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Institute Of Chartered Accountants Of India,Multi Location, Multi State
July, 18th 2019
   Notice Inviting Expression of Interest for engagement of eligible
Consultancy Firms/ Chartered Accountants Firms for carrying out the
  Project Management Consultancy Services (PMC) for Automation of
Accounts related activities of the Institute of Chartered Accountants
                            of India (ICAI)
  [Announcement No. EOI/Accounts/PMC/2019-20 Dated 04/07/2019]
ICAI invites applications from eligible Consultancy firms / CA firms for
carrying out the Project Management Consultancy Services (PMC) for
Automation of Accounts related activities of the ICAI.

  A. Eligibility Criteria:
     1. Basic Criteria:
         Consultancy Firm / CA Firms 's standing should be of at least 10
         Consultancy Firm/ CA Firms should have at least 2 Chartered
           Accountants / Partners of FCA level, who have a continued
           association/employment of 2 years or more with the Consultancy
           firm/CA Firm.
         The average Annual Turnover/Gross Receipts of the Consultancy
           Firm/ CA Firm should be at least Rs 2 crores in the last three
           financial years
         The firm should have relevant experience (ERP Accounting
           Implementation) of 10 years and the same to be demonstrated by
           providing proof of successful execution of similar PMC services
           (certificate/copy of work order/completion certificate etc. be
         Consultancy Firm/ CA Firms should have executed minimum 2
         assignments of organisation having more than 50 offices / units
         in last five years.
         Head Office/Branch Office of the Consultancy Firm/ CA Firm
           should be located at the Delhi/ NCR.

  2. Disqualifications: The Firm shall not be eligible to apply if:
     The Chartered Accountants Firm or any of its partners has been
     declared guilty of any professional and/or other misconduct under the

   provisions of the Chartered Accountants Act, 1949 during the current
   year and immediate past five years.
   Any of the partners of the firm or their relative is / was a member of
   Central Council/ Regional Council, Branch Managing Committee of
   ICAI during last four years.
   The Firm have been black- listed by any Government/Government
   Agency in India during last five years.

   The Firms while expressing their interest shall be required to submit a
   declaration    that   they   do    not   suffer   from   any   of   the   above
   disqualifications and the details furnished in this regard are true and
   correct. Any incorrect information furnished by the applicant shall lead
   to rejection of the application.

B. Scope of Work:
1. The scope of work/services to be rendered shall include:
1.1 Project Management Consultancy Services (PMC) in Automation of
     Accounts related activities to Conceptualise, Visualise, prepare &
     finalize EOI/RFP/Tender, identification & selection of vendors as per
     ICAI Purchase policy, monitoring, implementation of projects and
     post go live support to make the projects successful.

1.2   Project Management Consultant shall ensure alignment/integration
      of all automation/developments on one platform, Cost benefit
      analysis of each process and stages involved with recommendation
      and adequate justifications, Guiding on optimum resource
      (manpower and infra) mobilization & application thereof from initial
      to go live phase, Integrating and Documenting of each projects in
      form of governing documents and timely updation of such SOP till
      all projects go live.

2. The detailed tentative Scope of work/activities to be undertaken by
   Project Management Consultant shall be as mentioned and enumerated

2.1   Collection Portal/POS Scheme

   Collection Portal/POS Scheme: Fee collections through online shall
   be recorded line item wise which should match with total bank
   collections net of refunds and provide exception report for resolution.
   Control for complete audit trail and statutory configuration - Every

  receipt transaction to hit Advance (Liability) first & then to Income with
  line item tagging for audit trail.
      User creations (Members/Students/ Departments/Committees/
         Branches/ Chapters etc.)
      Vendor Section (Drilldown option for selecting HO/RC/DCO/
         Branch/ Chapter/ Study Circles )
      Having facility to be logged in by the respective unit as well as
         member and students through passwords, for making the
         payments by selecting nature of activity
      Auto fill of the desired details of members/ students after login
         i.e. address, mobile number, email id, GSTIN, etc,
      Auto charging applicable GST as per nature of activity
      Generation of GST Invoice on the basis of the login details
      Having facility for all units, members, students to store the data
         i.e. payments, invoices etc. and accessible through passwords by
         the authorized user only
      Breakup of Advance receipts members and students wise, Fee
         breakup as per nature/type of fees (COP/Associate/Fellow) etc.
      Maintaining of Member wise ledger /Student wise ledger to
         provide balances & Invoice level details
      Invoicing for b2b as well as B2C & mailing to concerned
         Exceptions Reporting required in case
      Advance VS Actual date of service
      Accrued Vs collections
      Billed Vs cancellation

