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Housing & Urban Development Corporation Limited, Bangalore, Karnataka
May, 05th 2021


No. HUDCO/ 2021/
Dated: April 29,2021

Sub: Notice inviting Quotation/Bid/Tender for Appointment of Tax Consultant for the
Financial Year 2021-22 onwards

Dear Sir,

Housing & Urban Development Corporation Limited (HUDCO) is a Government of India
Enterprise under the administrative control of Ministry of Urban Employment & Poverty

Bangalore Regional Office, HUDCO would like to appoint Tax Consultant as per
specifications and criteria described/detailed at point No-4 below. In case, you are
interested, please submit your quotation/offer for the services listed below by
17/05/2021 by 3:30 PM. You may please also note the following general terms and
conditions applicable in regard to submission of quotation/offer for award of contract /
empanelment by HUDCO: -

Scope of Work

A. Review of Monthly Account Books /Trial Balance and Verify all the vouchers in regard to
applicability of TDS/GST and correctness of head of accounts as well as facilitating &
filing of various returns related to:-

I) Income Tax -Detailed Scope of Work as per Annexure-l

II) Goods & Service Tax (GST) - Detailed Scope Of Work as per Annexure-It

III) TDS on Public Deposit Scheme- Detailed Scope of Work as per Annexure-III

The Tax Consultant is expected to undertake the review for each month's transactions in
the first week of succeeding month and submit a report in the prescribed format duly
addressed to respective ED/GM (General Accounts Section) at HO by 10111 of every month.

B. Conducting GST Audit (!frequired) for HUDCO Bengaluru from financial year 2020-2021
onwards till the Tenure of appointment, The GST Audit of the Financial year for which
Tax Consultancy has been rendered is also to be performed by the firm even after the
culmination of Tax Consultancy assignment.

The Tax consultant shall be required to depute at least-one paid assistant (qualified/semi
qualified) with thorough knowledge of Income Tax & GST for providing necessary
assistance /guidance and support in maintaining various documents/reports as well as
facilitating in preparation and filing of all returns (TDS and GST) as per applicable norms
on requirement basis.

Selection Procedure:

The appointment of Tax Consultant shall be done in two phases:-
1. Firms shall be short listed on the basis ofTechnical Bid
2. After short listing of firms on the basis of technical bid, flnancial bid shall be

considered from the short listed firms.
Terms and Conditions

1. The services would be provided to Bengaluru Regional Office, Housing & Urban
Development Corporation Limited, (HUDCO), 703-704, North Block. 47, Dickension
Road, Bengaluru - 560042 as well as any other location/office falling within the
jurisdiction of that particular regional office.

2. Quotation can be sent by post or deposited in tender box available at Reception in
HUDCO office.

3. Quotation should be sent in 2 sealed envelopes separately placed together in one

sealed envelope, as per the details given below:-

i) First envelope super scribing on top "Expression of Interest for Appointment

of Tax Consultant -Technical Bid" which must display clearly our reference

number, closing date and time to be mentioned on the envelope with name of

firm, telephone number and full address. The technical Bid should highlight the

firm's detailed profile including the firm's name, address, date of establishment,

detailed profile of partners and brief details of paid CAs/associates/support

staff, clientele (PSUs, Banks, other companies) experience in handling work of

PSUs. The technical bid should be submitted along-with requisite details and

supporting documents in the prescribed performa at Annexure-A.

ii) The second envelope super scribing on top "Expression of Interest for
Appointment of Tax Consultant -Financial Bid" should contain minimum rates
for the activities to be covered as per the scope of work indicated above. GST/tax
if applicable should be clearly indicated separately. Financial bid should be given
as per the Performa enclosed as Annexure- B.

4. The Minimum Eligibility Criteria required for consideration for appointment are as


A. Tax Consultant should be a Chartered Accountant Firm having at least 5 years
experience in providing service in regard to Direct Tax and Indirect Tax. (Copy
of work orders for minimum 5 distinct financial years as a proof of
handling tax consultancy work to be enclosed).

B. Consultant firm should have at least two years' experience out of last five
years in handling TDS/ GST related work including filing of TDS/Service
Tax/GST return in respect of Public Sector Undertakings. (Copy of work order
for minimum 2 distinct financial years out of last five financial -years
towards TDS/ GST related work including filing of TDS/GST return to be

C. Consultant should be presently handling GST related work in at least one
Public Sector Undertaking. (Copy of work order from anyone PSU client
regarding ongoing GST related work assignment including filing ofGST return.)

D. Consultant should have minimum three numbers of partners, minimum five
numbers of paid assistants (semi qualified/qualified) and other employed
staff. (Details of partners/their profile, paid CAs, assistants and other
employed staff and firm's clientele, particularly Public Sector Companies'

clientele to be enclosed).

