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 Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation Limited, Beerchand Patel Path,Patna
 National Financial Reporting Authority, New Delhi
 Vishva Bharati, Santiniketan, West Bengal
 Corrigendum Department of Employment And Training, Gandhinagar, Gujarat
 Overseas Keralites Investment and Holding Limited, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
  India Infrastructure Finance Company Limited, New Delhi
 Vasundhara Watershed Development Agency, Pune, Maharashtra
 Central University of Tamil Nadu, Thiruvarur, Tamil Nadu
 Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University, Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand
 Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation Limited,Chennai, Tamil Nadu
 Jharkhand Tribal Development Society, Ranchi, Jharkhand

Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation Limited, Beerchand Patel Path,Patna
February, 18th 2020
Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation Ltd.
ohjpUn iVsy iFk @ Beerchand Patel Path, iVuk @ Patna- 800 001
nwjHkk"k @ Phone :- +91-612-2222622 QSDl ua0 @ Fax No:- 0612-2506218
CIN : U63040BR1980SGC001486 web : E-mail :

   F. No. % 01/20/AC/2020/217/20                                                               Date : 04.02.2020

                  ACCOUNTS) OF THE CORPORATION FOR THE F.Y. 2019-20, 2020-21 AND 2021-22.

                     Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation Limited invites expression of interest (EOI) from
            CAG Empanelled Chartered Accountant Firms having its head office in the State of Bihar for
            empanelment as Internal Auditors and Accounting Services (Compilation of Accounts) of the Corporation
            for the F.Y. 2019-20, 2020-21 and 2021-22.
                     The format of application along the selection criteria, annexure specifying the extent of coverage
            of work, terms of reference, etc. are available at website:- The same can be
            downloaded from website.
                     Firms may send their applications in the prescribed format under sealed cover in 2 (Two)
            separate sealed envelopes marked "Part-A and Part-B" to the Dy. General Manager (Finance and
            Accounts) so as to reach latest by on or before 05 day of March, 2020 upto 03:00 PM.
                     Only Eligible firm's financial bid shall be opened after intimating them in advance.
            Managing Director, BSTDC reserves its right to accept or reject any application(s) fully/ partially, without
            assigning any reasons thereof. The decision of Managing Director, BSTDC for empanelment of Firms
            shall be final and binding upon the firms participating in the process of empanelment.

                                                                                         Dy. General Manager (F&A)
                                                                                               BSTDC, Patna

                                                                                                         Page 1 of 10
                                       TABLE OF CONTENTS
Sl.   DESCRIPTION                                                                               Page
No.                                                                                             No.
1.    Format of Application                                                                     3-4
2.    Annexure-A: Selection Criteria for empanelment of CA Firm for Internal Audit/ or          5
      Compilation of Accounts for BSTDC.
3.    Annexure-B: Instructions to Chartered Accountants Firms and Document List (To Do List).   6
4.    Annexure-C: Terms of Reference of Internal Audit/ Accounting Services for BSTDC           7-8
5.    Annexure-D: Expected Man-days for Audit/ Accounting Services and Minimum Fees.            9
6.    Annexure-E: Financial Details                                                             10

                                                                                       Page 2 of 10
                                       FORMAT OF APPLICATION
1.    Name of Firm                              :-
2.    Registration No. of the Firm              :-
3.    Date of Registration of the Firm          :-
4.    Details of Head Office & Branch Office(s) :-
Head Office:
    Address                Date of            Contact Person /             E-mail           Supporting
                        Establishment       Mobile Number / other                          Document Flag
                                              contact Nos./Fax                                 No.

Branch Office 1:
   Address               Date of             Contact Person /             E-mail            Supporting
                      Establishment        Mobile Number / other                           Document Flag
                                             contact Nos./Fax                                  No.

