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Kerala Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd, Kozhikode, Kerala
May, 21st 2019
Malabar Regional Co-operative Milk Producers' Union Limited
       Head Office, Kunnamangalam, Kozhikode 673571,, Kerala,
        Ph: 0495 - 2805418, 2805417,280416 Fax: 2800648,
      www. malabarmilma. com; E-mail : ho. asc@malabarmilma. cogp


  Inviting Expression of Interest for Internal Audit for the year 2019-20

             Malabar Regional Co-operative Milk Producers' Union Limited
          Head Office, Kunnamangalam, Kozhikode 673571, Kerala,

              Expression of Interest for Internal   Audit for the year 2019-20

Ph: 0495 -2805418,28054 16,2805417 Fax: 2800648,; E-mail:

  -1.Malabar Regional Co-Operative Milk Producers' Union Ltd. (MRCMPU Ltd.)
   invite Expression of Interest for Internal Audit for the year 2019-20from reputed
   firm of Chartered Accountants in the various units of MRCMPU Ltd. The firms
   should be well-established and experienced in Internal Auditing and other
   accounting jobs. The term of Internal Auditfwill be for a period of three years with
   effect from 01.04.2019 as per the terms and conditions attached with this
   notification, subject to satisfactory completion of the first year Audit and
   reasonable hike in the fees will be granted on mutual consent during 2nd and 3'd
   year. Interested and eligible Chartered Accountants firms may obtain further
   information from the Head Office of the Malabar Regional Co-operative Milk
   Producers' Union Limited, Peringolam (P. O), Kunnaman galam, Kozhikode.
1. The offer shall be submitted in two cover system consisting of technical
   qualification and price offer. The price offer shall contain a detailed working of
   costing for the price. The price offer of those who qualifu in the technical
   qualification only wil1be considered for opening.
2. Detailed terms and conditions are contained in the offer document of the above
   work which is uploaded in the Kerala Government e-portal
   www. etenders.kerala. gov. in
      a. Offer reference No                : No. MRU/ACTSI 55 19 I 12019 -22

     b.       Estimated offer                 : Rs.10.00 Lakhs per year including GST
     c.       Offer download                 : Can be downloaded from the
                                            Websitewww. etenders.kerala. gov. in   -
     d.       Offer publishing date          : 20.05.2019, 1 1.00 hrs.
     e.       Offer submission closing date : 04.06.201 9, I 7.00 hrs.
     f.       Offer opening date                 : 06.06.2019, 1 1.00 hrs.
     b'       Offer validity                     :24   days

I(ozhikode                                                            sd/-
                                                              MANAGING DIRECTOR I/c

                          TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR THE OFFER


          a) The Chartered Accountancy Firm should have       necessary Registration Certificate
               from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.
          Q)   fne Chartered Accountancy Firm should have valid EPF registration, ESI
             registration, GST registration and independent EPF and ESI code numbers if
          c) The Chartered Accountancy Firm should have PAN of Income Tax Department..
          d) The partners of Chartered Accountancy Firm should also have member number
             issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.
          e) The Chartered Accountancy Firm should submit their detailed profile along with
             the offer.
          0 The Chartered Accountancy Firm should have its office at Calicut and those who
             have more branches/ tie ups, under MRCMPU's area operation from Kasaragod
             district to Palakkad district will be prefened.
          g) The Chartered Accountancy Firm should have at least Ten years' of experience in
             the field of providing internal audit service and accounting job.
          h) As on 01-07-2019, the Chartered Accountancy Firm should have minimum three
             qualified chartered Accountants including partners and names of Chartered
             Accountants shall be uploaded with the offer.
          i) The Firm's annual financial turnover during the last three years shall not be less
             than Rs.50 lakhs and the proof of the financial turnover of the last three years
             (audited income & expenditure statement or IT return) shall be uploaded along
             with the offer.
          j) Proof of the above eligibility criteria shall be uploaded along with the first cover
             ie technical qualification , failure of which will lead to disqualification of the


          a) The Chartered Accountancy Firms who were appointed earlier as internal auditors
             by MRCMPU Ltd. during previous years and who were unable to operate the
              work successfully, are not eligible for being reappointed.
         . b) The Chartered Accountancy Firms who do not submit along with the offer, the
              copies of documents, possession of registrations/licensesflPAN /Licence from the

        Institute of s Chartered Accountants of India as in Sl .no 1(a) above, are not
        eligible for being appointed.

        Units to be covered
        Head office at Peringolam, Kunnamangalam.
        Kozhikkode Dairy at Peringolam, Kunnamangalam.
        Kannur Dairy at Pallikkunnu, Kannur.
        Palakkad Dairy at Kalleppully, Palakkad
        Kasaragod Dairy at Mavungal, Kanhangad.
        Waynad Dairy at Chuzhali, Kalpetta.
        MalayoraDairy, Sreekandapuram, Kannur.
        Central Products Dairy, Naduvattom, Kozhikode.
        Procurement and Input Centres at Peringolam, Nilambur, Kannur, Kanhangad,
        Kalpetta, Palakkad, Pattambi, Kottakkal, Attappadi and Vadakara.
   j.   Milk Chilling centres at Nilambur, Mananthavadi, Pattambi, Attappadi, Vadakara,
        Kottakkal A4oorkanad.
   k.   Marketing Depots at Chinakkal (kottakkal)/Moorkanad, Ulliyeri, Nilambur,
        Pattambi, Alathur, Koyippady, Ramanattukara,Pathiripala and Nadapuram.
   1.   Ginger processing/feed milling plant, Meenangady.

