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New Delhi Municipal Council Smart City Limited, New Delhi, Delhi
July, 19th 2021


Tender ID NO: - 2021_NDMC_205598

RFP No.: 02/NDMCSCL/2020-21 DATE : 12.07.2021

Request for Proposal for Selection of Chartered Accountant
(CA) Firm for providing Internal Audit Services to NDMCSCL
for a period of two years.


3rd Floor, NDMC Smart City Limited,
Zonal Service Centre, Fire Brigade Lane,
Barakhamba, New Delhi - 110 001.

Phone : 011-23415248.
E mail : ceo.scl@ndmc.gov.in

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1. Though adequate care has been taken while preparing the RFP Document, the
Bidders should satisfy themselves that the document is complete in all respects.
Intimation of any discrepancy shall be given to this office immediately. If no
intimation is received from any Bidder within seven days from the date of
notification of RFP Document/ Issue of the RFP Document, it shall be considered
that the RFP Document is complete in all respects.

2. The information contained in this RFP and subsequently provided to the
Bidders (henceforth referred to as “Bidder/s”) verbally or in documentary form
by New Delhi Municipal Council Smart City Limited (henceforth referred to as
“NDMCSCL” in this document) shall form the integral part of this RFP.

3. New Delhi Municipal Council Smart City Limited (NDMCSCL) reserves the right
to modify, amend or supplement this RFP Document.

4. While this RFP Document has been prepared in good faith, neither NDMCSCL
nor its employees or advisors make any representation or warranty, express or
implied, or accept any responsibility or liability, whatsoever, in respect of any
statements or omissions herein, or the accuracy, completeness or reliability of
information, and shall incur no liability under any law, statute, rules or regulations
as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of this RFP Document, even if any
loss or damage is caused by any act or omission on their part.

5. The issue of this RFP document does not imply that NDMCSCL is bound to
select a Bidder or to appoint the Selected Bidder (as defined hereinafter) and
NDMCSCL reserves the right to reject all or any of the Bidders or Bids without
assigning any reason whatsoever.

6. The Bidder shall bear all its costs associated with or relating to the preparation
and submission of its Bid including but not limited to preparation, copying,
postage, uploading delivery fees, expenses associated with any
demonstrations or presentations which may be required by NDMCSCL or any
other costs incurred in connection with or relating to its Bid. All such costs and
expenses will remain with the Bidder and NDMCSCL shall not be liable in any
manner whatsoever for the same or for any other costs or other expenses
incurred by a Bidder in preparation for submission of the Bid, regardless of the
conduct or outcome of the Selection process.

7. This RFP is not an agreement or an offer by the NDMCSCL to the prospective
Bidders or any other person. The purpose of this RFP is to provide interested
parties with information that may be useful to them in the formulation &
submission of their Proposals pursuant to this RFP.

8. This RFP may not be appropriate for all persons, and it is not possible for the
NDMCSCL and its employees to consider the objectives, technical expertise and
particular needs of each party who reads or uses this RFP. The assumptions,
assessments, statements and information contained in this RFP, may not be
complete, accurate, adequate or correct. Each Bidder should, therefore, conduct

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its own investigations and analysis and should check the accuracy, adequacy,
correctness, reliability and completeness of the assumptions, assessments and
information contained in this RFP and obtain independent advice from appropriate
sources. Information provided in this RFP to the Applicants may be on a wide
range of matters, some of which may depend upon interpretation of law. The
information given is not intended to be an exhaustive account of statutory
requirements and should not be regarded as a complete or authoritative statement
of law.
9. The NDMCSCL accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or otherwise for any
interpretation or opinion on the law expressed herein.
10. The NDMCSCL and its employees/ advisors make no representation or warranty
and shall have no liability to any person including any Bidder under any law,
statute, rules or regulations or tort, principles of restitution or unjust enrichment or
otherwise for any loss, damages, cost or expense which may arise from or be
incurred or suffered on account of anything contained in this RFP or otherwise,
including the accuracy, adequacy, correctness, reliability or completeness of the
RFP and any assessment, assumption, statement or information contained therein
or deemed to form part of this RFP or arising in any way in this Selection Process.
11. The NDMCSCL also accepts no liability of any nature whether resulting from
negligence or otherwise however caused arising from reliance of any Bidder upon
the statements contained in this RFP.
12. The NDMCSCL may in its absolute discretion, but without being under any
obligation to do so, update, amend or supplement the information, assessment or
assumption contained in this RFP.

Place: New Delhi

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Following terms used in the document will carry the meaning and interpretations as
described below:

“Bid” shall mean the Financial Bid/Price Bid/Commercial bid submitted by the
Bidding Company/Shortlisted Bidder along with all documents /credentials/
attachments, formats, etc., in response to this RFP Document/Bid
Document, in accordance with the terms and conditions hereof;

“Bidder/Shortlisted bidder/ Bidding Company” Bidder means any firm offering the
solution(s), service(s) and/ or materials required in the RFP call. The word
Bidder when used in the pre award period shall be synonymous with bidder
and when used after award of the contract shall mean the successful bidder
with whom client NDMCSCL signs the contract for rendering of goods and
services. Any reference to the Bidder includes Bidding Company including
its successors, executors and permitted assigns jointly and severally, as the
context may require. Further, Bidding Company shall refer to such single
Company that has submitted the response in accordance with the provisions
of this RFP Document;

“Company” shall mean a body corporate incorporated in India under the Companies
Act, 1956 or the Companies Act, 2013, as applicable;

“RFP Document/Bidding Document” shall mean the bidding document issued by
NDMCSCL including all Formats & Annexures/ Forms etc. and also
including all amendments / clarifications thereof;

(a public limited company wholly owned by NDMC);

“Selected Bidder or Successful Bidder” shall mean the shortlisted Bidder whom
Letter of Award is issued by NDMCSCL as per the term and conditions of
Bid document;

“RFP due date/Last Date of Bid Submission” shall mean the last date and time for
submission of Price Bid in response to this Bid as specified in RFP Schedule
including all amendments/Clarifications thereto;

“Authorized Signatory” shall indicate the employee of the Bidding company who has
been authorized through board resolution and/or Power of attorney (if
required) to sign and submit the bid as per the bidding document and is fully
authorized to take decisions including signing and submission of documents
as and when any requirement is raised by NDMCSCL during execution of

“GOI” or “Government” means the Government of India;

The Deliverable” means all the material/services, which the Selected bidder/Service
Provider is required to supply and provide to the NDMCSCL under the

“LoA” means Letter of Award;

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“Day” means calendar day;

“Week” means calendar week; “Month” means calendar month; “Year” shall mean
the Calendar year.

Online Bid/Bid means formal offer made in pursuance of this RFP in electronic format.

Applicable Law means the Contract shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of

Client means the NDMCSCL.

“Commencement/Operational Date” means the date on which the firm deploys the
trained and experienced man-power which is within 15 days from the date
of issue of letter of acceptance, in accordance with the provisions of this
Agreement, and such date shall be the date of Commencement of the
Contract Period of the Agreement;

“NDMCSCL Representative” means such person or persons as may be authorized in
writing by the NDMCSCL to act on its behalf under the Agreement and shall
include any person or persons having NDMCSCL to exercise any rights or
perform and fulfil any obligations of the NDMCSCL under the Agreement;

“Contract Period” means 02 years (24 months) period starting on and from the
Commencement date.

