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Revision in the Customs part of Arrival Card - Customs Circular No. 16/2011
April, 01st 2011

Circular No.16/2011-Customs


F. No.520/22/2010-Cus.VI

Government of India

Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue
Central Board of Excise & Customs

227-B, North Block,

New Delhi-110001.     


31st March, 2011.



All Chief Commissioners of Customs / Customs (Prev).

All Chief Commissioners of Customs & Central Excise.

All Commissioners of Customs / Customs (Prev). 

All Commissioners of Customs (Appeals). 

All Commissioners of Customs & Central Excise.

All Commissioners of Customs & Central Excise (Appeals).


Subject:   Revision in the Customs part of Arrival Card for Passengers in Form D Notification issued by Ministry of Home Affairs Compliance regarding.


Sir/ Madam



            The issues of increasing imports of satellite phones in passenger baggages without obtaining authorization and import of foreign exchange in excess of amount of US $10,000/- or equivalent without declaration to Customs have been referred to MHA for redressal by making suitable modifications in the Customs part of Arrival Card for Passengers so that all passengers are required to declare these items at the time of arrival at international airport in India.


2.         In response to concerns shown by Department of Revenue, the Ministry of Home Affairs has issued a Notification No. GSR 113(E) dated 24.2.2011 (published in Part II Section 3 Sub-section (i) of the Gazette of India Extraordinary) which makes certain modifications in the Customs parts of Arrival Card for Passengers.  The Notification No.GSR 113(E) dated 24.2.2011 issued by Ministry of Home Affairs is appended as Annexure to this Circular.


3.         As per the Notification No. GSR 113(E) dated 24.2.2011, the following declarations are required to be made by the passengers at the time of arrival at the international airport in Para 7 of the Customs part of Arrival Card for Passengers:


(a) Are you carrying any plants/seeds/fruits/flowers/vegetables/bulbs/other planting materials?                                                                                         Yes/No


(b) Are you carrying any meat & meat products/dairy products/live or ornamental fish/poultry/ poultry products?                                                                              Yes/No


(c)   Are you carrying any Satellite phone



(d) Are you carrying foreign currency notes in excess of US$5,000 or   equivalent:                                                                                                         Yes / No

(e)   Are you carrying foreign exchange (i.e. foreign currency notes, drafts, Travellers cheques, letters of credit, bills of exchange or any instruments   where under any amount is payable in Indian currency) in excess of    US$10,000 or equivalent?


4.         Further Board has also approved modification in Part C (Information regarding Customs) to the Important Instructions mentioned overleaf of the Arrival Card for Passengers. The modified Customs instructions are also appended at    Annexure A.  


5.         The Board desires that the Commissioners in charge of International airports concerned should ensure that instructions contained in the said Notification are complied with and correct forms are used by the arriving passengers.


6.         Wide publicity should be given to the above changes made in Customs part of Arrival Card for Passengers and suitable standing order be issued by concerned Commissioner to guide officers and passengers.


7.         Difficulty, if any, in implementation of aforementioned instructions may be immediately brought to the notice of the Board.        


Yours faithfully,


Encl:  (Notification No.GSR 113(E) dated 24.2.2011): Page-1  |  Page-2   |  Page-3

( R. P. Singh )

Director (Customs)


Internal Circulation As usual.



Annexure - A







1.     Indian Customs require you to declare goods mentioned at S.No.7 overleaf, goods in excess of the free allowance, prohibited or restricted goods (including Narcotic drugs, wildlife and its products, and arms and explosives), and commercial goods at Red Channel counter. Attempt to import these goods and/or non-declaration can lead to penal consequences, including arrest.


2.     Free allowance for passengers of Indian origin and foreigners residing in India of age of and above 10 years returning from the countries other than Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and China is normally Rs.25,000/- per passenger.  Alcoholic liquor or wines upto 2 liters and 200 cigarettes can be brought as part of the free baggage allowance. Free allowance for passengers of Indian origin or a foreigner residing in India of the age of and above 10 years returning from Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and China is normally Rs.6,000/-. One laptop computer is allowed duty free for an adult passenger of the age of 18 years or above.


1.     Tourists of foreign origin can import duty free gift and souvenirs worth Rs.8,000/-.


2.     Tourists can import used personal affects including laptop, palmtop computer and reasonable jewellery free of duty, if these are re-exported at the time of departure.


3.     In case your baggage is mishandled/lost on arrival, please obtain endorsement of the unavailed free allowance, if any, from the Customs Officer at Mis-handled Baggage Counter.


4.     For updated information and in case of any difficulty or complaint, please contact the Customs Officer (PRO).



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