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Committee on Management Accounting (CMA) announces the launch of Diploma on Management and Business Finance (DMBF)
November, 06th 2019
  Committee on Management Accounting (CMA)
              Proudly Announces


 The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
        (Set up by an Act of Parliament)
                                                 President's Message

                                                  The Chartered Accountants as Management Accountants have been significantly contributing
                                                  in vast areas like Designing and Implementation of Management Accounting Systems,
                                                  Financial Planning, Corporate Finance & Corporate Restructuring, Banking & Risk
                                                  Management, Forex & Treasury Management, Business Valuations, Merger & Acquisition, Anti
                                                  Money Laundering and Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code etc.

                                                  The paradigm shift in policies, legislations and technology is demanding new levels of strategic
                                                  and tactical complexity from professionals in their work. Today we are living in an environment
                                                  of intense competition and regulatory changes. In this competitive environment, it is imperative
                                                  for our members to put concerted efforts to be well versed with the contemporary developments
                                                  taking place. In order to enhance their knowledge, it has become mandatory for the
                                                  professionals to study, analyze, update and discuss the changes going on in various fields from
                                                  time to time. This will help them to contribute more effectively at the leadership positions.

                                                  Taking cognizance of its role, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) is launching
                                                  a "Diploma on Management and Business Finance (DMBF)" to impart the nitty-gritties of
finance amongst the members of the Institute. The course has been specifically designed to provide an in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of
theoretical as well as practical aspects of Business Finance,in a very practical and simplified manner. I am confident that this newly launched
Diploma will be immensely useful to the members of the Institute.

I place on record my compliments to all the members of Committee on Management Accounting for launching the Diploma on Management and
Business Finance (DMBF) for the benefit of stakeholders at large. I am sure this Diploma would facilitate our members in practice as well as in
industry to acquire specialized knowledge and cope-up with the challenges and complexities lying ahead.

                                                                                                                        CA. Prafulla P. Chhajed
                                                                                                                                 President, ICAI

                                         Vice-President's Message
The Committee on Management Accounting (CMA) has been constituted by the Institute of
Chartered Accountants of India to focus on special contributions, the profession of Chartered
Accountancy has been making, in the field of Management Accounting and allied areas and to
develop further expertise in that area. The Committee on Management Accounting provides
advanced Knowledge and specialized training on various areas of Management Accountancy,
including finance and other allied subjects. ICAI launches a Diploma on Management and
Business Finance (DMBF) to impart the nitty-gritties of finance to the members of the Institute.
A very comprehensive and wide course curriculum has been formulated by the Committee.
The course will provide an in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of theoretical as well as
practical aspects of Business Finance to the participants.
I hope that this endeavour of the Committee on Management Accounting will prove to be of
immense value to the members.

                                                                        CA. Atul Kumar Gupta
                                                                            Vice-President, ICAI
                                              Chairman's Message

                                                  The Committee on Management Accounting provides advanced Knowledge and specialized
                                                  training on various areas of Management Accountancy, including finance and other allied

                                                  ICAI launches a Diploma on Management and Business Finance (DMBF) Course to cater to the
                                                  growing demand of dynamic growth of Business & Finance. The DMBF course will provide a
                                                  comprehensive knowledge of theoretical as well as practical aspects of Business Finance both
                                                  at national and international levels. This will help the candidates to make a better career both in
                                                  industry or professional practice. The DMBF curriculum is comprehensive and aligned to the
                                                  requirements of senior as well as young members who aim at accelerating their career.
                                                  DMBF Course is designed to amplify the business finance skills of Chartered Accountants and
                                                  enabling them to become business leaders.

                                                  The Committee has collaborated with a reputed Business School (JBIMS) for jointly conducting
                                                  one week Residential Programme which will give practical insights to the members on
                                                  management concepts , leadership skills and decision making for carrying out their
                                                  management functions more efficiently and effectively.

                                                                                                                     CA. Ranjeet Kumar Agarwal
                                                                                                                                 Chairman, CMA

                                        Vice-Chairman's Message
A specialized Diploma Course on Management and Business Finance (DMBF) has been
developed by the Committee. For launching this Diploma Course on Management & Business
Finance, the Committee has worked on the course curriculum and syllabus of the same. The
course would provide unique mix of eminent faculty comprising of academicians from leading
B-schools and senior professionals from industry like credit rating agencies, investment bankers,
private equity firms, portfolio managers etc and Focus on Indian market and relevant
regulatory / tax considerations etc in theory as well as projects.