2.2   Payment Process
2.2.1 Vendor Payment Process
              Uploading the vendors details
              KYC of Vendors at regular intervals
              Uploading of invoice
              Verification of Invoice (available budget)
              Rejection / Approval of Invoice
              If rejected auto intimation to all concerned
              If approved Auto numbering of Voucher
              Recording of Transaction
              Approval of Transaction
              Payment Approval
              Intimation to Payment Team
              Auto updation of the Payment details, i.e. net amount,
              TDS to all units and vendors
              Balance Confirmation emails at regular intervals with

                    Document Management System: Transaction base
                    documents like bills, approvals etc. within the voucher
                    itself for checking as attachment to avoid looking hard
                    copies of voucher supportings
                    MIS & exceptions reports: Nature wise/ Period wise/vendor
                    wise/ cost unit wise /Branch wise/ Region Wise/
                    Department/Committees/DCOs/ HO level. Reports should
                    be grid or table based
                    Excel based templates for import of bulk transactions for
                    Purchases line items wise for exhaustive details

  2.2.2 Payment Process of Utility Bills

             Utility Bills: Water, Electricity, Internet, data card bills, mobile,
             telephone etc. and insurance of assets

                    Uploading of bills
                    Verification of bills
                    Rejection / Approval of Invoice
                    If rejected auto intimation to all concerned
                    If approved Auto numbering of Voucher
                    Recording in books
                    Payment of bills
                    Auto updation of the Payment details
                    MIS & exceptions reports: Nature wise/ Period wise/vendor
                    wise/ cost unit wise /Branch wise/ Region Wise/
                    Department/Committees/DCOs/ HO level. Reports should
                    be grid or table based
                    Pop up feature for reminder in case bills/invoice not
                    received as per regular frequency

2.2.3    Insurance of Assets
        Selection of adequate insurance policy for each asset
        Approval of the policy and premium amount
        Linking with payment process & Accounting Module
        Generation of various types of MIS reports including assets wise/
        location wise/value wise etc.
        Auto Popup feature for timing/due dates of insurance

2.2.4 Council Payments
         Council Members (CCM/RCM/ Branch Managing Committee)
         Co-opted Members (CC/RC/ Branch Managing Committee)
         Special Invitees (CC/RC/ Branch Managing Committee)
               Separate Advance Account to record transactions like
                 travelling/ payments made on behalf of members
               E- TA/ DA form with online facility to fill in
               Separate login ID

                    Payment and Auto updation in ledger Accounts and its
                    auto linking with E- TA/DA form
                    If there is any debit balance auto SMS/Email at regular
                    Protection of data
                    MIS & exceptions reports: Nature wise/ Period wise/
                    Member wise/ cost unit wise /Branch wise/ Region Wise/
                    Department/Committees/DCOs/ HO level

2.2.5 Foreign Remittances

                    Payments for Participation in Foreign
                    Payment of Expenses relating to ICAI overseas Chapters/
                    Offices (Dubai)
                    Payment of expenses relating to Exam Centres in foreign
                    Payment of Membership fee subscription of Foreign
                    Any other payments as approved


                         Uploading of Approval Note for remitting foreign
                         Verification of invoice
                         Approval of payment
                         Recording in books
                         Payment with supporting documentation
                         Auto updation to concerned body and the

MIS & exceptions reports: Nature wise/ Period wise/ Participant wise/ cost
unit wise /Branch wise/ Region Wise/ Department/Committees/DCOs/ HO

