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 Municipal Corporation, Abohar, Punjab
 Corrigendum Airport Authority Of India, New Delhi, Delhi
 All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
 Projects & Development India Limited, Noida, Uttar Pradesh
 Tripura Forest Development And Plantation Corporation Limited, Gandhigram, Tripura
 Housing & Urban Development Corporation Limited, Jaipur, Rajasthan
 Corrigendum National Minorities Development And Finance Corporation, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi
 Air India Air Transport Services Limited, New Delhi, Delhi
 Andhra Pradesh Medical Services & Infrastructure Development Corporation, Mangalagiri, A.P

Projects & Development India Limited, Noida, Uttar Pradesh
April, 27th 2021



1.0 A bidder who meets eligibility criteria for Pre-Qualification as per Annexure –II of ITB and intents to
quote against this ITB may download the bidding document from PDIL website http://pdilin.com OR
Central Public Procurement Portal https://eprocure.gov.in/cppp and submit the Bid complete in all
respects as per ‘Terms & conditions’ (Annexure-III of ITB) on or before the bid closing date and time.

2.0 Submission of Bids:

Bidders are required to submit their bids under two envelopes as below:

Envelope A: Un-priced Technical and Commercial Bid along with the following documents
(photocopies) shall be in this envelope:

i. Documents in support of ‘Pre-Qualification Criteria for Bidders’ as indicated in Annexure-II of ITB.

ii. Complete ITB documents duly signed & stamped in each page with “Deviations”/ “Exception” sheet
(if any) and all Annexure duly filled in.

iii. Price Confirmation Copy - A copy of Priced offer keeping price blank (hiding the price) and in place
indicating "Quoted" or "√ ", as a confirmation of price quoted against the enquired item and all
applicable Taxes & Duties, shall be submitted.

iv. Check List (Annexure-VI) duly filled in by the bidder making all the points clear and not leaving
any voids.

v. Photo copy of PAN card.

vi. A Copy of GST registration certificate

vii. Any other document as per the requirement specified in the ITB.

Envelope B: Price Bid in ‘Schedule of Rate’ (SOR) format as per Annexure-IV with quoted
rates in Rs. and Taxes, as applicable, signed and stamped.

Both the above envelopes should be super scribed with respective Envelope no., ITB No. and
Bid closing date. Both the envelopes should be sealed and placed in a Third envelop (Cover
Envelope) which should also be super scribed with ITB No. with item description, Bid closing
date and sealed. Such Sealed Quotation (Cover Envelope) must be submitted addressed to :

Addl. General Manager & HOD (MM)
Projects & Development India Limited
PDIL Bhawan, A-14, Sector 1,
Noida – 201 301, Gautam Budh Nagar (UP)
Tel: 0120-2529842/43/47/51/91 (Extn. 344, 301),Fax: 0120 – 2529801
e-mail: prsahu@pdilin.com;
ITB No.11/PNMM/E/4801/2021-22/101237
Item: Appointment of Internal auditors for PDIL

3.0 Opening of Bids

Bid opening will be Public. Envelope A only will be opened on Technical Bid Opening Date.
Price Bids (Envelope B) of only those bidders will be opened which will be considered technically and
commercially acceptable.

4.0 Evaluation of Bids

Bids shall be evaluated for Pre-Qualification Criteria (PQC) first and Techno-Commercial Bid
Evaluation shall be carried out, only for those Bids which shall meet the Pre-Qualification
Criteria (PQC).

Bids shall be scrutinized on Techno-Commercial parameters. Bids having unacceptable
deviation may be rejected at this stage. However, clarifications shall be sought from bidder for
any shortcoming found in their Bid at this stage.

The PRICE BID shall be opened only of those bidders who will be technically and commercially

5.0 Price Evaluation Criteria

Price Evaluation of Bids shall be done considering location wise quoted prices, by the bidder in
the ‘Schedule of Rates’ (SOR) along with taxes. However, Purchase Order (P.O)/ Contract shall
be awarded location wise on the Lowest (L1) Evaluated bidder on Net cost to PDIL considering
Input Tax Credit (ITC) on a/c of GST subject to the provision of Public Procurement Policy
(PPP) for MSE, Order’ 2012 read with the respective subsequent amendments.

Incomplete Price Schedule may result into rejection of bid.

