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Income Tax Appellate Tribunal, Mumbai Benches, Mumbai Consolidated Cause List Of Sal Ma/ Pronouncement For Friday 18.01.2019
January, 18th 2019

COURT ROOM NO.   LJ        I Before Sfhri GPJVP & Saktijjey, JM

 I SA 338/M/18
                             Van Oord India Pvt. Ltd. (for clarification)        J(TP)/-
         (ITA 720/M/ 15)
 2  ITA 7228/M/12            Van Oord India Pvt. Ltd.(for clarification)         J(TP)/-

                           II Before Sf Shri G.S.Pannu, VP &Pawg4

 1 SA 537/M/18               Vinay Ramchandra Somani
 2 ITA 3642/M/17             Vinay Ramchandra Somani (for clarification)
 3 SA 553/M/18               Shrilekha Vinay Somani
 4 ITA 3888/M/17              Shrilekha Vinay Somani (for clarification)           E/-
 5 MA 562/M/18               Accenture UK Ltd.                                   A/VP
 6 MA 483/M/18               Nutrela Marketing Pvt. Ltd.                         B/JM
                             Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education
7-8 ITA 2203&6248/M/16                                                             H/-
                             (for clarification)

                           III Before S/Shri G.S.Pannu, VP & Ram Lal Negi, JM

 1 ITA 7599/M/12              Watson Pharma Pvt.Ltd. (for clarification)         J(TP)/
 2 ITA 3725/M/15              Mukesh M Parmar (for clarification)                  C!-
                              Shree Pushkar Chemicals & fertuilisers Ltd. (for
 3 ITA 1193/M/14                                                                   E/-
COURT ROOM NO. 13)                 I BcforcSJShri. Joindejg 1 VP & RaxnitKochar, AM

 1     MA 455/M/18                   I Ianunicsh kcaItos I0. Ltd.                  H/AM
                                     Batik ol India Retired Lrnployees Medical
 2     MA 372/M/17                                                                 B/AM
                                     Assistance Scheme
 3 ITA 1305/M/17                     SanjeevMukhiji                                 G/-

                                   II Before Sf Shri. Joginder Singh, VP& Rajesh Kumar, AM

 1  MA 729/M/18                      Musale Investments Pvt. Ltd.                  B/AM
 2 MA 750/M/18                       Mohd. Hasan Abdul Gafoor Momin                B/VP

                                   HI Before S/Shri. Joginder Singh, VP & G.Manjunatha, AM

1-2    MA    482 & 484/M/ 18         Asia Investments Pvt.Ltd.                     A/AM
 3     MA    560/M/ 18               Chaganlal P. Parmar                           D/VP
 4     MA    472/M/18                Prathamesh Dream Properties Pvt. Ltd.         C/VP
5-7    ITA   946 to 948/M/16         Rajkumari Singh (PH)                           D/-
             4167 to 70/M/16 &
8-12 ITA                              M/s. Pria Cept (India) Ltd.(PH)               D/-
             4 196/M/ 16
13-14 ITA 3420-21/M/16                M/s. Pria Cept (India) Ltd.(PH)               D/-
15-16 ITA 4291 & 4304/M/ 16           M/s. Pria Cept (India) Ltd.(PH)

17-          3926 to 3931 /M/ 17
       ITA                            Hydroair Enirotech (P) Ltd (PH)               D/ -
23           & 1442/M/17

24-29 ITA 3949 to 3954/M/ 17          Hydroair Tectonics (PCD) Ltd (PH)             D/-
30-33 ITA 1434 to 1437/M/ 17          Hydroair Tectonics (PCD) Ltd (PH)             D/-

             3095 to 3098/M/16
34-3   ITA                            Harbhajan Singh                               D/-
             & 847/M/17

 39    ITA 4171/M/16                  RajkumariSingh                                D/-
 40    ITA 4172/M/16                  Ashish Harbhajan Singh                        D/-

                                   IV Before Sf Shri. Joginder Singh, VP & N.K.Pradhan AM

  1 SA 587/M/18
                                      Shri Venkatesh Gopal Krishna Kamath            F/ -
        (ITA 5188/M/ 18)
  2 MA 556/M/18                       Stainless India Pvt. Ltd.                    E/VP
  3 MA 558/M/18                       Preeti Jhangiani                             C/AM

