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Hutti Gold Mines Co Ltd
October, 21st 2019
Tender for Appointment of Auditors for Pre
             Auditing of Bills

         Hutti Gold Mines Co Ltd



    1.1 The Hutti Gold Mines Company Limited (HGML), a Government of
        Karnataka Undertaking has the unique distinction of being the only primary
        producers of gold in the country. The corporate office of the Company is at
        Bangalore and gold extraction plants at Hutti. HGML has been active in the
        process of exploration, development and exploitation of gold deposits
        occurring in Karnataka.

   1.2 At present the company on an average extracts 2 metric tonnes of gold per
        year. The extraction capacity of gold may be increased to 3 tonnes in the
        next 2 years' time. HGML has huge reserves of gold and may take up
        further expansion in future.

    1.3 Location of the Mines          : Lingsugur Taluk, Raichur Dist, Karnataka State
        Distance                       : 480 KM North of Bengaluru
                                         300 KM Southwest of Hyderabad
                                          80 KM West of Raichur
                                          20 KM Northeast of Lingsugur
        Railway Station                :   Raichur, south Central Railway ­
        History of Mining              : a) Ancient Mining ­ 2000+ years old
                                            (Pre-Ashokan era)
                                         b) Modern Mining ­ Main Mine during
                                            Nizam's period (1902 -1918)
                                         c) Modern Mining ­ Rediscovery of parallel
                                             Lodes and Mining from 1947 onwards.
        Present Mine Depth             : 26th Level, 842 Metres

    1.4 The Company has four major Departments which play main roles in
         extraction of primary gold.

        Mining Department
        Exploration Department
        Metallurgical Department
        Engineering Department
1.5   Performance of the Company during last 3 years:-

                                                                  (Rs. in lakhs)
               Particulars           FY 2016-17      FY 2017-18      FY 2018-19
                                        569087           568692        587365
          a) Ore treated (MT)
          b) Net recovery grade           2.78            2.88           2.83
          c) Gold produced (kgs)       1579.72         1638.16        1663.16
      Income / Turnover               47882.46        43703.29       54491.02
      Profitability                    3077.09         4168.92       12573.26

1.6 Disclaimer

      This Tender Document is not an agreement and is not an offer or
      invitation by The Hutti Gold Mines Co Ltd (HGML) to any party other
      than the one that qualifies to submit the Bid. The purpose of this
      Tender Document is to provide information to the potential bidders to
      assist them in responding to this Tender Document. Though this Tender
      Document i s prepared with sufficient care to provide all required
      information to the potential bidders, they may need more information
      than what has been provided in this document.        In such cases, the
      potential bidder is solely responsible to seek the information required
      from HGML. H GML reserves the right to provide such additional
      information at its sole discretion. In order to respond to the tender, if
      required, and with the prior permission of HGML, each bidder may
      conduct his own study and analysis, as may be necessary.

      HGML makes no representation or warranty and shall incur no liability
      under any law, statute, rules or regulations on any claim the potential
      bidder may make in case of failure to understand the requirement and
      respond to the Tender document.         HGML may, in its absolute
      discretion, but without being under any obligation to do so, update,
      amend or supplement the information in this Tender Document.
Scope of work for pre-Audit of Supplier's /Contractor's And Service
Provider's Bills.

1) To pre-audit all the bills of suppliers, contractors, projects,
   Advance/Adjustments, EMD and SD refunds, valuing more than Rs. 25000/

2) The period of the pre-audit assignment is for 12 months from January to
   December 2020
3) The bills/claims needs to be audited with respect of provisions of purchase
   order/work order/agreement, tender documents, measurement books,
   certification by concerned executing department, certification/comments of
   independent consultants, statutory recoveries/recoveries of mobilisation
   advances, interest, penalty, security deposits, liquidate damages, recoveries
   towards issue of materials/cost of service, delay in completion of the work,
   compliance to various laws, required approvals/sanctions, supporting
   documents, tax invoices currency and sufficiency of bank guarantees
   admissible tax and duties, availing of input tax (ITC) benefits, statutory
   deductions, GST compliance/filling of returns and arithmetical accuracy etc.,
4) The pre-audit needs to be carried out three times in month at Hutt, i.e on 10th
   20th, and 30th /31st of the concerned month. The finance department at Hutt
   will provide the bills with necessary supporting documents. The audit team,
   at the end of each visit, will have to prepare a list of cleared bills, showing
   gross admissible amount, deductions and net payable amount, for making the
   payment. The list with seal and signature shall be submitted to the General
   Manager (Co-ordination).
5) The remarks/comments for the rejected bills/claims, if any , shall also be
   addressed to the I/c.Executive Director/General Manager, Hutt and shall be
   handed over before completion of each visit.