Public procurement policy for Micro & small enterprises (MSEs): Benefits shall be extended to
bidder under the policy as per guideline issued by Ministry of MSME’s order date 23.03.2012,
issued vide Gazette Notification No 503 dtd. 26.03.2012 and related subsequent circulars shall
be applicable subject to submission of copy of valid/active Udyam Aadhar
Memorandum/registration certificate.

The Enquired services are split-able (Location wise).

6.0 Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) : NIL

7.0 Security deposit

Security Deposit shall be applicable for P.O. of value more than Rs 2.00 lac.
ITB No.11/PNMM/E/4801/2021-22/101237
Item: Appointment of Internal auditors for PDIL

Security deposit for an amount equivalent to 3% of P.O. value shall be submitted within 15 days
of issuance of P.O. in the form of demand draft (DD)/ Banker’s cheque. The same shall be valid
to cover completion period. In the absence of submission of security deposit, equivalent amount
shall be adjusted from the bills.

No interest shall be payable on security deposit

PDIL Noida, however, reserves the right to encash / forfeit the security deposit, if the contractor
fails to execute the contract and/or abide by all the terms and conditions of the P.O.

Security deposit shall be refunded after 30 days of completion of contract on the certification of
Officer in charge for due fulfillment of the contractual obligations and after adjusting the
expenditure incurred by the owner, if any, on account of any failure on the part of the

8.0 Validity of Bids

Prices quoted should remain valid for our acceptance for a minimum period of 90 days from the
date of opening of technical bids. PDIL will not allow any revision in prices within validity period
after sealed tender are opened.

9.0. If at any later date, it is found that documents, information and data submitted by the Bidder in
the Bid, and based on which the Bidder has been considered eligible or successful or has been
awarded the Contract is incorrect or false to the extent that had the correct or true information
been made available to the OWNER at the time of Bid evaluation, the bid would have been
declared ineligible or unsuccessful, the Bidder shall be forthwith disqualified or as the case may
be, the contract awarded based on such incorrect or false information shall be cancelled and
the Security Deposit shall be liable to be forfeited.

10.0 Bidders are required to carefully go through the entire scope of ENQUIRY, terms and
conditions, and other requirements before quoting. They should feel free to contact PDIL
before submission of bid if they have any query on it. Once the bid is submitted, PDIL will
presume that the bidder has understood thoroughly the Scope of Supply along with terms &
conditions and all these are acceptable to them.

11.0. Bids shall be typed or written in indelible ink and must be free from corrections / erasing /
overwriting etc. Any changes made must be authenticated with initial by the Bidder.

12.0 Bid shall be ideally in conformity to the Scope of supply/work along with all Terms & conditions,
stipulated in the ENQUIRY. PDIL shall appreciate to receive a Bid having no deviation.
However, under unavoidable circumstance, a Bidder may submit Deviations in a separate
sheet, which PDIL at its own liberty may accept or reject. Deviations found elsewhere inside the
Bid document shall not be considered. Deviations including condition(s), if any, found in the
Price bid shall liable for rejection of a Bid in totality.
ITB No.11/PNMM/E/4801/2021-22/101237
Item: Appointment of Internal auditors for PDIL

13.0 PDIL reserves the right to reject any or all the bids without assigning any reason whatsoever
and does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any other bid. All bids in which any of the
prescribed conditions are to be fulfilled or are incomplete in any respect are liable to be
rejected. PDIL is at liberty to take any of the following actions in case of this ITB:

a) to cancel the tender without reference to the bidders.
b) to postpone the due date and time.

14.0 Bidders shall not be entitled to claim any costs, charges, expenses or incidentals for or in
connection with the preparation and submission of their bids even though Project &
development of India Limited may withdraw the enquiry/tender or reject all bids.

15.0 Bids submitted thro’ FAX and e-mail will not be accepted. No request from any bidder to PDIL
to collect the bid from airlines, cargo agents etc. shall be entertained by PDIL.

16.0 PDIL reserve the rights to assess bidder’s capability and capacity to perform the contract

17.0 Bids must be submitted on or before the Bid closing date and time physically in the bid box at
the office of

Addl. G.M & HOD (MM),
Materials Management Department,
Projects & Development India Ltd.,
PDIL Bhawan
A-14, Sector-1,

or by registered post/courier on the above address so as to reach on or before the closing date
and time.

18.0 Bids received late are liable for rejection and no compliant shall be entertained in this regard for
any reason whatsoever.