2.2.6 Statutory Compliances (System should provide every statutory
      report required as per law)

           (I)        TDS

      TDS Payable
           Auto Deduction of TDS at the prescribed rates, at the time of
             making the payments/processing of bills
           Data for TDS returns (in desired reporting format)
           TDS reconciliation with TDS Return
           Generation of Form 16 & Form 16A

     TDS receivable: TDS receivable Bank wise/ customer wise/ unit wise
     in a way to enable reconciliation with Form 26AS
     Accounting for refund should be unit wise as per the reconciliation of
     Form 26AS
     TDS reports Income Tax Section Wise with further breakup at nature of
     expense/income level. All reports have complete trail & reconciliation
     with books at ledger & group level.

           (ii) Income Tax

     Reports relating to exemption section 35(1)(iii)
     Data for filling of annual returns, filling for exemption etc.
     Data relating to exemption under Scientific Research Organization
     (SIRO) / Exemption u/s 80G.

            (iii)     Goods & Service Tax (GST)
     Ensuring GST compliance (31 registrations, Taxability, ITC, Tax
     Payments, Returns)
     Auto recoding of GST at the prescribed rates, at the time of making the
     payments or receipts
                 Purchase register should have proper input tax credit
                   tagging for eligible, ineligible & common and should enable
                   mapping with GSTR2A vendor related transactions from
                   GST portal
                 Sales register should be exhaustive enough to provide
                   detail of complete income as per FS with breakup line item
                   & nature wise, taxability)
     Data/Generation of GST returns (in desired reporting format)
     Tax ledger reconciliation and Matching with GST Portal
     GST on taxability of advance & reverse charge shall be captured and
     identifiable for linking to specific transactions.
     Availability of every statutory report required as per law. All reports
     having complete trail & reconciliation with books at ledger & group

2.3 Banking System (Clearing House) and Auto BRS

              Selection of Bank and MOU for desired services by ICAI
              Generation of Unique reference number for all receipts and
              payments by any online mode debit/credit cards, NEFT,
              Paytm etc.. and the same should be linked to Bank for
              This should be mapped with Bank Statement for Auto BRS.
              Tagging Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Payroll
              cheques/ NEFT/RTGS etc. as cleared, and entering service
              charges and other miscellaneous debits and credits, reporting
              the differences.
              System should prompt to record additional Bank transactions.

              Linking with Accounts Module for auto BRS
              Generation of Customised MIS

2.4 Accounting Software/ERP/ Dash Board/Finalization of Accounts

     Capturing of year end provisions/closing entries
     Aging of balances as per the requirement
     Schedule of assets, liabilities , expenses, incomes as per requirements
     Trial Balance/ Balance Sheet - Unit wise/ company wise/
     Ind AS compliant

  2.5   PAYROLL Processing and Staff Payments

           Validation of data of Employees at regular intervals on the basis
           of category of employees (Permanent, Temporary, RC level, DCO
           level, Branch level)
           Verification and approval of monthly payroll for different
           categories of employees (Permanent, Temporary, RC level, DCO
           level, Branch level)
           Income Tax compliance with verifications proofs and declarations
           Verification and processing of Different categories of Loans/
           Advance to Staff, Housing, Vehicle, Household Assets, Medical,
           Computer, Diwali, Personal Loan and auto updation in records
           Payment of insurance premium on Medical Insurance or any
           other insurance of employees and its auto updations
           Availability of Data for Actuarial Valuation of Leave Encashment,
           Pension & Gratuity for all employees
           Payments in Settlement cases on resignation and retirement
           and recording the same
           TA/DA/LTC Payments pertaining to Employees
           Other miscellaneous payments pertaining to employees
           Pension Processing and data verification
           MIS & exceptions reports: Nature wise/ Period wise/ Employee
           wise/ cost unit wise /Branch wise/ Region Wise/
           Department/Committees/DCOs/ HO level.