COURT ROOM NO. ( 4)                 I Before S/Shri R.C.Sharma, AM & Mahavir Singh, !IM

  1 MA 144/M/13                       M/s.Standard Charted Bank                    I(IT)/AM
 2-8 MA 664to670/M/18                 Jhunjhunwala Distributors Pvt. Ltd.           F/JM

                                   H Before S/Shri R.C.Sharma, AM & Amarjit Singh, JM

  1 MA 725/M/18                       Oleolme Organics (India) Pvt. Ltd.           H/AM
COURT ROOM _NO. jJ            I

 1    MA 216/M/17                 Karitilal 0 Kotecha                            A/JM

                              II Before S/Shri. Mahavir Singh, JM & Ramit Kochar, AM

 1    MA 282/M/18                 Omega Investment & Properties Ltd.             C/AM

                              III Before S/Shri. Mahavir Singh, JM & Rajesh Kumar AM

            574/M/ 18
1-2   SA                          M/s. NRS Developers                             B/-
            (ITA 5910/M/18)
 3    MA 461/M/ 18                Thakkar Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.                    B/JM
 4    MA 674/M/ 18                Geeta A. Bhoir                                 G/AM
                                  Shreeji Transport Services Pvt. Ltd. (for
 5    ITA 1353/M/ 14
 6    ITA 2195/M/ 11              Amplas Polmers Pvt. Ltd. (for clarification)    E/-

                              IV Before S/Shri. Mahavir Singh, JM & G. Mainatha, AM

1-2   MA    48&49/M/18            Anmol International                            A/JM
 3    MA    400/M/18              Nirlon Ltd.                                    B / AM
 4    MA    301/M/I8              Laxmi Diamond Pvt.Ltd.                         A/AM
 5    MA    391/M/12              Ramesh D Tainwala                              D/JM
 6    MA    545/M/18              Patel Engineering Ltd.                         C/AM
 7    MA    565/M/18              Geltec Pvt. Ltd.                               0/AM
      ITA   2890/M/18             M/s. Kashmita Properties Pvt. Ltd.(Pron)       F/AM 19.12.18
      ITA   2882/M/18             Mohd Arif Hamidullah Khan (Pron)               F/AM 19.12.18
      ITA   2326/M/18             M/s. Recon Engineers (Pron)                    MC/Av20. 12.18

                              V Before SIShri. Mahavir Singh, JM & Manoi Kumar Aggrarwa
                                                                                      g.1, A1V

1-2 MA 510&419/M/18               Achromatic Trading Pvt. Ltd.                   H / AM
3-4 MA 473-474/M/18               Rakesh Khanna                                  H / AM
5-6 MA 475-476/M/18               Anita Khanna                                   H/AM

                              VI Before S/Shri. Mahavir Singh, JM & N.K.P4UAM

  1   MA    205/M/ 18             Kale Entertainment & Resorts Pvt. Ltd.         A/AM
  2   MA    454/M/18              L & T Finance Ltd.                             A/JM
3-4   MA    567-568/M/ 18         Ambit Corporate Finance Pvt. Ltd.              A/JM
  5   MA    73/M/18               Pentagon Builders Pvt. Ltd.                    C/AM
  6   ITA   3862/M/18             Tata Motors Ltd. (for clarification)
  7   ITA   2519/M/09             Tata Sons Ltd. (for clarification)
 8    ITA   2639/M/09             Tata Sons Ltd. (for clarification)
COURT ROOM         JJ           I Before JShriShamimYay

 I     MA 408/M/18                   RitLi San jay Malitri                           SMC/AM
 2     MA 500/M/18                   Bonifacio Dsouzu                                SMC/AM
 3     MA 219/M/18                   Sejal Gems Pvt. Ltd.                            SMC/AM
 4     MA 456/M/18                   Navkar Enterprises                              SMC/AM

                                II                                    AM & Pawan Singh JM

 1     MA 273/M/18                   Overseas Plastics Moulders India Ltd.           C/JM
2-3    MA 539-540/M/ 18              Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.                  F/JM
 4     ITA 5375/M/ 16                Manoj Shivyug Singh (for clarification)          F/-