The Bidder is required to submit Covering Letter in Form No. 1.
Following are the guidelines for bidders to submit Technical and
Financial Bids for this assignment.

Bid Formats:
The bid shall consist of two parts i.e. Technical bid & financial bid.

The     Technical     bid     shall   contain     all   the    documents      and
declaration/information     with respect to compliance with pre-qualification
criteria as per Form No. 2.
Technical Bid:

The technical bid document shall include specific responses addressing the
requirements described below:
1. Understanding of Hutti Gold Mine's needs.
2. The bidder's organization profile
3. Relevant Experience of the firm.
4. The curriculum vitae of key team members to be associated with this study.

Note 1: Documentary evidences are to be submitted towards all the
experiences claimed and clearly highlighting the relevant part in the document.

Financial Bid:

The Financial quote shall not be part of technical bid. The total amount /fees
including TA/DA, out of pocket expenses and all taxes and duties shall be
entered in the e-portal, financial bid approval format.
The company will arrange free of cost for the boarding and lodging at its mine


The following are the essential qualifying criterias' for the firms to qualify
in Technical Bid.

 1)       The firm should have been registered with the Institute of Chartered
          Accountants of India or the Institute of Cost Accountants of India
 2)       The firm should have at least 3 Chartered / Cost Accountants as its
 3)       One of the partners should be a fellow member of the Institute
          of Chartered Accountants of India or the Institute of Cost
          Accountants of India.
 4)       The firm should have carried out Internal Audit work in any state
          PSUs in Karnataka at least for one year during the previous 5
 5)       The firm shall have minimum personnel strength of 5 assistants /
          article assistants
Note: Documentary evidences are to be submitted towards compliance with Mandatory
qualification criterias along with the technical bid.


Stage 1: Technical valuation
Stage 1 evaluation will be taken up for those bidders who have submitted bi d
t hr o u g h e - p o r t a l .   The bid will be scrutinized with respect to the mandatory
eligibility requirements. Only those bids who meet all the eligibility requirements
shall be considered for further evaluation. The details of these parameters are given
in Form No-2 (Technical Bid). Financial bid shall be opened for only those bidders,
who qualify technically as per the Technical Bid.

Stage 2: Financial Evaluation

Bidders who qualify in stage 1, their financial bids shall be opened. The lowest bid
amount as per e-portal, among the technically qualified bidders shall be taken for further

The amount to be entered in the e-portal financial bid shall be inclusive of all charges,
fees, expenses, TA/ DA & out of pocket expenses and applicable taxes. The amount
entered in the e-portal shall be final and binding.

The assignment/audit work shall be awarded after evaluation of the financial Bid.

HGML's right to accept/ reject the bids

Notwithstanding anything stated in the Tender Document or in any related
correspondence, HGML reserves the right to accept or reject any Bid. It also reserves
the right to cancel/annul the bidding process and reject all Bids at any time before the
award of the Contract, without assigning any reason and thereby without incurring any
liability to the affected bidder or bidders or any obligation to inform the affected bidder
or bidders of the grounds for HGML's action/decision.

The bidder is expected to strictly adhere to the terms specified in this Tender
document as well as the LOI. Any violation of any of the terms could lead to
immediate termination of the Contract at the risk and cost of such bidder without
prejudice to the rights of HGML with such penalties as specified in the Tender
Document and the LOI.


HGML will release payments            for execution      of the Assignment based on
milestones of work completion as indicated in APPENDIX - 1.


Neither the selected firm nor any of the firm's personnel shall engage in any
personal business or professional activity which conflicts or could conflict with any of
their obligations in relation to this project. The key members mentioned in the Tender
document shall not be changed in any circumstances w i t ho u t t he p r i o r a p p r o va l
o f t he H G ML . F ailure to comply, the HGML will have the right to cancel the
Contract at the risk and cost of such bidder without prejudice to the rights of HGML.

The price quoted by the bidder should be valid for 90 days from the tender
Form 1: Cover Letter

To                                                                         Date:

The Deputy General Manager (Materials),
Hutti Gold Mines Co Ltd.,

Sub: Tender for Assignment of Pre Audit of bills for the period from January 2020
     to December 2020

Dear Sir,

1.   We, the undersigned, after having examined the terms and conditions mentioned
     In the tender document, submit our technical & financial proposals for the above

2.   We have read the provisions contained in the tender document and confirm that
     These are acceptable to us.

3.   We further declare that additional conditions, variations, deviations, if any,
     Found in our proposal shall not be given effect to this tender.

