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RBI announces Open Market Operations (OMO) Purchase of State Government Securities
October, 17th 2020

As announced in the Statement on Developmental and Regulatory Policies dated October 09, 2020, the Reserve Bank will conduct Open Market Operations (OMOs) in State Developments Loans (SDLs). It has been decided to conduct a purchase auction of SDLs under Open Market Operations (OMOs) for an aggregate amount of ₹10,000 crores on October 22, 2020, keeping in view that this is the first ever OMO purchase of SDLs. Depending on market response, the size of the auctions may be enhanced in the subsequent auctions.

2. Accordingly, RBI will purchase the SDLs given in Annex-1 through a multi-security auction using the multiple price method. There is no security-wise notified amount. The Reserve Bank reserves the right to:

  • decide on the quantum of purchase of individual securities.

  • accept bids for less than the aggregate amount.

  • purchase marginally higher/lower than the aggregate amount due to rounding-off.

  • accept or reject any or all the bids either wholly or partially without assigning any reasons.

3. Eligible participants should submit their bids in electronic format on the Reserve Bank of India Core Banking Solution (E-Kuber) system between 10:00 am and 11:00 am on October 22, 2020. Only in the event of system failure, physical bids/offers would be accepted. Such physical bid/offer should be submitted to Financial Markets Operations Department (email; Phone no: 022-22630982) in the prescribed form obtainable from RBI website (https://www.rbi.org.in/Scripts/BS_ViewForms.aspxbefore 11.00 am.

4. The result of the auction will be announced on the same day and successful participants should ensure availability of requisite amount of securities in their SGL account by 12 noon on October 23, 2020.

(Yogesh Dayal)     
Chief General Manager

Press Release: 2020-2021/497


Sl No. State ISIN Security Date of Maturity
1 ANDHRA PRADESH IN1020170073 7.22% ANDHRA SDL 2029 09-Aug-29
2 ANDHRA PRADESH IN1020180411 8.39% ANDHRA SDL 2031 06-Feb-31
3 ARUNACHAL PRADESH IN1120190047 7.2% ARUNACHAL PR SDL 2030 18-Mar-30
4 ARUNACHAL PRADESH IN1120200010 8.0% ARUNACHAL PR SDL 2030 08-Apr-30
5 ASSAM IN1220180229 8.34% ASSAM SDL 2029 06-Feb-29
6 ASSAM IN1220190236 7.2% ASSAM SDL 2030 18-Mar-30
7 BIHAR IN1320180079 8.39% BIHAR SDL 2029 13-Mar-29
8 BIHAR IN1320180053 8.36% BIHAR SDL 2029 06-Feb-29
9 CHHATTISGARH IN3520190098 7.35% CHHATTISGARH SDL 2030 31-Mar-30
10 CHHATTISGARH IN3520190080 7.59% CHHATTISGARH SDL 2030 24-Mar-30
11 GOA IN1420190150 7.14% GOA SDL 2030 01-Jan-30
12 GOA IN1420180169 8.08% GOA SDL 2029 27-Mar-29
13 GUJARAT IN1520190175 7.18% GUJARAT SDL 2030 01-Jan-30
14 GUJARAT IN1520180333 8.14% GUJARAT SDL 2029 20-Mar-29
15 HARYANA IN1620200015 8.0% HARYANA SDL 2030 08-Apr-30
16 HARYANA IN1620190125 7.17% HARYANA SDL 2029 09-Oct-29
17 HIMACHAL PRADESH IN1720180059 8.43% HIMACHAL PR SDL 2029 27-Feb-29
18 HIMACHAL PRADESH IN1720180042 8.3% HIMACHAL PR SDL 2029 09-Jan-29
19 JAMMU KASHMIR IN1820190172 7.95% JAMMUKASHMIR SDL 2030 26-Mar-30
20 JAMMU KASHMIR IN1820180116 8.38% JAMMUKASHMIR SDL 2029 06-Feb-29
21 JHARKHAND IN3720190054 7.37% JHARKHAND SDL 2031 18-Mar-31
22 JHARKHAND IN3720190047 6.99% JHARKAHND SDL 2030 11-Mar-30
23 KARNATAKA IN1920190080 7.2% KARNATAKA SDL 2029 23-Oct-29
24 KARNATAKA IN1920190106 7.17% KARNATAKA SDL 2029 27-Nov-29
25 KERALA IN2020180070 8.48% KERALA SDL 2030 08-Aug-30
26 KERALA IN2020200019 7.91% KERALA SDL 2030 08-Apr-30
27 MADHYAPRADESH IN2120190037 7.13% MADHYAPRADESH SDL 2029 10-Jul-29
28 MADHYAPRADESH IN2120190102 7.29% MADHYAPRADESH SDL 2030 15-Jan-30
29 MAHARASHTRA IN2220170038 7.18% MAHARASHTRA SDL 2029 28-Jun-29
30 MAHARASHTRA IN2220190143 7.78% MAHARASHTRA SDL 2029 24-Mar-29
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