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Notification No. 99/2019 Central Board of Direct Taxes
November, 29th 2019

                                                    Government of India
                                                     Ministry of Finance
                                                  (Department of Revenue)
                                               (Central Board of Direct Taxes)

                                                                                      New Delhi, the ~1       November, 2019

S,O,       It is hereby notified for general infomlation that the organization Mis International Centre for Research in
Agroforestry, South Asia Regional Programme, NASC Complex, Delhi (ICRAF) (PAN:- AAATI4803K) has been
approved by the Central Government for the purpose of clause (ii) of sub-section (I) of scction 35 of the Income-tax Act,
1961 (said Act), read with Rules 5C and 5D of the Income-tax Rules, 1962 (said Rules), from Assessment year 2019-
2020 onwards in the category of 'Scientific Research Association' , subject to the following conditions, namely:-

(i)        The sale objective of the approved Organization shall be to undeJiake scientific research;
(ii)       The approved organization shall carry out scientific research by itself;
(iii)     The approved organization shall maintain separate books of accounts in respect of the sums received by it for
          scientific research, reflect therein the amounts used for can-ying out research, get such books audited by an
          accountant as defined in the explanation to sub-section (2) of section 288 of th e said Act and fumish the repOli of
          such audit dul y signed and verified by such accountant to th e Commiss ioner of Incom e-tax or th e Director of
          Income-tax hav ing jurisdiction over the case, by the due date of furn ish ing the return of income under su b-section
          (1) of section 139 of the said Act;
(iv)      The approved organ ization shall maintain a separa te statement of donations received and amounts applied for
          scientific research and a copy of such statement duly celiified by the auditor shall accompany the report of audit
          refen'ed to above, (The approved organization shall receive grants/donations u/s,35( 1)(ii) of the said Act after
          taking prior permission from the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR)/ Department of Agricultural
          Research an d Education (DARE ), Min istry of Agriculture & Fanners' Welfare and the grants/don ations so
          received shall be exclusively uti lized for the purpose of conducting research in Indi a only.

2.         The Central Government shall w ithdraw the approval if th e approved organization: -

          (a)      fails to maintain separate books of accounts referred to in sub-paragraph (iii) of paragraph I; or
          (b)      fails to furnish its audit report refelTed to in sub-paragraph (iii) of paragraph 1; or
          (c)      fails to furnish its statement of the donations received and sums applied for scientific research refelTed to
                   in sub-paragraph (iv) of paragraph 1; or
          (d)      ceases to canoy on its research activities or its research activities are not found to be genuine; or
          (e)      ceases to confonn to and comply with the provisions of clause (ii) of sub-section (1) of section 35 of the
                   said Act read with rules 5C and 5D of the said Rules,

                                                                                                        (Rajarajcswari R)
                                                                                   Under Secretary to Government of India
Notification No, !l+-J2019
(F. No, 203/0412019/ITA-ll)

          The Manager,
          Gov!' of India Press,
          Mayapuri, New De lhi
Copy forwarded to: -

    I. The applicant organization, MIs International Centre for Research in Agroforcstry, Delhi
    2. The Secretary, DARE, Ministry of Agriculture and Fanners ' Welfare, Delhi
    3.     The Director General, Indian council of Agricultural Research , Delhi
    ~ .'   CCIT (Exemption), Delhi
    5.     C IT (Exemption), Delhi
    6.     ITCC, CBDT (4 copies)
    7.     Web Manager, New Delhi, for placing on the webs ite www.incometaxindia.goY.in
    8.     Concem ed file
    9.     Guard file

                                                                              Under Secretary to Government of India
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