E. Consultant should have its Head Office (not Local Office) in Bengaluru (Name

of the city where Regional office is located) having minimum five working staff
(including one partner) out of the total staff strength as mentioned at point no.
'D' above. (Copy of latest certificate of firm's registration and name/list of
partner(s) and working staff in Bengaluru to be enclosed).
S. The upper ceiling prescribed by Hudeo for tax consultancy as per the Scope of work
indicated ahove is Rupees Fifteen Thousand per month excluding CST. The rates
quoted should be in accordance to the estimated fee prescribed in the NIT
based upon scope & volume of work. The fees quoted will remain unchanged
throughout the entire tenure of the assignment and will not be revised during
the consultancy tenure. Any Financial bids with escalation clause will be
outrightly rejected.

6. The period of validity of quotations for acceptance should be for one year from the
date of order/ernpanelmsnr. Hudco shall not entertain requests for escalation in
cost/ price on account of any reasons during the period of validity of quotation.

7. Any modification in offer after the opening date will not be considered.

8. Bidder, before submitting quotations, should clearly understand Hudec's
requirement and, in case, any information/ clarification is required, he/she may visit
Hudco Regional Office during the working days (Monday to Friday between 10 a.m.
to 6 p.m. It may be noted that no clarification/ information after closure of the last
date of receipt of quotation, would be entertained.

9. Quotation, received late, will not be considered. HUDCO will not be responsible for
any postal delay.

10. Quotation will be opened on 19/05/2021, HUDCO office (at the address given in
Point no.l) at 04:00 p.rn. Evaluation of technical bids shall be done based on
consultant's ability to perform the assignment work and inspection of their office, as
per the discretion of the tender committee, so as to establish the fact that the
Consultant has proper local office. The Financial Bid of short-listed firms on the basis
of Technical Bid shall be opened on 20/05/2021 at 04:00 p.m. Financial Bid shall he
opened and considered only from those parties who fulfill the Hudec's criteria as
specified in the Technical Bid and have adequate experience /staff strength and
reputation in handling tax consultancy of its clients especially Public Sector

11. HUDCO reserves the right to accept or reject any or all quotations without assigning
any reason.

12.The engagement of Tax Consultant shall be generally for a period of three years.
However, the appointment shall be renewed on yearly basis based on the satisfactory
performance in the previous year with the approval of Hudec's Head Office. Further,
Hudco has the right to replace a consultant if it is found that the
reporting/verification/tax return filing work is not satisfactory.

13. The quarterly payment shall be made @80% of the fees due and balance 20% shall
be released after audit of annual accounts by Statutory Auditors and Issuance of Tax
Audit Report. The payment shall be released to the firm based on support provided
as per the scope of work.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully
For& on behalfofHUDCO

(jCM-Finance)/Regional Chief


1. Verification of all Income Heads to ensure booking of income on gross basis and
booking ofTDS on income to appropriate head of accounts.

2. Appropriateness of deduction of TOS from salary in reference to Savings &
Investments, Income from House Properties submitted by employees and also from
third party payments in compliance of the provisions of the Income Tax Act. Verify
timely payment of TDS amount to appropriate authorities. Review the correctness of
the TDS returns before these are filed with the appropriate authorities. Verify from
Income Tax site that the tax payments has been properly accounted for with Income

Tax Authorities.

3. To certify individual tax calculation sheets for Tf)S calculation for Salary at the year end.

4. To advise and to assist in the preparation of Form16 and 12 BA in regard to salaries
and Form 16 A in regard to other party payments.

S. To advise and to assist in all TDS related issues.

6. To verify the segregation of all the expense heads in regard to deductibility/non-
deductibility ofTOS.

7. To verify that TDS has been deducted and deposited specifically in regard to Medical
Bill payments to non-exempted hospital under Income Tax Act.

8. To verify that necessary accounting entries and payments to Income Tax Authorities
have been made in time.

9. Facilitation in downloading of all TOS certificates from NSDL within the prescribed
time and verifying the same.

10. To attend to all communications, notices of the Tax Authorities and to appear on all
hearings before Tax Authorities.

11. Facilitation in preparation of quarterly TOS returns and uploading of the same with
the NSDL. Also ensuring that TOS deducted and deposited under appropriate section.

12. Filing of correctness statement/Rectification ofTDS Returns already filed, if required.

13. Other Tax related issues consequent to amendments in Income Tax Act, 1961.

14. Verify that all the provisions of Income Tax Act and related circulars issued by Head
Office are complied with.

15. Compilation of information and preparation of Form 3CO in the prescribed format at
the yearend along with all the annexure required by Head Office/Tax Authorities at
the time of compilation of Tax Audit Report at Head Office.

16. Facilitation in settlement of Audit Queries, if any raised by Internal
Auditors/Statutory Auditors.

1. Verify the statement /Ledgers in regard to GST paid by RO on input services, GST
collected on output services, GST payable under Reverse Charge, adjustment of GST on
input service as per eligibility and GST payable on output services. Also verify its
booking under appropriate GL A/c.

2. Verify that invoices have been raised as per applicable provision under GST in rio
output services/services covered under RCM.

3. Verify that Regional Officers are taking Input Tax Credit as per applicable provision of
GST Act/Rules at the time of making monthly payments with the appropriate

4. To verify that necessary accounting entries to GST ledger heads have been made in

5. To facilitate in preparation, checking, timely filing of monthly as well as annual GST

return/s or any other return as applicable with the concerned authorities and
verification of.reconciliation ofGST return(s) with the financial data available in Hudec

acc<;>untbooks & ~STN.