“Cure Period” means the period specified in the Agreement/RFP for curing any breach
or default of any provision of the Agreement by the Party responsible for
such breach or default and shall:

a. Commence from the date on which a notice is delivered by one Party
to the other Party asking the latter to cure the breach or default as
specified in such notice; and

b. Not relieve any Party from liability to pay Damages or compensation
under the provisions of the Agreement.

Service Provider means the firm with whom Contract has been entered for providing
the solution under this contract as named in RFP/Technical
specifications/scope of work.

Contract means the agreement entered into between the NDMCSCL and the Service
Provider (Successful Bidder), as recorded in the Contract signed by the
parties including all attachments and appendices thereto and all documents
incorporated by reference therein.

Contract/Bid Price means the price payable to the Service Provider under the Contract
for the full and proper performance of all its contractual obligations.

Bidder’s Representative means the duly authorized representative of the SERVICE
PROVIDER, approved by the Client and responsible for the Service
provider’s performance under the contract.

Financial Bid/Price Bid, or the Price Bid means the part of offer that provides price

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Goods and Services mean the solution(s), service(s), materials or a combination of
them in the context of the RFP and specifications.

Performance Security means on receipt of notification of award from the client, the
successful bidder shall furnish the security in accordance with the conditions
of contract, in the form acceptable to the Client.

Technically eligible and Technical Bid means that part of the offer that provides
information to facilitate assessment, by NDMCSCL, professional, technical
and financial standing of the bidder, conformity to specifications etc.

Project Plan/Work Plan means the document to be developed by the Bidder and
approved by the Clients, based on the requirements of the Contract and the
preliminary project plan included in the Bidder’s bid. Should the Project Plan
conflict with the Contract in any way; the relevant provisions of the Contract
shall prevail in each and every instance.

Specification means the functional and technical specifications or statement of work,
as the case may be.

RFP Call or Invitation for Bids means the detailed notification seeking end to end

Two Stage Bid/Two Bid System means the EMD Proof along with Technical Bids and
the Financial Bid are submitted separately online only and their evaluation is

“Good Industry Practice” means the practices, methods, techniques, designs,
standards, skills, diligence, efficiency, reliability and prudence which are
generally and reasonably expected from a reasonably skilled and
experienced operator encouraged in the same type of undertaking as
envisaged under this agreement and which would be expected to result in
the performance of its obligations by the Project Developer cum Licensee in
accordance with the Agreement, Applicable Laws and Applicable Permits in
reliable, safe, economical and efficient manner;

“Rs. or “Rupees” means the lawful currency of the Republic of India;

"Scope of the Project" shall have the meaning set forth in RFP document.

“Service Levels” shall have the meaning as set forth in RFP document.

“State” means the State of Delhi and “State Government” means the government of that
State of Delhi;

“Taxes” means any Indian taxes including excise duties, custom duties, GST, value
added tax, sales tax, local taxes, cess and any impost or surcharge of like
nature (whether Central, State or local) on the goods, materials, equipment
and services incorporated in and forming part of the Project charged, levied
or imposed by any Government Instrumentality, but excluding any interest,
penalties and other sums in relation thereto imposed on any account

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“Termination” means the expiry or termination of this Agreement and the Contract

“Termination Notice” means the written communication issued in accordance with this
Agreement by one Party to the other Party terminating the Agreement;

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S. Information related to Details
No. Bid Process

1. Publication of RFP/Bid Document

2. RFP Document Fee NIL
3. Website for Online Bid Submission https://govtprocurement.delhi.gov.in
16.07.2021 at 3.00 PM in office of
4. Date of Pre-Bid Meeting

5. Due Date/Last Date & time for The C.E.O.,
Online Bid Submission NDMC Smart City Limited,
3rd Floor, Zonal Service Centre,
Fire Brigade Lane, Barakhamba,
New Delhi-110 001
Phone : 011-23415248

Upto 26.07.2021 by 03:00 pm

6. Date and time for opening of
Technical Bid

26.07.2021 at 03:30 pm

7. Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) Rs.25,000/- (Rs. Twenty Five Thousand only)
8. Bid validity period
90 days from the last date of bid submission
9. Contact person and email id Mr. Ravindra Kumar, DGM (Admin)
9. Opening of Financial Bid Mr. Pankaj Anand, DGM (F&A)
10. Letter of Award (LoA) Mobile : 9873584409
11. Signing of Agreement Ms.Ritika Uniyal, Company Secretary
Mobile : 8826204060
E mail : ceo.scl@ndmc.gov.in

After evaluation of Technical Bids.

After finalizing the bid process

Within 15 days from the date of issue of Letter of

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New Delhi Municipal Council Smart City Ltd. – an introduction
Government of India (GOI), Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) launched
Smart City Mission to develop 100 cities throughout the country as Smart Cities
and the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) had been selected as one of the
20 Lighthouse Smart Cities by the MoUD. Accordingly, a Special Purpose Vehicle
(SPV) needs to be established by the selected Smart Cities under the Company’s
Act 2013, for implementation of Smart City Mission. The SPV will plan, apprise,
approve, release funds, implement, manage, operate, monitor and evaluate the
Smart City Development Projects for the area under ‘NDMC” in accordance with
Smart City Mission of the GoI and State Govt.
NDMC established an SPV (a public limited company wholly owned by NDMC)
under the provisions of section 12(z) of the NDMC Act 1994, named as “NDMC
Smart City Ltd.” The Co. is registered with Registrar of Companies, M/O
Corporate Affairs under the provisions of the Company Act 2013.
The total estimated financial implication of the SPV is around 500 Crore, out of
which implication of matching amount equal to the amount to be received from
MoUD, GoI The company has been incorporated with the authorised Capital Rs.
Five Hundred Crore consisting of Fifty Crore equity shares of Rs. 10/-. More on
NDMC SCL can be seen from the NDMC website www.ndmc.gov.in.

New Delhi Municipal Council Smart City Ltd. (NDMCSCL)
Project Objective

In order to enhance the operational efficiency and assisting NDMCSCL, it intends
to select Chartered Accountant (CA) Firm for providing Internal Audit Services to
NDMCSCL for an initial period of 2 (Two) years extendable on year to year basis at the
sole discretion of NDMCSCL subject to satisfactory performance by the Firm and
requirement of NDMCSCL


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1. New Delhi Municipal Council Smart City Ltd. (NDMCSCL) invites Proposal from
eligible Firms Registered as Sole Proprietorship Firm, a Partnership Firm or Limited
Liability Partnership Firm/Company having registered office in India, for Selection of
Chartered Accountant (CA) Firms for providing Internal Audit Services to
NDMCSCL. Please refer the RFP document for details.

