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 Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation Limited, Gandhinagar, Gujarat
 Reserve Bank of India, Mumbai, Maharashtra
 Bureau Of Indian Standards, Bhubaneswar, Odissa
 Jammu & Kashmir Project Construction Corporation Limited, Srinagar, J&K
 Housing & Urban Development Corporation Limited, Bangalore, Karnataka
 Uranium Corporation of India Limited, East Singhbhum, Jharkhand
 Municipal Corporation, Abohar, Punjab
 Corrigendum Airport Authority Of India, New Delhi, Delhi
 All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
 Projects & Development India Limited, Noida, Uttar Pradesh
 Tripura Forest Development And Plantation Corporation Limited, Gandhigram, Tripura
 Housing & Urban Development Corporation Limited, Jaipur, Rajasthan
 Corrigendum National Minorities Development And Finance Corporation, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi
 Air India Air Transport Services Limited, New Delhi, Delhi
 Andhra Pradesh Medical Services & Infrastructure Development Corporation, Mangalagiri, A.P

Tripura Forest Development And Plantation Corporation Limited, Gandhigram, Tripura
April, 26th 2021




Expression of lnterest (Eol) is invited is invited from the Registered local Chartered Accountants' Firms for
conduct of Tax Audit of Annual Accounts for the year 2020-21. of Tripura Forest Development & Plantation
Corporation Limited. RFP will be received upto 3.30 PM of 30/04l202LlFriday) in the Registered office of
TFDPC Ltd. PO. Abhoynagar, Agartala, Tripura, PIN-799005. The work of Tax Audit will mainly focus on the

following areas:

1. To calculate self- assessment Tax, payable or refundable.

2. To conduct Tax Audit of Annual Accounts & E-filing of Tax Audit report & Tax Return ( including filing of

revised return if required) & other related E filing regarding Tax Audit.
) To reply of Audit queries raised during Statutory Audit & Supplementary Audit regardingTax Audit.
4. To reply of queries raised by the lncome Tax Department during Tax Assessment regarding Tax Audit.

5. Any other works related to preparation of Accounts of the Company as per statutory accounting

procedures of the Companies Act and requirements of CAG and as directed by Managing Director.

Terms & Conditions of RFP:

7. A brief note on the resources of the Firm indicating its year of establishment, Experience, Qualification

& Strength of professionals is to be communicated. The firm must be a CAG empanelled Auditor. A
detail statement of experience of the bidder regarding conducting Tax Audit of annual accounts of

Government Corporations in Tripura will have to be submitted.

2. The Firm must have an office in Agartala and all communication to the firm will be made to that office

address only.

3. The envelops should be super-scribed as " EOl for Tax Audit for the year 2O2O-21,." The selection of
the Firm will solely rest on the discretion of the Authority.

4. Received bids will be opened on 4.00 PM, 3010412021 (Friday). Representative of the bidders may
remain present during opening of the bids.

5. The Firm who has been appointed for Compilation & preparation of Accounts of TFDPC Ltd for F.Y.
2020-21. & also for lnternal Audit of TFDPC Ltd for F.Y 2020-21cannot participate in the bid.

6. Any Firm who has been appointed for Compilation & preparation of Accounts of any Division, AIE or
unit of TFDPC Ltd. for 2020-21 cannot participate in the bid.

7. The RFP should contain "D" call for Rs.5000.00/- deposited in favor of ED, TFDPC Ltd on any

Nationalized Bank, which will be refunded to the unsuccessful bidders & also to successful bidder on

successful completion of the assignment.



B. The interested Chartered Accountar t", addressed ro the undersigned crearry
;::;:'fi: Jil::;l:l' indication rhe rerms or nererence,

9. ln case of mr
Tj[i:::il ano conoiroi:ii:ilJ:::il:ffH
bids, the rowest bidder (11) quarirying arrthe terms

10. TlnaxcaAsuedmir oorreatnhnaunaroancecopuanrttiscipoarnGtsovseurbnmmiet niot wCeosrtp(o1r1a) tbioid,,,

e, conducting

,, U^9r: #il:n:ioo,::::,,r":,Uing

GST) of fees (plus GSI) wiil be paid at of assignmenr of Tax Audit,2o%of the fees (prus
wiil o"
i1g_.rtu,. .or.rrrlo;;t"'completion

il :t i:lI y;t [Iii:I *, nI* "' t'
: i,,: T, t. separate ;b;iils to be Isurb:mIiir:tIeJd J,;, i: [ :,,3;";::;1ffi :j
.;:;;.;, o,, ouurur,.
lffi#;:L. n,' to submit a completion reporr arong with finar bi, after the assignment is duiy

13. The time limit f
theyhavetorl,o'TaxAuditisl5daysafterdeliveryofAccounts for2o2o-2l.Aftercompretionofwork,

rax return ,,," i.'Xl"T'il;'J:',"J,t:'#lX;",'.Tit*ii*l;ru,t Arter compretion orthe audit,

14' Minimum Fees will be Rs 25,ooo.00/- ( Rupees Twenty Five Thousand only) for this assignment.
L5 Managing visit our reser'!'es the righr ro cancel even to the rowest brdder without assigning
For details please website: any reason.

(Dr. R.Das, tFS)
Managing Director.

1". The Executive Director, TFDPC Ltd.

2. The General Manager, TFDpC industriai Estate, Anandanagar

3. The "Diveisrriovnradlr Mrv;rdnager, North/sadar/sowh-l/sou th-tt/Faetory/He Division
4.// Notice Board of rhis OIfice


-y website'of this company

6. Guard File

7. M/S



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