(Insert information for additional Branch office (s), if any)
5. Details of Partners:
Sl. No.       Name of        Membership        Whether ACA/       Date of Joining the firm as    Supporting
            Partners (s)        No.           FCA / CISA/ ISA         qualified Partner          document
                                                                                                  Flag No.
6. Details of Qualified Assistants:
 Sl. No.      Name of        Membership       Whether ACA/        Date of Joining the firm as    Supporting
              Qualified           No.          ACMA/ FCA/            qualified Assistant         document
             Assistants                      FCMA/ CISA/ ISA                                      Flag No.
7. Details of Semi-Qualified Assistants:
  Sl.       Name of           Whether CA-           Date of Joining the firm as     Supporting document
 No.        Assistant       IPCC/ CMA-Inter          Semi-Qualified Assistant            Flag No.
8. Details of Experience of firm in Public Sector Tourism Industry as Statutory/ Internal Auditors from FY
2009-10 onwards:
  Sl.         Name of           Year of Audit     Type of Audit - Whether      Supporting document
 No.      Company / Unit                          Statutory / Internal Audit          Flag No.
9. Details of Experience of firm in Public Sectors other than Tourism Industries (excluding financial
sector) under central / State Government / PSUs from FY 2009-10 onwards :
Sl.     Name          of Year of Audit     Type of Audit - Whether Supporting          document
No.     Company / Unit                     Statutory / Internal Audit    Flag No.

                                                                                                Page 3 of 10
10. Details of Experience in Financial Sector under Central / State Government / PSUs from FY 2009-10
Sl.    Name           of Year of Type of Audit - Whether Statutory/ Supporting document Flag
No.    Company / Unit Audit          Internal Audit                       No.
13. Details of Valid Peer Review Certificate: No. Dated (Enclosed Supporting Document)
14. PAN No. of the Firm:
15. GST Registration No.:

                                                                       Signature of Partner with Name
                                                                          & Seal of the Audit Firm

                                                                                         Page 4 of 10
 Sl.                    PARTICULARS                         POINTS TO BE           MAXIMUM
No.                                                           ALLOCATED             POINTS
 1.  Year of Establishment of the Firm                  1 (One) per full financial       10 (Ten)
                                                        year of existence
 2.  No. of Partners in the Firm who have been with 3 (Three) for each              18 (Eighteen)
     the applicant Firm for a minimum period of 3 partner
     (Three) year as on the date of application.
 3.  Number of Partners / qualified assistants 3 (Three) per person                       06 (Six)
     (Chartered Accountants) with CISA / ISA /
     Certification from ICAI
  4  No      of   Qualified     Assistants   (Chartered 2 (Two) per qualified             06 (Six)
     Accountants) employed with the firm [Partners Assistant
     having less than 3 years continuous association
     shall be counted as qualified assistant]
  5  No. of Semi-Qualified Assistants (CA-IPCC/ 1 (One) per Semi-                        02 (Two)
     Inter/CMA-Inter) employed with the Firm.           Qualified assistant
  6  Experience of the Firm in Public Sector Tourism 3 (Three) per year of            15 (Fifteen)
     (excluding financial sector) as Statutory/Internal Audit
     Auditors or in providing accounting services
     (refer note Sl. II below).
  7  Experience of the firm as Internal/ Statutory 2 (Two) per year of Audit          12 (Twelve)
     Auditors in Public Sector other than Tourism
     (excluding financial sector). (Refer note Sl. II
  8  Experience of the Firm in Public sector Banks as 2 (Two) per year of Audit          10 (Ten)
     Statutory/ Internal Auditors (refer note Sl. II
  9  The Firm should be empanelled with Comptroller                                       06 (Six)
     and Auditor General of India(C&AG) of India in
     major category of auditors.
 10  Average Annual Income (i.e. Average Gross                                           10 (Ten)
       Professional Fees earned during the 3 years) of the
       Firm in the last 3 ( three) consecutive financial years
       ending on March 31st, 2019 must be equal to or more
       than Rs. 50 Lac. (Refer note Sl. III below).
 11    Valid Peer Review Certificate issued by ICAI                                                   05 (Five)
       Total Points                                                                          100 (One Hundred)
   I.  Experience from the financial year 2009-10 onwards only shall be considered while carrying out
       evaluation for criteria at Sl. No. 6 to 8 above.
  II.  Documentary proof/ work orders/ client certificates/ completion certificates to be submitted Sl.
       No. 6 to 8 - Points for each year's experience shall be awarded irrespective of the number of
       audits/ or accounting services conducted during that particular year.
 III.   To provide copies of audited Financial Statements for all the 3 years and a certificate of average annual
       Gross Professional Fees in the last 3 financial years (as defined at Sl. 10 above) would only be
 IV.   Fraction on the year to be ignored for calculating no. of years at Sl. No. 1, and 6 to 8.

