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Omnibus Industrial Development Corporation Of Daman & Diu Ltd, Somnath, Daman
August, 16th 2021



(A Government Undertaking)

Plot No. 35, OIDC Corporate Office, Somnath, Daman -396210
Tel/Fax: 0260-2244731 Website: www.daman.nic.in

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Omnibus Industrial Development Corporation of
Daman & Diu and Dadra & Nagar Haveli Limited

(A Govt. Undertaking)
Corporate Office: Plot No.35, Somnath, Nani Daman - 396 210.

Tel: (0260) 2244731, 2241120.

Email ID: oidcdaman@gmail.com


The information contained in this Request for Proposal (the “RFP”) document or
subsequently provided to the Bidders, whether in documentary or any other form by
or on behalf of the Omnibus Industrial Development Corporation of Daman & Diu
and Dadra & Nagar Haveli Ltd., (henceforth referred to as “OIDC” in this document),
Daman or any of their employees or advisors, is provided to Bidders, on the terms
and conditions set out in this RFP and such other terms and conditions subject to
which such information is provided.

This RFP is not an agreement and is neither an offer nor invitation by the OIDC to
the prospective Bidders or any other person. The purpose of this RFP is to provide
interested parties with information that may be useful to them in the formulation of
their bid pursuant to this RFP (the “Bid”). This RFP includes statements, which
reflect various assumptions and assessments arrived at by the OIDC in relation to
the Project. Such assumptions, assessments and statements do not purport to
contain all the information that each Bidder may require. This RFP may not be
appropriate for all persons, and it is not possible for the OIDC, its employees or
advisers to consider the objectives, technical expertise and particular needs of each
party who reads or uses this RFP. The assumptions, assessments, statements and
information contained in this RFP, may not be complete, accurate, adequate or
correct. Each Bidder should, therefore, conduct its own investigations and analysis
and should check the accuracy, adequacy, correctness, reliability and completeness
of the assumptions, assessments and information contained in this RFP and obtain
independent advice from appropriate sources.

Information provided in this RFP to the Bidder(s) is on a wide range of matters, some
of which depends upon interpretation of law. The information given is not an
exhaustive account of statutory requirements and should not be regarded as a
complete or authoritative statement of law. The OIDC accepts no responsibility for
the accuracy or otherwise for any interpretation or opinion on the law expressed

The OIDC, its employees and advisers make no representation or warranty and shall
have no liability to any person including any Bidder under any law, statute, rules or
regulations or tort, principles of restitution or unjust enrichment or otherwise for any

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loss, damages, cost or expense which may arise from or be incurred or suffered on
account of anything contained in this RFP or otherwise, including the accuracy,
adequacy, correctness, reliability or completeness of the RFP and any assessment,
assumption, statement or information contained therein or deemed to form part of
this RFP or arising in any way in this Bidding Process.
The OIDC also accepts no liability of any nature whether resulting from negligence or
otherwise, howsoever caused, arising from reliance of any Bidder upon the
statements contained in this RFP. The OIDC may in its absolute discretion, but
without being under any obligation to do so, update, amend or supplement the
information, assessment or assumption contained in this RFP.
The issue of this RFP does not imply that OIDC is bound to select a Bidder or to
appoint the Selected Bidder, as the case may be, for the Project and OIDC reserves
the right to reject all or any of the Bids without assigning any reasons whatsoever.
The Bidder shall bear all its costs associated with or relating to the preparation and
submission of its Bid including but not limited to preparation, copying, postage,
delivery fees, expenses associated with any demonstrations or presentations which
may be required by OIDC or any other costs incurred in connection with or relating to
its Bid. All such costs and expenses will remain with the Bidder and OIDC shall not
be liable in any manner whatsoever for the same or for any other costs or other
expenses incurred by an Bidder in preparation or submission of the Bid, regardless
of the conduct or outcome of the Bidding Process.

