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How to check ITR-V receipt status without logging into your e-filing account
October, 22nd 2021

If you are unable to use online methods to verify your income tax return (ITR), such as Aadhaar OTP, Electronic Verification Code (EVC) via bank/demat account etc., then you have the option to verify your ITR by sending the ITR-V physically. An individual is required to take a print-out of ITR-V and send a signed copy of it to the Income Tax Department at this address CPC, Post Box No-1, Electronic City Post Office, Bengaluru- 560100, Karnataka, India.

Do keep in mind that the ITR must be verified within 120 days of filing it. Thus, if you are using the physical method to verify your ITR, then it is important to make sure that it reaches the income tax department on time. If it does not reach the department on time, i.e., within 120 days of filing ITR, your return will not get verified, and the process of filing return will not be complete.

As per income tax laws, an unverified ITR will not be considered valid and taken up for processing by the department. Further, if there is an income tax refund due to you, then it will be paid to you only if you have filed a verified ITR and the same has been confirmed by the tax department after processing of your ITR. If you fail to verify your ITR within 120 days, it will be considered that you have never filed your ITR. That is why it is important to ensure that your ITR-V reaches on time to ..

Follow these steps to check the ITR-V receipt status on government's newly launched income tax portal.

Check ITR-V receipt status
Step 1. Visit https://www.incometax.gov.in/iec/foportal
Step 2: On the homepage, scroll down to 'Our Services' section. Under this section, select, 'Income Tax Return (ITR) Status'.

Step 3. A new page will appear on your screen. You will be required to enter the acknowledgement number of the ITR filed and mobile number which was mentioned at the time of filing ITR.

Step 4. Once these details are entered, a one-time password (OTP) will be sent on your registered mobile number via SMS. Do keep in mind that the OTP is valid for only 15 minutes. Enter the OTP and click on Submit.

Once the OTP is entered successfully, it will show the current status of the ITR filed. If the ITR-V has reached the income tax department, then it will show the status as 'ITR verified'. However, if the ITR-V is yet to reach the tax department, then 'Pending ..

Further, once ITR-V has been received by the income tax department, you will receive an email or SMS confirming the same. After your ITR is verified, only then processing of ITR will start. Once ITR is processed, an intimation notice under section 143(1) will be sent later.

While sending ITR-V by post to the tax department, one must follow the below-mentioned dos and don'ts:

1. ITR-V must be sent via either normal post or speed post only.
2. The print-out of the ITR-V should be clear and in black ink.
3. Once the print-out has been taken, ensure that it has been signed, preferably in blue ink, before sending it to CPC, Bengaluru.
4. The bar code and numbers below it should be clearly visible.
5. There is no limit on the number of the ITR-Vs that can be sent in one envelope. Thus, if you have filed ITR for your family members ..
6. Sign on ITR V should match with your sign-on PAN Card.

1. ITR-V sent via courier will not be accepted.
2. ITR-V is a one-page document. One should not write anything on the back of it.
3. While sending ITR-V, ensue that the bar code is not tampered.
4. If you are sending multiple ITR-Vs, whether original or revised, make sure to print each of them on separate page.
5. No other documents are required to be sent along with ITR-V.

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