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Notification dated: 19.09.2014 - National Advisory Committee on Accounting Standards New
September, 20th 2014
ir, stcrroN     3, suB-sEcrloN (ii)l

                              GOVERNMENT OF INDIA
                              Mitristry of Corporrte Alfti|r

                                                    New Delhi, 18th September,2014.

S.O.       (E).- In exercise ofthe poweo confened by sub-sction (l) ofseation 2l0A of
the Companijs Act, 1956 (l of 1956), the Centra.l Covemment hereby constitutes an
Advisory Committee to be called the National Advisory Committee on Accountrng
Standards, consisting of the following persons to advise the Cental Govemment on the
fomulation and laying down of accounting policies and acaounting standards for
adoption by companies or class ofcompanies under the said Acl, namely:-

                                                    Post Held
$r_S. Name and Desienation
(l)    Shd Amadit Chopra,                          Chairperson,
       Chartered Accountant                         [Nominated under clause (a) of
                                                    sub-section (2) of section 210A1

       Dr. A.S. Dulga Prasad,
       President, Nominee of The                   lnominated under clause (b) of
       lnstitute of Cost and Works                 sub-section (2) of section 210A1
       Accountants of India.

(3)    Shri R. Sridharan, President,               Member,
       Nominee ofThe lnstitute of                  [nominated under clause (b) of
       Company Secretaries of lndia.                suLsection (2) ofsection 2l0Al

 (4)   CA. K. Raghu, President,                    Member,
       Nominee ofThe Institute of                  [nominated under clause (b) of
       Chartered Accountants   of                  sub-section (2) ofsection 2l0Al

 (5)   Joint secretary,                            Member,
       Ministry of CoQorate Affairs.               lNominated under clause (c) of
                                                   sub-sction (2) of section 210Al
 (6)      Shri Sudarshan Sen, Chief                          Member,
          General Managr-in-Charge,                          [nominated under clause (d) of
          Nominee ofReserve Bank oflndia                     sub- section (2) ofsection 2l0Al

 (7)      Shri P Sesh Kumar, Director                        Member,
          General (Commercial),                              [nominatd under clause () of
          Nominee ofComptroller and Auditor                  suL section (2) ofsection 2l0Al
          General of India

(8)       Prol: I.M Pandey,                                 Member,
          Ex-faculty,                                       [nominated under clause (f) of
          lndian lnstitute of Management,                   sub- section (2) ofsection 210Al

(e)       Joint Secretary, Tax                              Member,
          Policy LawJI,                                     [nominated under clause (g) of
          Nominee ofcentral Board ofDirect Taxes.           sub- section (2) ofsection 2l0Al

(10)      Shri Rostow Ravanan,                              Member,
          Nominee     of   Confederation   of   Indian      [nominated under clause (h) of
          Industry.                                         sub-section (2) ofsection 2l0Al

(l   l)   Shri Adesh cupt4                                  Member,
          Nominee of Federation oflndian Chambers           [nominated under clause (h) of
          of Commerce and Industry                           sub-section (2) ofsection 210A1

(12)      Dr. Ashok Haldi4                                  Member,
          Nominee ofAssociated Chambers     of              [Nominated under clause (h) of
          Commerce and Industry oflndia                      sub-section (2) ofsection 2l0Al.

(13)      Shri   S. Ravirdran, Executive                     Member,
          Director,                                         [nominated under clause   (i)      of
          Nominee of Securities Exchange Board     of       sub- section (2) of section   2I   0Al

2.     The Chairperson and members shall hold office for a period ofone yar from the
date of publication of this notification in the Official Gazette or till the constitution of
National Financial Reporting Authority under seclion 132 of the Companies Act, 2013,
(18 of2013) whichever is earlier.

l.        This nolification shall come inro force on      /f,th   September.20l4.

                                                             lF.No.l/        -CLv   (Part V)l

                                                                 (Amardeep Sl
                                                         Joint Secretary to tne C
           ts{|{d   *   {raq{, 3rqrtrRur, fiEr-2, Eis-3, JTEis (ii) d   trfiRrdT?tl
                                        gRA FFfiT{
                                    rFT{rr{a itrnt rrnnr{l

                                                       ;r*   eFft arftq: 18 frdq{, 2014
.FT.3{T.        +frq sr+n, *qfi gfrF-cq, 1956 (1956 fir 1) *r qRr 2106 4I
iqeTnr (1) aERr lrEiir arfrrql 6r rqi4 fr{i 6(', rf,d 3rfufr{fr * sttra +q-fi qr
6qfui * a-,f 6m @a f6('dri + R('*sr frffi' :rtr *or awa {firi 3it{
gfu+fud 6d * Tiriq f #frq s{6R *t rsn ii * R(' dgt arr+ r$q
c-dr6-6r sfrft arq t ara q-are+n sfrfr +r ara rrfr t d ffifua t
ft-sw cffi, gqh :-

F.q.   arf   3tt{   v{irq                  tlrtrd qq
(1)    *   3rqfjrd dc-J,                   3*qcT,
       qtc5 t.Ft5cc                        lqRT 2106 dit 5c?rm (2)            * qs (6) +'
                                           $ti-a arafifr'sgl
(2\    d. q. q. goi rsrc,        S6FI,
       3I!ACT, 8rr{&q arrra :itr lqRr 210fi 4I 3qqRr (2)                      +   EiE   (s) *
       Ti6.'d- dqr6R ird * $ti-a ar4Gsel
(3)    *  :m. $trra, gtqer,      TT6RI,
       s{rrfrq i;q$ g1iq {era lrrRr 2106 6t sqqRT (2)                         + ric (s) *
       t arqFdfiffi              sri-d draffEEel
(4)    Sv. +,. q, awe1,          Tr{{I,
       sTrrfiq qreS (';niitu ina FrRr 2106 6I lqrRT (2)                       *   cic Gfl       *
       + arqfr{ftH               sTti-d araffEEl
(5)    -gfld sfud,                         T{{I,
       6Rqt-c 6d d"rfrq                    lrrRr 2106 frr 5qirRr (2)     *   Eis (It)   *   3rrfF
(6)    afr gE   l-" t-a, mnt         Fs    q{er,
       E-6Tciitr6,                         ltrRr 2106 r iqtrnr (2)       *   Eis (q)    *   3{ti-fi
       eTrrdrq Fl.r6            d'6 *      araAGsq
(7)          * fr *c FrR, F6rFd*ro           s4F{I,
             tsrfffuO, sRd i fr{iTfi-        lrrf{T 21on     4I Jcq-{I (2) fi ris                (s.) +
                           + arcfr{F}fr $ti-a araGfi"zl
(8)          fr. s6. qq. q'gq          T6
          +iqrq vcgq, srrd-q cdtrfr ltnlT 2106 di Jq?rr{r (2)                        *'   Eis (q)       *
          {ena, :rra-+flq           :fin-a arqaEt-cl
(e)       qrffi qfu{, *r frft      or+a- S6FI,
             ll, +frq   q-iqeT 6-r Etg + leTRr 21os          fr    iqqm (2)          *    E-E    (6) +
          anfr{f,s}fr                        sti-a arqFfr-4
(10)      *   s-wrE r++a, :rrrfiq F6FI,
                qt{dq * awfrfFnfr Frr 210.F' +I sqrrRr (2) * Eic (a) h
          '{dra                       sti-d al4ff"4
(11)      fr sneet 15T, gTpiftq g{FI,
          drFrfl 3lt{ s-
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