                                                                                                 Page 5 of 10
Annexure- B:- To    Do List
(A) Instructions to Chartered Accountant Firms:
     1. Format of Application must be completely filled in, incomplete applications will be out rightly
     2. Please ensure that date of opening of registered office, Branch Office (s), entrance dates of all
         Partners into the firm, date of joining firm as qualified & semi-qualified assistants are invariably
         indicated in the application.
     3. All EOIs will be evaluated on the basis of the documents furnished along with applications only.
     4. Since, all the applications will be evaluated strictly on the basis of selection criteria as per
         annexure-A, please avoid attaching unsolicited information/ documents for processing
         applications expeditiously.
     5. All the documents submitted should be signed by a Partner with his/ her name and under the
         seal of the firm.
     6. Applications must be submitted under sealed cover superscribing the EOI Notice No. ---- & date
         and the words "Application for Empanelment of Internal Auditors and/ or Accounting Services
         (Compilation of Accounts) for F.Y. 2019-20, 2020-21 and 2021-22". The name and address of
         the firm must also be indicated on the body of the envelope.
     7. Application must be addressed to "Dy. General Manager (Finance and Accounts) Bihar State
         Tourism Development Corporation Ltd., Hotel Kautilya Vihar, Birchand Patel Marg, R Block,
         Patna- 800001". It may be delivered in person also at reception on Hotel Kautilya Vihar. BSTDC
         does not take any responsibility for the loss of application in-transit. Applications sent through
         Fax or E-mail will not be considered.
     8. Any application received after the stipulated date & time, due to any reason whatsoever, will be
(B) List of documents to be submitted along with the applications / EOIs:
         Interested firms are advised to go through the contents of the EOI documents carefully and
submit self attested copies of the following documents in proper sequence along with the EOIs as
described hereinafter:-
     1. Latest Constitution Certificate of the firm issued by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of
         India w.r.t. the information related to the year of establishment of Head Office, Branch Office(s),
         address(es), details of partners along-with their membership nos. etc. particulars as indicated in
         the Certificate(s) will be treated as conclusive and used for the purpose of evaluation of EOIs.
     2. Copy of MEF (Multipurpose Empanelment Form) last submitted to ICAI.
     3. Certificates of ISA/ CISA from ICAI if any, issued by the respective Institutes.
     4. Membership certificates of the qualified assistants issued by The Institute of Chartered
         Accountants of India.
     5. Certificates/ Mark sheets issued by the respective Institutes in evidence of qualification of Semi-
         qualified assistants.
     6. A declaration has to be submitted by each audit firm that none of its partner(s) or qualified
         employee(s) is a partner in any other audit firm which is applying for the current empanelment in
         BSTDC. Any EOI without such declaration in this regard shall be summarily rejected.
     7. Copies of appointment letters for Statutory / Internal Audit / Accounting Services in Public Sector/
         Government Organisation in evidence of experience.
     8. Copies of empanellment with Comptroller and Auditor General of India(C&AG) of India in major
         category of auditors.
     9. Copies of audited Financial Statements with certificate of average annual Gross Professional Fees.
     10. Peer review certificate issued by ICAI.
     11. Copy of PAN card.
     12. Copy of GST Registration.
     13. A copy of complete EOI document duly signed as a token of acceptance of all terms and
         conditions and sealed.