2. NDMCSCL shall receive Bids pursuant to this RFP document, in accordance with
the terms set forth herein as modified, altered, amended and clarified from time to
time by NDMCSCL. Bidders shall submit bids in accordance with such terms and
conditions on or before the date specified in this document. Bidders are advised to
go the RFP/Bid Documents thoroughly and familiarize themselves with various
arrangements required and all activities necessary for successful completion of the

3. The details of the work are given under the scope of work in the RFP


RFP document can be downloaded free of cost from the website of
www.ndmc.gov.in,smartcity.ndmc.gov.in and
https://govtprocurement.delhi.gov.in up to the scheduled date and time.


ii. An EMD of Rs. 25,000/- (Rs. Twenty Five Thousand only) to be deposited in
the form of Demand Draft in favour of “NDMC SMART CITY LIMITED” Payable
at New Delhi, of a schedule bank copy of which to be scanned and to be
uploaded with other technical documents as mentioned in the RFP. Failing to
deposit EMD on or before the last date of submission of bids (RFP Due Date)
shall lead to non -consideration of bid and its automatic rejection.

iii. It is also mandatory to deposit the Demand Draft of the EMD before the last date
and time of submission of Bids in the NDMCSCL at the address given below:
3rd Floor, Zonal Service Cente,
Fire Brigade Lane, Barakhamba,
New Delhi – 110001
Phone: 011-23415248
E-mail: ceo.scl@ndmc.gov.in

iv. The EMD is refundable after issue of LOA to the successful bidder, except in the
case of the Selected Bidder whose EMD shall be retained till it has provided a
Performance Security/ Guarantee. Where a demand draft is provided, its validity
shall not be less than 90 (Ninety) days from the last date of Bid Submission, for
the purposes of encashment by the Authority. The Bid shall be summarily
rejected if it is not accompanied by the EMD. Should the bidder fail to c o m p l y

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with the said stipulation, the EMD amount shall be forfeited at NDMCSCL’s sole
v. The EMD (bid security) of the unsuccessful bidders shall be returned to them
after issue of LOA to the successful bidder without any interest. NDMCSCL, will
not be responsible for any loss or depreciation that may happen thereto while in its
possession nor be liable to pay any interest thereon upon the EMD.
vi. The EMD will be forfeited at the discretion of NDMCSCL on account of one or
more of the following reasons:
a. The Bidder withdraws its Proposal/bid during the period of proposal validity.
b. Bidder does not respond to requests for clarification of its proposal.
c. In case of a successful Bidder, the said Bidder fails-to sign the Agreement in

d. In case it is found that, the bidder/s has furnished misleading/wrong or

fraudulent information / documents or information furnished by them is not
found to be true, the Earnest Money /PBG of the bidder/s will be forfeited.


i. The Performance Security/ Bank Guarantee (BG) will be in the form of an
unconditional, irrevocable and on-demand bank guarantee issued in favour of
the NDMC SMART CITY LIMITED in the format appended to the RFP at

ii. The Performance Security/ Guarantee shall be for an amount equal to 10%
(Ten per cent) of the total value of the Contract (RFP/bid amount).

iii. All charges whatsoever such as premium, commission, etc. with respect to the
BG shall be borne by the bidder.

iv. The BG shall be valid for a period of 30 months from the date of signing of
agreement and should be in the standard format prescribed by Reserve Bank
of India. The BG shall be released subject to realization of liquidity damages if

v. The bidder will also be required to further extend the BG, in case the
NDMCSCL extends the contract, to an extent that the BG is valid for a
minimum of 6 months after the expiry of the Contract (The License Period).

vi. The extended BG in all the above cases shall be submitted at least 3 months
before the expiry of the previous BG, failing which, NDMCSCL reserves the
rights to terminate the contract, and forfeit the BG.


i. The Bid shall be valid for a period of 90 days from the date of opening of
financial bid.

ii. NDMCSCL reserves the right to reject the whole or any part of the offer made as
per the Bid without assigning any reason.

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8. NDMCSCL will not be responsible for delay in online submission due to any
reason. For this, bidders are to upload the complete bid well advance in time so
as to avoid 11th hour issues like slow speed; choking of web site due to heavy
load or any other unforeseen problems.

9. The NDMCSCL reserves the complete right to cancel the bid process and reject
any or all of the Bids.

10. No contractual obligation whatsoever shall arise from the bidding document/
bidding process unless and until a formal contract is signed and executed
between the NDMCSCL and the successful bidder.

11. NDMCSCL disclaims any factual/or other errors in the bidding document (the
onus is purely on the individual bidders to verify such information) and the
information provided therein.

DGM (Admin)

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1. The NDMCSCL has adopted two stages bidding process (referred to as the
“Bidding Process”) for selection of the Bidder for award of the work.

2. ONLINE PROPOSAL/BID SUBMISSION: The mode of RFP is online. The
bidder is responsible for registration of the e-procurement portal of Govt. of NCT
of Delhi https://govtprocurement.delhi.gov.in at their own cost. The bidders are
advised to go through the e-procurement guidelines and instructions, as provided
on the e-procurement website, and in case of any difficulty related to e-
procurement process, may contact the helpline as provided on the website.

3. The Bidder shall submit the proposals online as described below:

The Bidder shall submit its Technical and Financial bids in the form and manner
specified in this RFP document online, not later than the date and time
mentioned in the RFP Schedule..

i. Pre-qualification and Technical Bid/ Proposal–Scanned copy in PDF file
format, signed on each page &, with file name clearly mentioning: “PQ &
Technical bid for Selection of CA firm”.

ii. Financial Proposal/Price bid–submit online only

4. The sole criterion for selection of the work is the lowest Financial/Price bid of
the shortlisted Bidder based on the Technical Parameters. The lowest price bid
shall be declared as L1/lowest bid for consideration of Award of Work. In the event
of more than one bidder quote the same financial price (Bid Price), NDMCSCL
may call those bidders (limited to only such bidders) before the Technical
Evaluation Committee (TEC) for negotiation of rates/ resubmission of the financial
Bid. In such a case, the firm that offers the lowest Bid Price will be the selected
for the work.

5. The documents and any addendum issued subsequent to this RFP document, will
be deemed to form part of the Bidding Document.

6. The Bidder is allowed to submit only one proposal against this RFP. The bidder
has to submit the complete proposal not in part or for particular quantum of work,
such proposal will automatically be disqualified without any intimation to bidder.
Documents in support of eligibility must be enclosed with the RFP. Offers without
satisfying eligibility conditions will be out rightly rejected and no correspondence in
this regard will be entertained.

7. Bidders are advised that the selection of successful firm shall be on the basis of
an evaluation by NDMCSCL through the Selection Process specified in this
RFP document. Bidders shall be deemed to have understood and agreed that
no explanation or justification for any aspect of the Selection Process will be
given and that NDMCSCL’s decisions are without any right of appeal

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i. Notwithstanding anything contained in this RFP document, NDMCSCL
reserves the right to accept or reject any RFP and to annul the
Selection Process and reject all RFPs, at any time without any liability
or any obligation for such acceptance, rejection or annulment, and
without assigning any reasons thereof. Without prejudice to the
generality of the clause, NDMCSCL reserves the right to reject any
RFP if- at any time, a material misrepresentation is made or discovered,
or the bidder does not provide within the time specified by NDMCSCL,
the supplementary information sought by NDMCSCL for evaluation of
the RFP.

ii. Misrepresentation/ improper response by the Bidder may lead to the


Bidders requiring any clarification on the RFP may send their queries to
NDMCSCL in writing through e-mail so as to reach before the pre-bid
meeting date mentioned in the Schedule of RFP Process.

10. NDMCSCL shall endeavour to respond to the queries within the period specified

11. NDMCSCL reserves the right not to respond to any query or provide any
clarifications, in its sole discretion, and nothing in this clause.


