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 Inordinate delay in income tax appeal hearings
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 ITAT refuses to stay tax demand on former owner of Raw Pressery brand
 Bombay HC sets aside rejection of refund claims by GST authorities
 [Income Tax Act] Faceless Assessment Scheme does not take away right to personal hearing: Delhi High Court
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 Delhi High Court Seeks Status Report from Centre for Appointments of Chairperson & Members in Adjudicating Authority Under PMLA
 Delhi High Court allows Income Tax Exemption to Charitable Society running Printing Press and uses Profit so generated for Charitable Purposes
 ITAT accepts Lease Income as Business Income as Business Investments were mostly in nature of Properties

Income Tax Appellate Tribunal, Mumbai Benches, Mumbai Consolidated Cause List Of Saj Ma/ Pronouncement For Friday 17.08.20 18
August, 17th 2018

.     ROOM Qt                    I Before _S/ShriJoginder Singh, JM          Kum ar, AM

  1     MA 209/M/ 18               Ritesh Kantilal Bafna                         C/AM

                                 II Before /Shri. Joginder SipghJM&N. K. Pradhan, AM

  I     ITA    5274/M/15           Smt, Santa S Mantni (for clarification)        E // -
  2     ITA    5346/M/15           Smt. Santa S Mantri (for clarification)
 3-9    ITA    4298-4304/M/ 17     Sharp Realtors (PH)
10-14   ITA    4081-4085/M/17      Sharp Realtors (PH)
17-20   ITA    6153-6158/M/ 17     Swastik Spaces Ltd.(PH)                        3/-
21-20   ITA    6079-6084/MI 17     Swastik Spaces Ltd.(PH)                        3/-
27-33   ITA    5724-5730/M/17      Deepak Shah (PH)                               J/-
344C    ITA    5565-5571/M/17      Deepak Shah (PH)                               3/-
41-46   ITA    4267-4272/M/17      Viva Swastik Developers (PH)
47-52   ITA    4075-4080/M/17      Viva Swastik Developers (PH(                   3/-
 53      ITA   6711/M/17           Jivdani Housing Projects Ltd. (PH)             3/-
54-58    ITA   6712-6716/M/17      Kishor Naik (PH)                               3/-
59-60   ITA    6867-6868/M/ 17     Kishor Naik (PH)                               3/-
01-62   ITA    6717-6719/M/16      Smt. Rupali Mhatre (PH)                        Jj--
64-65   ITA    6861-6862/M/17      Smt. Rupali Mhatre (PH)
66-69   ITA    6720-6723/M/ 17     Viva Swastik Developers (PH)
 70     ITA    6724,/M/ 17         Swastik Estate (PH)                            3/-
 71     ITA    6854/M/17           Swastik Estate (PH)                            3/-
72-78   ITA    6724-6730/M/17      Pratibha Naik (PH)                             3/-
 79     ITA    6864/M/16           Pratibha Naik (PH)                             3/-
8081    ITA    7016-7011/M/17      Shri Kishor Naik (PH)                          3/-
82-86   ITA    6731-6735/M/ 17     Viva Swastik Developers (PH)                   3/-
87-88   ITA    6865-6866/M/17      Viva Swastik Developers (PH)                   3/-
89-93   ITA    6771.-6775/M/17     Shri Hemant Mhatre (PH)                        3/-
94-90   ITA    6855-6860/M/17      Shri Hemant Mhatre (PH)                        3/-
 100    ITA    6803/M/ 17          Shri Hemant Mhatre (PH)                        3/-
        ITA    6776-6781/M/17      Smt. Beena Shah (PH)                           3/-
 107    ITA    6863, M/ 17         Smt, Beena Shah (PH)                           3,'-

        ITA    6538-6541/M/17      Viva Shelter (PH)                              3/-

 112    ITA    6383/M/17           Viva Shelter (PH)                              3/-

        ITA    7009-7010/M/17      Shri Deepak (PH)                               3/-

 115    ITA    7017/M/ 17          Shri Deepak (PH)                               3/-

        ITA    7012-7013/M/17      Shri Pankaj Thakur (PH)