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The Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu are tourists’ centered places known
for its Forts, Beaches, Gardens and Churches etc. The traditional culture of the
Portuguese still exists. Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu are also
industrial places as they are connected to Mumbai and Gujarat.
OIDC is a Government Company (unlisted) engaged in diversified activities like
Housing Construction, Liquor, having Industrial Estates. As per the Income Tax
Act, 1961 and as per Section 49 of VAT Act applicable for Dadra Nagar Haveli
and Daman & Diu respectively. our Company is required to have Chartered
Accountant Firm for conducting Audit of the Corporation. OIDC invites bids on
single stage two bid system for Selection of Tax Consultant for Income Tax, VAT
and GST under Direct and Indirect Tax for OIDC.

The authorized and paid-up share capital of the Company is Rs. 50 Crore and
Rs. 20.07 Crore respectively. Presently the entire share capital is held by the
Government of India.
OIDC registered office is located at Secretariate, Fort Area, Moti Daman – 396
220 and its Corporate office situated at Plot No. 35, Somnath, Nani Daman – 396
210 and division office located at Silvassa and Diu.

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Notice Inviting Tender (NIT)

Omnibus Industrial Development Corporation of Daman & Diu and Dadra &
Nagar Haveli Ltd. (OIDC Ltd.)

Notice Inviting RFP for “Selection of Tax Consultant for Income Tax, VAT
and GST under Direct and Indirect Tax for the period of one year from date
of its appointment”.

Bid for “Selection of Tax Consultant for Income Tax, VAT and GST under Direct and
Indirect Tax for the period of one year from date of its appointment” is invited from the

bidder meeting the basic eligibility criteria as stated in the bid document.

RFP documents available www.daman.nic.in
Bid Security/EMD
EMD of ` 5,000/- (Rupees Five Thousand Only) shall be
Date of issue of RFP either in form of Demand Draft or Bank Guarantee of
any Nationalized / Scheduled Bank and Demand Draft
for EMD of ` 5,000/- is to be prepared in the name
of OIDC Ltd. and payable at Daman.
13.08.2021 (www.daman.nic.in)

Pre Bid meeting date and 20.08.2021 at 11.00 hrs


Last date for submission of 23.08.2021 at 18.00 hrs

Technical and financial bid

Technical Bid opening date 25.08.2021 at 16.30 hrs

Financial Bid opening date 27.08.2021 at 11.00 hrs

Address : Office of the General Manager, OIDC, Corporate Office,

Plot No. 35, Somnath, Nani Daman – 396210.

Email: oidcdaman@gmail.com

The right to accept/reject any or all bid(s) received is reserved without assigning
any reason thereof.

General Manager
OIDC Ltd. Daman.

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1. Income Tax Consultancy of
a. Filing of Income Tax Return as per Income Tax Act, 1961 (Including
Assessment Proceeding before Income Tax Authorities such as ACIT,
CIT(A) proceeding, other Miscelleneous Tax Notices Compliances etc.
b. Income Tax Consultancy, opinion, Tax planning and Transactions planning
2. VAT Consultancy of
a. VAT Consultancy for Daman & Diu
b. VAT Consultancy for Silvassa (DNH)
c. VAT Consultancy for VAT Assessment, Appeal and Notices complainces
3. GST / Service Tax Consultancy of
a. GST Consultancy for Daman & Diu
b. GST Consultancy for Silvassa(DNH)
c. Including Consultancy of filing GSTR and 9C.
d. GST consultancy for GST department Audit, Appeals, Notice
Compaliances and Return filing etc.
4. Consultancy for any other Direct and Indirect Tax matter as required by OIDC.

The firm will have provided service as stated in Scope of Work within the due date

under the respective Acts.

CA Firm will be appointed for the one year from date of its appointment. The selected
CA firm may be re-appointed up to a maximum period of three years on annual basis
depending upon their satisfactory performance of the firm in the previous year.