At any time prior to the deadline for submission of RFP, NDMCSCL may, for
any reason, whether at its own initiative or in response to clarifications
requested by a bidder, modify the RFP document by the issuance of
Addendum/Amendment and posting it on the e-procurement site of Govt. of
NCT of Delhi https://govtprocurement.delhi.gov.in by giving the Bidders a
reasonable time for taking an amendment into account, or for any other
reason, NDMCSCL may, in its sole discretion, extend the last date of bid


Neither the contract nor any rights granted under the contract may be sold,
leased/sublet, assigned, or otherwise transferred, in whole or in part, by the
bidder, and any such attempted sale, lease, assignment or otherwise transfer shall
be void and of no effect. The vendor shall not subcontract or permit anyone other
than its personnel to perform any of the work, service or other performance
required of the vendor under the contract.


The bidder should clearly read and understand all the terms and conditions,
specifications, etc. mentioned in the original RFP documents. If the bidder has any

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observations, the same may be intimated before the pre-bid meet. Bidders are
advised not to make any corrections, additions or alterations in the original RFP
documents. If this condition is not complied with, RFP is liable to be rejected.


No RFP can be withdrawn after submission and during bid validity period.
Submission of a bid by a bidder implies that he had read all the RFP document
including amendments if any, visited the site and has made himself aware of the
scope of Work to be executed and other factors having any bearing on the
execution of the Work.


To assist the examination, evaluation and comparison of the Bids, NDMCSCL
may at its discretion ask the bidders for any clarifications as considered essential.
All such correspondence shall be in writing and no change in price or substance of
the RFP shall be sought or permitted. The above clarification for submission of the
details shall form part of the RFP and shall be binding on the bidder.


No bidder is permitted to canvass to NDMCSCL on any matter relating to this
RFP. Any bidder found doing so may be disqualified and his bid may be rejected.


i. Bidders shall submit the technical bid online at
https://govtprocurement.delhi.gov.in on or before R F P d u e d a t e / l a s t
d a t e o f b i d s u b m i s s i o n . Bidders should have valid class II D i g i t a l
Signature Certificate (DSC) obtained from certifying Authorities.

ii. The Technical bid shall not include any financial information relating to the
Financial RFP. In case financial bid is given with technical bid documents it
shall be summarily rejected.

iii. The Bidder shall provide all the information sought under this RFP
document, NDMCSCL would evaluate only those RFPs that are received
in the specified forms/formats/annexure/appendices and complete in all
respects and within the submission date and time. The RFPs shall be
submitted online only.

iv. The format/documents /figures shall be typed or written in indelible ink and
signed by the authorized signatory of the bidder and then uploaded. All the
alterations, omissions, additions, or any other amendments made to the
RFP shall be initialled by the person(s) signing the RFP. The RFPs must
be signed by the authorized signatory (the “Authorized Signatory”).

v. Bidders should note the RFP due date (last date of submission of the bid),
as specified in the RFP schedule, for submission of RFPs. Except as
specifically provided in this RFP, no supplementary material will be
entertained by NDMCSCL, and that evaluation will be carried out only on

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the basis of Documents submitted online by the closing time of R F P
d u e d a t e . Bidders may be asked to provide additional material
information or documents or technical presentations subsequent to the
date of submission, and unsolicited material if submitted will be summarily

19. While submitting the bid, it may be noted that:

i. In case, the day of bid submission is declared Holiday by Government of
India, the next working day will be treated as day for submission of bids.
There will be no change in the timings.

ii. Ambiguous bids will be out rightly rejected.

iii. NDMCSCL will NOT be responsible for any delay on the part of the vendor in
submission of the RFP bids.

iv. The offers submitted by telegram/ fax/ E-mail etc. shall NOT be considered.
No correspondence will be entertained on this matter.

v. Conditional RFPs shall NOT be accepted on any ground and shall be rejected

vi. When deemed necessary, NDMCSCL may seek clarifications on any aspect
of their bid from the agency. However, that would not entitle the agency to
change or cause any change in the substance of the RFP submitted or price
quoted. This would also not mean that their quote has been accepted.

vii. No enquiry shall be made by the bidder during the course of evaluation of the
RFP, after opening of bid, till final decision is conveyed to the successful
bidder. However, the Committee/its authorized representative and office of
NDMCSCL can make any enquiry/seek clarification from the bidders, which
the bidders must furnish within the stipulated time else bid of such defaulting
bidders will be rejected.


The bid evaluation committee constituted by NDMCSCL shall evaluate the bids.
This may involve the representations from field and/or other department’s experts.
The decision of the bid evaluation committee in the evaluation of the Technical
and Commercial bids shall be final.


Pre - qualification bid documentation shall be evaluated as under:

i. The evaluation committee will check if the bidder has deposited the EMD along
with the Technical Proposal and the same are found to be in order.

ii. The documentation furnished by the bidder will be examined prima facie to see
if the firm’s capacity, skill base and other Bidder attributes as claimed therein
are consistent with the needs of this project.

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iii. NDMCSCL may ask bidder(s) for additional information, and/or arrange
discussions with their professional, technical resource to verify claims made in
bid documentation. If the bidder fails to submit the additional supporting
documents, the bid shall be rejected.


The initial criteria of fulfilling the basic eligibility and experience of similar
class/nature of works completed and financial turn over etc. as given above
under eligibility criteria will first be scrutinized and the applicant’s eligibility for
the work shall be determined.

v. NDMCSCL shall determine whether each bid is of acceptable quality, is
generally complete and is substantially responsive to the bidding documents.
For purposes of this determination, a substantially responsive bid is one that
conforms to all the terms, conditions and specifications of the bidding
documents without material deviations, objections, conditionally or reservation.
If a bid is not substantially responsive, it shall be rejected by the NDMCSCL. In
case of RFPs containing any conditions or deviations or reservations about
contents of RFP document, NDMCSCL may ask for withdrawal of such
conditions/deviations/reservations. If the bidder does not withdraw such
conditions/deviations/ reservations, the RFP shall be treated as non-
responsive. NDMCSCL decision regarding responsiveness or non-
responsiveness of a RFP shall be final and binding.

vi. NDMCSCL reserves the right to verify all statements, information and
documents, submitted by NDMCSCL in response to the RFP. The lack of
such verification by NDMCSCL shall not relieve the Bidder of its
obligations or liabilities hereunder nor will it affect any rights of NDMCSCL
there under.

vii. In case it is found during the evaluation or at any time before signing of
the Agreement or after its execution and during the period of subsistence
thereof, that one or more of the eligibility conditions have not been met
by the bidder or the bidder has made material misrepresentation or has
given any materially incorrect or false information, the Bidder shall be
disqualified forthwith if not yet issued LOA and if the selected bidder has
already been issued the LOA or has entered into the agreement, as the
case may be, the same shall, notwithstanding anything to the contrary
contained therein or in this RFP, be liable to be terminated, by a
communication in writing by NDMCSCL without NDMCSCL being liable in
any manner whatsoever to the Selected Bidder.


i. The Financial Bid shall be submitted online and digitally signed in the
BID”) clearly indicating the total cost of the Work-, in Indian Rupees. In the
event of a difference between the arithmetic total and the total shown in the
Financial RFP, the lower of the two shall prevail. Financial Bid comprising of the

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Price Bid to be uploaded on e-RFP Portal Govt. of GNCT Delhi in the prescribed

ii. The financial bid of the only technically eligible and qualified firm / bidder shall be
opened. The bidders who technically qualifies will only be eligible for financial
bid opening. The lowest price bid shall be declared as L1/lowest bid for
consideration of Award of Work.