2.6 Fixed Assets Register/ Schedule- cloud based

              Fixed Assets module liking with accounting
              Fixed Asset Accounting should be complete with item wise
              date wise details.
              Asset purchase & disposal with gross block & net block to be
              made available in system reports.
              Based on FA group & Item level rate configuration should
              enable auto accounting for depreciation with Fixed Assets

2.7    Interunit Reconciliation (Auto Reconciliation mode : should be
      reconciled at all points of time)

               Auto capturing of Inter Unit transactions between Head Office
               & Branches/DCO's/RC's and Branches/DCO's/RC's with
               other Branches/DCO's/RC's
               For Inter Unit accounting, all transaction shall automatically
               flow from one Unit to another & vice versa for approval before
               Differentiating between the branch to branch transactions
               as well as branch to HO/Nodal Office and providing correct
               picture of inter unit transactions at consolidation level

2.8 Treasury and Investment

               Availability of all investments (FDR and other Investment
               Details) item wise, date wise, category wise, with feature to
               record interest due, amortization for the period automatically.
               Auto recording of interest mapping with the Bank details
               Generation of MIS/Reports ( Investments as per law ­ reports
               for deviations)
               Link with Investments Portal:- Portal for investments wherein
               Banks may bid in encrypted for the investments of the ICAI
               Automation of Investment related activities and Fund
               management of the ICAI

2.9 Inventory Management

               Linking with CDS for accounting purpose (both for
               publications as well as items)
               Auto recoding of sales entry with statutory compliances
               Robust to keep real time stock situation updated with
               physical stock.
               Availability of Data for Inventory valuation

2.10 Budgetary Control and Processing of Grants (Capital & Revenue)

       2.10.1 Budgetary Control

               Budget codes for all units as cost centre wise
               Recording of Budgets by the units at cost centre wise
               (department/committee/branch/regional council/DCOs)
               Consolidation of data after the approval - Approval of budgets
               by the Approver should revise/validate as per the mandate
               which should be enforced at group/ department/
               ledger/activity level - transaction level.

                Reporting Budgets at group/department/ledger/activity level
                at Unit, Region, Consolidated level.
                Checking the budget code allotted to the different committee
                of the ICAI and GL Codes of the respective Expenditure head
                of the ICAI to ensure budgetary control over the vouchers.
                Variance analysis should be readily available at group, Unit,
                Ledger, Department, Activity & consolidated level

       2.10.2 Capital Grants (released on Request Basis)

             Online Template of Capital Grant to be filled by the respective
             Approval of grant
             Payment process
             Auto emails to RCs, Branches, DCOs and other officials relating
             to grants, etc.

       Revenue Grants (Released on due basis)

             Online Template of the Revenue Grant
             Revenue Grant (Staff & Admin Grant, Adhoc Grant, Revenue
             Grant etc.)
             Linking with data count of members and students (branch wise)
             Approval of grant
             Payment process
             Auto emails to RCs, Branches, DCOs and other officials relating
             to grants, etc.

    C. Details of Projects:

       The Project Management Consultant shall be required to provide PMC
       services in respect of the following Projects.

S. NO. Project                         Brief   details        of    necessary
1         Receipts     Process      & Online Collection Portal with linking of
          Collection Portal ­ AR      Accounts Module, Students and members
                                      Data base, CPE, Invoicing, Banking, also
                                      ensuring Statutory Compliances like, TDS,
                                      GST, Income Tax etc. (Refer 2.1 above)