                                                                                              Page 6 of 10
        The terms and conditions for conducting internal audit in BSTDC are detailed hereunder:-
        Accounting Services/ Compilation of Accounts shall be conducted in 1st Week of April of
succeeding year and the Final Accounts are to be submitted by end of June of succeeding year. Internal
Audit shall be conducted in 1st Week of July of succeeding year and the reports are to be submitted by
end of July of succeeding year.
        a. Chartered Accountant Firm would deploy a suitable team for undertaking the audit/
             accounting services, after a thorough perusal of the requirements of the appointment letter,
             terms & conditions contained therein and the Detailed Guidelines for Internal Audit/
             Accounting Services, ensuring that the size of the team is commensurate with the size of the
             auditee organisation and the volume of work involved.
        b. The Head of Finance/ Unit Mangers (Unit Head) will coordinate with the Team for smooth
             Functioning of the Audit/ Accounting Services (Compilation of Accounts).
        c. It should be ensured that the audit team is headed at all times by a Chartered Accountant
             with a team member having CISA/ ISA and/or prior experience of auditing/ accounting.
        a. Audit firm should arrange their own Computers/ Laptop for the work.
        b. No any TA/ DA will be allowed.
        c. Internal Audit including Management Information Report (MIS) as per law at the end of the
             work indicating the areas for corrective majors.
        d. Verification of bills and supporting vouchers for its correctness as regards head of accounts,
             period, type etc of all units including Head Office.
        a. Firm should arrange their own Computers/ Laptop for the work.
        b. No any TA/ DA will be allowed.
        c. At present, net entry system of Income and Expenditure is being followed in BSTDC which
             should be converting into Gross-up entry system, i.e. proper accounting in respective
             account head of all units including Head Office.
        d. Checking of bills and supporting vouchers for its correctness as regards head of accounts,
             period, and type etc of all units including Head Office.
        e. Preparation of Units Trial Balance and its consolidation with Head Office Trial Balance &
             compilation of annual accounts as per law and Income Tax return filing.
        f. Preparation of Inter Unit Reconciliation, Income Reconciliation of each units, Salary
             Reconciliation, Reconciliation of Govt. Grant & Subsidy / Reconciliation of Statutory
             deduction with all types of taxes (i.e. Income Tax, Income Tax TDS, GST & GST TDS, EPF,
             ESI, Retirement Benefits, etc.) (Name wise & Unit wise).
        g. Preparation of reconciliation statement of all Bank accounts and Fixed Deposit.
        h. Preparation of reconciliation statement of Fund from Dept of Tourism, Bihar / Fund from
             Ministry of Tourism, Govt of India, Fund.
        i. Preparation of Unit wise Income, Expenditure and Profit & Loss.
        j. Preparation of Unit wise Assets & Liabilities details.
        k. Preparation of Fixed Assets Register.
        l. Preparation of Name wise & Unit wise details of Loan & advance/ Receivable & Payable/
             Assets & Liabilities/ Grants & Subsidies/ Debtors & Creditors.
        m. Units details are as under :-
                i. Head Office, Patna (Including Engineering Section, Lease Section and Driver Supply).
               ii. Hotel Kautilaya Vihar, Patna
              iii. Hotel Sidhartha, Sujata, Bodhgaya
              iv. Hotel Shersah Vihar, Sasaram
               v. Hotel Maa Mundeshwari Vihar, Mundeshwari.
              vi. Hotel Kaimur Vihar, Mohania
             vii. Hotel Lichhavi Vihar, Muzaffarpur
             viii. Hotel Renu Vihar, Purnea
              ix. Hotel Singheshwar Vihar, Singheshwar
               x. Transport Unit, Patna
              xi. Travel & Trade (M.V. Ganga Vihar, Patna and Laser Light & Sound Show, Mangal
                   Talab & Golghar, Patna, Sonepur Mela)
             xii. Aerial Ropeway, Rajgir
        n. Any other work to be required by Statutory / AG Audit.
                                                                                          Page 7 of 10
      o. The suggestive report should also be submitted in the view of any future query from the
           statutory auditor.
      Details of minimum fee for the year and expected Man-days required to be devoted in BSTDC