iii. All charges including administrative cost, monthly salaries/ wages and benefits to
the staff, AMC and taxes, if any (GST excluded in the price bid) to be included in
the price bid. No other charges will be payable to the L-1 bidder other than the
mentioned in the price bid.

iv. While submitting the Financial RFP, the Bidder shall ensure the following:

a. The total amount indicated in the Financial Bid s h a l l be without any
condition attached or subject to any assumption, and shall be final
and binding. In case any assumption or condition is indicated in the
Financial RFP, it shall be considered non-responsive and liable to be

b. All applicable taxes/levies shall be included in the financial bid and
calculated as per applicable laws. GST will be reimbursed to the
service provider as per actual. All payments to firm shall be subject to
deduction of taxes at source as per Applicable Laws. It is the
responsibility of the bidder to clearly identify all costs associated with any
services as per the RFP Document and submit the total cost in the
Financial Bid.

v. That the “Contractor/Service Provider” shall account for the Minimum Wages,
fringe benefits and administrative Charges/ professional charges as well as the
maintenance charges as per the rate quoted in the price bid.

vi. Prices quoted will be firm for the period of two Years.


i. NDMCSCL shall issue Letter of Acceptance (LOA) to the successful L1 bidder.

ii. The selected bidder is required to send their unconditional acceptance of LOA
within seven (7) days from the date of issue of LOA along with requisite
Performance Security to NDMCSCL.

iii. NDMCSCL shall retain the right to withdraw the LOA in the event of the selected
bidder’s failure to accept the LOA unconditionally within the limit specified in the
above clause. In this event, NDMCSCL shall forfeit the EMD of the selected
bidder. Conditional acceptance of LOA will also lead to forfeiture of EMD.


The successful bidder is required to sign the License Agreement within 15 days from
the date of issue of the Letter of Acceptance. The following documents shall be

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deemed to form part and be read and construed as part of this agreement,

i. Letter of Acceptance

ii. RFP Document, its Addendums & Corrigendum, if any.

iii. Documents submitted in Technical Bid.

iv. Financial Bid.

v. Any other document issued by/of NDMCSCL forming part of the Bidding


Information relating to the examination, clarification, evaluation, and
recommendation for the selection of Bidders shall not be disclosed to any
person who is not officially concerned with the process or is not a retained
professional adviser advising NDMCSCL in relation to matters arising out of,
or concerning the Selection Process. NDMCSCL shall treat all information,
submitted as part of the RFP, in confidence and shall require all those who
have access to such material to treat the same in confidence. NDMCSCL may
not divulge any such information unless it is directed to do so by any
statutory entity that has the power under law to require its disclosure or to
enforce or assert any right or privilege of the statutory entity and/or
NDMCSCL or as may be required by law or in connection with any legal


The Bidder shall submit the response to RFP Document which shall remain
valid up to period stipulated in RFP schedule from the last date of submission of
response to Bid Document. NDMCSCL reserves the right to reject any response to
RFP Document which does not meet the mentioned validity requirement.
NDMCSCL may solicit the bidders’ consent to an extension of the validity period of
the bid. The request and the response shall be made in writing.


Submission of bid by the Bidder shall be deemed to have been done after
careful study and examination of the RFP document with full understanding
of its implications. The response to this RFP should be full and complete in
all respects. Failure to furnish all information required by the RFP documents
not substantially responsive to the RFP documents in every respect will be at
the bidder's risk and may result in rejection of the Bid.

28. The bidder should upload the copies of documents/information, annexure duly
indexed and numbered for easy reference.

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29. Annexure III to V, duly filled in, to be uploaded with the technical bid. (Annexure I:
i.e. Financial/Price bid to be uploaded separately and not with technical bid

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1. Scope of Services
An indicative list of services which would be expected to be offered by the selected
Chartered Accountant (CA) Firm for providing Internal Audit Services to NDMCSCL
are as follows:

i. Review and verification of :
a. all accounting entries/records/vouchers/ledgers, receipts and payments,
subsidiary ledgers and other necessary documents/reports.
b. Reconciled Cash Book and Banks’ Books regularly on fortnightly basis
or earlier as and when requisitioned by the Management.
c. Profit & Loss A/c, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow and notes of accounts.
d. accuracy of amount of Income Tax, GST, TDS, TCS deduction,
payments and returns filed in prescribed forms with tax authorities,
e. Statutory compliance on all direct & indirect tax matters viz. Income
Tax, GST, EPF, TDS, TCS, or any other returns/statements as
stipulated in Company Act.
f. Accuracy of Transfer of funds against schemes/projects of NDMCSCL

ii. Carry out physical verification of company’s assets and certification thereof .
Details of obsolete and/or non-working items are identified for further action by
the company.

iii. Ensure adherence to management policies, safeguard the company’s assets
and secure the accuracy and reliability of its records.

iv. Timely recovery of advances and interest provisions and contingent liabilities.
v. Foreign Currency transactions
vi. Impart suggestions and continuous/updated knowledge development and

services with regard to rules/procedure/planning of taxes and adapting to
changes according to the relevant new Statute.
vii. Review of deferred tax calculation keeping in mind the provisions of
Accounting Standards as notified by the Companies Act from time to time.
Providing Periodical details of Prepaid Expenses to the Management.
viii. Internal Auditor to see that adequate & effective safeguards are in place at all
the time as stipulated in the Internal Financial Control Policy and Risk Control
Matrix of the Company besides maintaining independence, integrity and
ix. Formulation and maintaining appropriate internal control system for financial
matters in NDMCSCL.
x. Internal Audit to be done at least on weekly intervals during office hours and to
provide assistance to the Company on regular basis.
xi. Preparation of Quarterly Internal Audit report for Board meeting.
xii. Ensure the balance confirmation with all debtors and creditors as per record.

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xiii. Any other work that may be assigned by the Management and Board of
Directors of the company for providing Internal Audit Services to NDMCSCL.

xiv. The internal audit CA firm shall provide all the above services in accordance
with the highest standards of professional competence and integrity.

xv. The work of the company shall be carried out in close co-ordination with the
Chief Financial Officer, DGM(F&A) and Company Secretary.

xvi. The firm will ensure the presence of one permanent CA along with an assistant on
full time basis at NDMCSCL office.

xvii. For maintaining the independency of audit:
a. The firm who has already been appointed/selected as Financial
Management Consultant for providing one full time qualified chartered
accountant on site to NDMCSCL is not eligible to participate in the bid.
b. the firms whose partners are engaged with or having any relation with
the said firm mentioned in subsection “a” above are also not eligible for
participating the bid.

xviii. NDMCSCL reserves the right to require the replacement of Internal Auditor
already assigned to work on the site with another suitable qualified Internal Auditor
in the event staff concerned is determined to be incompetent or loses the
confidence of NDMCSCL


The Contract to the Chartered Accountant (CA) Firm for providing Internal Audit
Services to NDMCSCL shall be awarded initially for a period of Two (02) years,
which may be extended depending on the performance of the successful bidder and
requirement of NDMCSCL at the sole discretion of NDMCSCL. However, if the
performance of the CA firm is not found to be satisfactory by NDMCSCL and/or firm
loses the confidence of NDMCSCL, the contract may be terminated earlier by
giving termination notice to the firm. The firm shall provide all services specified in
Technical Specifications/scope of work and in the bid in accordance with the highest
standards of professional competence and integrity.