 I     SA                            Ramling Shinde
            (ITA 6668/M/ 18)
                                     Five Star Bulk Carriers Pvt. Ltd. (Now merged
 2     MA   513'M
               /  / 18                                                                F/JM
                                     with B.G.Shirke Construction Tech. Pvt. Ltd.)
 3     MA 503/M/ 18                  Systematic Steel Industries Ltd.                 E/JM


            513/M/ 18                                                                J(TP)/-
 1     SA                            Volkswagen Group Sales India Pvt. Ltd.
            (ITA 1990/M/17)

            580/M/ 18                                                                J(TP)/-
 2     SA                            Mondelez India Foods Pvt. Ltd.
            (ITA 7404/M/ 18)

            (ITA 7539/M/12),
            (ITA 2214/M/ 14),
3-8    SA   (ITA 1492/M/15),         Mondelez India Foods Pvt. Ltd.                  J(TP)/-
            (ITA 1240/M/16),
            585/M/ 18
            (ITA 1518/M/17),
            (ITA 7104/M/17)

            (ITA 6136/M/ 18),
9-11   SA                            Komal Malhotra                                    H/-
            (ITA 6138/M/18)
 12    SA 04/M/ 18                   Heenaben Hirenbhai Shah
 13    MA 296/M/18                   Strides Shashun Ltd.                             G/JM
 14    MA 319/M/18                   JariakDilipDwarkadas                             F/JM
15-                                  Tata Motors Finance Ltd. (formerly Known as
       MA 493 to 495/M/18                                                            F/AM
17                                   Sheba Prop. Ltd.)
 18    MA 553/M/18                   SNB Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.                     E/AM
 19    MA 526/M/18                   Credit Agricole Corporate & lnvt. Bank           K/JM
 20    MA 676/M/ 18                  Amandeep Singh Arora                             A/AM
COURT ROOM NO     LJ          I Before S/Shri

 1    MA 471/M/18                J(I)    I igi nccn Tig   India Pvt. Ltd.        K/JM

COURTROOM NO. (9J             I Before

 1 MA 561/M/18                  Blossom Developers                               B/JM

                              II Before S/Shri. Saktijit Dey, JM & G. Manjunatha, AM

 1    SA                        Shri Atul Singhi                                  A/-
         (ITA 7269/M/ 18)
2-4   MA 541-543/M/18           Mahendra Brothers                                C/AM
 5    MA 297/M/18               K. Rajnikant & Co.                               H/JM
6-7   MA 366-367/M/18           Nisha P Shah                                     A/AM

                              III Before S/Shri. Saktijit Dev, JM&Manoj Kumar Aggy,M

 1    SA                        Emerson Electric Company India Pvt. Ltd.         K(TP) /-
           (ITA 6098/M/18)
 2    SA                        Firmenich Aromatics Pvt. Ltd.                    K(TP) /-
           (ITA 6081/M/18)
           589/M/ 18
 3    SA                        Integron Managed Solutions (I) Pvt. Ltd.         K(TP) /-
           (ITA 1047/M/ 16)
 4    SA                        Fulford (India) Ltd.                             K(TP) /-
           (ITA 71 [/M/18)
           577/M/ 18
 5    SA                        Hempal Singapore Pvt. Ltd.                        I(IT)/-
           (ITA 6601/M/18
           05 /'M/ 19
 6    SA                        Maritime Vanguard Pvt. Ltd.                       I(IT)/
           (ITA 6642/M/18)
 7    MA 671/M/18               DKetan and Co.                                   D/AM
 8    MA 672/M/18               Pina Dipesh Shah                                 SMC/AM
 9    MA 462/M/18               Devendra C Vibhakar                              SMC/JM
 10   ITA 1691/M/17              M/s. Uhde India Pvt. Ltd. (for clarification)

                              1V Before S/Shri. Saktijit Dey, JM & N.K.Pradhan, AM

 1    MA 647/M/18                ITSS Loan Trust IDBl                            C/AM
 2    MA 372/M/ 18               Siddique Ahmed Abbasali Choudhary               H/AM
 3    MA 563/M/18                Harry lnderDhaul                                F/AM
 4    MA 663/M/18                Akash Petrochem Pvt. Ltd.                       A/AM
 5    MA   453/M/18              Deependra Singh                                 D/AM
COURT ROOM Nji1)            I Before S/Shri Pawan Singh, JM & RajeshKumar, AM

