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Artificial Limbs Manufacturing Corporation of India, Naramau, Kanpur
December, 09th 2019
                        G T Road, Naramau, Kanpur ­ 209217
                               "TENDER DOCUMENT"
of Tender No.Internal Audit/19-20/dated: 06.12.2019 Due on 06.01.2020 at.15:00 Hrs

                                                                     Date :06.12.2019
      M/s _____________________________

Dear Sir,

Artificial Limbs Manufacturing Corporation of India (herein after referred to as "ALIMCO")
wishes to engage partnership firms of Chartered Accountants/ Cost Accountants as "Internal
Auditors" for an initial period of second half of 2019-20 and then for 2020-21 and 2021-22.

ALIMCO's Head Office and main manufacturing plant is in Kanpur. Apart from this, the
corporation has Auxiliary Production Units at Mohali (Punjab), Bhubaneshwar, Jabalpur,
Bangalore and Ujjain with Marketing Centers at Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Hyderabad and
Guwahati. Its new Unit is also under construction at Faridabad.

The proposed Internal Audit requirement is for the corporation as a whole including Auxilliary
Production Centers as well as Marketing Centers. The assignment of internal audit is required
to be quoted for each of the above base stations separately. No travelling or Daily allowances
(including Stay Charges) are payable and hence the quote should accordingly be given.

Sealed quotations are invited under Two Bid (Technical Bid & Price Bid) System. "Technical
Bid" should be put up in one sealed envelope with all the enclosures and "Price Bid" should be
put in separate sealed envelope and both the aforesaid sealed envelopes should be put in third
bigger sealed envelope. On each of these three sealed envelope, the Name of the
Tenderer/Firm, Tender No., Tender Due Date and "Technical Bid"/"Price Bid" (as the case may
be) on respective envelope containing such bid should be clearly mentioned and addressed to
Manager(Finance), ALIMCO, G T Road, Naramau, Kanpur(UP)-Pin 209217 so as to reach by
14.30 Hrs on the Tender Opening Date mentioned above. All offers received in time will be
opened at 15.00 hrs on the same day at Alimco HQ, Kanpur in the presence of representatives
of tenderers who may like to be present.

      The corporation shall not be responsible for any postal delay and no tenders shall be
accepted after the due date and time.

[Internal Audit Tender ALIMCO second half 2019-20,2020-21 and 2021-22]                 Page 1

1.1   The suggested check list for conducting internal audit is enclosed at Annexure "A".
      This list is only a suggested list and not an exhaustive list. The intention is to audit all
      the business systems to have a reasonable assurance of the systems being in place and
      being followed in all the activities of the corporation.
1.2   For APCs and RMCs, the firms should co-ordinate with Unit In-charge whereas for
      Head Office, the co-ordination shall be handled by Manager (Finance). Overall
      coordination shall be done by Manager (Finance) in Head Office.
1.3   The Internal Auditors are required to give quarterly reports for each center and
      thus planning the manpower and man-days is the part of Audit Plan. The corporation
      does not specify the man-days required but it should be ensured by the Internal
      Auditors to cover the entire scope and provide a reasonable assurance on the
      efficacy of the Internal Control System.
1.4   During the course of audit, discrepancies must necessarily be communicated to the
      Unit In-charge in writing and finally reported after due care has been taken for
      typographical error for posting clerical errors. Findings should be discussed with
      Unit Head and the Report should have an endorsement of such discussions.


2.1   The eligibility criteria as given in Annexure "B".


3.1   The envelop marked "Technical Bid" should contain following:

             EMD of Rs 5000.00 in form of DD/Bankers Cheque/Pay Order in favour of
             "Artificial Limbs Manufacturing Corporation of India" payable at Kanpur ­
             Mandatory. Such EMD shall be refunded to the unsuccessful tenderers after
             placing the order against this tender. No interest shall be paid to participating
             tenderers. In order to expedite quick refund, bank details where the EMD has
             to be remitted back is mandatory.
             Certified copies of Certificate of Practice of each member issued by respective
             Institute - Mandatory.
             There are 4 pre-qualification criteria based on which the "Technical Bid" shall be
             evaluated. All necessary documents satisfying each criteria should be enclosed.
             The T-Bid evaluation committee shall evaluate on the basis of attested and
             signed documents in the envelope of "T-Bid" only- Mandatory
             Brief write up (Bio Data/Resume) on the constitution of firm, its partners with
             the Member COP and experience, the details of the paid staff/articled clerks ,
             Audits being handled presently (whether statutory, cost , stock , concurrent)
             and other relevant details the bidder considers necessary to indicate-
             Tender Document duly signed denoting brief understanding of the requirement
             as per check list) accepting the scope and deliverable ­ Mandatory.
             GSTIN No. ­ mandatory.