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The bids of only those CA firms will be considered, which satisfy the following eligibility

i) The Chartered Accountant Firm is required to have Income Tax Permanent
Account Number (PAN) and GST Registration Number.

ii) The firm or any partner of the firm should not be black listed by any Government
Departments, C&AG, PSUs or any other organization in respect of any assignment
or behavior. The firm has to submit the No blacklisting certificate as per Sub-

iii) The CA firm should submit their turnover for the last 3 (three) financial years in the
format attached at Sub-Annexure-A-2.

iv) The CA Firm should have been in operation for minimum 5 years.


i) The professional fee quoted by the firm shall be valid for the entire contract
period. Payment shall be made on completion of the contract period.

ii) Invoice should be raised in duplicate in favor of “OIDC Ltd”.
iii) Statutory Taxes will be paid at prescribed rate during the contract period.
iv) TDS will be deducted as per prevailing rates prescribed in the Income Tax Act

from all payment made by OIDC.


i) Complete Bid (Technical Bid & Price Bid to be submitted) with the prescribed bid
forms should be submitted at the designated place at Office of the General
Manager, OIDC, Corporate Office, Plot No. 35, Somnath, Nani Daman – 396210 on
or before the time and date fixed for submission of bid (“Bid Due Date”). Bid
submitted after Bid Due Date and time will be rejected.

ii) Format of Application must be completely filled in. Incomplete applications will be
rejected outright.

iii) Please ensure that date of establishment of registered office, Branch office,
details of all partners into the firm should be invariably indicated in the

iv) All submitted documents should be signed by a Managing Partner with his name
and under the seal of the firm.

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v) Any application received after the stipulated date & time, due to any reason
whatsoever, will be rejected outright.

vi) Not more than one bid shall be submitted by one tenderer /bidder having
business relationship.

vii) The Bid shall be deemed to have been submitted after careful study and
examination of this RFP document.

viii)The Bid should be precise, complete and in the prescribed format as per the
requirement of this RFP document.

ix) Failure to furnish all information or submission of a bid not responsive to this RFP
will be at the Bidders’ risk and may result in rejection of the bid.

x) OIDC invites bids from Daman and nearby area of Daman i.e. Maharashtra or

xi) Due to negligent act of the Bidder, if OIDC suffers losses, and incurs damages,
the quantification of which may be difficult, the total amount of liquidated
damages under this engagement shall not exceed 5% of the total value of the
work order and the Bidder shall agree to pay such liquidated damages as

xii) The Bidder shall indemnify OIDC and keep indemnified for any loss or damage,
cost or consequences that OIDC may sustain, suffer or incur on account of
violation/noncompliance of any statutory requirement in conducting the
assignment. The Bidder shall always remain liable to OIDC for any losses
suffered by OIDC due to any negligence or fault on the part of the bidder, and the
bidder also shall indemnify OIDC for the same Bidder is responsible and
accountable for managing the activities of its personnel. Bidder shall be
vicariously liable for any acts, deeds or things done by their employees which is
outside the scope of work or authority vested or instructions issued by OIDC.

xiii)The Bidders acknowledge that in the course of performing the obligations under
this tender, each party shall be exposed to or acquire information of the other
party, which such party shall treat as confidential. Neither party shall disclose the
Confidential Information to a third part.


i) Registration certificate of the firm issued by the Institute of Chartered
Accountants of India (ICAI).

ii) Copy of Membership Card of the Partners issued by ICAI.

iii) Copy of PAN card of the CA Firm.

iv) Copy of GST Registration of the Firm.

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v) Copies of Balance sheet and Profit & Loss Account of last three years (2017,
2018-19 and 2019-20).

vi) Certificate of No Blacklisting as per Sub-Annexure-A-1.
5. General Manager, Omnibus Industrial Development Corporation of Daman & Diu

and Dadra & Nagar Haveli Ltd., (OIDC) reserves the right to accept or reject any or
all the offers received or cancel bidding process prior to award of any contract,
without assigning any reason whatsoever.
6. Selection of firm will be done only after detailed scrutiny of the credentials of the firm.
Interested firms meeting all the pre-qualification criteria as mentioned in point-1
above may submit their offer in the prescribed Annexure /sub-Annexure of the
i) Annexure-II duly filled pre-qualification-cum-technical Bid along with all

supporting documents duly signed with Seal of the authorized partner should
be submitted in physical format.

ii) Annexure-III duly filled Financial Bid for OIDC should be submitted in

physical format.