 1      MA    709/M/17
                               I Before- S/Shri. Mahavir Singh, JM

                                    Poona Galvonizers Pvt. Ltd.                      SMC 3M
 2      MA    192/M/ 18             Raj Files and Stationers Pvt. Ltd.               SMC      3M

                               H Before Shri. Mahavir Singh, JM & Shamim Yahy

 I      MA    324/M/18              Co-Operative Robobank Ltd.                       L,/AM
 2      MA    369/M/ 18             Co-Operative Robobank Ltd.                       L/AM

                               III Before S/Shri. Mahavir Singh, JM & Rajesh Kumar, AM

 1      MA    747/M 1 ' 17          Rajesh Ambala! Shah                              0/AM
2-4     MA    83to85/M/18           PravinDJain                                      C/AM
5-9     MA    57 to 61 /M/18        Dorf Ketal Chemicals LLC                         D/AM
10      ITA   1452/M/17             Aries Agro Ltd.(for clarification)

                               IV Before S/Shri. Mahavir Sinh. JM & N.K.Pradhan. AM

 I      MA    875/M/17              Arch Pharma Labs Ltd.                            A/AM
 2      MA    164/M/18              Manish Vastimal Jam                              H/AM
 3      MA    165/M/18              Vikas Jayantilal Solanki                         H/AM
 4      MA    182/M/18              Pate! Engineering Ltd.                           C/AM

COURT ROOM NO. J41             I Before S/Shri Shamim Yahya, AM&Ram LalNegi, JM

    1   ITA 5593 / M' 15            lqbal M Chagla (Low Tax Case)                      I/ -

COURT ROOM      NO. J          I    Before S/Shri B.R.Baskaran, AM -

    1   MA 142/M/18                 Unity Developers                                 SMC/-

                               H Before S/Shri B.R.Baskaran, AM & Saktijit Dey, JM

                                    Dedicated Healthcare Services (TPA) India Pvt.
1-2     MA 328&,329/M/18            Ltd.

COURT ROOM NP.       1 7j       I   Before S/Shri Saktijit Dev, JM &Manoj Kumar       ggarwal, AM

    I   ITA   1733, M/ 18           Inter carat Jewellery Pvt. Ltd.(Low Tax Case)
    2   ITA   1734/M/ 18            Inter carat Jewellery Pvt. Ltd.(Low Tax Case)
    3   ITA   1735/M/18             Inter carat Jewellery Pvt. Ltd.(Low Tax Case)
    4   ITA   1736/M/ 18            Inter carat Jewellery Pvt. Ltd.(Low Tax Case)      Fl-

    5   ITA   1737/M/18             Inter carat Jewellery Pvt. Ltd.(Low Tax Case)
                               The following cases are adjourned to 24.08.2018

