be written or typed legibly and free from erasures, overwriting and
   5. Corrections/overwriting if unavoidable shall be made by scoring out and rewriting afresh and
      it shall be attested with dated signature.
   6. The rate shall be all inclusive. Only GST as applicable will be reimbursed extra.
   7. The amount payable is subject to TDS of all kinds.
   8. Rates for one class IV Assistant (Minimum wages rate as per Minimum Wages Act 1948 as
      amended from time to time to be ensured & proof of minimum wages paid to be furnished and
      to be deployed on all days in a month during the year except Sunday declared holidays of Port..
   9. The provisions of ESI Act 1948 and EPF&MP Act 1952 shall be complied with.

    Signature with Seal of the Company

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