19.0 To know more about PDIL, please visit our website http://www.pdilin.com
ITB No.11/PNMM/E/4801/2021-22/101237
Item: Appointment of Internal auditors for PDIL

Annexure -II

Pre-Qualification Criteria (Eligibility Criteria for pre-qualification)

Minimum Eligibility Criteria for pre-qualification of Bidders (Chartered Accountant /Cost
Accountant Firms) as Internal Auditors is given below:
1. The firm should be in practice for the past ten years as on the bid closing date

(Copy of Incorporation certificate issued by Institute of Chartered Accountants of
India/ Institute of Cost Accountants of India. to be enclosed).

2. The firm should have at least 3 full time qualified Chartered Accountant/Cost
Accountant including partners as on the bid closing date(Copy of Constitution
certificate of the firm issued by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India/ Institute of
Cost Accountants of India to be enclosed).

3. The Firm should have 10 article assistants/ Audit staff (List duly signed to be

4. The firm should have experience of statutory audits or/and Internal audits at least 10
Companies/Co operative societies (Registered under Companies Act/Multistate co-
operative society act each having a turn over of at least Rs 30Crore in last 5 years up
to bid closing date. (Copies of order in support to list and copies of audited annual
accounts are to be enclosed.)
ITB No.11/PNMM/E/4801/2021-22/101237
Item: Appointment of Internal auditors for PDIL


Terms & Conditions

Projects & Development India Limited (PDIL) is a Mini Ratna, Category-1, Govt. of India
Undertaking, under Department of Fertilizers.

PDIL is an ISO9001:2015 certified premier Consultancy and Engineering Organization which played
pivotal role in the growth of Indian fertilizer Industry. PDIL is engaged in providing Design,
Engineering and related project execution services from concept to commissioning of various
projects viz Fertilizers, Oil & Gas and Refinery, Chemicals, Infrastructure and offsites and Utilities.
The company has its registered office at Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The Company is having two units
located at Noida, Vadodara, The unit wise Books of Accounts are being maintained and kept at
Unit. The Books of Accounts of units are consolidated at corporate office, Noida. During the year
2019-20 the Company recorded an annual turnover of Rs. 13301 lakh as follows:

S. Units Turnover (including No. of employees

No. other income) as on 31.03.2020

(Rs in Lakh)

01. Noida (Including Corporate 262

Office, Noida units and Its 06 11673

inspection & NDT offices)

02. Vadodara 1527 70

03 Sindri 101 Nil

TOTAL 13301 332

1.0 Sealed bids are invited by Projects and Development India Ltd from Firms of Chartered
Accountants/ Cost accountants for Pre-qualification and Appointment as Internal Auditors for
Financial Year 2021-22 at following locations:

1.1 Noida Unit (Including Corporate Office, Noida units and Its inspection & NDT offices)
1.2 Vadodara unit located at Gujarat.

2.0 Time schedule: The Internal Audit has to be conducted as per the following Audit
Programme of PDIL and Audit Report required to be submitted as per following schedule:
ITB No.11/PNMM/E/4801/2021-22/101237
Item: Appointment of Internal auditors for PDIL

Period of Audit Report to be Submitted by auditors

April – June By 7th August
July – September By 7th November
October- December By 7th February
December- March By 30th April

The Audit Report will be submitted to Director (Finance) and Chairman & Managing Director,
PDIL duly signed by a senior partner of the firm.

3.0 The selected firms would have to deploy following minimum staff/ Days for conducting
Internal Audit:

Deployment of Minimum Staff & Period of Working Days , for conducting Internal Audit

No. Units Minimum number of staff Minimum number of working

to be deployed days

1. Noida (Including At least One Chartered / Minimum 10 working days in

Corporate Office, Noida Cost Accountant each Quarter (as per

units and Its 06 inspection Two semi-qualified schedule, mentioned at Para

& NDT) persons / article -4 for each office).


2. Vadodara One Chartered/Cost Minimum 10 working days in
each Quarter (as per
Accountant schedule, mentioned at Para
-4 for each office).
Two semi qualified

persons/ article


4.0 Payment Terms: The payment of audit fee shall be made in terms of percentage specified
below on submission of final audit report of each quarter along with Invoice. The payment will
be verified and released by F&A Department of concerned Units subject to deduction of
Income –Tax at source as applicable, within 30 days from the date of receipt of invoice.