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Firms fulfilling the technical eligibility criteria as listed below should apply. Any form
of Joint Venture/ Consortium of Firms will not be allowed for participation in the
selection process. The eligibility criteria are as follows:




1 The CA(Chartered Accountants) Firm Certificate of incorporation of the firm

should be a Practicing CA Firm.

2 The CA Firm should be in Practice for a Certificate of CAG and Firm Status

period of 5 Years or more and empanelled Card as on 31.3.2021 as per ICAI

with CAG.

3 Have at least three full time partners, out Member status card for each

of which one should be FCA. member/partner

4 The CA Firm should have experience of Work Order or Completion certificate

providing similar services to at least 2 (Bidder’s Experience as per

(Two) Govt. authority/Govt. body/Central annexure III)

PSU/State PSU/Govt. institution in the last

5 years.

5 Have average professional financial statements as well as

receipts/Turnover of Rs. 50.00 (Fifty Lakh) Turnover Certificate(As per Annexure

or above in the last 3 financial years 2017- V) signed by the Chartered

2018, 2018-2019, 2019-2020 (financial Accountant and ITRs to be submitted

statements as well as Turnover Certificate during last three financial years

signed by the Chartered Accountant and ending on 31.03.2020

ITRs to be submitted).

6 Have Head/Branch Office at Delhi/New Address Proof of Head/Branch Office

Delhi. at Delhi/New Delhi

7 should have never been issued notice for In this regard, A self-declaration is to

failure to submit deliverables and be submitted on the letter head of the

cancellation of work order/ forfeiture of firm

EMD etc. by any Government/ semi

Government/Autonomous entities. (A self-

declaration to be submitted on the letter

head of the firm)

8 Should not have been barred/blacklisted In this regard, A self-declaration is to

from appointment by any government be submitted on the letter head of the

and/or semi government entities. (A self- firm

declaration to be submitted on the letter

head of the firm).

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9 Other documents to be scanned.  Copy of GST Registration

 Copy of PAN Number.
 Copy of EMD receipt issued by

 Curriculum Vitae of Proposed

Team Members who will be
serving (Key personnel) as per
Annexure IV

To confirm that the Bidder fulfils the prescribed eligibility criteria on
technical parameters, the scanned documents in support of above
are to be up-loaded with the technical bids. Failing to submit
document/information shall render the firm as disqualified.

It shall be deemed that by submitting the RFP, the Bidder has-

i. Made a complete and careful examination of the RFP Document
ii. Received all relevant information requested from NDMCSCL
iii. Accepted the risk of inadequacy, error or mistake in the information

provided in the document or furnished by or on behalf of NDMCSCL or
relating to any of the matters.
iv. Agreed to be bound by the undertaking /agreement provided by it under and
in terms hereof.

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After selection of the bidder, a Letter of Award (the “LOA”) for “Selection of
Chartered Accountant (CA) Firm for providing Internal Audit Services to
NDMCSCL for a period of two years” shall be issued, in duplicate, by
NDMCSCL to the Selected Bidder and the Selected Bidder, within 15
(FIFTEEN) days of the receipt of the LOA, shall execute an Agreement as
prescribed in this RFP after furnishing the Performance Security in the form of
Bank Guarantee, on a non-judicial stamp paper of Rs. 50/- as per the
prescribed format provided by NDMCSCL. Failure to execute the contract is
liable to result the rejection of the work order.

The selected firm would be solely responsible for deploying sufficient
personnel for smooth execution of the Assignment in time bound manner.
The manpower deployment at the designated location of the NDMCSCL
would be the sole responsibility of the selected firm.

The designated Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary and Supporting
Staff would require to report and station at office of the NDMCSCL, as and
when required, for completion of the Assignment. However, the selected firm
would be solely accountable for correctness of their deliverables and timely
completion of the assignment.


In case the deployment of manpower mentioned in the RFP document, is not
successfully deployed within Fifteen (15) days from the date of issue of letter
of acceptance. of the execution of the agreement, then an extension of seven
(07) days may be granted subject to recovery of liquidated damage @ 0.5%
per week. The failure on part of bidder to deploy successfully the man-power
described in the RFP even after the expiry of the seven (07) days extension,
shall lead to cancellation of the work order, contract agreement and forfeiture
of performance security.


If the Service Provider fails to deliver any or all the services or perform the
services within the time period specified in the contract or leaves the job
incomplete or refuses to complete the work or takes more time than the
schedule fixed, the NDMCSCL shall without prejudice to its other remedies
under the contract, deduct from the contract price, as liquidated damages, (not

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by way of penalty) a sum equivalent to 0.5% (half) percent of the price of the
delayed deployment of man-power or unperformed service for each and every
week (part of a week being treated as a full week) of delay until actual
deployment of man-power, up to a maximum deduction of 10% (Ten percent) of
the total contract price.


The Bidder/Service Provider shall not, without the NDMCSCL prior written
consent, disclose the contract, or any provision thereof, or any specification, plan,
drawing, pattern, sample or information furnished by or on behalf or the
NDMCSCL in connection therewith, to any person other than a person employed
by the Bidder in the Performance of the Contract.

No variation in or modification of the terms of the contract shall be made except
by written amendment signed by the parties.

The payment structure is on Monthly basis & fees shall be paid upon the invoice
raised by the selected firm. The Firms are required to quote the monthly fee for
professional service. The rates quoted will be inclusive of travelling expenses,
communication expenses and all other out of pocket expenditure relating to the
said assignments. However, the service tax/GST shall be paid separately at the
applicable rate.

This Contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of
India and the Delhi Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction of dispute, if any,
arising of the present contract.


The NDMCSCL reserves the right to cancel the contract of the selected bidder
and recover expenditure incurred by the NDMCSCL on the following

i. The selected bidder commits a breach of any of the terms and conditions
of the bid/contract.

ii. The bidder goes into liquidation voluntarily or otherwise.

iii. The progress regarding execution of the contract, made by the selected
bidder is found to be unsatisfactory.

iv. If deductions on account of liquidated Damages exceeds more than 10%
of the total contract price.

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v. If the service provider/firm, in either of the above circumstances, does not
remedy his failure within a period of 15 days-Cure Period (or such longer
period as the NDMCSCL may authorize in writing) from the date of issue
of default notice from the NDMCSCL.

vi. If the Bidder, in the judgment of the tendering Authority has engaged in
corrupt or fraudulent practices in competing for or in executing the
Contract. For the purpose of this clause:

“Corrupt practice” means the offering, giving, receiving or soliciting of
anything of value to influence the action of a public official in the
procurement process or in contract execution.

“Fraudulent practice” means a misrepresentation of facts in order to
influence a procurement process or the execution of a Contract to the
detriment of the NDMCSCL and includes collusive practice among
BIDDERS (prior to or after bid submission) designed to establish bid
prices at artificial non-competitive levels and deprive the NDMCSCL of the
benefits of free and open competition.

vii. After the award of the contract, if the selected bidder does not perform
satisfactorily or delays execution of the contract –even after grant of
extension, the NDMCSCL reserves the right to get the balance contract
executed by another party of its choice by giving one month’s notice for
the same. In this event, the selected bidder is bound to make good the
additional expenditure, which the NDMCSCL may have to incur to carry
out bidding process for the execution of the balance of the contract. This
clause is applicable, if for any reason, the contract is cancelled.

viii. NDMCSCL reserves the right to recover any dues payable by the selected
bidder from any amount outstanding to the credit of the selected bidder,
including the pending bills and/or invoking Bank Guarantee, if any, under
this contract or any other contract/order.