3. The Scope of Work

The Internal Audit shall cover all activities of Head Office, Dairy Plants at Kozhikode.
Kannur, Palakkad, Waynad , Kasaragod, Sreekandapuram, CPD Naduvattam and all
other Units mentioned above. The work includes:
   1. Verification of all books of accounts like Ledger, Cash Book, Bank Book,
      Journal, Register, Voucher, and other relevant records and the accounting system
      of HO and units.
   2. Verify all records of purchase, production / manufacturing, sales, stores and all
      other operations, machines, vehicles etc. of Head Office and units.
   3. Critically examine the various software packages used for different operations in
      HO and units viz. Marketing, Financial, HR, Milk billing, Stores/ Inventory,
      RMRD, production etc. and evaluate their performance and adequacy compared
      to the volume and nature of business and transactions.
   4. Critically examine the various internal control systems of all units with respect to
      each operational area and report whether they are sufficient. If not sufficient
      report the same with specific suggestions for improvement.
   5. Critically examine the major elements of cost such as transportation, power, fuel,
      repairs, consumables etc. and advise the Management for proper control, where
      ever necessary.
   6. A route wise analysis of T C for Milk and Milk products with respect to the
      capacity utilisation and percentage on the value of goods transported.
7. Physical   verification of stock of finished goods of milk, milk products and other
    products, raw materials, stores and other inventories of all units including
    marketing depots. It shall be done at the end of each reporting quarter (June 30,
    September 30, December 31 and March 31) in case of Dairy plants and at the
    time of each visit to other units.
B. The stock registers of raw materials, finished goods and the stores records shall
    be verified at frequent intervals and report the mistakes / differences to the
    concemed unit head in writing for rectification, copy of which may be attached in
    the Intemal audit report. Surprise verification of major stock items and cash shall
    be conducted at least once in a month. You have to certify the quarterly Stock
    statement prepared in the Dairy / Chilling centers and submit along with the
    Internal Audit report.
9. Internal audit shall cover all operational areas which include purchase of milk,
    other raw materials, consumables, packing materials etc., processing, quality
    control, packing, sales, marketing, transportation, cash collections, marketing
    depot operations, man power outsourcing etc.
10.You have to regularly verify the records of production, quality control, marketing
    section etc. and reporl that the records are maintained properly and reconciled
    regularly, and if necessary help in reconciling the same.
1 l.Union has been outsourcing many unskilled jobs to the independent labor / other

    contractors. You have to examine all such agreements and payments to such
    contractors and see that the statutory requirements are complied with and all
   payments are made as per the agreement only.
12.Ensure that various rules and procedures and statutory requirements to be
   followed in respect of various activities are fully complied with.
13.Lot of amendments in commercial laws is regularly taking place which requires
   compliance of various statutory requirements. You have to reporl whether such
   requirements are correctly complied with.
14.Report that various orders. circulars, instructions like price of products, norms
   and procedures for certain activities etc. issued from the Head Office are properly
   implemented and complied with.
15.Verify I certify the correctness of the quarterly trial balance, P&L Account and
   Balance Sheet of Head Office and Dairy Plants prepared by the respective units
   using the computerized Accounting Package with schedules.
l6.Verification of the books and records and certification of all Statements of
   Expenditure, like RKVY (RashtriyaKrishiVikasYojana), RSVY (Rashtriya Sam
   VikasYoj ana), SC /STDevelopment Projects; NDP (National Dairy plan), NPDD,
   GOK Plan Fund etc. or other statements to be submitted to the project authorities
   (ie. Gol,t of India, Govt. of Kerala, NDDB etc) as per the format and time
   schedule prescribed.
lT.Verification of tender (E -tender also) its formalities and procedures for the
   purchase orders placed from Head Office regularly with regard to its correctness
    and accuracy that it complies with all the rules and procedures as and when
    required. The tender verification cerlificate is to be issued wherever necessary.
l3.Verification and cerlification of ESI Returns (half yearly/yearly etc.) to be
    furnished to Employees State Insurance Corporation by the Dairies & Head
l g.Providing   necessary professional and other advices as and when necessary.
20.Verification of all book of accounts of MRCMPU employees group gratuity fund
    trust accounts.
Zl.A brief Reporl incorporating all major and relevant points (Executive Summary)
     shall also be fumished for each quarter along with the internal audit reporl.
 22.Thelnternal Audit repofi shall be submitted for each quafter before the end of the
     subsequent month of each such quarler. A11 Internal audit reports shall contain a
     reporl on all the points mentioned in 1 to 15 above.