2   Payment    Process           & Payment Portal with Document
    Payment Portal ­AP             Management System (DMS), having
                                   limited access to vendors for
    (Centralised Payment
                                   uploading details and getting online
    System including Vendor
                                   responses, linking with Approvals
    Payment Process, Payment
                                   and Banking System (Clearing
    of utility bills, Insurance of
                                   House) through APIs and Linking
    assets, Council Payments,
                                   with Accounting Module (Refer 2.2
    Foreign Remittances and
    Statutory Compliances
    TDS, GST, Income Tax,
    FEMA etc.)
3   Banking System (Clearing      MOUs with Banks to provide the
    House) to have auto BRS       requisite services to ICAI and
    facility                      availability of desired reports and
                                  automation of information       and
                                  linking of collection and payment
                                  Portal (receipts/ payments) with
                                  Accounts module (Refer 2.3 above)
4   Accounting Software/          Accounting Software -ERP system as
    ERP /Dash board               platform, dashboard reports to suits
    reporting                     various Key Management Personnel
                                  in their decision making requirement
                                  &    to    overview day     to   day
                                  performance and having features of
                                  transactions recording and reporting
                                  as per IndAS. (Refer 2.4 above)
5   Pay Roll Processing &         Payroll Portal and linking with
    Staff Payments                Accounts Module (currently HR
                                  works is being used in ICAI but
                                  limited purpose), Attendance &
                                  Leave     Module     with    Payment
                                  Instruction considering statutory
                                  requirements, Financial Integration,
                                  Reporting. (Refer 2.5 above)
6   Fixed Asset Register-         Separate Portal/ Online Asset
    cloud based                   Register for tracking movement of
                                  assets and linking with Accounts
                                  Module,       Project     Monitoring
                                  including Asset Master Data, Asset
                                  Classification,    Asset    Purchase
                                  Process,     Multiple    Depreciation
                                  Method,       Depreciation      Run,
                                  Composite Asset, Asset Tagging,
                                  Asset Retirement, Inventory to Asset

                                         Transfer   &     Vice-versa,    Asset
                                         Reporting etc. (Refer 2.6 above)
7         Inter-unit Reconciliation      The various entries standing among
                                         Branches/RCs & HO need to be
          (Developing System/SOPs
                                         properly documented & reconciled,
          for auto interunit
                                         Proper recording & consolidated
                                         books of accounts. (Refer 2.7 above)
8         Treasury and Investment        Portal for Investments/ Automate
          Management                     treasury operations, get real-time
                                         visibility into funds positions,
                                         forecasting      and      liquidity
                                         management, minimise financial
                                         risk, Comply with accounting
                                         regulations, and more. (Refer 2.8
9         Inventory Module (CDS)         Refer 2.9 above
10        Budgetary Compliances          Separate Portal (RBA Portal, Infra
          and Processing of Grants       Portal) and linking with Accounts
          (Capital and Revenue)          Module (Refer 2.10 above)

    D. Schedule of Deliverables:

     Phase I (Design Phase): till appointment of Vendor for development of
     the aforesaid portals : 2 Months from the date of allotment of work
     Phase II (Monitoring & Implementation Phase): will be concurrent to
     that of the Portal Developer Vendor: 4 months from the date of
     completion of phase I
     Phase III (Post Implementation Phase): Post Go Live : 2 Months from
     the date of completion of Phase II

    E. Submission of EOI

    Technical (Form A) and Financial bids (Form C) should be kept in separate
    sealed envelopes super scribing "Technical Bid, "Financial Bid and the
    two bids be placed again in a single envelope super scribing "Project
    Management Consultancy Services (PMC) for Automation of Accounts
    related activities of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
    (ICAI)". The duly filled in Bids be submitted to Joint Secretary (Accounts),
    Accounts Department, 5th Floor, Research Block, ICAI Bhawan, The
    Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, A-29, Sector 62, Noida 201309
    latest by 24th July 2019 up to 1600 hours.

F. Other Terms & Conditions:
1. Interested Consultancy Firms/ CA Firms which meet the pre-
   qualification criteria may furnish their Expression of Interest at the
   following address latest by 24th July 2019 up to 1600 hours:
   Joint Secretary (Accounts),
   Accounts Department, 5th Floor, Research Block
   ICAI Bhawan, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India,
   A-29, Sector 62, Noida 201309
2. There shall be no fee for the application.
3. Queries, if any, in this regard may be sent to
   The last date for receipt of queries regarding submission of expression
   of interest is 16th July 2019 up to 1600 hours.
4. Pre-bid Meeting will be held on 17th July 2019, at 2nd floor, Research
   Block, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, ICAI Bhawan,
   A-29, Sector 62, Noida.
5. The application for the said assignment should be submitted latest by
   24th July 2019 up to 1600 hours.
6. Any amendment / corrigendum / clarification to the EOI will be posted
   on the website of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, i.e.
7. The ICAI shall not be liable for non-receipt/Late receipt of any of the
8. The ICAI reserves the right to reject any of the applications or whole
   process without assigning any reason at any time and may call for
   any other details or additional information from any of the applicants
   /members at its own discretion. Non submission of details sought for
   will render the firm ineligible for the assignment. In this regard, the
   decision of ICAI shall be final and binding on all the applicants.
9. The decision of the ICAI shall be final as regards to the criteria to finalize
   the firm out of the applications so received.
10. Incomplete applications shall be summarily rejected.
11. Assignment shall be conducted by appointed firm only and shall not be
   allowed to sublet the assignment.