In Circumstances mentioned above the tendering Authority may forfeit the
security deposit /Guarantee.


Any notice given by one party to the other pursuant to this contract shall be sent
to the other party in writing or by email and confirmed in writing to the other
party’s last recorded address. A notice shall be effective when delivered or
tendered to other party whichever is earlier.

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NDMCSCL may at any time terminate the Contract by giving written notice to the
Bidder/firm/service provider, if the Bidder becomes bankrupt or otherwise
insolvent as declared by the competent court. In this event, termination will be
without compensation to the Bidder, provided that such termination will not
prejudice or affect any right of action or remedy, which has accrued or will
accrue thereafter to the NDMCSCL.


i. Notwithstanding the provisions of RFP, the Successful Bidder shall not be liable

for forfeiture of its performance security, liquidated damages or termination for

default, if and to the extent that, it’s delay in performance or other failure to

perform its obligations under the Contract is the result of an event of Force


ii. For purpose of this clause, "Force majeure" means an event beyond the control

of the Successful Bidder and not involving the Successful Bidder’s fault or

negligence and not foreseeable, either in its sovereign or contractual capacity.

Such events may include but are not restricted to Acts of God, wars or

revolutions, fires, floods, epidemics, quarantine restrictions and freight

embargoes etc. Whether a “Force majeure” situation exists or not, shall be

decided by NDMCSCL and its decision shall be final and binding on the

Successful Bidder and all other concerned.

iii. In the event that the Successful Bidder is not able to perform his obligations

under this contract on account of force majeure, he will be relieved of his

obligation force majeure period. In the event that such force majeure extends

beyond six months, NDMCSCL has the right to terminate the contract in which

case, the PBG shall be refunded to him.

iv. If a force majeure situation arises, the Successful Bidder shall notify NDMCSCL

in writing promptly, not later than 14 days from the date such situation arises.

The Successful Bidder shall notify NDMCSCL not later than 3 days of cessation

of force majeure conditions. After examining the cases, NDMCSCL shall decide

and grant suitable additional time for the completion of the Work, if required

during the force majeure period. In the event that such force majeure extends

beyond six months, NDMCSCL has the right to terminate the contract in which

case, the PBG shall be refunded to him.

v. If a force majeure situation arises, the Successful Bidder shall notify NDMCSCL

in writing promptly, not later than 14 days from the date such situation arises.

The Successful Bidder shall notify NDMCSCL not later than 3 days of cessation

of force majeure conditions. After examining the cases, NDMCSCL shall decide

and grant suitable additional time for the completion of the Work, if required.


i. Any dispute and or difference arising out of or relating to this contract will be

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resolved through joint discussion of the authorities’ representatives of the
concerned parties. However, if the disputes are not resolved by joint
discussions, then the matter will be referred for adjudication to a sole
Arbitrator appointed by the CEO, NDMCSCL or his/her nominee whose
decision shall be final and binding on both the parties to this contract.

ii. The award of the sole Arbitrator shall be final and binding on all the parties.

The arbitration proceedings shall be governed by Indian Arbitration and

Conciliation Act 1996 as amended from time to time.

iii. The cost of Arbitration shall be borne by the respective parties in equal

proportions. During the pendency of the arbitration proceeding and

currency of contract, neither party shall be entitled to suspend the

work/service to which the dispute relates on account of the arbitration and

payment to the Consultant shall continue to be made in terms of the contract.

Arbitration proceedings will be held at Delhi/New Delhi only.


The courts at Delhi/New Delhi shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to try all
disputes, if any, arising out of this agreement between the parties. Successful
Bidder’s Obligations


Successful Bidder hereby accepts full responsibility and indemnifies NDMCSCL
and shall hold NDMCSCL harmless from all acts of omissions and commissions
on the part of the Successful Bidder, his agents, his sub contactors and
employees in execution of the work. The Successful Bidder also agrees to defend
and hereby undertakes to indemnify NDMCSCL and also hold him harmless from
any and all claims arising out of or in connection with the performance of the work
under the Letter of Award.


The bidder shall indemnify and make harmless the owner or the Officers, their
agents or employees from and against all losses and all claims, demands,
payments, suits, actions, recoveries and judgments of every nature and
description brought or recovered against him or the owner by reason or any act
or commission of the said bidder, his agents or employees in the execution of the
work. An indemnity bond to this effect will be submitted by the bidder before start
of work.

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The service provider/firm shall assume full responsibility and liability for the
deployment of One Full Time qualified CA on site and facilities and shall
indemnify and hold NDMCSCL harmless from all liability and expense on account
of any and all damages, claims.

The Successful Bidder will abide by the statutory norms/Govt. rules prevalent in
India and will free NDMCSCL from all demands or responsibilities the cause of
which is the Successful Bidder’s negligence. The Successful Bidder will pay all
indemnities arising from such incidents and will not hold NDMCSCL responsible
or obligated.


The Successful Bidder will treat as confidential all data and information about
NDMCSCL, obtained in the execution of his responsibilities, in strict confidence
and will not reveal such information to any other party without the prior written
approval of NDMCSCL.


The contract shall be written in English language, English language version of the
Contract shall govern its interpretation. All correspondence and other documents
pertaining to the Contract which are exchanged by the parties shall be written in
the same language.


The aggregate liability of the Successful Bidder to NDMCSCL, whether under the
Contract, in tort or otherwise, shall not exceed the total Contract Price/Value
provided, however, that this limitation shall not apply to any liability for damages
arising from: Willful misconduct, or Indemnification against third party claims; or
Gross Negligence.

Neither party shall be liable to the other for any special, indirect, incidental,
consequential (including loss of profit or revenue), exemplary or punitive
damages whether in contract, tort or other theories of law, even if such party has
been advised of the possibility of such damages.


It is stated that each paragraph, clause, sub-clause, schedule or annexure of this
contract shall be deemed severable & in the event of the unenforceability of any
paragraph, clause sub-clause, schedule or the remaining part of the paragraph,

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clause, sub-clause, schedule annexure & rest of the contract shall continue to be
in full force & effect.
This contract may be executed in one or more counterparts, each of which shall
be deemed an original & all of which collectively shall be deemed one of the
same instrument.

This contract is not intended & shall not be construed to confer on any person
other than NDMCSCL & Successful Bidder hereto, any rights and / or remedies

The Concessionaire shall abide by and comply with all the applicable labour laws
and statutory requirements, including ESI, Minimum Wages Act 1948, Payment
of Wages Act 1936, Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act 1970,
Employees’ Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1952 etc. That
the Contractor/Service Provider/Firm shall pay wages (not less than the minimum
wages) to its employees through ECS/online within the time stipulated under the
provisions of Minimum Wages Act, Govt. of NCT of Delhi.

In case of any ambiguity in the interpretation of any of the clauses in RFP
Document or the Contract Document, the NDMCSCL’s interpretation of the
clauses shall be final and binding on all parties.