[Internal Audit Tender ALIMCO second half 2019-20,2020-21 and 2021-22]                     Page 2
3.2      The envelop marked "Price Bid" should contain following:

         (a)   Rates for the internal audit assignment clearly specifying the rate quoted in
               figures and in words as per Format "A" given with this tender.(price quoted
               sheet must be duly signed & stamped), in case no tax is quoted the rates shall be
               presumed to be inclusive of taxes. A bidder may choose to apply for any one/all
               the Centers.

The criteria for deciding successful bidders whose P-Bid shall be opened is available at
Annexure "B".


      4.01   The rates are required to be quoted for each center separately as per Format-
      "A". Any person desiring to quote for more than one center can do so provided he has
      sufficient manpower and resources to conduct the audits and give the report within
      the timeframe.

      4.02      The quote to be submitted should indicate professional fee and taxes as
      indicated in the format.

      4.03       To arrive at L-1 status, cost to company shall be considered. In case no
      bifurcation of tax and other charges are given, the rates quoted shall be presumed to
      be inclusive of tax.


5.01     For fulfillment of the contractual obligation of Internal Audit assignment, the
         successful firm shall deposit Security Deposit of 5% of the total value (after adjusting
         Earnest Money deposit) of job awarded.

5.02     The Security Deposit shall be refunded on successful completion of the assignment.


6.01     The offer/quotation submitted against this Tender shall be valid up to 90 days from
         the date of opening of the "Technical Bid".

6.02     The Tenderers shall be bound by terms of this tender document, if notification of
         acceptance of the offer against this tender is issued within the validity period.

[Internal Audit Tender ALIMCO second half 2019-20,2020-21 and 2021-22]                    Page 3

7.01   The Bills submitted by the Professional (along with GST No. of ALIMCO) should be
       duly verified by the concerned Unit In-charge (along with Accounts person) and
       Concerned officer of finance Department in case of Head Office.

7.02   The expenses, if incurred by the corporation shall be monetized and shall be
       considered as a part of reimbursement and shall be deducted from the Bill.
       Deficiency in terms of covering all the matters within the scope shall be referred
       to the Audit Committee whose directions shall be final and binding.

7.03   Payments terms are within 30 days of submission & admission of Report along with
       the Bill.

7.04   Payment shall be made through RTGS/NEFT for which RTGS/NEFT details (along with
       one copy of blank cancel Cheque) of Firms required at the time of submitting tender.

7.05   GST portion in the bill shall be payable on reflection of Input in GST Portal against our
       GST Number and availing input credit. GST No. is 09AABCA8899F1Z6 (ALIMCO HQ,


8.01   The time is the essence of the contract. The quarterly report has to be ensured. First
       Report shall be of second half of 2019-20 which should be given by 30th April 2020 and
       then for each quarter, the internal Audit report should be given by 20th of the next

8.02 The liquidated damages shall be levied for delay from the above timelines which shall be
     0.5% every week subject to a maximum of 10%+ GST @18%.

8.03   Any offer submitted against this tender in deviation from the terms of this tender will
       stand rejected.

8.04   Ensuring adequate manpower seeing the volume of the work and ensuring exhaustive
       coverage with quality of audit shall be the responsibility of the internal auditor and
       shall have a bearing on continuity.

8.05   The successful firm shall not sub - contract the internal audit assignment.

8.06    All entries in the offer shall be either typed or neatly hand written. Tenders having
       over writings/fluid application/cutting etc. without proper authentication will be

8.07   Conditional Offer / Quotation shall not be acceptable.

[Internal Audit Tender ALIMCO second half 2019-20,2020-21 and 2021-22]                   Page 4

      If any dispute/question or controversy arises in respect of or arising out of the
      assignment / Job Work Contract, the matter in dispute shall be referred to the
      arbitration of the Chairman & Managing Director of ALIMCO or its nominee and the
      decision of the Chairman and Managing Director or nominee shall be final and binding on
      both the parties.