4.   We hereby declare that all the information and statements made in this
     Proposal is true and accepts that any misinterpretation contained in it may
     lead to our disqualification and without prejudice to other remedies available to

Authorized Signatory (in full and initials):
Name and title of signatory:
Duly authorized to sign this Proposal for and on behalf of [Name of Consultants]
Name of Firm:
                                                                                  Form - 2

 Sl.            Mandatory Criterias                Yes/No         Required
 No.                                              (To be         Documentary
                                               filled by the       Evidence

  1    The firm should have been                               Certified copy of the
       registered with the Institute      of                   Registration / certificate
       Chartered     Accountants of India or                   of incorporation
       the Institute of Cost Accountants of
  2    The firm should have at least 3                         Certificate               of
       Chartered / Cost Accountants as its                     Registration.

  3    One of the partners should be a                         Certificate     issued   in
       fellow member of the Institute of                       this regard
       Chartered Accountants of India or
       the Institute of Cost Accountants of
  4    The firm should have carried out                        Names of the companies
       Internal Audit work in any state                        with copies of work
       PSUs in Karnataka at least for one                      orders.
       year during the previous 5 years.
  5    The firm shall have minimum                             Curriculum       Vitae    in
       personnel strength of 5 assistants /                    brief.
       article assistants
(A) - The technical bid document should include specific responses addressing the
      requirements described below:-

         1.     Understanding of Hutti Gold Mine's needs.
         2.     The bidder's organization profile
         3.     Relevant Experience of the firm.
         4.     The curriculum vitae of key team members to be associated with this assignment.

         Note 1: Documentary evidences are to be submitted towards all the experiences
                     claimed and clearly highlighting the relevant part in the document.

(B) - Credentials related to the works / assignments completed/continuing for last
      3 (Three)years.

   Sl.        Name of the          Contacting    Scope of Year      of Value of     Period of
   No.        Client/              person of     Services  services    Assignment   Completion
              Organization with    Client        Provided  provided    (INR)        of
              Address              with          by Bidder                          Assignment

(C)- Qualifications and Experience of Key Personnel to be associated with the Assignment:

                     Particulars                    Professional No.1    Professional No.2

   Name and Designation

   Experience / Work History

   Educational / Professional Qualification(s)

   Expected Nature of Involvement (Specific
   roles / activities Full time/ part time
                                                                               Appendix - I

Terms of Payments

The following schedule will be adopted for the payment of fees:

                                                                   Schedule of
  1) Submission of Pre- Audit report as and when visit to         On submission of
     Hutti and Audit taken place                                   monthly Audit
                                                                   report & Bill

General Terms and conditions of the tender and instructions to Tenderers.

1.      The Hutti Gold Mines Co. Ltd., a Company registered under the Companies Act, 1956, and
        having its Registered Office, III floor, KHB Complex, National Games Village,
        Koramangala, Bangalore ­ 560 047 Karnataka, India., here in called "Company", do not bind
        themselves to accept the lowest or any tender and reserve to themselves the right to select any
        tender or only individual item in a tender as may be considered expedient to accept.

2.      Rate of each article tendered shall be quoted separately or as specified in NIT.

        a.      The tenderer should quote only in the prescribed format against the item only or as
                specified in the space for tendering the rates.

        b.      Tenderer should specify the `Make' of the item quoted and should quote only for one
                Make for each item. If any tenderer quotes for different makes, the lowest of the rate
                quoted will be considered irrespective of the make.

        c.      The rate should be quoted only for the unit specified in the tender and if quoted for
                any other unit will be rejected.

        d.      Tenderers must participate in the tender through e-procurement portal only and pay
                the requisite tender fee for the amount (Non-Refundable) as specified in the tender

        e.      The duly filled tender documents should be uploaded along with EMD details on or
                before the last date & time stipulated for the receipt of bids.

        f.      The discloser of price or enclose of Price Bid sheet in Technical Bid, leads to
                rejection of the entire bid.

        g.      The Tender fee is not refundable under any circumstance.


        The EMD for the tender has to be remitted as per e-procurement norms.

4.      PRICE BID:

     a) The Rate should be quoted for the specified size/Packing/etc. in the schedule which should
        include all charges such as packing & forwarding etc.

     b) The price quoted shall be on F.O.R. Hutti basis only.

     c) The quote shall be in INR (Indian Rupee) only.

     d) The price break up shall include all the taxes, duties, P&F, Freight etc. The total of the same
        has to be entered in e-portal as their price bid.
     5.    VALIDITY

           a. The rates quoted shall hold good for the time period as specified in the NIT from the date
               of purchase order or agreement.

           b. The rates offered shall hold good for the time period as specified in the NIT from the last
              date fixed for receiving the tender.