                                                        CA. Chandrashekhar Vasant Chitale
                                                                     Vice-Chairman, CMA
About ICAI                                             ·   Unique mix of eminent faculty comprising of
· Statutory body set up by an Act of Parliament in         academicians from leading B-schools and senior
  1949.                                                    professionals from industry like credit rating
· Encompasses the role of standard setter, regulator       agencies, investment bankers, private equity firms,
  and developer of accountancy profession in India.        portfolio managers and faculties from renowned
· Founder member of International Federation of            management institutes.
  Accountants (IFAC), South Asia Federation of         ·   Fo cu s o n I n d i a n m a r ke t s a n d re l ev a n t
  Accountants (SAFA) and Confederation of Asia             regulatory/tax considerations etc. in theory as well
  Pacific Accountants (CAPA).                              as projects.
· Core Values ­ Independence, Integrity and            ·   Innovative practical application of theoretical
  Excellence.                                              inputs in the form of projects, assignments,
                                                           presentations before technical panels, group
Course Objectives                                          discussions etc.
· To enable members gain acumen, expertise and in-     ·   One Week Residential Programme in association
   depth knowledge in the areas of Management and          with Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management
   Business Finance.                                       Studies (JBIMS), Mumbai - dedicated training at a
· The programme allows professionals to gain deep          residential campus of ICAI with state of art facilities
   strategy and leadership insights, specialize in         and continuous access to eminent faculty, intense
   Finance and enhance their decision-making               brainstorming and projects under expert guidance.
   abilities as well as strengthen their managerial    ·   150-160 hours of classroom sessions to bring
   skills.                                                 balance in perspective between theory and
· Introduce participants to recent developments in         application.
   theory and practice through multiple case studies   ·   Healthy mix of students to enhance knowledge
   of management relating to core business functions       sharing and creating positive synergies.
   and disciplines.                                    ·   Rigorous testing procedures: Exams and projects
· To sharpen the managerial competencies and skills        designed in a manner to ensure high quality pass
   of the members so that they can contribute to the       outs ­which has been the hallmark of ICAI.
   clients/organizations/firms they work for, more
   effectively and diligently.                         Pedagogy
· To provide a framework for business finance while    Lectures of approx. 150-160 hours, one-week
   giving practical advice when using the framework    residential programme, project work, case studies,
   in its application to operational situations on     group discussions and participant-centered learning
   finance side.                                       pedagogies will be used in the programme. The
· To gain a competitive edge in their decision         programme will also include speaker sessions from
   making by providing them with advanced              reputed institutes.
   knowledge and understanding of some of the very
   important areas in finance.                         Who May Attend ?
· To provide an opportunity to the participants to     The programme is meant for CAs who have chosen to
   understand their self, explore their personal       work with corporate sector (Indian/MNCs,
   leadership philosophy and style, with a view to     large/midsize/small firms), own or work for large CA
   reinventing their leadership skills.                firms, or consultancy firms etc.

Course Highlights
· The DMBF curriculum is comprehensive and
   aligned to the requirements of senior as well as
   young members who aim at accelerating their
Course Contents
The Diploma course on Management & Business
Finance comprises of the following six subjects

          1                                          One Week Residential Programme with
Module   : Perspectives of Management
          1                                          Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management
Module   : Organization Behavior: HR Perspective
          2                                          Studies (JBIMS), Mumbai
Module   : Marketing and Business Strategy
Module   : Applied Financial Analysis &
          4                                          Committee on Management Accounting of ICAI has
           Forecasting                               collaborated with Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of
Module 5 : Long Term Investment Analysis
                                                     Management Studies (JBIMS), Mumbai to conduct the
                                                     one-week residential training program for the members
            INVESTMENT                               who have enrolled for DMBF course with the CMA of
Module 6 : Financial Planning                        ICAI. The participants would also be awarded with a
Module 7 : Capital Structuring                       joint certification of ICAI and JBIMS, Mumbai after
Module 8 : Fund Raising                              successfully participating in the one-week residential
Module 9 : Portfolio Management                      programme.
Module 10 : Alternative Investments
                                                     The residential programme shall be held at ICAI Centre
Subject 3 : CAPITAL AND FINANCIAL MARKETS            of Excellence, Hyderabad / Jaipur. The faculty support
Module 11 : Capital Markets                          shall be provided by JBIMS, Mumbai. The travel cost
Module 12 : Regulatory Framework of Capital          shall be borne by the participant only.
Module 13 : International Capital Markets            Master Faculty
Module 14 : Debt Markets                             The course would be taught by renowned faculties
Module 15 : Fixed Income Securities                  some of them like:
Module 16 : Money Market
                                                     CA. Dr. Vibha Jhol: FPM (Industry) - IIM, Indore
                                                     Prof. Hirnank Mazumdar: Visiting Faculty ­
Module 17 : Foreign Exchange Markets
                                                     Xavier Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai
Module 18 : Forex Arithmetic
Module 19 : Exchange Rates Theories                  CA. Vikram Pandya: SP Jain School of Global
Module 20 : Forex Risk Management                    Management, Mumbai
Module 21 : Forex Derivatives (products, valuation   CA. Biharilal Deora: Director ­ Abakkus Assets
            and uses in hedging)                     Manager LLP, Mumbai
Module 22 : Treasury Management                      CA. Vikram Menda: ISB, Hyderabad
                                                     CA. Dr. Sangeeta Pandit: Sydenham Institute of
Subject 5 : VALUATIONS, M & A AND                    Management Studies, Research & Entrepreneurship
            RESTRUCTURING                            Education, Mumbai
Module 23 : Business Valuation                       Dr. Udayan K. Basu: NSHM Knowledge Campus,
Module 24 : Valuation of Intangibles                 Kolkata
Module 25 : Valuation of Options                     CA. Nitesh Bhuta: Visiting Faculty ­ NMIMS,
Module 26 : Issues & Challenges in Valuation         SIMSREE
Module 27 : Valuation - Regulatory Perspective
Module 28 : Corporate Restructuring                  Course Duration:
                                                     The Diploma Course on Management and Business
                                                     Finance is approximately of a one-year course. It
Module    29 : Banking and Trade Finance
                                                     includes 150-160 hours of class room training
Module    30: Banking Functions and Products
Module    31: NPA Management                         sessions, one week Residential programme and
Module    32 : AML, IBC & Compliances                multiple choice questions based examinations with
Module    33 : Risk Analysis                         internal assessments.
                                                            ·   5 CPE Hours after appearing in the examination.
Session Timings:
Classroom sessions will be held on every 2nd and 4th        Registration:
Friday & Saturday. Classes will be held on Friday from
6 pm to 9.30 pm including tea, snacks and on                Who is Eligible ?
Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm including tea, snacks           Only a Chartered Accountant with an active
and lunch being provided during the classes.                membership status, shall be admitted to DMBF.