      The provision of the ARBITRATION & CONCILATION ACT, 1996 as amended from
      time to time shall apply to such arbitration proceedings.

      Arbitration proceedings shall be held at Kanpur only and the Kanpur City Court will have
      the jurisdiction in the matter.

                                                                    Manager (Finance)
                                                                    ALIMCO, KANPUR

[Internal Audit Tender ALIMCO second half 2019-20,2020-21 and 2021-22]                 Page 5
                            G T Road, Naramau, Kanpur ­209217
                                       Format "A"

            To the Tender for Internal Audit for the Purpose of Quoting Rates

 Sl. Location* for        Professional GST@_ %(Rs.)     Total        Total Amount in
 No. which quote is       Fee (Rs.)                     Amount In words (Rs.)
     being submitted                                    figure (Rs.)
 1      Head Quarter,
 2      Bhubaneswar
 3      Jabalpur
 4      Bangalore
 5      Mohali (Punjab)
 6      Ujjain
 7      New Delhi
 8      Mumbai
 9      Kolkata
 10     Hyderabad
 11     Guwahati

Note: -
  1. GST needs to be mentioned with applicable rate and whenever rate of taxes will be
      amended by Govt., it will be paid on actual basis.
  2. L-1 STATUS shall be decided location-wise on the basis of Cost to Company (net of
      GST ­ as GST is available as input credit).
  3. In case of contradiction in words & figure, amount in words will be final and binding.
  4. The firm should ensure the required scope of reasonable assurance is met and should
      deploy the manpower accordingly.

      5. It is mandatory that the firm should have own branch for each location of
         ALIMCO in which they are quoting the rates for Internal Audit. In this context,
         also refer to Clause V of Annexure "B".

I have gone through the Tender Documents and agree to abide by the terms and
conditions of the Tender and have attached all the documents required.

                                                           (Authorized Signatory)
                                        Seal of the firm mentioning Registration Number

[Internal Audit Tender ALIMCO second half 2019-20,2020-21 and 2021-22]               Page 6

                                       Annexure "A"



The Scope of Internal Audit will extend to all areas except Year-end Stock Audit which is
assigned to separate Stock Auditors having mandate to conduct independent Stock Audit
in every Centre during the end of the year. The Auditors shall be required to give specific
information/comments, on the areas mentioned in the check list for the Management to
exercise control. However, the scope of the work will not be limited to the check list only.

The Internal Audit report should bring out the facts specifically in relation to any point
and be accompanied by constructive suggestions for improvement of systems, procedures,
internal checks and controls.

Some of the key areas are:-

     1. The Internal Auditors will be required to comment on the compliance with the
        provisions of law like Companies Act, Income Tax Act, GST (erstwhile VAT, Excise,
        Service Tax and other indirect Taxes), MSE provisions and other statutory
        obligations like timely submission of various returns and deposit of taxes etc. The
        checking is required to be done with respect to the Ledger balances and the
        working of the same should be an annexure to the Audit Report. The details of GST
        is also to be reported as per Appendix "A" enclosed.

     2. Payments made from the Centers are required to be verified from Challan copies.
        In case the payment has been advised to Head Quarter, the same should be cross-
        checked from Head Quarter and necessary compliances are to be reported in the
        Internal Audit Report specifying Monthly Details.

     3. Any other point which is required for complete reporting on statutory compliances.


Purchase, Issue, Storage- Material Management;
Payment and statutory deductions- Accounts

     1. Scrutinize the procedure for raising indents, inviting quotations, compliance of
        tender procedure as per Purchase Policy of the corporation, delegation of
        authority, preparation of comparative charts, recording of minutes and approval
        process and reporting variance, if any.

Annexure "A"
                                                  Internal Audit Check List...

   2. Receiving of material, its linkage with the Purchase Order, Storage and issue for
      consumption should also be vouched and any deviation in the system is to be

   3. Checking payment and purchase vouchers with regards to rates, weight, calculation
      of amount etc. It is also to be seen whether the charges like transportation,
      packing and taxes etc. are paid in accordance with the terms of purchase orders
      and the same are reasonable.

   4. Check whether the rejected material is returned to the suppliers timely/ intimation
      given timely and report the instances where system is deviated. To check if the
      rejected material is not lifted within specified period, the same has been scrapped
      or not.