     6.    a).    Free samples with affixed labels of the item (s) quoted with item code mentioned in
                  Tender notification shall be submitted to the Tender Inviting Authority (TIA), The
                  Hutti Gold Mines Co. Ltd., Hutti ­ 584 115 on or before the last date fixed for receipt
                  of the tender in case the samples are asked in the tender.

           b).    Any tender which is not accompanied by the samples in compliance with the above
                  conditions will be rejected unless it is specified otherwise, in view of the large size
                  and heavy weight & if it is necessary to submit the samples, then the tenderer should
                  demonstrate the unit if demanded.

7.         The bidder shall be required to execute an agreement on a government stamp paper on the
           value required and shall provide Security Deposit (SD) for a sum at 5% of the value of order
           in the form of DD issued by any Nationalized Bank drawn on State Bank of India payable at
           Hutti in favour of "The Hutti Gold Mines Co, Ltd" within 14 days from the date of intimation
           of acceptance of tender. In case if the SD is not provided with in stipulated period, then the
           same will be recovered from the first supply bill and if the amount of the first supply bill is
           not sufficient, the balance will be recovered in the second bill and so on till entire recovery of
           the SD amount.

           If any tenderer fails to execute the agreement within the stipulated period, the EMD of such
           tenderer will be forfeited by the company.

     8.    The Contractor/supplier is required to supply the quantities as per the purchase order issued
           from time to time. Quantities supplied in excess will not be accepted.

     9.    All containers must be pilfer proof and should accompany with statutory regulations to
           ensure that protection to the quality and quantity of the product packed.


     10.   a).    If supplies are not delivered within the stipulated period as per the delivery schedule
                  mentioned in the purchase order, the Company reserves the right to cancel the order
                  or make alternate arrangement to procure the materials at the cost of the supplier. The
                  additional financial implication out of alternate arrangements if any will be collected
                  from the supplier.

           b).    Failure to supply or delay in supplying a portion or entire quantity as per clause 8 and
                  10(a). will entail the enforcement of one or more or the following at the discretion of
                  the Company.

                  i.      Cancellation of the indent or order in part or in whole.
                  ii.     Levy of penalty in case delayed supplies.
      c)     If supplies are not completed within the date mentioned as Delivery date, a penalty of
             0.5% will be levied per week from the date fixed as delivery date (for the balance
             quantity only) subject to maximum penalty of 5%, in addition to this applicable GST
             will be collected on penalty.

      d).    If any material supplied is declared as of "Not Standard Quality" or "Supplies are not
             as per requirement and schedule", such Tenderer will be penalized by the Company,
             including black-listing in addition.

11.   No representation for enhancement of rate once accepted will be considered during the
      currency 0of the contract for reasons other than statutory requirements.

12.   The requirement of the other units of the Company that may be ordered separately must also
      be supplied under the same conditions and the same rates in F.O.R. destination basis.

13.   In case of materials rejected as not being in accordance with the approved samples or has
             been received in damaged conditions, the tenderer should take back and replace by
             correct materials without additional cost to the Company, within reasonable period.

14.   Supplies not properly packed will be a rejected.

15.   Any tenderer withdrawing the tender after submission or fails to execute the agreement as
      required, after acceptance of the tender or fails to furnish the Security Deposit as required
      under clause (7), the EMD paid by him shall be forfeited by the Company and his firm will
      not be considered for future rate contracts/tenders besides black listing the firm.

16.   All applications for the refund of EMD furnished with the tender should be made only to the,
      "Tender Inviting Authority (TIA)", The Hutti Gold Mines Company Limited., with Purchase
      order no, material short description and the tender number.

17.   Rates should include all taxes and duties etc. specifying whether the Karnataka VAT OR the
      Central Sales Tax is applicable and the percentage.

18.   The Security Deposit / EMD made previously against any tender will not be adjusted towards
      other tender.

19.   The Tenders that are not accompanied by the required supporting documents required as per
      NIT will be rejected.

20.   All the supplies should be accompanied along with delivery challan in duplicate, indicating
      quantity, order NO & Date and Packing details. The invoice shall be addressed to the Finance
      Department of the Company and materials to be supplied to Stores Department along with
      copies of invoice, delivery channel and cenvat copy.