   In addition to the above the internal auditor will focus on the following specific
      1  Surprise verification of physical stock and tally with the software generated
         stock register for anY Product.
     2 Date wise verification of Intra Union stock Transfer quantity of Milk and
         Milk products by comparing the stock register at source and destination
         units obtained from production software with the help of MIS deparlment
         for operating the sYstem.
      3   euarterly Analysis of the following reports obtained from production
                a. Fat and SNF loss%
                b. Cream to Ghee conversion losso%
                c. Cream to Butter conversion lossoZ
                d. Butter to Ghee conversion losso%
                e. Yield o/o of Peda, Palada Mix and Paneer and other products.
      4   Tallying of Quantity in the consolidated FAT &SNF Statement and P&L
          Statement of DairY.
      5   Date wise comparison of Market Return        in the Marketing Package and
          Production Package in Dairies and Depots.
      6   Date wise comparison of Milk procurement Quantity between      Milk Bill   and
          Production Package in Dairies and MCP/MCC.
      7    Date wise comparison of Transit loss of milk between the Dairies and
         Depots by comparing the concerned stock register'
      8 Date wise comparison of tray movement between the Dairies and Depots by
           comparing th; ffay movement report in the production software and
           quarterly analysis of broken tray%o and tray usage per liter quantity (milk
           and curd disPatched.
        9  Comparison of Dairies based on the Head wise expenditure based on the
           per kg Total Solids handled.
        10 Quarterly analysis of packing film cost per liter, by comparing the packing
           film cost and sales quantity of milk, curd and Sambharam.
        11 Date wise verification of dispatch/ production quantity of milk and milk
           products with labor contractor bill in dairies and depots were it is out
        12   Random checking    of   wholesale and retail rates   of milk products in
            marketing package.
        13 Random checking of transportation rate of route vehicle in Marketing and
            procurement routes.
   - 14 Verification of realization of Inter Union sales of milk.
        15 Verification of fluctuations in the monthly handling excess quantity of milk.
         16 Verification of Milk bill apportioning of BMC milk purchase data.
           In order to implement the above points, MRCMPU will assign the
Production Head as coordinator of the internal audit function with the help of MIS

  1. The volume of work in our organization is very large. The turnover is increasing
     and new projects, activities, products etc. are coming regularly, and the internal
     audit shall cover all the activities of the Union. We expect your valuable
     professional advices for improving the profitability, strenglhening the systems,
     cost reduction, identiffing the uneconomic operations etc. Whenever any
     violation of rules, dilution in the controls and systems, serious discrepancy or
     unhealthy practice is observed during the Course of internal audit it shall be
     brought to the notice of the Managing Director by way of confidential letter.
      Similarly, you must bring to the notice of the unit heads any defect, short coming
     etc in the system with suggestions for rectification/ improvement of the same.
  2. Considering the volume of work it is absolutely essential that you have to deploy
     your experienced staff in the Head Office and the Dairy Plants of Kozhikode,
     Kannur, Sreekandapuram, Palakkad, Wayanad, Kanhangad and CPD
     Naduvattom to conduct the work effectively. Therefore, attendance of at least
     one experienced staff for at least 10 working days in a month in the Head Office
     and the Dairies is essential for this engagement.
  3. Visits to the Dairy and units and follow up by a qualif,red Chartered Accountant is
     essential for the effective conduct of the internal audit. The reports on the above
     visits and findings also shall form part in every internal audit report.
  4. One of your experienced stafV chartered accountants shall attend the quarterly
      internal audit review meetings held at unit level.

The remuneration excluding GST for the above     work shall be offered as detailed below

DairyiUnit                                                                     Amount (Rs)
Head Office , 2 TMR Plants
Kozhikode Dairy, its 2 depots & 3 P&I office 2 Chilling Centre
Wayanad Dairy, its 2 depots and 1 P&I offlrces 1 Chilling Centre
Palakkad Dairy ,its 4 depots and 4 P&I offices 3 Chilling Centre
Kannur Dairy and Malayora Dairy , and 1 P&I offices
Kasaragod Dairy, its I depots and I P&I offices
Central Products Dairy, Naduvattom

Quarterly payment pertaining to the Chartered Accountants Firm will be released by
cheque or through online transfer on submission of the GST bills in the name of
Dairy/Units as above. Statutory deductions(TDS ) if applicable will be deducted from
the bill amount.
A. Documents Comprising Offer:
         i. The First Stage (Pre-Qualification or Technical Cover based on lcover):
            Pre-Qualification or technical proposal shall contain the scanned copies of the
            documents mentioned in the tender notice, which every bidder has to upload:
            The MRCMPU doesn't take any responsibility for any technical snag or
            failure that has taken place during document upload.
        ii. The Second Stage (Financial Cover or as per offer cover system):
            The CA firm shall complete the Price offer as per format given for download
            along with this offer.
       Note: The blank price offer should be downloaded and saved on the computer
       without changing file-name otherwise price offer will not get uploaded. The firm
       making the offer should filI in the details in the same file and upload the same
       back to the website.

DATE: 20-05-2019

                                                         Signature Not Verified
                                                         Digitally signed by Thomas T M
                                                         Date: 2019.05.20 16:19:43 IST
                                                         Location: Kerala
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