   5. Review of suppliers' Accounts and report that the advance payments are timely
      adjusted/ pending for adjustment.

   6. Checking the Priced Store Ledger and its valuation as per declared accounting
      policy at the end of the year.

   7. To check that if standards are laid down then the materials have been consumed as
      per standards. Major deviations are required to be reported.

   8. Check records for issue of materials for job work and receipt thereof. Periodical
      confirmation from the parties should also be verified.

   9. Report variations in Work Order wise issue of material forming part of Bill of

   10. Carry out selective physical verification of store on the basis of stock report of
       previous year submitted by empanelled stock auditor to get reasonable assurance
       that perpetual stock taking is being carried out by Store In charge consistently.

   11. Reporting on the system of perpetual inventory being carried out by the Store
       keeper or any other Official authorized for the purpose.

   12. Reporting on the adequacy of stock levels and optimum inventory with regards to
       production needs.

   13. Reporting on slow moving and non-moving inventory on the basis of stock report of
       previous year submitted by impaneled stock auditor.

  14 .Verify whether the Bank guarantees received from various suppliers are in line with
     contractual agreement and their validity and Banks confirmation for issuance of BG.
Annexure "A"
                                                Internal Audit Check List...

        Also comment upon system of sending list of monthly outstanding BG's and list of
        BG's expiring within 30 days to concerned departments advising them to take
        necessary action and highlight non-compliances by the respective departments.

  15. Verification of Bank Guarantees and other documents in the Cash Chest with the
  registers maintained

  16.    Check Whether all Purchase order (PO) Raised by Alimco HQ, Kanpur is Timely
        feed in Computer by System Deptt.

  17. Checking of material/components/spares received by Shipping Deptt               and
      Preparation of GRN.List the cases of abnormal delays in preparation of GRN.

   18. 100% Checking of tender files more than 10 lakhs from indenting to placing of
       purchase order and report the cases of tendering without indent.

Order Booking, Billing and dispatches ­ Marketing, Warehouse & Logistic Section

   1. Reconciliation of Sales with quantity and rates.

   2. Checking the process of booking Orders, dispatch planning, transportation contract
      and placement of trucks, raising of Invoices on Customer and reporting the matters
      where there is a delay in raising of Invoices after packing and dispatch of goods.
      The scope shall also include delays, if any in raising Pro-forma Invoice after
      assessment and raising Final Bills to the SSA authorities.

   3. Checking of the Bills raised with the Pro-forma Invoice submitted earlier to
      Customers and reporting variances.

   4. In cases of payments through Banks, reporting of delays in sending Invoices to

   5. Checking the assessment reports relating to Fabricated Items, its correlation with
      distribution held and reporting on delays in raising of Fabricating Bills, if any in
      comparison to assessment done.

   6. Checking the rates charged. Rates should normally be as per the latest price list
      except for cases where payment has been received on earlier rates and the
      dispatches are carried out after rate revision. Variations not duly supported by
      approval of the competent authority is required to be reported.

   7. Study the system of Scrap generation and suggest improvements while reporting
      apparent discrepancies.

Annexure "A"
                                                 Internal Audit Check List...

   8. Verification of scrap disposal records.

   9. Scrutiny of Dealer's Accounts, State Government and other non-ADIP business with
      the help of DPS and reporting Debit Balances with concerned DPS Nos.

   10. Details of Camp conducted & expenses incurred as per Appendix "B" enclosed.

Cross Checking in the Financial Records ­ Transporter Bill Passing, Sales Booking, Passing
of Fabricated Items Purchase and Sale Bills, SSA- 40% , Dealers, Fabricating agency,
State Government, Miscellaneous debtors and CSR Debtors along with Reconciliation of

D.    Grant Utilization and Grant Accounting:
Administration of ADIP & ADIP-SSA scheme ­ ADIP & ADIP-SSA Marketing Cell
Administration of Vayoshri Yojana ­ Sr Citizen Scheme Cell
Grant Accounting ­ Accounts
Website updating ­ Concerned Marketing Cell & Systems Department
Media & Administration Charges Claims ­ ADIP & CSR Marketing Cell

   1. Verification of receipt of Grant-in-aid at Head Quarter only and correlating with
      Sanction Order received from Ministry ­ Through Accounts.

   2. Whether the ADIP/SSA subsidy has been properly utilized as per the norms given
      in the ADIP Scheme notified by the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment,
      Government of India and to check whether claims are reimbursed in accordance to
      scheme. ­ ADIP & ADIP-SSA Marketing Cell.