The payment will be released on quarter wise as under:

S. Phase/ Period % age of Total Fee Payable

1. April- June 20 %

2. July – September 20%

3 October- December 20%

4 December- March 20%

5 Completion of Statutory Audit and 20%
acceptance of Annual Accounts of PDIL by
Board of Directors and all other compliances
as per Scope of Work attached.
ITB No.11/PNMM/E/4801/2021-22/101237
Item: Appointment of Internal auditors for PDIL

Note: It may be noted that Government of India has implemented Trade Receivable Discounting
System (TReDS) to address challenges faced by MSMEs in delayed payments (after
receipt/acceptance of Material/Services) from Government buyers leading to shortfall of
Working Capital. TReDS is an online electronic institutional mechanism for facilitating the
financing of trade receivables of MSMEs through multiple financiers. PDIL has already been
registered on the below mentioned TReDS platform:

M/s Receivable Exchange of India (RXIL), Mumbai

MSME vendors are requested to get themselves registered on the above TReDS platform to
avail the payment benefit in the event of order.

4.1 Tax deduction at source

Income tax, as applicable as per income tax act, shall be deducted at source from the
Contractor’s bills and a certificate towards this deduction shall be issued to the Contractor.

5.0 Taxes

5.1 Goods & Service Tax (GST): GST shall be paid EXTRA as applicable as per GST law.
However, all taxes, levies shall be paid extra as applicable at the prevailing rate only based
on the documentary evidence. Statutory variation in taxes & levies shall apply as per
prevailing rule.

5.2 Bidder shall clearly indicate the present applicable rate of GST in Percentage (%). However,
Bidder shall indicate corresponding HSN / SAC Code in the check list and shall also enclose
a copy of GST registration certificate along with the un-priced offer. PDIL shall avail Input
Credit against payment of GST. Relevant necessary documents shall be provided by the
Contractor to enable PDIL avail the above credit set off.

5.3. Bidders have to ensure that they should file the Tax return on time to avail input Tax credit,
else the same shall be deducted from Security Deposit/Running Bills.

6.0 Firm Price: Price shall be firm and subject to no escalation whatsoever during
delivery/completion period except for any statutory variations i.e. change in the rate of tax
& duties and/or inclusion of any new tax & duty.

7.0 Period of Contract: The period of Internal Audit will be financial year 2020-2021. However,
the appointment may be further extended by one (01) year on the same rate and terms &
conditions with mutual consent of the parties.

8.0 Price Reduction clause: The non-deployment of minimum number as stated in the ITB
elsewhere will attract price reduction clause @ Rs.2500/- per day or part thereof. In case of
delay in submission of final report, further reduction @ 0.50% of the fee per week or part
there of shall be applicable subject to maximum reduction shall be 10% of order value
including all taxes.
ITB No.11/PNMM/E/4801/2021-22/101237
Item: Appointment of Internal auditors for PDIL

9.0 JURISDICTION: This contract shall be deemed to have been entered into at Noida and all
cases of action in relation to the contract shall, therefore, be deemed to have been assigned
within the jurisdiction of Noida, Distt. Gautam Budh Nagar (UP).

10.0 TERMINATION: In case the services are not found satisfactory, PDIL reserves the right to
cancel part or whole of the contract after giving notice in writing and make alternate
arrangement at any time at risk & costs of bidder The amount so incurred by PDIL shall be
recovered from the bidder.


All cases of dispute arising during execution of contract shall be resolved by mutual discussion
of parties operating the Contract. In the event of failure to do so, matter will be settled as per
arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996, as amended from time to time. However, wherever
applicable, in case of settlement of commercial disputes between PSEs inter SE and PSE(s)
and Government Department(s), the same shall be settled through Permanent Machinery of
Arbitrators (PMA) setup in the Department of Public Enterprises(DPEs) as per the following

“In the event of any dispute or difference relating to the Interpretation and application of the
provisions of the contracts, such dispute or difference shall be referred by either party for
Arbitration to the sole Arbitrator in the Department of Public Enterprises to be nominated by
the Secretary to the Government of India in charge of the Department of Public Enterprises.
The Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 shall not be applicable to arbitration under this
clause. The award of the Arbitrator shall be binding upon the parties to the dispute, provided,
however, any party aggrieved by such award may make a further reference for setting aside or
revision of the award to the Law Secretary, Department of Legal Affairs, Ministry of Law &
Justice, Government of India. Upon such reference the dispute shall be decided by the Law
Secretary or the Special Secretary/Additional Secretary, when so authorized by the Law
Secretary, whose decision shall bind the Parties finally and conclusively.