      audit/ accounting services are given in Annexure - D (GST, as applicable will be paid as per the
      relevant laws).
      Firms will be paid the Audit/ Accounting Service fee after the completion of accounting work/
      report. Such fee shall be released only after the submission of report/ data as defined.
   a. Firms that secure 80 points and above as per criteria given in Annexure - A shall be considered
      for empanelment. Firms will be given points and ranked in the descending order. Top 5 firms
      securing 80 points and above and ties shall be considered for empanelment.
   b. This EOI is only for the purpose of empanelment of Firms and does not guarantee/ assure
      allotment of Internal Audit/ Accounting Services/ or any other assignments.
   c. Application for Accounting Services (Compilation of Accounts) shall be opened first and
      qualifying applicant Chartered Accountant firm or its partner in another Chartered Accountant
      Firm will not be entertained in other work as Internal Audit.
   d. The appointment of an Audit/ Accounting Services to the Chartered Accountant Firm will be
      made from the empanelled list of firms keeping in perspective the proximity of its office to the
      BSTDC irrespective of points obtained by the Firm in the evaluation. All the empanel firms shall
      be treated as at par irrespective of points obtained as per the criteria given in Annexure A.
   e. The Chartered Accountant firm will ensured that the information obtained in respect of the
      working/ operation of the unit is maintained in strict confidence and secrecy at all times, including
      after the completion the assignment. All such information shall remain exclusive property of
      BSTDC at all the times. A certificate towards maintaining confidentiality is to be provided by the
      Chartered Accountant firm at the time of acceptance of assignment.
   f. In case the Chartered Account Firm selected for providing Internal Audit/ Accounting Services
      shall not be eligible to be appointed as Auditor under any other law or circumstances for these
      years in BSTDC. If they are appointed as such by any authority such as CAG, they shall be
      obiliged to relinquish either of the assignments. They pending upon your performance, the
      engagement period may be enhanced at the shown description of BSTDC. However, the panel of
      unsuccessful Chartered Account Firms may be used by the BSTDC for other purposes such as
      Tax Audit or Other Audit and Accounting services.
   g. If progress/ performance of the Chartered Accountant firm is not found satisfactory, BSTDC
      management reserves the right to terminate the appointment of the firm, without assigning any
      reason whatsoever.
h. The Chartered Accountant firm will be debarred from getting, in future, any assignment in BSTDC in following cases:- i. If the firm obtains the appointment on the basis of misrepresentation of information/ misstatement of facts at the time of submission of application/ documents along with EOI. ii. The Firm is found to have sub-contracted the work. iii. If the firm does not take up the work in terms of the appointment letter. iv. If the firm does not submit the audit report/ data, complete in all respects in terms of the appointment. v. If the firm refuses to take up the assignment as mentioned the letter of appointment for any reason whatsoever. i. Firms which have conducted Internal Audit/ Accounting services for more than one year in BSTDC in last 5 (Five) years shall not be considered for Internal Audit/ Accounting services for proposed empanelment. Page 8 of 10 Annexure- D:- Expected Man-days and Minimum Fees for Internal Audit / Accounting Services Sl. No. Particulars Total Man-days Proposed Remarks Fee A Internal Audit 1 Chartered Accountant (1) 01 (One) Month 50,000.00 2 Assistant (1) 01 (One) Month 20,000.00 3 Partner Supervision 20,000.00 At least One Week Total 90,000.00 B Accounting Service 1 Chartered Accountant (1) 03 (Three) Months 1,50,000.00 2 Assistant (3) 03 (Three) Months 1,80,000.00 3 Partner Supervision 40,000.00 At least Two Week Total 3,70,000.00 Page 9 of 10 Annexure- E:- Financial Details Form for empanelment of Chartered Accountant Firm (Envelope-II) Sl. Particulars No. 1 Name of the Chartered Accountant Firm 2 Address of the Firm (With Telephone / Mobile No.) 3 Fee (Excluding GST) for Internal Audit including Management Information Report (MIS) 4 Fee (Excluding GST) for Compilation of Accounts and Tax return filling (Signature with Seal) Page 10 of 10
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