   3. Checking the DPS raised as per assessment report. ­ ADIP & ADIP-SSAMarketing

   4. If called for, attending the assessment or distribution Camps for undertaking
      audits & on the spot verification (Per Day Professional Charges shall be separately
      quoted excluding Train Tickets which shall be reimbursed as per entitlement on
      production of tickets) ­ ADIP & CSR Marketing Cell.

   5. Sample Checking of Utilization Certificates from Camp and co-relating with UC
      submitted by Marketing to Accounts Department for accounting of utilization ­
      ADIP & SSA Marketing with Marketing Accounts.

   6. Checking the Utilization Certificate Vouchers and its control mechanism in Excel
      Sheet maintained by Marketing Accounts Cell with its corresponding withdrawal
      from ADIP Accounts.

Annexure "A"
                                                 Internal Audit Check List...

   7. Checking the material dispatched but distribution not completed giving reasons for
      distribution not completed duly signed by Marketing Incharge (HQ) and Unit
      Incharge ­ this list should always form a part of the Internal Audit Report.

   8. Ageing of Material dispatched but UCs not submitted,

   9. Cross linking of UCs passed with the details as appearing in the website.

   10. Grant wise Sanction Order wise Grant Utilization Statement.

   11. Audit of Media Claims raised asper GFR.

For Vayoshri Yojana

   1. Checking approval of places by Ministry.
   2. Checking the DPS raised as per assessment report. ­ Sr Citizen Marketing Cell.
   3. Checking UCs obtained after distribution and cross linking with Website - Sr
      Citizen Marketing Cell.
   4. Audit of administrative charges and PMU Charges claimed from the Ministry.
   5. Checking raising of Claim ­ Camp wise from the Ministry.
   6. Audit of Bank Account in consonance with the claim raised.

For CSR Camps

   1. Viewing the conduct of CSR Camps as per the terms of MOU signed by other CPSUs
   2. Checking the claims raised by CSR Marketing Cell.
   3. Scrutiny of Accounts and receivables.
   4. Reporting any outstanding which is long overdue.
   5. Providing Utilization Certificates for CSR Clients.
   6. Review of Administration Charges in comparison to the permissible amount as per
   7. Reporting if any delay in raising the Bills to CPSUs/clients.

Advance from Customers

   1. Review of DPS and analysis of Party wise Outstanding
   2. Ageing of Advance and detailing of material against which advance has been given
      but material not supplied ­ getting the details from Marketing and analyzing the
   3. Are the advances and Debtors duly approved by competent authority as per DOP.
   4. Reporting based on the above.

E.     Loans & Advances
Capital Advance    -       Project Department
Annexure "A"
                                                 Internal Audit Check List...

To Suppliers           -      Material Management Department
To Employees           -      Accounts / Administration

     1. To report on the system of advances and checks & balances being exercised to have
        a better control for release of advances with proper linkages to the submission of
        expenditure/ purchase and deliverables in case of project items.

     2. Monitoring of the progress in case of project advances and other advances with
        proper control on Bank Guarantee etc. reporting of variations.

     3. Travel Bills audit and proper control on travel advances.

     4. Ageing of advances and reporting of advances which otherwise are recoverable but
        has not been recovered.

     5. System of obtaining confirmations, if any.


     1. Physical cash balance should be verified periodically during the course of audit.
     2. This should be reported whether unit has proper system of checking of bank
        interest and charges and if any discrepancy is found the same should be reported.
     3. Bank Reconciliation is prepared every week regularly and necessary adjustment
        entries are passed without delay.
     4. Proper records for Fixed Deposit Receipts are maintained with physical verification
        and confirmation thereof.
     5. Calculation of accrued interest.
     6. Maintenance of proper records of Bank Guarantees, FDR hypothecation, and FDRs
        placement at optimal rate.
     7. LC Limit etc., if any

G.      Creditors/ Payables

     1. Are the payments regularly being made without any significant delays.
     2. Proper Bill wise records for the creditors are being maintained and are being
        communicated properly.
     3. Disputes, if any are being settled.
     4. Reconciliations with the creditors and specific reporting thereon.
     5. EMD and SD verifications and reporting on old balances not yet settled.
     6. Review of various advances and its adjustment. List out long outstanding advances pending
        adjustment with reasons thereof.