The Parties to the dispute will share equally the cost of arbitration as intimated by the
Arbitrator”. The performance under this contract, shall not stop for any reason, whatsoever,
during the said dispute / proceedings, unless the service provider is specifically directed by
PDIL to desist from working in this behalf.
ITB No.11/PNMM/E/4801/2021-22/101237
Item: Appointment of Internal auditors for PDIL




Name of work: Internal Auditor For PDIL

Tender reference No.:


1. Prices shall be quoted strictly as per ‘Schedule of Rates’ (SOR) format made available herein under
without alternating any of its contents. The fee to be quoted shall include all expenses like TA, DA,
and Boarding & Lodging Expenses etc. PDIL will not pay any extra amount other than applicable

2. The Bidder/Applicant firm may opt to bid for one or more Unit. The work will be awarded Unit wise.

3. Please submit UNPRICED COPY of the SOR indicating “QUOTED” or “NOT QOUTED “ as
applicable against each item.

Bidder Name :

Sl. Item description Noida Unit (Rs.) Vadodara Unit (Rs.)


1 Fee (Lump sum)including
Audit Fees, TA, DA, Boarding
& Lodging Expenses etc.

2 GST @.......%

3 Total (1 + 2)
ITB No.11/PNMM/E/4801/2021-22/101237
Item: Appointment of Internal auditors for PDIL



S. No. Particulars Extent of
1 Checking.
Review of prevailing accounting practices / procedures / policies,
ii) and compliance of applicable Accounting standards issued by
ICAI/New Companies Act.
iii) Suggest the areas of cost control, improvement in cost saving,
revenue generation etc. At Least one Report has to be submitted in
iv) respect of Cost saving without effecting the production of
v) goods/services
vi) Review the system and procedure of various activities and
vii) suggestion for improving the internal control system. At Least one
Report has to be submitted in respect of Internal Control.
viii) Physical verification of fixed assets, Inventories and reports thereon.

Examination of operating system.

To suggest methods exploiting the Company’s resources most
profitably and economically.
To identify non-performing assets of the Company (Whether
appearing in the accounts or not) and suggest as to how deal with
the same.
To optimize profitability

2 Procurement of Goods/Services/Civil Works (pre-awarding,

Awarding & execution of contract)

i) Pre-awarding/Awarding of order

a). Rs. Five lakhs and above 100 %

b). Less than Rupees five lakhs 50 %

ii) Payment / Receipt Vouchers in respect of above.

a). Rs. Five lakhs and above 100 %

b). Less than Rupees five lakhs 50 %

3 Income from services rendered / sales. 50 %

Including verification of progress reports, invoicing, cost incurred on


4 Monitoring of Man Hours for Projects of Rs 1 cr. and above.

i) Monitoring of Man hours report should include following points:

(1) Project No. (2) Value of Project (3) Man hours allotted (4) %
of progress for the qtr (5) Man hours consumed during the
qtr. (6) % of progress upto the qtr. (7) Man hours consumed
upto the qtr. (8) Observations of Auditors.

5 Business Development

i) Failure Analysis of the proposal submitted and not awarded 100 %
ITB No.11/PNMM/E/4801/2021-22/101237
Item: Appointment of Internal auditors for PDIL

ii) Analysis of non- submission of quotation against enquiry

received/published in the news paper.

iii) Analysis of all jobs, received on nomination and other than


6 Accounts: Finance

Vouching including approving expenditure and passing of bills as 50 %

per Delegation of Power (DOP).

Cash/ Bank Payment as per DOP 40 %

General ledger scrutiny. 50 %

Overtime payments to outsource employees

Others, including analysis of construction & site office 100 %

expenses/Imprest advances etc.

7 Establishment:

i) Checking of the attendance records, Leave records, Personnel 50 %

records, new recruits, checking of vehicle hire charges, Equipments

and courier bills etc.

ii) Payment of all terminal benefits at the time of separation of 100%


8 Stores and inventory

Procedure for booking purchases & issues follow up Price Stores 50 %

ledger, physical verification reports and clams etc.