21.   Payment of the bills will be made by cheque / DD and RTGS only as per terms specified in
      purchase order, only after the satisfactory receipt report from the concerned department.
      No advance payment will be made.
22.    All tenderers shall confirm to the relevant standards, BIS, etc. even though it is not mentioned
       in the tender document against a particular item.

23.    The supplies should accompany analytical report to confirm to quality, wherever applicable.

24.    In case of reduction in taxes or duties under any statutory regulations the benefits shall be
       passed on to the Company by way of reduced rate and this shall be the basis for contract price
       for the remaining period of the contract.

25.    a)     Valid authorized dealership certificate has to be submitted by agents or distributors
              and should produce copy of letter or authority from the manufacturers.

       b)     A general warranty should be produced from the manufacturer for the accepted items
              manufactured by them and also the manufacturer should produce the valid permission
              to manufacture the items issued by respective competent authority.

26.    Tenderers shall specify whether the goods offered are from the indigenous sources, from
       imported stocks in India or from foreign sources to be which will be imported under license.
       Company reserves the right to reject the offers for import of goods if it is in contravention of
       import Trade Control policy in force at the time of award of the contract.

27.    No application for assistance to get the quota of raw materials will be entertained. Tenderer
       should make their own arrangements to secure the same and to supply the goods in time.

28.    Tenderers on Rate contract with Govt. of Karnataka stores and purchase department or D.G.S
       & D should produce copy of documentary evidence against all applicable items of the tender.

29.    If the firms or the industry is registered with Industries & Commerce, Bangalore as SSI, a
       copy of the certificate duly attested by the Gazette Officer should be submitted along with
       quotation for consideration of price preference if any.

30.    No import License will be provided by the Company.

31 a. In case of requirement of any "Import Permit / NOC / Clearances" according to the Foreign
      Trade policy 2016-2020 or as per any Acts of state/central Govt., from time to time, the
      supplier himself need to take such permits/ NOC /Clearances, before importing/ supplying
      the material. The import Permit obtained by HGML shall not be used by the successful
      tenderer for the purpose of import or supply of the material. In case, the successful tenderer
      fails to obtain the import permit before the stipulated date of delivery, the Company reserves
      the right to cancel the tender and to re-tender at his risk and cost.

32.    The tenderer must specify the patent name, if any, and name of the manufacturer and the
       product offered by the Company.

33.    No correspondence will be entertained from the Tenderer during the last week from the last
       date fixed for receiving the tenders.

34.    For any issues in connection with the tender, the decision of CEO / Managing Director or his
       authorized representative of the Company is final & binding on both the parties. Any
      differences and disputes shall be settled through the arbitration and conciliation Act 1996 and
      any amendments thereof. The Court of jurisdiction shall be Karnataka High Court.

 Note: - As the Govt. of India has implemented "Goods and Service Tax (GST)" from 1st July
2017, Hence Bidders are required to quote accordingly in lieu of Taxes, Duties etc.

                                                   Tender Inviting Authority (TIA)
                                                    The Hutti Gold Mines Co. Ltd.
                                              Hutti ­ 584 115, Raichur ­ Dist. Karnataka
                                 TECHNICAL BID ­ B (Civil / Services)

Sl.                     Particulars                                  To be filled in by the Tenderer

 1.   Name Address of the Company / Firm

 2.   Address of the Registered Office.

 3.   Address of the Branch / Regional Office.

                                                                     Name :
3.a   Contact Details: Name/Mobile No / Phone No / Mail ID           ............................................................
                                                                     Mobile No. :
                                                                     Phone :
                                                                     Email Id :

 4.   GST Registration No. :

 5.   PAN No. :

 6.   EPF Registration No. :

 7.   Class of Contractor :

 8.   EMD Amount Paid (Rs.) :

      Validity of Tender :
 9.   Offer should be kept open for days mentioned in the
      tender from the last date fixed for receiving the tender
      for the purpose of tender acceptance.

10.   Additional details if any to be specified.

11.   Completion Period.
      (Shall not be more than the period mentioned in
      NIT/Two Months)
12.   Payment will be made after completion of work/services
      duly certified by HGML officials.

                                               Tenderer Signature:-.................................................
                                             Technical D
Tender Inviting Authority

Dear Sir,

          Sub: - Tender for ........................................................................................
         Ref: - Tender Indent No: ...............................................................................

   We here by submit undertaking that, for the above referred tender, we are
accepting your NIT terms in regards with,
   1. Delivery/Completion Period.
   2. Validity.
   3. Payment terms.
   4. GST percent.
   5. HSN code of items.

We does not have any counter conditions for the same.



                                                           Tenderer Name:...............................................


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