H.      Project Accounting and Control

Annexure "A"
                                                     Internal Audit Check List...

     1. Proper Measurement Books are maintained and proper Bill Passing is being
        recommended by the Project Department.
     2. The payments being recommended are commensurate with the work physically.
     3. Proper put to use certificates are being ensured.
     4. Accounting entries are being recorded with proper documents and additions/
        adjustments from Modernization Grants is properly recorded.
     5. Review of booking of Capital WIP w.r.t. proper documentation and PO's/contracts.
     6. Review of long pending CWIP/Asset Clearing Account and reasons for not

I.      Payroll and Expenditure Booking

     1. Whether increments/advance increments granted to staff are being sanctioned as
         per the power delegated.
     2. Whether proper accounting for due wages & salaries is done. Un-paid wages are
         properly recorded & reconciled and paid only after obtaining application and
         sanction and verification.
     3. Check leave records, attendance records, service records, list of absentees,
         surprise check of persons actually present in comparison to the recorded one.
     4. Check all full and final settlements.
     5. Check the adherence to Pay Revision guidelines.
     6. Check all the Power Bills and to commentupon any additional charges included in the
         bills of power relating to earlier period specifying the nature thereof.
     7. Check the power bill as per tariff and other applicable rates & comments thereon.
     8. Verification of transport cost scrutiny of contracts for transportation etc.
         Recoveries for late delivery, damaged goods-in-transit and other terms and
         conditions of transport contracts.
     9. Verification of adequacy of insurance cover in respect of cash in transit and all
         assets, delays, if any in making insurance claims and outstanding claim. This is to be
         insured & reported that in case of declaration policies monthly declaration to
         Insurance Company, has been furnished by the units and adjustment of the
         premium at the end of policy period has been obtained from the Insurance company.
     10. To observe that all the regular expenditures are being accounted for on monthly
         and accrual basis with reporting on any deficiency observed or improvements on the
         existing system.
     11. Checking of availment & Utilizations of C off as per corporation rule & if any
         deviation may please be reported.

J.      MIS and Reporting systems

     1. Overview of the system of reporting and obtaining a reasonable assurance that the
        figures being reported are free from any material misstatements and the basis of
        such information are reasonably accurate and reliable and to certain extent
        verifiable from Books of accounts.
Annexure "A"
                                                    Internal Audit Check List...

     2. The MOU review during the intermittent period in line with the MOU signed with
        the Administrative Ministry.
     3. The authenticity of the data uploaded at various websites and its verification with
        Marketing Data.
     4. Inventory Management and review of constant improvements in the working with
        suggestions, if any.
     5. Review of Non Moving Inventory with liquidation plans.
     6. Review and suggestions, if any on Perpetual Inventory System and Physical
        verification of fixed assets.


     1. Check whether fixed asset registers in System are maintained and updated as per
        the requirement of the Companies Act'2013.
     2. Check capitalization of fixed assets on quarterly basis with various reports w.r.t.
        quarter under audit.
     3. Check the depreciation worked out for both the Opening balance and the current
        year additions.
     4. Whether all condemned and unused assets and its disposal have taken place and
        accounted properly, if any.
     5. Review of disposal of fixed assets and its removal from fixed assets register.
     6. Compliance of IND AS 16.
     7. Report on the compliance of The Companies (Auditor's Report) Order, 2003.


     1.   Review of CAG Comments of last year and improvement thereon.
     2.   Comments on points raised by Statutory Auditors and improvements therein.
     3.   Overall system effectiveness with suggestions on improvement.
     4.   Specific Proposals of Value-addition, if any observed during the audit.


Annexure "A"
                                                  Internal Audit Check List...
                                                    DETAILS OF GST RETURN

                                         FOR THE PERIOD FROM                     TO


MONTH                                                            OUTPUT

               AS PER GSTR-3B                   AS PER GSTR-1                 AS PER BOOKS              DIFFERENCE

         TAX           TAX            TAX               TAX           TAX             TAX          TAX          TAX
         ABLE                         ABLE                            ABLE                         ABLE
              IGST     CGST     SGST       IGST        CGST     SGST       IGST       CGST   SGST       IGST    CGST   SGST
        VALUE                        VALUE                           VALUE                        VALUE