12.   The firm shall maintain confidentiality of information obtained during the
      course of assignment.
13.   The engagement of the selected firm shall be initially valid for a period of
      nine (9) months. If the parties so desire, the period of contract may be
      extended further on mutually agreed terms.
14.   Notwithstanding anything contained at clause 13 herein above, the
      engagement of the appointed firm shall terminate on completion of the
      assignment. However, ICAI may terminate the engagement of the firm, at
      any time, without assigning any reason. In such cases, the firm shall not
      be eligible for any remuneration from the date of termination.
15.   In case of any dispute or difference arising out of or in connection
      with any of the terms and conditions to this Notice / Engagement, in
      the first instance, the parties shall try to resolve the same by mutual
      consultation, failing which the same shall be referred to the sole arbitrator
      to be appointed mutually by the parties. The Arbitration and Conciliation
      Act, 1996 and any statutory modification or re-enactment thereof, shall
      apply to these arbitration proceedings. Arbitration proceedings shall be
      held at Delhi and the language of the arbitration proceeding shall be in
      English.   The arbitral award shall be final and binding upon both the
      parties. All arbitral awards shall be in writing and shall state the reasons
      therefor. The cost of the arbitration shall be borne by both the parties.
16.   Subject to the arbitration clause as mentioned above, the Courts at
      Delhi/New Delhi shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to try any suit in the
17.   The Bids shall be valid for a period of 90 days from the last date for
      submission of the Bid.

       G.    Bid Opening, Evaluation Process and Selection Procedure
  Evaluation criteria will be based on evaluation of the bidder meeting the
  technical qualification (including eligibility criteria) and subsequently
  evaluation of financial bid. The evaluation shall consist of following phases:
  Phase I ­ Evaluation of Technical bid
  Phase II ­ Evaluation of Financial bid
  It is mandatory for the bidder to qualify all the Technical qualifications
  (including eligibility criteria) to be technically qualified and for being
  considered for opening of their Financial Bid and evaluation thereof.

Phase I: Evaluation of Technical Bid
Detailed technical evaluation shall be carried out and other conditions in the
tender document to determine the substantial responsiveness of each tender.
For this clause, the substantially responsive bid is one that conforms to all
the eligibility and terms and conditions of the tender without any material
The evaluation committee may call the responsive Bidder(s) who comply all
terms and conditions of the tender for discussion and presentation to facilitate
and assess their understanding of the scope of work and its execution. The
service provider should give a detailed presentation on how their methodology
is best suited for ICAI.
Phase II: Evaluation of Financial Bid
The financial bid shall be opened of only those Bidders who have been found
to be technically eligible. The financial bids shall be opened in presence of
representatives of technically eligible Bidders, who may like to be present.
ICAI shall inform the date, place and time for opening of financial bid.