6. To provide guidance in regard to correctiQI1 in regard to the data ~llready incorporated
in earlier GST return.

7. Facilitation in amendment of GST Registration required, if any.

8. .To provide guidance In regard to show cause notice larder if any received from the
Service Tax/GST authorities.

9. Confirmation in respect of the compliance of various circulars/instructions issued by
various authorities/ Head Office in regard to GST from time to ~ime.

10. To conform that all the applicable provisions of GST Act are complied with and bills are
raised within the prescribed time as per GST Act and the same are accounted for in
books of accounts properly.

11. Facilitation in settlement of Audit Queries, if ally raised by Internal Auditors/Statutory

12. Any other work/verification related to GST to be dealt with by Hudco in compliance
with the provisions of GST Act.


Review/Verification ofTDS matters as follows:-

1. Form No. 15H/15G received from depositors are deposited with Income Tax department
by 7th of succeeding month and the same is included in TDS Return.

2. Tax deducted at source against interest on deposits and brokerage paid on deposits is
depositecI with lncorne Tax department by 7th of succeeding month.

3. TDS on interest and brokerage is deducted at appropriate rates as applicable for that
financial year.

4. The section under which TDS is deducted against interest on deposits i.e. Section 194-A
and the Section under which TDS is deducted against brokerage paid on deposits i.e.
Section 194-H is correctly filled up in the TDS challans deposited with the l.T.

5. The details of Assessment Year are correctly filled up in Challans deposited with I.T.

6. Facilitations in preparation of quarterly TDS Returns and uploading of the same with the
NSDL for every quarter by l S'!' of the month succeeding the quarter incorporating the
details of total taxable interest viz. details of Form 15 H/15-G and exemption
certificates submitted by the depositors.

7. To advise and assist in all TDS related issues pertaining to Public Deposit Scheme.

8. To verify the segregation of all the expenses heads in regard to deductibility /non-
deductibility ofTDS.

9. Facilitation in downloading of all TDS certificates from NSDL and verifying the same.

10. To attend to all communications, notices of the Tax Authorities and to appear on all
hearings before Tax Authorities.

11. Filing of correction statement/ Rectification of TDS Returns already filed ,if required.

12. Other Tax related issues consequent to amendments in Income Tax Act.

13. Facilitation in settlement of Audit Queries, if any raised by Internal Auditors/Statutory
General Provisions:

1. To keep the Hudco Regional Office up-to-date with regular updates regarding latest
amendments in Direct & Indirect Taxation Rules & Regulations which could affect
Hudco operations and specifically verify compliance of such amendments during
routine verification of records.

2. Provide formal reply/clarification on firm's official letterhead wherever

required/requested by Hudco Regional Office.

Offer for a ointment of Tax Consultant in HUDCO Re ionalOffice Ben al ru
Technical Bid

l. a) Name and address of the Firm & its Main
proprietors / pa rtners

b) Address of Firm's Head Office at

2. Year of establishment

3. Registration No.
(enclose copy of Registration)

4. Names & Detailed Profile of Partners

i:- 5. GST registration no. .----- - _- _-- _- - .._--
~nclose coPY ofGSTIN l3-~gn.Cer~ifl_c~~eJ- - -
I--- PAN No.( enclosed copy of PAN card)


7. Performance certificate Nature l Period

(enclose cOQies)
8. List of clients (Attach Separate Sheet)

a) No. of Partners (Minimum three)

b) No. of Paid Assistants {qualified (CA/CMA)/
semi qualified(CA/CMA-inter)}-(minimum five)

c) No. of other supporting /employed Staff.

10. Name/list of Partner and working staff available
)-(minimum one
at Local Office (at

partner and 5 working staff) Year Name of Client
service in regard to I-N--am.e--of PSU Client
11. Experience in providing Tax (minimum five
Direct Tax and Indirect
years).Kindly enclose list/copies of work order
for minimum five distinct nn.ancia!_Y_~~I:2l - .-I-
Experience in handling TOS/ Service Tax/GST

12. wRorekturnincliundinrgespefcitlingofofPuTbDliSc/SeSrevcictoer

Undertakings. (at least two years out of last five

years). Kindly enclose list/copies of work order

for PSU clients for minimum two distinct financial ---

years Name of PSU Client
CA Firm should be presently handling GST related
13. work in at least one Public Sector Undertaking.

Kindly enclose copy of work ord~.

No. of enclosu res: Signature:

Date: Name of Authorized Person:

Name of CA Firm:


Financial Bid for Appointment of Tax Consultant for Hudco , Bengaluru Regional Office

Activities Professional GSTas Total Annual
Charges applicable Fee (

Charges(Rs.) Inclusive of

Income Tax, Goods & Service Tax, TDS

on Public Deposit Scheme as per Scope of

Work at Annexure -I, II & III indicated in

the NIT L __

Note: 1. The Certification Fee should not exceed the upper limit as prescribed at Point 5 of the
tender document and should be in accordance to the estimated tender value of NIT.
2. The fees quoted should be both in figures and words.

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