9 Others 100 %

i) Checking and insisting accurate and timely payment of all statutory


ii) Review of Trade Receivables: - A Separate report has to be on

Trade Receivables.

iii) Reporting on filing of all statutory returns.

iv) Compliance with policies and procedures laid down by State, DPE

and Management.

v) Compliance with TDS regulations.

vi) Review of advances, deposits.

vii) Review of Creditors.

10 Reporting

i) Action Taken Report (Compliance Report) on the previous report by

the unit as communicated by Corporate office, PDIL to Auditors.

ii) Annual Accounts before submission to Board of Directors

11 Checking of compliance report.

12 Checking and reviewing of annual accounts before submitting

the same to Statutory Auditors and acceptance by Board of


13 Attend Audit Committee of Board Meetings.

(N.B: It may please be noted that the scope as given in enclosure is only indicative and not
exhaustive. The firm may be asked to look into any other activity as may come to the notice during
the course of audit and/or render any advice/opinion in the area of audit. Unit-wise Audit Report is
required to be submitted.)
ITB No.11/PNMM/E/4801/2021-22/101237
Item: Appointment of Internal auditors for PDIL




Name of Bidder:

Offer No.:

ITEM: Appointment of internal Auditors for PDIL

Sl. Description ITB Requirement Bidder’s

No. Confirmation/


1.0 Price basis : shall be firm till execution of the contract period as To Confirm

per clause of clause 6 of Annexure-III of ITB

2.0 Payment terms : as per clause 5 of Annexure-III of ITB To Confirm

3.0 Security Deposit : 3% of order value . as per clause of Annexure -I To Accept

of ITB

4.0 Period of Contract: as per clause 7 of Annexure-III of ITB. To Confirm

5.0 Price reduction clause : as per point no 8 of Annexure-III of ITB. To Confirm
6.0 Validity of offer : 90 days from technical bid opening date To Confirm
7.0 To submit
8.0. Documents in support of eligibility Criteria for” pre qualification for To submit
9.0 bidders” indicated in point no 2 of annexure 1 of ITB as per requirement . To submit
10.0 To Furnish
Copy of pan card
11.0 Yes/No
(A) Copy of GST Registration Certificate
(B) Price Confirmation Copy: A copy of Priced offer (BoQ to be Yes/no
(C) uploaded by Bidder in the Portal), keeping price blank (hiding the To indicate
12. price) and in place indicating "Quoted" or "√ ", as a confirmation of To Confirm
13. price quoted against the enquired item and GST, shall be
submitted along with un-priced Techno-commercial Bid in
14. Folder/Paccket1.
Whether the Company is registered as M S E (Micro & Small
Enterprises) if ‘Yes’, indicate the registration No. and enclose a
copy of Registration Certificate.

Whether the M S E Company is owned by SC / ST
Whether the M S E Company is owned by woman
Address of IT counter where the bidder files income tax

Confirmation of Acceptance to all Terms and Conditions of the
Tender Document in totality.
Name, Designation, Telephone Nos., Fax No. & e-mail of Contact
Person for this Enquiry.

15. HSN/SAC code (bidder to indicate )

It is confirmed that in case any of the terms and conditions mentioned in this summary are at variance with
those indicated anywhere else in our offer, the condition indicated in this summary shall prevail.

Signature of Bidder:_____________________
Name : ___________________
Date :_________________________
ITB No.11/PNMM/E/4801/2021-22/101237
Item: Appointment of Internal auditors for PDIL


(Self Declaration on Bidder’s Letter Head as per below performa)

Projects and Development India Ltd.
Noida – 201301

Subject: ITB No. ……………………………………..Dt. ………………..

We hereby declare that M/s …………………………… is neither put on Holiday nor Black-listed
by any Government / PSU / Private firm or Financial Institution .

Name :
Designation :
Seal of the Bidder.
ITB No.11/PNMM/E/4801/2021-22/101237
Item: Appointment of Internal auditors for PDIL


1 Contractor Name / Company Name

Phone No.
E-mail lD
2.a) Name of the Bank
b) Address of the Branch
Telephone No.
c) 9 Digit Code number of the Bank and Branch appearing
on the MICR cheque issued by the Bank
d) 11 Digit NEFT/IFSC Code of the Bank Branch
e) Account Type (SB/CC/CA)
f) Account Type (SB/CC/CA)
g) Permanent Account Number (PAN) Under Income Tax
h) GST Registration Number
i) Name of Authorized Signatory
j) Contact Person Name

We hereby declare that the particulars given above are correct and complete Authorized
signatory of the bidder


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