 1 MA 490/M/18                Ahhay Ra mesh Ku mar Aggarwal                    H / AM
 2 MA 501/M/18                Rajmani R Singh L/ 11 Rajesh R Singh             D/AM

                              Before S/ShriPawanjgM&Manjunatha, AM

      IT(SS) 20/M/ 12         MIs. Tridoss Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. (Pron)       B/AM 3.12.18

      ITA 7665/M/16           Shri Shriniwas Reddy Pichhi Mukku (Pron)         H/AM ·    g

                            II Before SIShri. Pawan Singh. JM & N.K.Pradhan. AM

 I MA 390/M/18                Ambuja Cements Ltd.                              A/AM
 2   ITA 6528/M/16            Shrey Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (PH)                 0/-
 3   ITA 4287/M/14            Akash Ashish Realtors Ltd. (for clarification)
4-7 ITA 3827 to 3830/M/17     Shankala Realtors Pvt. Ltd. (PH at 11.30 AM)      0/-

COURT ROOM NO. ( 12)        I Beforefhri Rajesh Kumar, AM, JM&Ram Lal Negi, JM

 I     ITA 5969/M/17          Runwal Developers (PH)                            D/-
2-3    ITA 6214-6215/M/16     Ramesh Krishnani                                  H/-
 4     ITA 6216/M/16          Ramesh Krishnani                                  H/-
 5     ITA 6208/M/16          Girison Traders                                   H/-

                            II Before S/Shri Amarjit Singh           G. Manjunatha, AM

1-2    MA 655-656/M/18        Painterior (India)                               C/AM
                 The following cases are adjourned to 25.01.19

 1  MA 470/M/18             Entertainment Network (1) Ltd.                     E/JM
 2 MA 675/M/18              Habib Azimullah Shah                              SMC/JM
 3 MA 673/M/18              KSM Securities & Finance Pvt. Ltd.                 H/JM
 4 MA 641/M/18              Priyanka Chopra                                   H/AM
5-8 MA 463 to 466/M/ 18     Studio Aesthetique Health & Hospitality P. Ltd.   H / AM
9-21 MA 303 to 315/M/ 18    Bay Lines (Mauritius)                             I/JM
22-2E ITA 772 to775/M/17    Best Paper Mills Pvt. Ltd. (PH)                    B/-
26-31 ITA 984 to989/M/17    Best Paper Mills Pvt. Ltd. (PH)                    B/-
 32 ITA 975/M/17            Best Paper Mills Pvt. Ltd. (PH)                    B/-
33-3d ITA 125 to 130/M/18   Best Paper Mills Pvt. Ltd. (PH)                    B/-
 39 MA 552/M/18             Ajay Narayan Bhoir                                G / AM
 40 MA 564/M/18             Elegant Creations Pvt. Ltd.                       F/AM
 41 ITA 6169/M/16           Akbar Hasanali Padamsee (for clarification)        H/-
 42 ITA 6397/M/12           Kamla Hardasani (for clarification)                H/-
 43 ITA 3541/M/16           Jagson Carriers Pvt. Ltd. (for clarification)      H/-
 44 ITA 2794/M/12           Archana Ajit Vaidya (for clarification)
 45 ITA 3763/M/12           Ajit A Vaidya (for clarification)
 46 ITA 2795/M/12           Ajit A Vaidya (for clarification)                  A/ -
 47 ITA 5797/M/13           Archana Ajit Vaidya (for clarification)
 48 ITA 2965/M/15           Tata Chemicals Ltd. (for clarification)
 49 ITA 3383/M/15           Tata Chemicals Ltd. (for clarification)            H]-
 50 MA 404/M/18             Bank of India                                      I/JM
51-52 ITA 4727&8070/M/11    Devsharda Developers Pvt. Ltd. (PH)
 53 ITA 2107/M/18           Smt. Kashmira Modi (SG) (For clarification)        H/-
 54 ITA 4207/M/14           Arti R Kathatia (for clarification)                A/ -
 55 ITA 6649/M/12           Ketan S. Jhaveri (for clarification)
1 56 ITA 592/M/13           Longuif Trading (I) Pvt. Ltd. (for clar cation)

                                                      Assistant Registrar
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