                 367/M/ 18
                 (ITS 6972!M,/ 17)
1 -2     SA                            M/s. Procter and Gamble Co.                           L,/ -
                 368/M/ 18
                 (ITA 6973/M/17)
                 347/M/18      ITA
 3       SA                            UBS Securities India Pv. Ltd.                          K;-
                 TL)! M 16)
 4       MA      164/M/17              Mobile 2 Win India Pvt. Ltd,                         B / AM
 5       MA      145/M/18              Late Kalvani Bhagat (L/H Vinod Bhagat)               A! 3M
 6       MA      176/M/18              J.N. Investment & Trading Co. Pvt. Ltd.              C / 3M
 7       MA      46/M/18               Kamat Hotels (India) Ltd.                            A/AM
 8       MA      212/M/18              Siemens Ltd.                                         H/3M
 9       MA      436/M/18              Anil Agarwal                                         A/AM
 10      MA      2l0/M/18              Ghisulal Hamermal & Co.                              S C/-
 11      MA      160/M/18              Konark Strauctural Engineers Pvt. Ltd,               A/3M
 12      MA      391/M/12              Ramesh D Tainwala                                    D/JM
 3-15    MA      185 to 187/M/16       Sriram Maintenance Service                            H/3M
 16      MA      114/M/18              Sharad Kumar Saraf                                   3 / AM
17-21    MA      373 to 377/M/ 18      Nivea India Pvt. Ltd.                                 K / 3M
 22      MA      97!M/18               Paresh B Vora                                         F / 3M
23-24    MA      152-153/M/18          Sanjay Kashiram Goyal
 25      MA      422/M/16              Murarilal S Moth' (For Clarification)                 B7 -
 26     IT(SS)   25/M/11                Merind Ltd. (for Clarification)                      B/-
 27       ITA    1850/M/17              Kewal Kiran Finance Pvt. Ltd. (for clarification)   SMC/-
 28       ITA    4301/M/16             Egon Software Pvt. Ltd.(for clarification)
 29      ITA     3080/Mi 17            A.K & I Advertising Pvt. Ltd.(for clarification)     SMC/-
 30       ITA    7385/M/17             Alchemic Dye Chem Pvt. Ltd.(for clarification)       SM C / -
 31       ITA    7470/M/17             Rajendra Godshalwar (for clarification)              SM C / -
 32      [TA     7264/M/17             Pravin B Mehta (for clarification)                   SMC/-
 33      ITA     3700/M/06             Monsanto India Pvt. Ltd.(for Clarification)            K/-
 34       CO     338/M/06              Monsanto India Pvt. Ltd.(for Clarification)
 35       ITA    7472/M/17             HDFC Property Fund (SG)(for Clarification)             A/_
 36-           -473 &474/M/16.
         ITA                            Grasim Industries Ltd. (for Clarification)            G/-
 39        -     1120&112I/M/16

 40      ITA     1404/M/17              CWT India Pvt. Ltd. (for Clarification)               K'-
 41      ITA     23/M/15                CWT India Pvt. Ltd. (for Clarification)
42-43    ITA     1588&. 1484/M/14       CWT India Pvt. Ltd. (for Clarification)
 44      ITA     3053/M/14              M/s. A.R. Developers (for clarification)              A/ -
 45      ITA     623/M/14               Dr. Biswajeet S Naidu (for Clarification)
 46      ITA     6766/M/14              Mrs. Minaxi 1< Mehta (for Clarification)              B/ -
 47      ITA     5221/M/16              Highland Industries Ltd. (for Clarification)          B/ -
 48      ITA     5222/M/16              Manohar Capital Markets Ltd. (for Clarification)      B/ -
                 5972 &                 Mishka Gold Jewellery Ltd. (SREH) (for
3438/M/ 17 clarification 51-5 ITA 5717 & 5917/M/ll Mahesh M Doshi (for Clarification) B/- 53 ITA 679/M/1 1 Mukund Limited (for clarification) B/- B.T.Global Communication India Ltd. (for 54 ITA 5354/M/12 B/ - clarifi cation) 55 ITA 4818/M/15 Golden Source India Pvt. Ltd.(for clarification) 56 ITA 4398/M/16 M/s. Aarti Industries Ltd. (for clarification) 57 ITA 4251/M/16 M/s. Aarti Industries Ltd. (for clarification) The following cases are adjourned to 31.08.2018 327 / M/ 18 I SA Mondelez India Foods Pvt. Ltd. (TA 7104,/M/17) 376/M 1' 18 2 SA Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd. (ITA 5827/M/15) 377/M/18 3 SA Vodafone India Ltd. ITA 6671/M/7) 378/M/ 18 4 SA G.E.Power India Ltd. (ITA 2228/M/ 17) Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd.(As Successor to 5 ITA 298/M/14 K!- Times Infotainment Media Ltd)(for Clarification) 6 ITA 1527/M/ 13 Mohamedali H Charania (for clarification) B/- National Bank for Agriculture & Rural 7 ITA 5310/M/10 Development, Mumbai (for clarification) Indian Aluminium Co. Ltd. (Since Merged with 8 lT, 236/M/i6 1/- Hindalco Industries Ltd ((for clarification) Diamond Exporters Association Ltd (for 9 ITA 1286/M/16 clarification) D/- 10 ITA 3214/M/ 15 Aditya Birla Retail Ltd. (for clarification) A/- The following case is adjourned to 28.09.20 18 Bank of India Retired Employees Medical I MA 372//M/117 Assistance Scheme Assistant Registrar
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