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Sl.No. Particulars Name & address of the firm
1 Chartered Accountant Firm Name & Address of authorized partners
Telephone Number with STD code
2. Pre-qualification Criteria Mobile No.(s) of Partners
a) e-mail ID
b) The CA Firm is required to have Income (Submit copy of supporting document
Tax Permanent Account Number (PAN) regarding address of the firm)
c) and GST Registration. PAN number of the CA Firm
The average gross professional fee (Submit Copy)
d) received/earned by the firm in last three GST Registration No.
e) financial years (2017-18, 2018-19 and (Submit Copy)
2019-20) as Centre-wise mentioned in
the RFP document. Details to be provided as per SUB-
The CA Firm should have at least ANNEXURE A-2
5years experience in Audit of Annual
Accounts of Central Autonomous Details to be provided as per SUB-
bodies/ other organization particularly in ANNEXURE A-3.
education field / Public Sector (Submit copy of establishment of the
Undertakings and Filing of Returns of Firm)
Income Tax. Refer RFP Document (Attach copy of work orders as
Numbers of Article Clerk/ Staff and other evidence)
staff on payroll of firm No. of Articles and other performing
audit /accounting work (in figures and
The firm or any partner of the firm words)
should not be black listed. Submit self declaration Certificate as
per Sub-Annexure-A-1

Certified that the above particulars are correct. In the event of any information found to
be incorrect, be it at any time. OIDC is at liberty to reject the proposal/work awarded to
this CA Firm.

Date: Signature:

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(To be filled by bidder)

Name & address of the firm:-

(Figures in Rupees)




We ___________ (name of the firm) having address at ______________ do
hereby apply in pursuance of RFP dated __________ to your Company for
providing following professional service in your Company. Please find our
financial quote as follows:

Sr. Type of Professional Services Unit Total amount in `
(Inclusive of all taxes /


4 Consolidated fees for Consultancy work Yearly

as stated in Scope of Work. (Income Tax,

VAT, GST and other miscellaneous

services for OIIDC)

The above fees is inclusive of all taxes and of travelling expenses like lodging
and boarding expenses, out of pocket expenses, etc. We assure your good
office that the charges quoted above are full and final and no other additional
charges will be applicable for providing any or all of the professional services
mentioned above.
Thanking You

Yours Faithfully

For Name of Firm

Name of Chartered Accountant making application
Mem No.
Place :
Date :

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Self – Declaration – No Blacklisting

(On the letter head of the Firm)

The General Manager
OIDC, Corporate Office, Plot no. 35,
Somnath, Nani Daman – 396 210.

In response to the Request For Proposal (RFP) for selecting Tax Consultant
for Income Tax, VAT and GST under Direct and Indirect Tax for OIDC. I/ We hereby
declare that presently our Chartered Accountant (CA)……………..is having
unblemished record and is not declared ineligible for corrupt & fraudulent practices
either indefinitely or for a particular period of time by any State / Central
Government / PSU / Autonomous Body.

We further declare that presently our CA firm……………... is not blacklisted and
not declared ineligible for reasons other than corrupt & fraudulent practices by any
State / Central Government / PSU / Autonomous Body on the date of Bid

If this declaration is found to be incorrect then without prejudice to any other
action that may be taken, my / our security may be forfeited in full and the tender if
any to the extent accepted may be cancelled.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Signatures _______________________
Name _________________________

Seal of the CA Firm __________________________

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Details of CA Firm’s professional income
(Gross professional Fees received/earned)

(Rupees in lakhs)

Particulars Financial Year Financial Year Financial Year
Gross Professional 2017-2018 2018-2019
fees received/

Furnish the copy of the Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet as documentary
evidence in support of the information provided above.

Date: Signature:

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