Placement Assistance:                                       Where to Register ?
ICAI would endeavor to provide placement assistance         Links for registration and online payment:
to the candidates who would qualify the Diploma on          For Delhi: https://ccm.icai.org/?progid=2581
Management and Business Finance Course (DMBF).              For Mumbai: https://ccm.icai.org/?progid=2580

Course Fee:                                                 Kindly visit Institute's website at link
(1) Course Fees: The total fees of the course including     https://learning.icai.org/elearning for the information
class­room training and One-Week residential                regarding commencement of the fresh batches of
programme and excluding examination fees is                 DMBF. For details about course, please get in touch with
Rs. 1,00,000/- (Rupees One Lakh) plus applicable            Committee Secretariat.
taxes, if any.
(2) One-Week Residential Programme fees: The                Date of Commencement of Registration ­01.11.2019
residential programme fee is included in the total
course fees mentioned above. The residential                Last Date of Registration ­15.11.2019
programme fee includes stay costs, food expenses at
ICAI Centre of Excellence, Hyderabad / Jaipur.              Date of commencement of course on 29th November,
However, the travel cost will be borne by the participant   2019 at Mumbai and on 13th December, 2019 at
only.                                                       Delhi, subject to having minimum 40 participants.
(3) Examination Fees: The examination fees will be as
decided by the Examination Committee.                       How to obtain Prospectus?
                                                            The Prospectus is available at Institute's website at link
Attendance:                                                 https://resource.cdn.icai.org/57278cma46385.pdf
A candidate must mandatorily fulfil the Minimum             and can be downloaded free of cost.
Attendance criteria of 75% of the total classroom
sessions and 100% in the residential programme.             How to make Payment?
                                                            Payment for the Course can be made Online through
Eligibility criteria for appearing in                       the payment gateway through the links
examinations:                                               https://ccm.icai.org/?progid=2581 or
For appearing in the examinations, a candidate needs        https://ccm.icai.org/?progid=2580
to fulfil the minimum attendance criteria as mentioned
above.                                                      Note:
                                                            Please note that payment of fee is subject to cancellation
CPE hours:                                                  charges i.e. 10% of gross fee paid, in case the
The maximum CPE Hours granted for the course would          cancellation request is placed by the participant before
be 30 CPE hours as under ­                                  starting of batch. However, the course fee once paid is
· 25 CPE Hours on completion of training with               non-refundable / non-adjustable once the batch
    necessary attendance                                    commences.

CA. Ranjeet Kumar Agarwal CA. Chandrashekhar Vasant Chitale     CA. Prafulla Premsukh Chhajed      CA. Atul Kumar Gupta              CA. Jay Chhaira        CA. Tarun Jamnadas Ghia
        Chairman                   Vice-Chairman                        President, ICAI             Vice-President, ICAI

CA. Dheeraj Kumar Khandelwal    CA. Babu Abraham Kallivayalil      CA. Prasanna Kumar D            CA. M P Vijay Kumar             CA. Manu Agrawal             CA. Anuj Goyal

CA. Sanjeev Kumar Singhal             CA. Kemisha Soni            CA. Pramod Kumar Boob           CA. Satish Kumar Gupta        CA. Charanjot Singh Nanda   Shri Vijay Kumar Jhalani

                                                                Co-opted Members

     CA. Julfesh Shah                CA. Vishnu Agarwal             CA. Sandeep Sultania        CA. Dr. Ashokkumar N Pagariya    CA. Dr. Sangeeta Pandit     CA. Sunay P. Jariwala
          The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
                    (Set up by an Act of Parliament)
ICAI Bhawan, Post Box No. 7100, Indraprastha Marg, New Delhi - 110002
         Phone: +91 011-30110469 I Email Id: cma@icai.in
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