MONTH                                              INPUT

          AS PER GSTR-3B         AS PER GSTR-2A            AS PER BOOKS           DIFFERENCE

                TAX                     TAX                     TAX                   TAX

        IGST    CGST   SGST     IGST    CGST    SGST   IGST     CGST   SGST   IGST    CGST   SGST

MONTH                                          REVERSE CHARGE

               AS PER GSTR-3B                   AS PER BOOK                   DIFFERENCE

         TAX           TAX            TAX               TAX           TAX             TAX
         ABLE                         ABLE                            ABLE
              IGST     CGST     SGST       IGST        CGST     SGST       IGST       CGST   SGST
        VALUE                        VALUE                           VALUE
                                                                                                                            DETAIL OF CAMPS CONDUCTED & PENDING DURING F.Y.
                                                                                                                                                                    Expenses Details
                                                   Date                                                                          Assessment                                                                                                     Distribution
                                                                                          Admin                                                         Total                                                                                                                                Total
        Unit   Type of                                                      Value of aids charges                                                       Assessment                                                                                                                        Distribution   Total Camp
S.No.   Name   camp    Place          Assessment             Distribution   & appliances allowed      Travelling Expenses     Event Management Expenses Expenses              Travelling Expenses      Meals Expenses     Car Hire Expenses     Tentage Expenses       Misc Expenses       Expenses      Expenses
                                                                                          (Amt in                                                                                                   (Amt in   Voucher   (Amt in    Voucher    (Amt in   Voucher    (Amt in    Voucher
                               From        TO             From      TO      (Amt in RS.) RS.)       (Amt in RS.) Voucher No. (Amt in RS.)   Voucher No.   (Amt in RS.)   (Amt in RS.)   Voucher No. RS.)      No.       RS.)       No.        RS.)      No.        RS.)       No.       (Amt in RS.)     (Amt in RS.)
                                             Annexure "B"
Pre-Qualifying Condition(PQR): The PQR and evaluation criteria for F.Y. 2019-20 is as under:

Sr. No.    Norms                                   Basis of Marks                    Max. Marks

1          Experience:
                                                   10 Marks per CPSU/State
           Internal    Audit of CPSU/State         PSU/Govt department                       30
           PSU/Govt department (In the last
           ten years ending on 31.03.2019).

2          Numbers of Partners in the Firm for     2 Marks for each Partner who              15
           a minimum period of one year on the     is ACA/ACMA and 3 marks
           date of Publication of Tender:          for each Partner who is

3          Year of Establishment of the Firm       1 mark per year (fraction of              15
                                                   the year to be ignored)

4          Average Annual Turnover of the          5 marks for per Rs. 20 lacs of            40
           best three years out of the last five   average     annual   turnover
           financial years ending on 31.03.2019    (fraction or part thereof to
           will be considered for awarding         be ignored)

The firms shall have to score at least 75 marks to be considered as qualified for opening of their price
bids. The Price bids of the firms that scores less than 75 marks shall not be opened. In case of non-
availability of firms having more than 75 marks, top 3 firms shall be eligible for opening of P-Bids.

    i.     Experience:
           a.   The firm shall submit appointment letters/contract agreements for the audit assignment
                or a completion certificate from the utility clearly mentioning the reference no. & date
                of the letter vide, which the assignment was allotted to the firm.
           b. In case, the firm has conducted Internal audit in an CPSU/PSU for more than one
                financial year, the same shall be counted as a single CPSU/PSU for the purpose of
    ii.    The firms shall submit its latest updated profile issued by the Institute of Chartered
           Accountants of India/Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of India.
    iii.   The firms shall submit its audited accounts of the last five years ending on 31.03.201 9.
    iv.    The firms shall also submit an affidavit on a stamp paper of Rs. 100/- stating that:
           "It is to certify that the firm has not been blacklisted by any CPSU/PSU. In case it is
           found that the firm has submitted false documents, the firm shall be debarred from
           participating in any bid of ALIMCO for a period of five years."
    v.     Should have own branch of the firm for each location (refer Format-A enclosed along with
           Tender) in which they are applying tender for Internal Audit of ALIMCO. In case of no
           branch, the TC-Bid shall be rejected.

Note: The balance sheet and all other financial documents attested/certified by CAs to
substantiate fulfillment of PQR should be with UDIN falling which the tender will be summarily
rejected without any further reference.

                                                                                       Manager (Finance)
                                                                                       ALIMCO, KANPUR
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