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Financial/Price Bid Format to be submitted online

Item Qty. (Unit in Unit Rate Total Amount
months) (X) (in Rs.)
(1) (2) (5) =
(3) (in Rs.)

for each Column (2) Multiplied
month by Column (3)

Multiplied by Column

Per month rate for Selection month
of Chartered Accountant (CA)

Firm for providing Internal
Audit Services to NDMCSCL

GST Extra


Authorized Signature

Name and Designation of Signatory:

Name of Firm:_______________________

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(On Rs. 100/- non- judicial stamp paper)

1. In consideration of the NDMC Smart City Limited, Zonal Service Centre, Fire Brigade
Lane, Barakhamba, New Delhi – 110001, (hereinafter called ‘the NDMCSCL’) having
agreed to exempt M/s Firm name with address (hereinafter called the said
‘Contractor/(s)/Service Provider’ from the demand, under the terms and conditions of
Letter of Award No. _______________Dated ______________ made between
NDMCSCL and M/s Firm name ________________ for the Name of work
_________________________(hereinafter called ‘the said Agreement’) of Performance
Security/ Guarantee for the due fulfillment by the said Contractor/Service Provider of the
terms and conditions in the said Agreement on production of Bank Guarantee for Rs.
_____________ (Rupees ______________________ Only) we, Bank name with
address, (Indicate the name of Bank) (hereinafter referred to as ‘the bank’) at the
request of M/s Firm name, Contractor(s)/Service Provider do hereby undertake to pay to
the NDMCSCL an amount not exceeding of Rs. ___________ (Rupees
__________________ Only) on demand by NDMCSCL.

2. We, Bank name, do hereby undertake to pay the amount due and payable under this
guarantee without any demur, merely on a demand from the NDMCSCL stating that the
amount claimed is required to meet the recoveries due or likely to be due from the said
Contractor(s)/Service Provider. Any such demand made on the bank shall be conclusive
as regards the amount due and payable by the bank under this guarantee. However, our
liability under this guarantee shall be restricted to an amount not exceeding Rs.
________________ (Rupees ____________________ only).

3. We undertake to pay to the NDMCSCL any money so demanded notwithstanding any
dispute or disputes raised by the Contractor(s) /Service Provider in any suit or
proceedings pending before any court or Tribunal relating thereto, our liability under this
present being, absolute and unequivocal. The payment so made by us under this bond
shall be valid discharge of our liability for payment hereunder and the Contractor(s)
/Service Provider shall have no claim against us for making such payment.

4. We, Bank name with address, further agree that the guarantee herein contained shall
remain in full force and effect during the period that would be taken for the performance of
the said agreement and that it shall continue to be enforceable till all the dues of the
NDMCSCL under or by virtue of the said Agreement have been fully paid and its claims
satisfied or discharged or till person-in-charge on behalf of the NDMCSCL certifies that
the terms and conditions of the said Agreement have been fully and properly carried out
by the said Contractor(s) /Service Provider and accordingly discharges this guarantee, or
till 66 months from the date of execution of agreement whichever is earlier.

5. We, Bank name with address, further agree with the NDMCSCL that the NDMCSCL shall
have the fullest liberty without our consent and without affecting in any manner our
obligations hereunder to vary any of the terms and conditions of the said Agreement or to
extend time of performance by the said Agreement or the extend time of performance by
the said Contractor(s) /Service Provider from time to time or to postpone for any time or
from time to time ant of the powers exercisable by the NDMCSCL against the said

Page 34 of 39
Contractor(s)/Service Provider and to forebear or enforce any of terms and conditions
relating to the said agreement and we shall not be relieved from our liability by reason of
any such variation, or extension being granted to the said Contractor(s)/Service Provider
or for any forbearance, act or omission on the part of the NDMCSCL or any indulgence be
the NDMCSCL to the said Contractor(s)/Service Provider or by any such matter or thing
whatsoever which under the law relating to sureties would, but for this provision, have
effect of so relieving us.

6. This guarantee will not be discharged due to change in the constitution of the bank or the
Contractor(s)/Service Provider.

7. We, Bank name with address, lastly undertake not to revoke this guarantee except with
the previous consent of the NDMCSCL in writing.

8. This Guarantee shall be valid up to _______________unless extended on demand to be
made by the NDMCSCL. Notwithstanding anything mentioned above, our liability against
this guarantee is restricted to Rs. __________ (Rupees
____________________________ only) and unless a claim in writing is lodged with us
with in six months of the date of expiry or the extended date of expiry of this guarantee, all
our liabilities under this guarantee, shall stand discharged.

9. The BG shall be extended in case the NDMCSCL extends the contract, to an extent that
the BG is valid for a minimum of 6 months after the expiry of the Contract.

10. The extended BG in all the above cases shall be submitted at least 3 months before the
expiry of the previous BG, failing which, NDMCSCL reserves the rights to terminate the
contract, and forfeit the BG.

Dated the _____________day of ______________ 20____
For ________________________________________________
(Indicate name of Bank)

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Bidder's Experience of Relevant Projects

1. Projects Name
2. Client Name and Address with

Contact Details
3. Location
4. Start Date
5. End Date
6. Description of Actual Services

Provided by your staff
7. Present Status of the Project

N.B: Work order and/or approval copy/ completion certificate shall be attached.

(Signature of Authorised Person with Seal)

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Curriculum Vitae of Proposed Team Members (Key Personnel)

Resumes of all the staff proposed to be deployed at NDMCSCL shall be
attached along with the technical bid as per the format below. The bidder may
submit résumés of persons and the position on which a person will be deployed
to at NDMCSCL shall be clearly mentioned on the right hand top corner of
the first page of that person's resume. Each resume must be submitted
with the necessary qualification & experience certificates. The details provided
should help in ascertaining the eligibility of the candidate vis-à-vis the
qualification and experience requirement for that post. Resumes must be
recently signed and dated, in blue ink by the respective personnel. Photocopy
or unsigned Resumes shall be rejected. The attested photocopy of relevant
documents (educational, experience) to be submitted as proof along with

Sr. Item Curriculum Vitae of Proposed Team



1 Name

2 Specify role to be

played in the

3 Name of


4 Number of years

with the Current


5 Language Fluency

Language Speak Write Understand Read

5.1 English

5.2 Any Other Language

5.3 Hindi

6 Total Experience (in Years )

7 Experience in months (Provide details regarding name of
organizations worked for, Designation, responsibilities, tenure etc.)

Name of From To Designation/

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Organization Responsibilities



8 Summarized professional experience (Relevant to the Current
Project) in reverse chronological order

From to Company/Project/Position


10 Candidate’s Attestation for the Resume:

I am available for full time assignment for the duration and location
specified in this RFP at New Delhi.

Signature (in blue ink) Date (DD/MM/YY)

11 Bidder’s Attestation for the Resume:
[All resumes shall be individually attested by the bidder]

Place Signature of Authorized Person
Date Designation
Company/Firm Stamp Name

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Annual Turnover of the Firm for the last three financial years 2017-18, 2018-19, 2019-20 along
with balance sheet for last three years.

S.No. Year Turnover in INR Lakhs
INR ___________ Lakhs
1. 2017-18

2. 2018-19

3. 2019-20

Average Turnover

(Signature of Authorised Person with Seal) Signature of Chartered Accountant
Date: (with Membership No.)


Page 39 of 39 Signature Not Verified

Digitally signed by RAVINDRA KUMAR
Date: 2021.07.12 13:16:26 IST
Location: NCD of Delhi-DL

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