The Score of Technical Proposal:

S. No.   Technical Parameters ­ Checklist               Maximum Marks
1        No. of Projects in ERP Accounting                     20
         Implementation having more than 50 offices
         / units executed in last five years
          2 assignment ­10 Marks
          3-5 assignment ­ 15 Marks
          Above 5 assignment ­ 20 Marks
2        Average Annual Turnover for last three years          15
         (Year 2015-16, 2016-17 and 2017-18)
          Rs. 2 Crores ­ 5 Marks
          Above 2 Crores ­ 5 Crores ­ 10 Marks
          Above 5 Crores ­ 15 Marks
3        Experience       in      ERP        Accounting        20
         10 years ­ 10 Marks
          Above 10 years ­ 15 years ­ 15 Marks
          Above 15 years ­ 20 Marks
4        No. of Chartered Accountants / Partners of            15
         FCA level having continued association/
         employment of 2 years with the applicant.
         2 CAs / Partners ­5 Marks
          3-5 CAs / Partners ­ 10 Marks
          Above 5 CAs / Partners ­ 15 Marks
5        Presentation ­10 marks                                30
         Proof of Concept (POC) - 20
         Total                                                100

                                                                   Form A
                               Technical Bid
              Details to be filled by Bidder on Letter Head
S.   Items                               Information to     Attachments
No                                       be Filled by       (If any) &
                                         Bidder             Page Number
1.   Name, Address, Mobile,              (Please Specify)
     Landline, email and other details
2.   Name and address of the partners    (Please Specify)

3.   Year of Establishment and Nature    (Please Specify)   Registration
     of business carried by the firm                        Certificate
4.   Branches and Offices in cities in   (Please specify)
5.   Related organizations/sister        (Please specify)
     concerns and their address
6.   GST, PAN and Bank Account           (Please specify)   GST, PAN and
     Details                                                Cancel
7    Persons authorized to execute       (Please specify)   Declaration
     documents with ICAI                                    Letter on
                                                            Letter Head
                                                            by Authorized
8    The Bidder average annual           (Please specify)   Self-
     turnover of during last three                          Declaration &
     financial years i.e. 2017-18, 2016-                    Audited
     17, 2015-2016                                          Balance Sheet
                                                            of Last 3
9    Bidder Number of Years'             (Please specify)   Self-
     experience                                             Declaration &
                                                            Copy of Work
10. Total Number of                  (Please specify)       Self-
    Partners/Permanent Technical                            Declaration
    Employee involved PMC
11. Total Number of PMC Successfully (Please specify)       Self-
    Completed by Bidder.                                    Declaration
                                                            and PO/Client

Note: ICAI may ask further Detailed supporting documents for point number
1 to 11 during the evaluation process. Submission of False
Information/Misleading Information may lead to disqualification for Bidder.

            Form-B: Covering Letter & (On Bidders Letter head)


The Acting Secretary, ICAI

Dear Sir,

Sub: Project Management Consultancy Services (PMC) for Automation
     of Accounts related activities

Having examined the EOI, I/we, M/s___________, offer our proposals for the
subject works and are in full conformity with the said EOI. We have read
the provisions of EOI and confirm that these are acceptable to me/us. I/We
further declare that additional conditions, variations, deviations, if any,
found in my/our bid, it shall not be given effect to.

I/We agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this Bid, including this
letter, the Technical and Financial Bid, the duly notarized written power of
attorney, and all attachments and it shall remain binding upon me/us and
may be accepted by you at any time before the expiry of the validity period.

I/We hereby declare that all the information and statements made herein
and in the bids are true and any misleading/false information contained in
it may lead to our disqualification.

We understand that you reserve the right to accept or reject any bid.

Dated this [date / month / year]

Authorized Signatory (in full and initials):

Name and title of signatory:

Duly authorized to sign this Bid for and on behalf of [Name of Firm]


Note: This will be enclosed in original along with both Technical & Financial

          Form C: Financial Bid (On the Letterhead of the Bidder)

The Bidder is required to submit sealed quotations in the following format.

   Sr.                      Item                         Cost in INR
   No.                                                 (Excluding GST)
    1    Phase I (Design Phase): till appointment
         of Vendors for development of the
    2    Phase II (Monitoring & Implementation
         Phase) : will be concurrent to that of the
         Portal Developer Vendor

    3    Phase III (Post Implementation Phase) :
         Post Go Live

         Total: (1+2+3) will Decide L1

Note: ICAI will not be responsible for any other payments apart from the
aforesaid commercials.




Address with Phone No and E Mail ID:


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